Friday, July 5, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone July 7th-13th, 2019: Mercury Retrograde in Leo

Mind Your Business
Easy Does It
Review with care
Call a long lost friend
Use discretion with words
Revisit a meaningful place
Yearning for simple or past times is natural now

As the retrograde begins Sunday evening, this is your refresher. Many of the words beginning with 'Re' become relevant (that's not one of the re words though!). Reconsider, recall, replenish, reconnect. When in doubt, wait it out.

Sunday: Mercury retrograde begins at 7:14 pm in Leo, and will eventually move back into Cancer retracing events of the past two weeks. Virgo Moon connects with 5 planets. Personal and professional business needs attention. In Virgo form, stay very grounded and realistic with expectations and solutions. Be wary of anything seeming too 'ideal' or frivolous. Void Moon 12:50 pm so best decisions are timed for morning/before 12:50 pm EDT. Today's color is Navy Blue.

Monday: Delays are likely now, unless there's been a long delay lately. If that's been case, action may re-start on something of note such as building or getting back to a dormant project. Creativity can peak with Mercury retrograde. Maybe you will go deep into your process and/or reconnect with your right brain, the free and artistic side. At 2:07 am EDT, the Moon cruised to Libra. Mercury meets Mars and Venus aligns with Uranus. Libra Moon is in harmony with Mars and Mercury which can help significantly. Libra Moon wants peace while Mercury and Mars can stir up trouble or controversy. Today is an especially bad day to engage in anything that could lead to an argument or fight. Venus and Uranus together hold surprises related to family and relationship. Practice being objective and seeing personal situations in perspective. Wear Pink, a color for healing, romance, and a color of the heart.

Tuesday: Can you believe it's one week already since the solar eclipse New Moon? Now is the halfway point to our next eclipse. Developments are likely, yet cannot be forced.  After an eclipse, more than usual, we see things take their own course, often not the one we planned. Squares in the zodiac and the Sun opposite Saturn all indicate a day of challenge, trials and/or needing to openly take responsibility and own up. Justice is a theme and a key to this Libra Moon day. Moon void from 3:36 pm to 5:29 am EDT on Wednesday. Today's color is Silver.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon begins 5:29 am EDT and goes on to square Mars and Mercury, oppose Uranus and align with Venus. Note that those are the 4 planets of Monday's forecast and the pattern continues to be relevant. There's strong energy around personal and relationship matters. Mercury is retrograde and it's a tough time for a debate. The Moon and Venus do offer opportunities for softening and forgiveness, but we may have to reach far inward to find the courage to surrender and let ego go. If you're being stubborn and unyielding, is that actually serving you or could it be holding you back? If life is peachy, romance and passion are in the air tonight. Wear Indigo, and follow your intuition above all else.

Thursday: Mars and Uranus square in Leo and Taurus, fixed signs. Ego creates issues and makes a difficult or unexpected situation even harder. Letting go is necessary. Controlling behavior or unwilling attitudes arise and at minimum there is friction, while at maximum it could be what you call a complete breakdown or upheaval. The Tower card in the tarot deck comes to mind. We must let the tower crumble and rebuild, in some situations. Meanwhile, grand trine in the water signs is fortunate and soothing. Moon, Sun and Neptune in each water sign offer harmony, forgiveness and healing. You may experience or witness one or both of these aspects. Remember Mercury is retrograde and slow, mindful words and actions minimize damages such as hurt and error in judgment. Void Moon starts 8:28 pm EDT (even more reason to use caution and awareness). Wear Black for protection.

Friday: Scorpio Moon, void of course until 11:05 am EDT, favors a slow morning focused in meditation, quiet contemplation and reflection, possibly gardening or exercise. Wait on shopping, spending, discussing, and deciding on anything of significance. Sagittarius Moon shifts the vibe to "let's go" or maybe to a good book. Later the social fires burn into the night as the Moon is in harmony with Mars in Leo. Outspoken people may call attention to themselves. We may have to overlook certain things and not take them personally. Today's color is Red.

Saturday: Full Moon in Capricorn is on the 16th and is a lunar eclipse. Mercury is retrograde. This is a potent, eventful, potentially stressful and provoking period of time. It harkens back to 19 summers ago. Notice if the summer of 2000 is relevant in patterns happening now. Maybe this is a second chance or opportunity to resolve the past. Sagittarius Moon is waxing and the feelings surrounding the eclipses are strengthening too. The Moon meets Jupiter and everything may seem bigger including spending. Yet it's not a good time for major purchases. Can it wait? Parties may be really fun and also could go overboard or tip the balance between good times and regrets. Moderation is called for. The Moon squares Neptune and we could be in denial or deluded. Instincts over words where trust is concerned. Wear Purple today.

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