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Weekly Astrology September 17th to September 23rd, 2012

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Monday: Libra Moon

The Moon is in harmony with Venus in Leo, and it's all about making things work. From love relationships to friendship or business partnerships, the Libra Moon inspires compromise, consensus, and creative collaboration.  The energy is suited to extroverts, but if that's not your style naturally consider a small shift where you reach out to someone, assert your opinion or idea, or invite someone to join you for a simple activity like a walk or a study date. Capricorn, today should be a boost for your work life and the conditions are interesting for career moves this week.  Leo, people will look to you for advice and inspiration.  Get your point across in writing or graphics.  Libra, Aquarius and Aries, today is about friendship and collaboration. The Moon and Jupiter in Gemini work toopen our minds and opportunities too! Gemini, the doorway to new and broader experience could open for you today! Tonight, as the Moon approaches Saturn for a daybreak meeting, get serious about the facts and your plans.  Wear light blue.

Tuesday: Moon conjunct Saturn in Libra

Saturn is fiercely at work for justice during these last couple of weeks in Libra. Today is another push to find resolution every party can live with. Parnership agreements, from divorces to settlements of property, sharing or division of money and other resources, and legal matters generally are all implicated.  Think carefully about what you agree to. Expect the fair, reasonable outcome rather than a landslide in one direction.  With Saturn in play sometimes our elders and those in authority get involved and let us know the standard we must meet. Take limitations or goals seriously. The Moon also works with Neptune this afternoon after changing signs. The Scorpio Moon moves in at 10:46 am after a few hours void of course, bringing in creative energy. Make music, art or film. Design something indoors or out since garden plans are favored as well.  Tonight the Moon and Pluto combine for focus and ambition. It's a solid work, study or organization night. You could also choose to have deep, soulful conversation. Wear black.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon, Uranus square Pluto

Shake ups in the forecast with Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn. This is no everyday aspect. It's fiery and potent, stirring up and adding to relationship changes as Venus squares the Moon and also a precursor to events that may peak at Full Moon time, if not now. Uranus in Aries is wiping things out in favor of something completely different. Pluto in Capricorn can involve mysteries and undercurrents. Together they blast out hidden information and rebel against the norm and tradition. Change is not always a choice and that may be evident to the extreme.  The Scorpio Moon meeting Mars can be quite agitating too.  Being an active participant with a plan is favored over just watching things happen. If you have an inkling of what's about to shift dramatically, perhaps you can plan ahead and have alternatives. The stubborn will need to be led along. Today is indeed primed to be dramatic.  Wear maroon.

Thursday: Mercury opposite Uranus square Pluto

These are wild and complex days we're experiencing. Yesterday's events further develop as Uranus and Pluto are planetary players again, this time with Mercury in Libra involved. Seek answers and solutions while anticipating even more change.  The opposition fosters unique and unexpected agreements and ideas.  The rules we've known may no longer exist. It's a new template and it's likely still in development.  Conversations are meaningful and involve heavy topics.  Bouncing around ideas and theories is helpful rather than going back to what was tried and seemed true.  The unconventional is at work this week. Aries and Libra host the opposition and will be the signs of the September 29th Full Moon so if you have strong Aries or Libra in your chart, like your Sun or Rising sign, or even Venus or the Moon, you're probably in the midst of life changing events, particularly with relationships and personal plans.  From 9:11 am to 12:24 pm EST the Moon is void of course and then in Sagittarius. The independent streak is stronger for the next few days. Tonight Venus and Jupiter get along in Gemini and Libra and we want to get out and celebrate any good fortune and mingle with like minded friends. It's a good date night for Leo, Gemini, Aries, Aquarius while Libra and Sagittarius look for social life and fun or happy travels.  Wear purple.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon

Today is about adventure as the Moon aligns with Uranus for last minute plans. Think on your feet. Your first answer is probably correct as the Moon works with intellectual Mercury.  Jupiter opposes the Moon in Gemini and Sagittarius, signs of change. Philosophies of life are being challenged and readied for change even in the resistant.  You may notice people bring up intriguing and unusual ideas. Tonight the Moon and Venus form a trine in Leo and Sagittarius, and we're optimistic about love.  The urge to travel, be out of usual routines, and change things up dominates the night.  For some lovers, time apart will make sense and feel due.  Capricorn could crave some down time. Gemini and Aquarius are most likely to feel fickle and flirtateous or be on the receiving end of attention. Wear red.

Saturday: Autumnal Equinox

The Sun moves to Libra at 10:49 am and fall season begins. The Moon is void of course in Sagittarius for a few hours and shifts to Capricorn at 3:20 pm. Take your time today and avoid questionable judgment calls while the Moon is void of course. The Moon and Sun square and we may feel uncertain at least until the Capricorn Moon moves in.  Saturn helps from Libra with advice to be given and mental, intellectual work to be done in the morning hours. Tonight is great for a date as the Moon and Neptune align. Include the music and atmosphere to set the scene. If it's not a couple's night for you, all friendship matters and arts events are favored. Today's color is green.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon meets Pluto and squares Mercury in Libra. Things we've been procrastinating on or trying not to think about become worries or burdens on days like this. it might be best to put nose to the grindstone and just get something accomplished. Capricorn Moon is most comfortable when productive, and with last night's second quarter Moon we feel the push toward due dates or natural deadlines. For example. preparing for colder weather and doing fall cleaning, getting wood for the fireplace or putting in storm doors will be done at one time or another.  There are bigger things at work too with Pluto indicating topics for resolution, even within ourselves.  Aquarius, Gemini and Capricorn may do some soul searching. Taurus, you could be exploring a new place, way of living or the meaning of life today.  For all, it's a chance to get some tasks finished or started and meant to be a quieter day.  Answer messages on your own time and try not to be pressured with other people's new, business or plain old gossip.  Wear yellow.

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