Friday, August 14, 2009

Hmmm? Eclipses, Surprises, Upheavals and the News

Eclipses accelerate events so yeah, any kind of event that's likely to occur anyway can be triggered by a lunar or solar eclipse. We've experienced 3 in a row this summer in July and August, coinciding with the deaths of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Walter Kronkite, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, and this week Les Paul, and Allen Schellenberger the drummer for Lit. It's been a pretty crazy run with celebrities passing away. Eclipse effects vibrate a month in either direction too, and even though Michael passed away in late June, it was almost exactly a month from the July 22nd solar eclipse. Often things that happen around eclipses are sudden and unexpected, but chances are they are just pushed to the front of the current timeline. Natural disasters often occur at eclipse times too.

Coming up around August 20th and 21st and again around September 4th and 5th, the Cancer/Capricorn/Aquarius/Leo eclipses' aftershocks will reverberate and all kinds of things you thought were set in stone will change once again. Th 2nd set of dates coincides with the beginning of Mercury retrograde so early September will be a time of reversals and changes of plans, favoring anything temporary and flexible over anything too permanent or hard to get out of later. So if it feels like there's nothing you can do right now, you might just be right on. Best course is to just go with the flow and see where the tide comes in.

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