Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekly August 31

We are officially into the shadow of Mercury retrograde, in other words, the degrees of Libra that planet will retrace in September. The retrograde begins on the 6th and ends on September 29th. These are good weeks to vacation, reconnect, lay a little low, make only temporary changes, and choose your words carefully. If you haven't done so yet, back up everything.

The Moon in Capricorn and the morning and early afternoon are best for taking care of business. It's a pretty good day for back to school or routines with the Moon in an earth sign in harmony with Saturn. This is good for organizing, structuring, and being productive. Make well thought out purchases and save your receipts since we're so close to Mercury retrograde. Register the car, pay bills, and do those end of the month things too. The afternoon hours bring a void of course Moon from 2:09 on, and it's very unpredictable, but not bad for cleaning and reorganizing or rearranging. The urge to get things in order kicks in big time. It's also a good afternoon and evening for cooking, simple shopping, and working outside or building something. Capricorn Moon is very hands on and in charge. Tonight, the Moon void of course is good for routine work or socializing. The Moon moves to Aquarius at 11:43 pm EST. Wear black today.

The Moon is in forward thinking Aquarius. It's a social, generally optimistic day designed for getting in touch or back in contact with people or for attending events and gatherings. The Moon is working with Mercury helping us with conversations, problem solving and intellectual work. If you make a decision today though, try to keep it reversible, and that will be true for the entire month. Try temporary fixes and do something on a trial basis only if possible. The Moon opposes Venus today, and opposites will attract or we'll tend to be drawn to people whose strengths complement rather than mimic our own, so it can be a good day to team up. But in long term relationships, this opposition can be tough. Venus is flirtatious in Leo and loyalty is an issue. It's best not to make promises you won't keep this week and in fact throughout the month. Keep love lives simple now. Blend the logical and the creative tonight and come up with something great! Wear bright blues.

The Moon is in Aquarius, sign of friendship, and you may have already started reconnecting with old friends or colleagues, and that will be true all month long. Today has the very fortunate meeting of the Moon and Jupiter which happens once each month. These two in Aquarius think big and out of the box. Dream up something great and just try it, but avoid committing to anything long term for now. As much as possible today should be light and fun and also full of creative brainstorming, social plans, and exploring future possibilities. The Moon approaches Neptune tonight, which signals escapism. Some of us will feel like running, especially from realities and and obligations. Watch out for overindulgence and unrealistic expectations. The potential for fun is good if all else is well! Full Moon warm-up is on for Friday around noon EST. Wear purple today.

The almost Full Moon moves from Aquarius to Pisces at 11:58 am. Before that the Moon is void of course and Mercury is square to Mars increasing the chance of mix-ups, schedule glitches, and arguments too. Try not to deal with important business or controversial topics before noon. The Pisces Moon is in harmony with Pluto in Capricorn and with Mars in Cancer later at night. This will keep us from being entirely lazy. Try to get motivated for one thing and feel good about it. Other than creative projects, we're likely to be happy to just hang out and not do much tonight. Even with Full Moon deadlines looming and a Full Moon tomorrow. If anything we might be overly emotional or witness dramatics tonight. Wear light blue.

The Moon is Full in Pisces, one of the zodiac's most emotional and creative signs. The feelings that fuel music, art, and drama are in high gear now! This makes for inspired performances, which are best left on stage! With the Mercury retrograde degrees in effect, it also increases the chance of big changes and surprises. The nature of this Full Moon is very, very unpredictable. Sudden, major changes of heart and mind are in the air. The Full Moon is direct at 12:02 pm EST and affects the days just before and through the weekend. Even the best laid plans can shift today, people will be emotional and possibly dramatic, moody, sensitive and easily injured. Creative impulses can be put to good use though. Channel your energy into making and creating. Visit the sea, the lake and other calm, natural places. Don't push or aggravate. Give each other space. Feel free to bail or change your mind and do what's right for yourself. We may be asked to do things we don't want to. Stand your ground. Wear silver.

The Pisces Moon is just past Full and will be void of course from 12:53 to 10:14 pm. The Moon meeting Uranus and opposite Saturn stirs things up big time. It's easy to irritate other people, run into schedule problems and general chaos today. Mercury retrograde starts officially tomorrow night even though we're already into the degrees of the retrograde as you may have noticed in the past week. Reoccuring problems are in the forecast for today. Go for only temporary plans. Some of us will overstep boundaries and good judgment may be harder than usual to come by. There's plenty of disagreement in the air. The best plan is to chill and know this will pass by. Tonight the Aries Moon immediately squares Pluto and power struggles will be common late night. Wear white.

The Moon is in Aries and today is about moving on, cutting ties, airing grievances and putting things up for debate. The problem is we are beginning Mercury retrograde just after midnight and these 24 hours are some of the worst for the effects. Technical problems, communication issues, needless and worthwhile arguments can easily be the result. Do what you can to head those things off. Wait on anything you're not 110% certain about and even then keep things as flexible and reversible as possible. The Moon opposes Mercury and squares Mars sparking all kinds of issues. Libra, the retrograde begins in your sign, and Virgo it will move back to yours on the 17th. As much as possible lay low, keep things simple, and use the retrograde to reconnect with friends and reconsider things thoughtfully and slowly. Wear red today.

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