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Weekly Astrology September 3rd to September 9th, 2012

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Monday: Venus squares Saturn, Mars trine Pluto

The Moon is in Aries in harmony with Jupiter in Gemini for new ideas.  Big plans and inspirations we want to act on quickly are born of Aries and Gemini energies combined! Today talk about things even as you try to sort them out. Extroverts often get their best ideas while communicating information, and this can be that sort of day for any of us.  Mars works with Pluto in Scorpio and Capricorn and a mystery may be solved as hidden pieces of the puzzle emerge.  Act on bits of information that seem to be important if your instincts say so!  Venus in Cancer squares Saturn and is getting ready to move on to Leo Thursday, and we in turn try to resolve family and relationship matters in a sensitive but fair way before then. Tonight the Aries Moon wants action. Nearly directly opposite Saturn, the Aries Moon seeks emotional balance and shared responsibilities rather than the burden falling on one side. Wear gold.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon

The day starts with a void of course Moon in Aries from 7:06 am to 11:41 am. The relationship and family issues Venus and Saturn are bringing up for resolution continue.  The Moon opposes Saturn in Libra and squares Venus. Work out plans that are fair and don't put too much pressure on one party. In love, if things are tense, the search for compromise or the most balanced solution is on!  The Moon moves to Taurus at 11:41 am and in this fixed sign, our decisions tend to have long term implications and agreements may be hard to get out of later. Only agree if you intend to follow through.  Mercury and Pluto align in earth signs, exhuming information you can work with. There's plenty to be analyzed and previously unknown factors make a difference.  Tonight put efforts toward tangible accomplishment even if it's just house cleaning or arranging. Our physical space and how comfortable we feel impacts our feeling of well being under Taurus Moon. Wear green.

Wednesday: Taurus Moon opposite Mars

The Moon opposes Mars and our most persistent and determined sides show! It might be hard to find middle ground, and opposing views could turn from debates to arguments quickly.  Deep or long term feelings are stirred up easily in these two signs, Taurus and Scorpio. Grudges may come up for review or revisiting. Try not to offend someone as it could turn into a longstanding issue.  Mars also engages with Mercury in Virgo. Pay attention to your choice of words whether spoken or in writing.  Investigate and ask questions and you might get the answers you couldn't extract in the past.  The Moon and Sun align at 2:54 as the Moon moves void of course until 12:10 am Friday (EST).  Have an important talk before void of course Moon time, but avoid making excuses or asking for apologies until later in the day or night when things slide by more easily, perhaps.  Tonight is best kept flexible. It's Venus's last night in Cancer, and Cancers and Pisces may want to make a wish known or aim for a lucky break. Wear maroon.

Thursday: Void of Course Moon, Venus in Leo

The Moon is void of course in Taurus. Today attend to routines, simple tasks, cleaning and repairs that don't require too much technical information.  Get your hands dirty, perhaps in the garden or yard.  Taurus Moon time favors physical work and that includes working out the body, getting a massage or other body treatment or even beauty treatments. Do some yoga or dance or anything that requires practicing balance.  Venus moves to Leo at 10:48 am and it's Leo's time to attract the best life has to offer now. It's also a good time for clothes shopping, but with today's void of course Moon it's best not to spend too recklessly.  Venus in Leo is generous and glamorous and brings out our love for luxury.  Performers benefit from Venus in Leo since there's favor for music, the arts, and the kind of creativity that results in public performances.  Scorpio is favored for career during Venus in Leo.  Taurus is favored to improve the home environment and relationships there. Venus is in Leo until October 3rd.  Tonight, stick with the plan and show loyalty.  The Moon is in harmony with Venus overnight, for lovers and good connections between friends. Wear pink.

Friday: Gemini Moon

The Moon and Venus are sweetly in harmony and may take some sharp edges off two squares today.  Moon in Gemini and Venus in Leo put us in the mood to meet new friends, socialize, and show off!  The outgoing and open minded are most favored to make good connections, and this aspect is good for Leo, Libra, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Gemini love lives (though any sign may feel this benefit)! The Sun in Virgo squares Jupiter in Gemini and the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces and we need to be aware of potential exaggerations, misinformation or even lies. We may find situations too changeable and unreliable.  Err on the cautious side with anything you're not certain of.  The Gemini Moon brings out social butterflies tonight.  Sagittarius may find that significant others require or appreciate attention and praise.  Wear light blue.

Saturday: Mercury square the Moon, Mercury square Jupiter

The 4th quarter Moon is in Gemini. Mercury in Virgo, ruler of Gemini and Virgo, forms two squares indicating caution with communication. Think before you speak and make sure you won't be misinterpreted. Re read, edit or have someone else take a look at anything put in writing that could have ramifications one way or the other. it's a good day for second opinions, double checking, and raising questions rather than just accepting information as fact.  The Moon and Jupiter meet, putting a blessing Gemini's activities even if there are delays or questions. Sometimes a setback is just what we need so we don't make a mistake or act too quickly. Try to take your time and think things out clearly and shelve things until Monday if you feel unsure.  For socializing and fun, the Gemini Moon works well! Today's color is yellow.

Sunday: Cancer Moon

The Gemini Moon is void of course in the earlier hours and moves to Cancer at 12:49 pm EST. The Moon is in harmony with Saturn and then Neptune. Saturn in Libra is working for justice and may help us see the most balanced plan.  Neptune in Pisces in harmony with the Cancer Moon can bring out imagination, creativity, and also laziness! We might rather daydream than try! It's a natural day to work or play on boats or by the water.  Outdoor projects in the garden, landscape or beach are favored.  Wear white.

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