Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Forecast Sign by Sign

On Halloween this year the Moon is just past Full, waning in Taurus and Gemini. Earth sign Moon, void of course in Taurus, starts the day and is suited to cooking and preparations through mid afternoon. If you need to make something or bake something, the Taurus Moon provides just the right energy and a relaxed breather after Monday's Full Moon peak. The Gemini Moon moves in mid afternoon, rejuvenating our social selves and putting us in the mood to gather. Magicians, wizards, genies, twins, and partner costumes that match or complement fit the Gemini night. The Moon aligns with Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius and Libra respectively. Today's color is yellow.

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Scorpio: Halloween passions activate as the Moon travels your signs of love and marriage as well as other steamy affairs! Mercury and the Moon favor secrets kept. The message from the other side may not be your imagination at all, as these two heavenly bodies align in signs related to the afterlife. Pay attention to dream messages and signs that seem like omens. Venus is positioned to give you plenty of treats. You are one who may play tricks!

Sagittarius: It's a date night for you with the Moon favoring Sagittarius lovers, and Venus working your end for charm and attraction. Team up in matching costumes and win the costume contest! Gathering with friends is also fun as Mercury in Libra provides the perfect invite or group to hang with. You're the kings and queens of this Halloween!

Capricorn: The sugar will go to your head and a Halloween hangover could be yours if you're not careful! Whether you like a quieter celebration with a few scary movies or are willing to rally with your Libra and Sagittarius friends, the idea is not to push yourself to do anything you're not really into. More than other signs, I see you working and making a few extra bucks today or tonight, happy to count the dollars in a paycheck over candy in a pillowcase.

Aquarius: Halloween fun for you, Aquarius. All your friends are up for the action, and Sagittarius, Libra, and Gemini make festive companions. Aquarians get to the most parties, do the most monster mash, and travel with a noticeable pack, dressed to impress.

Pisces: The party's probably at your place, and even if not, you have the Halloweenie-est places in the neighborhood. Costumes, candy and other treats. Venus has you favored as a contest winner or maybe you're on stage tonight, in the spotlight, ready to entertain. Pisces' Halloween is sweet and memorable!

Aries: Spending Halloween with family will be fun, if you're in proximity, Aries! You could weave a great ghost story for the kids tonight. If you happen to be away from home, that could be especially good too as Venus travels Sagittarius and new experiences and places are full of excitement! You may have to negotiate plans before settling, but once you figure it out, this Halloween is one of your best!

Taurus: If you're the host or helping out, today you'll be comfortable in the kitchen or even cleaning and decorating. The Moon in your sign favors Taurus to create a festive mood! The Gemini Moon later means business for you, and you could rake in some cash working tonight!

Gemini: Ease into Halloween, as the Moon quietly shifts into your sign this afternoon. Even if you thought you didn't have plans, chances are you will! It's a very social Gemini night. You make a great wizard, witch or magician this year. Think alchemy and turn something to gold!

Cancer: The mystical side of Halloween is what you want to celebrate. Rituals, remembering ancestors, revisiting favorite Halloween stories, and other slightly introspective activities will do. It's a good day for you to get your cards or your palm read. What's the fortune teller's take on your story? Don't be afraid to join your Leo, Libra, or Aquarius friends for a night out too!

Leo: Halloween conditions are just how you like this year. The Full Moon on the 29th may have you really celebrating something that transcends the holiday and makes you very pleased and proud. The Gemini Moon at night is party ready! You're with friends in something that sparkles or is inspired by nature,if not both! Gemini Moon is about Leo friendship, wishes and dreams. Go wholeheartedly into Halloween.

Virgo: Virgos working and performing at Halloween events get the right vibes for success as the Moon moves to Gemini! It might not be all fun and candy. There's more to it for you as the Moon puts you in the spotlight for your talents. Now if that includes costume making, you might be a contest winner. Venus in Sagittarius makes it a good night to entertain at your place or do some nesting there in Halloween cnadle light. A smaller gathering will suit you best.

Libra: Mercury graces your sign and works with the Gemini Moon Halloween night. For you, a Halloween road trip or even bigger excursion is an exciting opportunity! Or maybe your costume is the exotic choice and you're play acting at being from a far away land. Being out of the usual neighborhood and routine, possibly creating a new Halloween tradition, is how you'll be happiest. Air and fire sign friends like Leo, Gemini and Sagittarius would love to join you, wherever.

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