Friday, July 12, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone July 14th-20th, 2019: Capricorn Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon

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Lunar eclipse in Capricorn surfs us through the rest of the month! Tuesday, July 16th 5:38 pm EDT.

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon void of course starts us off. The Moon has no major aspects with planets. The Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto and the Full Moon will meet Pluto on Tuesday. Pluto relates to the mysterious, secretive, hidden or repressed aspects of ourselves or of situations. This eclipse is likely to bring many things up for resolving or facing. Capricorn Moon moves in at 7:05 pm EDT. Black is today's color.

Monday: The nearly Full Moon in Capricorn aligns with Uranus in Taurus today. It could be a wild ride with some unforeseen development. Remember, the unexpected is not always a bad thing. Be ready for a change in system, organization or plan. Today's color is Green.

Tuesday: Lunar eclipse with this Full Moon in Capricorn at 5:38 pm EDT. Eclipses powerfully intensify and magnify, with effects extending for 6 months to one year. Events of this eclipse time hold great power and longevity. An eclipse accelerates what was set to occur. You may have to move into action or decide something much more quickly or differently than anticipated. In some cases, turns of events will feel like fate or like something you never could have foreseen or planned for. Love, business, fears and repressed feelings or memories, and the approaches you will now need to take are all parts of the eclipse outlook. Void Moon 5:38 pm EDT on. Take the night carefully and slowly. White is today's color.

Wednesday: Venus opposes Saturn overnight. In the midst of this eclipse, these planets indicate relationship decisions and realities that need to be faced or confronted. This could be great, like an engagement or difficult like a parting. There will be good reason to act and not wait, even with Mercury retrograde. Still, check to see you're not acting on pure impulse. You may be pushed to do something you thought could wait or that you fear. The Moon opposes retrograde Mercury. Decision making may feel uncertain, yet necessary. Talk real terms. Get anything in writing that should be. Protect your interests and also those you care about. Do honest business. Moon squares Uranus for vibrations that began earlier this week. Problem solving and resolutions are needed. Put the effort in. There's really no other good choice. Aquarius Moon 5:19 am EDT through all of the day and evening. Today's color is Blue.

Thursday: Aquarius Moon opposite Mars overnight 1:50 am EDT to be precise. This opposition is in fixed signs indicating persistence or stubbornness. Moon in Aquarius has vision and inspiration which leads to original thinking. Mars in Leo is courageous and proud. Leaders may feel confident and forge ahead or rally others (hopefully with the right intentions. This could go either way depending on a leaders' mindset.) Moon and Jupiter align in fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius at 11:53 am EDT and then it's void Moon time. The Moon/Jupiter trine is open minded and expansion oriented. Educational or travel plans or acceptances may come through. If you're applying to something or committing to a program or trip, take Mercury retro into consideration and double check and edit or reread everything of note. Venus aligns with Neptune today in the water signs for sentimentality, romance, healing, nurturing and reconciliations. Today's color is Purple.

Friday: Aquarius Moon void of course from 11:53 am EDT on Thursday until 5:19 pm EDT today. It's a long void time, a transitional, sometimes foggy or unclear period, and major decisions or spending that can wait should be on the back burner for now. Relax, clean, draw or write for pleasure, allow your mind to open and be free of problems, perhaps do some meditation or even nap. Tasks should feel routine and not complex. If you hit stumbling blocks, step back for now. Mercury retrogrades back into Cancer, retracing that threshold crossed on June 26th. Notice if business from then is coming back around. Approach with ease and curiosity rather than pressure. Family reconnections or business may be coming up in the days just ahead. Pisces Moon 5:19 pm EDT on, for a take it easy evening. Today's color is Light Green.

Saturday: Pisces Moon aligns with Uranus in Taurus. Emotions may be up and down, more than usual. Creative bursts and/or awakening of feelings or self expression are likely today. Wear Blue.

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