Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekly August 10

The Moon is in Aries, the competitor and trail blazer of the zodiac. Aries likes to bring in the new, but today has the sharp points of two squares involving the Moon and Venus, Mars and Saturn! Venus and the Moon both relate to our emotions and relationships and trying to get things in order and harmony will require lots of effort. The people we're closest to are the ones we're likely to struggle with most. Aries Moon is about movement and new experiences, but Venus in Cancer likes to stay close to home and feel secure, so issues around that come up for debate. Tonight Mars and Saturn battle it out since Mars in Gemini is full of ideas and thrives on change while Saturn in Virgo pushes for structure and reminds of obligations and things left undone. Aries and Gemini may want to move on even if there's unfinished business, while some of us will nag and push for perfection or at least closure. Confrontations, tempers, and an unsettled feeling is in the forecast for tonight. Sagittarius is a good friend if you want to go out and play, but games will be taken seriously. It might be hard to just play for fun. Taurus is the most introspective today. Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini are most likely to find relationships difficult. Wear yellow today.

The Moon is in Aries in harmony with the Sun this morning, helping us get on the right track. It should be easier to make decisions and see the brighter side of things. The Moon works well with Mars, Jupiter and Neptune in Gemini and Aquarius, which is great for making contacts, reaching out for advice and making friends. This is a good day to get things done well in advance of Mercury retrograde. Do all new business by the end of August. Sign a lease, make a formal agreement and do any legal paperwork now. Once the last days of August hit, we'll tend to make more mistakes, do things we later regret, or enter agreements or purchases without the best information or even intentions. Make major purchases today while the Moon is nicely aspecting Jupiter. You might spend alot of money, but find it well spent! Taurus, act on both acquisitions and employment opportunities now. Aries, Aquarius and Leo, just enjoy the good vibes today! The Moon is void of course from 4:03 pm on and it's a good night out. It's also a fun night for sports and games or for starting a project of some kind. It's not a good night to make promises or expect friend to be on time. Wear pink.

The Moon is in Taurus from 12:49 am until Friday morning. Tomorrow is a very busy 4th quarter Moon, so it might be best to take care of things today with clear astrological weather! The Moon apsects Pluto in Capricorn for a business like attitude and the ability to face a challenge head on. Taurus Moon is a good time for long term decisions and agreements. Getting our hands dirty, whether actually working outdoors or just diving right into work, is in the forecast. Building, working out, and using our physical energy and strength is favored as is any work around the house. It's a day to make practical decisions or changes you feel very certain about. Scorpio, you're likely to deal with your significant other and family members today and should keep things rational and clear, especially if you're making promises. Capricorn, you're most likely to get a lucky break today. Tonight the Moon is in harmony with Venus in Cancer which can be romantic, especially in solid long term relationships. We'll be into feeling loyal and secure over flirtatious and fun. Wear blue.

The zodiac is full of activity today. The 4th aurter Moon arrives at 2:55 pm indicating time to rethink things and revise plans for the next 7 days. It may be hard to make permanent decisions with so much going on in the heavens today, but it's not a bad day to enter a long term situation if you're ready. In fact it's much better to do that now than in two or three weeks when we are in the shadow of Mercury retrograde. September is not the best time for long term changes, so act now if you can. There are too many angles to look at individually today, but a trine between Mars and Jupiter is good for acting on profitable opportunties, travel or educational plans. Mars is in Gemini and Jupiter is in Aquarius so you two signs as well as Aries and Sagittarius may benefit most from opportunties presented this week. Tonight, the Moon is square to Jupiter and Neptune and honesty will be an issue and collaborations could be difficult-but still may be worth pursuing. Surprises and the unexpected is in the forecast from 11:17 pm EST until daybreak, so keep your wits about you. Wear green today.

The Moon is in Gemini from 6:25 am until Sunday morning. Gemini Moon is a time to be flexible, open to new ideas, and willing to solve problems creatively. This is a day for trouble shooters and puzzle solvers. There are potentially two solutions and two good possibilities for everything which can make it hard to choose! With a New Moon in Leo coming, Taurus may be deciding between two places to live while Cancer may have more than one good job possibility. Exploring options, researching and study are all favored in both our personal and professional lives now. Find information you need today. The Sun in Leo opposes Jupiter which can be optimistic and also too extravagant. There's a tendency to do things up big or even just exaggerate! Gemini can tell a good story today if necessary. Aquarius and Leo you might have to scale things back a bit, if you're being realistic. Sagittarius, it might seem like the right time to get in touch with family or make a visit back home. Libra, a different scene and point of view is appealing t0 you too. Tonight is social and events should be busy and well attended. Wear gold.

The Moon is in Gemini for a very mixed day. The Moon squares Mercury and Saturn making information difficult to get and communication a challenge. Our words can hit hard so make sure you say what you really mean. The tendency is to be harsher than necessary. Try to follow through on plans and commitments and avoid the backlash of Saturn. The Moon works with Jupiter and the Sun and meets Mars for a busy and potentially wild night. Wear black today.

The Moon is in Cancer from 9:13 am on. Before that we have a void of course Moon from 2:19 am, so use good judgment or lay low during those hours. Cleaning up and doing routine things is favored then. The Cancer Moon today might pull us to family and food! Cooking dinner or baking or celebrating with family feels right. The Moon is out of sync with Uranus in Pisces early in the morning and events or news of yesterday may be troubling. The Cancer Moon says be where you feel most secure and with familiar, comfortable friends. It's a sentimental day and a good day to celebrate some kind of tradition, reunion or summer ritual. Wear light blue.

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