Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weekly Astrology September 10th to September 16th, 2012

I'll be on vacation from the 12th through 17th. If you plan to order a birthday reading or other astrology it will take me a few days to get back to you. I'll return emails on the 18th.

Happy New Moon on Saturday!


Monday: Cancer Moon, Sun conjunct Mercury

The trend is for the day to improve as it goes on. The Moon opposite Pluto can bring our energy down or bring up something we hoped to avoid.  Perhaps it's something that came up last night. The Moon also squares Uranus and an obligation you didn't expect may crop up. This could also take the form of news that affects home life and feel hectic or chaotic.  At 8:44 am the Sun meets Mercury in Virgo, creating much more favorable energy for problem solving. Ask for some help! Take new information and put it to use. Pass the word along about something that can benefit other people too. Listen for advice or offers that can make your life a little bit easier. Virgo is a sign that pitches in and is thoughful and that's where the Sun and Mercury collaborate.  The Cancer Moon is in harmony with Mars in Scorpio for outdoor fun especially by lake or sea. This also works for reorganizing the home environment more to your liking.  Surround yourself with people and places that are familiar or soothing tonight.  The Moon and Sun align for confidence and a feeling of security. Wear blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon

The Moon works with the Sun and Mercury. It's the kind of day we reach out to make sure people are okay or see if they need our help or company. Cancer Moon is time for nurturing when we have some energy to spare.  Focus on giving today and you're likely to get what you need from the experience as well. The Sun and Mercury help create good feeling through communication and service or just plain old friendship.  The Moon is void of course from 5:58 pm eastern time to 11:00 pm when the Moon moves to Leo.  The evening features a square from Moon to Saturn in Libra for ongoing work at family relationships and managing things better at home and with other people we reside with from housemates to significant others.  Aim for fairness and peace tonight. Wear white.

Wednesday: Leo Moon conjunct Venus

The Moon meets Venus in Leo, brightening everything up a notch or two! This is a romantic influence for Leo and Aries and Aquarius who are in long term relationships. Venus is about harmony so work to create that wherever it's needed in your world.  Venus and the Moon in Leo also highlight performance art which may be inspired now. It's also a good day or night to rehearse.  The Moon and Uranus combine for spontaneous ideas and inspirations to work out surprisingly well. Improvise tonight.  The Moon square to Mars could be stubborn later. Avoid a pointless argument or being overly sensitive. Wear pink.

Thursday: Venus trine Uranus

The Moon is in Leo and Venus in the same sign aligns with Uranus. All of this action in fire signs amps us up!  There's a need or urge to act spontaneously.  New experiences will be appealing though with Leo Moon we'll want a certain amount of control or assurance rather than huge risk taking.  Cancer you may like a financial or new work opportunity that arises now.  Aquarius in communication fields or educational environments make connections especially in writing, networking and marketing.  Venus and Uranus also instigate relationship events and status changes. Libra and Aries are two of the signs most likely to be involved in change.  The Moon and Jupiter work together for a social, outgoing time today and tonight. Explore a place or a new topic of interest,  from business to travel to an opportunity to collaborate. Wear purple.

Friday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon is opposite Neptune activating dreams. Once we wake up to reality today, tasks can be completed as the Moon works with Pluto in Capricorn.  A very practical and realistic approach is called for. Figure out how to do something and how things operate most efficiently. It's a good day to make an improvement in routine or health and also to re-organize systems.  It's the last day and night before the New Moon in Virgo which is a natural time to rethink and choose a new path. Begin as soon as tomorrow. Tonight is best spent simply and we might be more in the mood to get things accomplished than to party the end of the work week away.  Today's color is black.

Saturday: New Moon in Virgo

The Virgo Moon is likely to have us busy, preparing and trying to create order. Ask for help or lend someone your time or talent today.  There could be some nervous energy, like anticipation, in the air.  With the New Moon tonight, get ready for a new direction or launch. If you have nothing like that on the way (or don't think so at least!), consider housecleaning, perhaps in a bigger way than usual.  Virgo is a physical earth sign and our spaces for living and working can reflect our minds and productivity. Organize and get things in better order.  The Moon and Sun meet for the most Virgo day of the season, and Virgos are prime for a clean slate or exciting change.  Pisces can use the New Moon to benefit love relationships or any partnership.  Leos, put energy into financial and work matters.  You may also want to buy something new.  Wear white.

Sunday: Libra Moon, Mercury in Libra

If you need objectivity about a relationship or which path to go down next, the Libra Moon helps from 8:55 am on and when Mercury moves into that same sign tonight at 7:22 pm things may look even more clear!  The Moon meets Mercury in Virgo before changing signs.  We'll share information and trouble shoot problems this morning if necessary. It's good writing and study energy too.  The Libra Moon is suited to sorting out ideas, seeking advice or giving it without an agenda, and also makes for a good day socially. With yesterday's New Moon at work, take steps toward a goal or set one and form a plan.  Tonight with Mercury changing signs and the Moon opposing Uranus and square to Pluto we get a preview of what's coming up for resolution, like it or not, during the Full Moon in two weeks.  Potentially tonight's interactions will throw some of us off balance as a means of restoring true order and finalizing situations that need to end. If you're in the safe zone, be a good friend and give honest assessments to others who need an outside opinion.  Mercury in Libra is out to get justice in motion through settlements, judgments, and written contracts asap and by early October.  Wear lavender.

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