Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekly August 17th

The Moon is in Cancer, her home sign in the zodiac. Take care of each other and be sensitive to feelings. The smallest slight can be taken hard on days like this. The Moon meets Venus increasing sentimental feelings, and remembering the past is likely. The Moon and Venus also influence our creative sensibilities and it's a good day to pick a new paint color, rearrange, or redecorate at home. Taurus, pull out the old photo albums or call old friends. It's a day of reminiscing for you. Cancer, you're likely to feel inspired and creative. Make something more beautiful or interesting today. Along with the Cancer Moon we have the Sun in Leo in harmony with Mars in Gemini for an outgoing, socially active and very expressive aspect. Leo, Aries and Gemini will feel that most. Aries you might feel like you can take a chance and come out on the lucky side! It's a travel kind of day for Gemini and Aries too. Leo you'll probably be most focused on friendship and get togethers. Mercury and Saturn meet in Virgo, so it's a prime day to work out details, work with facts and numbers. Leo and Aquarius, figure out budgets and ways to maximize profits. Tonight has the romance of Venus and the Moon in Cancer and the excitement of Mars and Neptune. Those two planets activate our dreams and intuitions. Trust your gut. Wear blue today.

The Moon starts in Cancer and is void of course from 3:09 to 9:56 am. It's a good day to cut yourself a break, be able to sleep late, or just clean and organize. No big decisions if possible before 9:56 am EST. The Moon and Uranus connect at 3:09 am affecting the day with surprising news and changes of plans. Be ready to adjust accordingly and maybe act quickly in situations requiring instant action. One caution is not to overreact and make a promise or statement you might want to retract later! The Moon moves to Leo, the sign of Thursday's New Moon, at 9:56 am and we start seriously looking at plans to make sure they feel right. Everything is up for discussion and consideration before this important New Moon, the last one before Mercury retrogrades in September. Take your time with things today. It's a good day for learning, training new employees, or creative pursuits. Leo acts from the heart and rules the back, so get some exercise for both! Tonight expect things to be off balance as Mars and Uranus struggle in a square. Both are in the mutable signs, Gemini and Pisces, so it's a very changeable and potentially unstable night. Lay low. Play it safe. Wear purple today.

The Moon is in Leo, usually a playful, extroverted sign. Today has two sides though since the Moon is opposite Jupiter and Venus works with disciplined Saturn. Venus and Saturn in Cancer and Virgo put safety, caution, organization and structure first, especially in family and other closer relationships. Cancer, Virgo, Aries, Pisces, Capricorn, and potentially all of us, will be working out things with people we care about. Acting in a practical way is favored even though there are plenty of tugs on the heartstrings too. Doing the "smart", realistic thing is favored over just reacting emotionally. The Moon opposite Jupiter tonight tends to make us think the grass is greener on the opposite side, but that will probably turn out not to be true. We overdo things on nights like this. Trying to have a balanced attitude and point of view is best. Outrageous statements may be made and Leo and Aquarius might have the hardest time with the extremes of things. Libra, you may need to mediate between friends and help people find compromises even with social plans. Tonight is a major night for rethinking and making decisions with the New Moon arriving at 6 am! Wear pink today.

The New Moon in Leo is great for changes, and today we'll hear of new plans and decisions made in the last few days. This is the New Moon that will lead us into Mercury retrograde , and by the end of next week you want to have any changes made and actions taken ideally. August 30th is the key date to set as a deadline. Then slow things down, deal with simple matters, and avoid any legal paperwork, commitments, or finalizing things until September 18th. A New Moon in Leo especially favors Leo, people who work in Leo fields like entertainment and media, educators, and anything related to children. The New Moon is exact at 6:01 am EST, is void of course from then until 10 am and then in Virgo. It's another day to act on practical matters and in a down to earth way as the Moon and Pluto work together for realistic approaches. Changing your mind is actually in favor now! Work on schedules and all kinds of plans. Act with vision, like an architect, and draw up plans and start building. It's okay to be a little bit impulsive now rather than put things off unless you're willing to wait another month. Tonight is good for work, study, and planning. Get financial things in order. Wear white today.

The Moon is in Virgo, an earth sign that's often known for perfectionism. Mercury also in Virgo is opposite Uranus n Pisces today, and it might feel hard to get things just right. For that reason there's frustration in the air. The key is to have some flexibility today and realize the New Moon is good for changes. Things you thought were set in stone or very reliable might suddenly shift now. Virgo and Pisces this affects your plans and personal relationships. Taurus and Scorpio, this affects friendships, your love life and social plans. Things go topsy turvy, and we can easily be misunderstood or say things without thinking. Virgo is likely to be very temperamental today, since the Moon and Saturn also meet up tonight. It's a pretty serious note to start the weekend on. Friends may decline invitations in favor of work and dealing with other significant things. It's natural to feel depressed, hard on yourself, or down on a day like this. Keeping a realistic attitude and showing understanding is the best plan. Wear black.

The Moon is void of course from 7:44 to 11:12 am then in Libra for the rest of the weekend. Libra Moon time is about fairness, as well as creating balance, beauty and harmony. It's a good day to do something nice for yourself, especially along the lines of looking better. Shop, get haircuts and other beauty treatments today. The Sun moves from Leo to Virgo at 7:38 pm, and babies born before then are Leos, and after that time, Virgos. This is what we call being born on the cusp. With squares and oppositions, this might not be an easy day for everyone. The Moon and Mercury together encourage productive talks and good communication though. Tonight, relationship status changes are part of Venus and Uranus working in Cancer and Pisces. You may be surprised at who is no longer with who and vice versa! Wear pink.

The Moon is in Libra, and today is more upbeat and optimistic. It's a great day to make balanced decisions, figure out what's fair, work on relationships, make music or art, and enjoy life in general. Libra is the sign of the couple, and twos are favored. Buddy up whether in friendship or love. Being the third wheel will be hard today. The Sun and Pluto align in Virgo and Capricorn, and we can be decisive, realistic, and make positive changes now. The Moon works with Jupiter for a happy outlook. Don't wait on something that can be done today. Get it out of the way since by the end of next weekend, Mercury will be in the shadow of the retrograde and we tend to want to reverse actions we take then or we act with misinformation or lack of good judgment (among other things). Wear light blue today.

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