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Weekly Astrology September 24th through September 30th 2012

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Monday: Capricorn to Aquarius Moon

The Moon is in Capricorn and Mars activates us to move on things, particularly what might be due near Full Moon time on the 29th.  Today is a good time to end procrastination and perhaps settle something before the very unpredictable Full Moon ahead.  Both hands on work and intellectual tasks are well timed. Saturn lends advice so seek it if you need it! There's an unemotional and restrained tone to the day which can help us set aside our personal triggers for now.  The Moon and Sun boost our confidence as they align in Aquarius and Libra later tonight.  This makes tough decisions easier or at least more clear.  The Moon is void from 5:19 to 7:32 pm EST. Schedule a business meeting or process of negotiation today or tonight but avoid those two hours if you want the results to stick.  Tonight is good for social plans, collaborations or work and study. Most anything goes tonight. Wear blue,

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon

The Aquarius Moon works with Uranus, Aquarius's ruling planet. This is about overthrowing the current regime, even if that's the one inside your head!  Blast past the norms and regulations today and find a new way.  This is inventive energy that helps us recreate and rethink systems that do not work.  Today is both creative and scientific. Try to prove your theory or try it out anyway if the stakes are not too high.  The Moon aligns with Mercury tonight and we're people and community oriented, more likely to take the greater good into consideration, and better at saying what we really mean.  Have a good conversation or put something in writing tonight. Wear turquoise.

Wednesday: Mercury trine Jupiter

Yesterday's conversations and plans could become bigger ideas today as Mercury and Jupiter expand on what's in the works.  The Moon remains in Aquarius, a sign that can get the job done especially if it involves innovative ideas.  There's a global outlook at work that goes beyond "me, myself and I".  Saturn adds a sense of social justice, from Libra. Looking at the big picture, past our own little worlds, is favored and likely today. Plan community events, meetings and collaborations even if they are last minute. We should be in the mood to help each other and see how two minds or sets of hands are better than one.  The more the merrier today and tonight. The Moon aligns with Saturn putting structure to ideas tonight. Get serious about what you, as a group, can accomplish and set goals.  We also have Venus across from the Moon and Leo and Aquarius, and perhaps other signs too, must be able to negotiate through stubborn ideals where relationship is concerned. Wear silver.

Thursday: Full Moon warmup

The Moon moves to Pisces at 1:23 am after just about 2 hours void of course.  The Pisces Moon is a precursor to Saturday's Full Moon and may make us feel more emotional and up the anxiety level some.  Venus squares Mars and relationship issues heat up, literally, with both planets in fiery signs.  Venus in Leo is optimistic yet Mars in Scorpio can be dark and aggressive with feelings of slight, jealousy or obsession.  Trying to cope with and work through those feelings is much better than wallowing them and is possible if you're willing to work at it today! There's a stubborn or stuck attitude about love and partnership today. Finding harmony or at least waving the white flag of truce could be the best plan. The Full Moon is already in effect and these days may be chaotic, news filled, reactive and otherwise difficult. However, some of us will be energized by the fires of change. Be willing to let go and it will be easier.  We can't hang on to old ideals or ways of thinking this fall. Wear green.

Friday: Full Moon

The Moon is full in Aries tomorrow. Today is about things that can wait no longer.  The Pisces Moon can help with creative and alternative solutions. The Moon squares Jupiter in Gemini, both mutable signs, and the need to adapt is strong.  Brainstorm possibilities and avoid the trap of giving up too easily or thinking you can control things. Today is about finding the flow as much as possible. This Full Moon is rough around the edges and not all of the outcomes will seem positive. The trend is toward tearing apart what no longer works, like Kali the volcano goddess who blows up in order to recreate.  Tonight the Moon and Mars in Scorpio combine for dynamic creative energy. But we are also wildly emotional if there's no good way to channel our feelings.  Find a positive outlet! Get together with close, trusted friends.  Wear blue.

Saturday: Full Moon in Aries, Moon conjunct Uranus

Full Moons intensify what already exists, sometimes aggravating physical symptoms or arousing strong emotions. With this one, Uranus also in Aries has a wild card effect. What you thought was a problem may turn out not to be, while different circumstances or people add unexpected elements.  Be ready to act quickly yet not impulsively! It's a challenging day where we need to keep our wits about us and not let tempers or other flashes of strong emotion get in the way.  The Sun is opposite the Moon always at Full Moon time. and this month Saturn is also in Libra across from the Aries Moon and Uranus. Saturn is about lessons and works hard for truth, justice, and reality checks during these last days in Libra. Pluto is in Capricorn square to all of these heavenly bodies and Pluto deepens the impact. For example, events now may bring up feelings you thought were resolved and buried once and for all. As you move through this time, keep in mind that others may be very reactive and anything could trigger a strong response. Lay low if you can. Enjoy the Full Moon with an Aries bonfire, games that are not overly competitive, or by completing an ongoing creative project.  There's an extreme about this Moon time where you could be drained or have more energy than you can burn, depending on how all this air and fire energy suits you. Wear white today.

Sunday: Aries Moon sextile Jupiter in Gemini

The Moon and Jupiter work together in Aries, the sign of this Full Moon, and Gemini. Air feeds fire and we're mentally busy. Big ideas, multi-tasking, and seeking solutions in the forecast. Physically, the Aries Moon can make us restless and/or fire us up to play. Games may be extra competitive. Doing things to relax Full Moon energy or stress, finding those positive outlets, is the best plan. Concluding something or weeding out and dediding what you need and what you can let go of is part of today's work. New is likely to have appeal over old or traditional. Wear orange.

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