Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekly August 23

This is a big week for getting things done, finalized, purchased, and ironed out. Mercury retrograde degrees begin on the 30th, so don't put off until tomorrow or next week what you can do now!

The Moon is in Libra, sign of balance and justice. This morning the Moon and Neptune align for good feelings between us and a sense of beauty and harmony in the air. It's a little bit daydreamy and we might not quite be into the business of the day early on. The Moon squares Venus in Cancer at 10:53 am and relationship matters need to be worked out in fair ways, with cooperation as the key element. This afternoon at 2:10 the Moon is in harmony with Mars at the tail end of Gemini, activating our brain power and ability to get things finished or started, whichever is necessary. Don't waste this afternoon's energy! Do something worthwhile, preferably by teaming up. It's a great time to brainstorm solutions and put balanced plans in place. Take everyone's needs in to consideration. It's important to see other perspectives with the Moon in Libra. The void of course Moon is just over an hour long, and the Moon moves to Scorpio at 3:16 pm.The Scorpio Moon, which can sometimes be overly intense, is balanced by the Sun in Virgo. Work on details, creative work, and a step by step approach late in the day and tonight. Tonight is about focus, preparations, creativity, and order. Your friends may want a little space. Watch or read a mystery or tell spooky stories, and invite Cancer and Capricorn to join you. Gemini, Mars last night in your sign is a good reason to show motivation and not put things off. Wear dark red today.

The Moon is in Scorpio, and even though it's an important week to get things accomplished, move cautiously today. Mercury changes signs and that can confuse things. You might notice that people change their minds quite drastically today. Mercury squares Mars, another planet changing signs, moving to Cancer at 1:15 pm. Mars may not be too happy about this shift to a water sign since Mars and emotion don't go that well together. The vibe is cranky, and communication mix ups may be common. It's easy to set off an Aries abut problems at home or with brothers and sisters, and Cancer's temper is tested too. Mercury puts Virgo in a position to act on something and organize life before 4:18 pm. That's when the planet of plans, commutes and communication moves to Libra. Trying to compromise will probably be aggravating today, especially with a Scorpio involved. Scorpio, you're likely to feel that you are right and may not feel like teaming up. Wear gray today.

The Moon is in Scorpio, and Venus moves to Leo today. The fixed signs are in focus, with Aquarius and Taurus rounding out the four. Venus in Leo until September 20th is fun, lives large, and is a big flirt! It's good for gift giving, charitable donations, parties and events, and favors entertainment and the media. Performers and anyone who loves to be on stage can appreciate Venus in Leo! The Scorpio Moon forms a challenging square to Jupiter at 5:14 am EST, and this can be like rain on the parade, plus Saturn weighs in from Virgo further tightening the reigns. Scaling things down or having our sense of freedom challenged is the result. Mercury squares Pluto and realities set in. This might not be pleasant. Don't say more than you have to. The whole day looks pretty stubborn and potentially frustrating, but tonight is the most difficult angle with Mars opposed to Pluto in Cancer and Capricorn. Play it totally safe and watch your temper. Tonight is reactive, so choose your words and battles carefully. Better yet save them for another time. The Moon is void of course from 2:34 pm to 11:16 p then in Sagittarius. Wear black.

The Moon is in Sagittarius square to the Sun in Virgo. Squares aren't comfortable but without them we can't make progress. This one is a tug between structure and freedom, honesty and tactfulness, the big picture and the important details. Trying to mix those things and make it work is the idea. The Sagittarius Moon is a good one for getting out of your comfort zone and out of the usual routine. Learn something, discuss different philosophies, pick up a book, and make travel and school plans. This is a good day to deal with schedules or head out on a trip. Work out details of anything and accomplish a goal or enter an agreement now before Mercury retrograde. Take the attitude that you can do the right thing by someone and still be happy and satisfied. Tonight relationship conversations are in the air and will continue into tomorrow. Giving each other space might be necessary, and so is compromise. Wear green.

The Moon is in Sagittarius, more than halfway toward the Full Moon of September 4th. Put some pressure on yourself to get finances in order, find a job, solidify all plans and agreements and above all, sign any paperwork now. Sunday is the pivotal day when we hit the degrees Mercury will retrace. You'll be glad you pushed something up a little bit if you want something to last, if you want to fully understand what you're agreeing to, and if you hope not to change your mind. Same goes for transportation, so buy a car now rather than next week, and check the tires and systems of the one you drive now. It's also a good day to back up files and organize things since Mercury retrograde is a time of technical problems and losing track of things. Venus and Mercury bring up matters of love and relationship, compromise, and promises. Today is a better day to sort that out than any day coming up for another 4 weeks! Tonight is fun as long as you've taken care of business and can feel a sense of accomplishment. It's a great time to start a vacation, and the entire month ahead works well for time off. Wear pink today.

The Moon is void of course from 1:26 am to 10:44 am EST, and those hours are best for relaxing, sleeping, and avoiding important decisions. The Moon moves to Capricorn Saturday morning and meets Pluto for major reality checks. Face a problem in a practical, down to earth way. The Moon is opposite Mars and disagreements will be common, especially about how to handle things. It's a good day to organize and work on goals and a hard day to work together at the same time. Capricorn and Cancer will want to do things their own way. It might be best to let them do that rather than argue. There's alot up for debate, but reaching compromise is highly unlikely! Agree to disagree. Taurus, your future plans and all discussion and planning around them may feel overwhelming whether you're traveling or going back to school. Libra, family may pressure you and seem to interfere with your plans and other obligations. Tonight things lighten up a little, but a practical approach is still a good idea. Wear blue.

The Moon and Sun are in the earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo, pushing us to finalize details, build, organize, work outdoors, figure out money matters and do other practical things. It's a great day to clean, pack, or work the garden or landscape. It is the last good day to make a decision, agreement or promise you won't go back on, for about a month. The degrees Mercury will retrace during the retrograde begin now. Mercury is officially retrograde on the 6th. The days coming up are good for visits with family, visiting old stomping grounds, and slowing things down. They are not so good for major moves, starting new things, or getting or giving clear information. Back up your files and have an important conversation today. Mercury will retrace steps in Libra and Virgo, so these signs and people with these rising signs are affected alot all September long. Mercury retrograde blog coming this week so check back for your sign's outlook. Wear brown.

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