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Weekly Astrology October 1st through October 7th, 2012

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Monday: Waning Moon in Aries/Taurus

The Moon is still in Aries, sign of Saturday's Full Moon, as we begin the business week. We're responding to Full Moon news and events this morning as Mercury across from the Moon sparks discussion and detailed planning. The fine print is important today. Avoid the temptation to skim and miss something.  Announcements will continue as we become aware of decisions made at the end of last week or as soon as this morning. Minds may be more clear and obstacles removed in favor of forward movement.  Saturn opposite the Moon isn't kidding around, and if a deal or a challenge is offered, accept only with the best of intentions to follow through. Saturn's last days in Libra this week will mean final offers and in some cases ultimatums. If it's been hard to negotiate, this may be the time to act, settle, and move on. The Aries Moon and Venus in Leo engage too, and love lives get interesting for the fire and air signs particularly.  If you can manage to have pure fun and pleasure, today is an excellent day for it.  Tonight the Moon is v.o.c. for about an hour and shifts to Taurus at 7:26 pm. We'll be looking for our most comfortable slippers and favorite meal as the Moon truly starts to wane and we let go of some stress or put the past behind us with a sigh, hopefully of relief. Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon, Venus sextile Saturn

Taurus Moon aligned with Pluto in Capricorn is about being realistic and getting  our feet back on the ground if life has been stressful or overly busy. Get grounded in tasks at home or work, bills that need to be handled, and routine above all else.  Training or retraining body and mind to work together is a good way to approach the day. Continue with positive new habits and have some control over old habits that don't serve you anymore under Taurus Moon, a sign of persistence.  Take plans to the next stage of development too. Build, structure, plant, or grow a business early this week.  Venus and Saturn continue the relationship work that's happening everywhere now as couples hit the make or break time before Saturn changes signs on Friday and in the wake of that tumultuous Full Moon we just experienced.  Tonight make sure you're fair and be ready to explain and back up your intentions and statements.  Saturn is an indication that sincere effort and intentions are the only way to achieve harmony. Venus in Leo signals commitment.  We find out who's on board and who needs to jump ship this week. Wear green.

Wednesday: Venus in Virgo

The Moon is in Taurus, and Venus moves to Virgo this morning. Both are earth signs, putting emphasis on the physical. Working with the hands, exercising the body, and enjoying the pleasures of the senses is time well spent today.  The Taurus Moon is free of other planetary aspects and continues to help us move toward goals, persist with habits we're breaking or trying to develop, and constructive actions in general.  Planting and working outside are especially favored. Tonight, Venus newly in Virgo opposes Neptune for flexibility, creativity, and romance. Just stay grounded in reality and don't let yourself be fooled. Venus now in Virgo is more domestic, however it can also bring out a certain pickiness that can result in nagging. Venus in Virgo is also sensual and tonight's Taurus Moon enhances the power of the senses as well. Wear brown.

Thursday: Gemini Moon

The Moon moves to Gemini at 7:47 am after 4 hours void of course.  This Gemini Moon is busy. First, a square with Neptune brings up questions of truth from honesty to reliability of information. Whether there is intention to deceive or not, ask questions and don't accept what you hear as fact.  Fantastic ideas could be born of this square and it's a good plan to put them in writing so they're not forgotten. IN fact, get anything important in writing today.  The Moon also squares Venus in Virgo and criticism may cause anxiety quite easily or be misinterpreted.  Be as clear as possible with your words.  Gemini and Virgo will experience this in relationships and at home.  Virgo this is a good day to work on career plans or other things that put you front and center.  Taurus, Virgo and Pisces, Venus in Virgo helps you improve your love life.  Tonight, things may shift quickly and it may be helpful or necessary to be spontaneous or respond quickly.  Today's color is yellow.

Friday: Saturn in Scorpio, Mercury in Scorpio

Emphasis moves to Scorpio and the traits and activities ruled by that sign as two planets move in today. Mercury in Scorpio until October 29th and then again due to the retrograde November 14th to December 10th works with us for finding elusive information, solving mysteries, doing creative writing, and figuring out finances.  Mercury in Scorpio is shrewd in business and favors long lasting investments.  It's also a great Mercury sign for poets and songwriters.  Scorpios can use both these planets' energies to organize, engage in a job search or seek new creative outlets.  Saturn will stay in Scorpio through 2014, and those born with Saturn in Scorpio who are near 30 years old will be experiencing Saturn Return. It's a time of lessons and new growth through challenge. The charged topics of sex, addiction and death/afterlife are emphasized for all during this time period and culturally our ideas and protocol around Scorpio matters are set to change. People who suffer with addiction should get a chance and reason to initiate or finally succeed with recovery as Saturn works in Scorpio, and this may be particularly true for those born with Saturn in this sign from November 29, 1982 to early May 6, 1983 or August 24, 1984 to November 16, 1985, the same who experience their Saturn Return now. As far as today goes, Mercury meets Saturn and we work effectively with information and make weighty decisions, hopefully confidently with the Gemini Moon and beneficial Jupiter together and the Sun in harmony from Libra. Gemini Moon gives us the mental energy to get tasks such as study, research and writing done. The Moon is void of course from 5:08 pm until tomorrow evening, and Mercury works with Neptune inspiring artistic sensibility and drawing us into films, music and good books especially mystery novels.  Tonight is fine for relaxing or getting out for some serious fun. Gemini is one of the zodiac's most social signs. Wear  black.

Saturday: Void of Course Moon

The Moon is void in Gemini until 8:45 pm EST. Energy is scattered, but it's a good day for adventures or study. Mainly, try not to be over-scheduled or have big expectations of others since we're likely to be late and change our plans.  Flitting from one thing to another makes sense today.  Just when you think you've decided, the plan may change. It's not a good time for promises or long term decisions. Spontaneity rules and we won't want to be bored.  The Moon moves to Cancer at 8:45 and promptly contacts Saturn newly in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.  The water signs dominate the night, and though they stir emotion, our expression of how we feel should be positive and loving.  Mars moves to Sagittarius at 11:21 pm and Scorpios have let go of one of three planets currently visiting which may ease a bit of pressure and signal a conclusion of one activity Scorpio's been working at for a month or more.  Mars in Sagittarius sparks our sense of adventure and exploring is appealing in the weeks ahead. Sagittarius and Aries will feel especially attracted to long distance travels. Wear blue.

Sunday: Cancer Moon

The Moon is in Cancer, a sign that values security. The Moon is in harmony with Mercury and Venus early in the day. This helps us discuss, find agreement and even forgive.  Venus in Virgo exhibits flexibility in personal relationships. Finding faults is natural while Venus is in Virgo too, so aim for constructive solutions today.  Point out flaws without using guilt and suggest what could be more positive without harsh judgment.  The Moon squares Uranus in Aries and opposes Pluto and some continuation or progress with last week's Full Moon events is in the forecast. We'll be looking for more order where things are unpredictable, and today is prime for some indications of where things are headed.  Tonight Mars squares Neptune and we'll feel like procrastinating and be attracted to imaginative, exciting or fantastical stories or plans.  Today's color is white.

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