Friday, July 19, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone 20th Year Birthday Week

So many of you have been with me for 19 or 20 years! Robin's Zodiac Zone was born in an "aha" moment while I was laying down on Scarborough Beach in Maine on July 22nd of 1999. The first website was created later that day, by my 9 year old son and me! Radio forecast slowly worked their way into my radio show on WCYY on weekends and in the spring of 2000 when I moved to the alternative mornings show, I started doing 1, then 2, then 3 forecasts a morning to meet everyone's morning commute time. Thank you for all the fun and mostly for your trust.

I tried to abandon this blog once or at least to minimize the time I spent on it. It didn't work for me. This is something I am supposed to do. It's part of my routine and my process and my service to others. So Robin's Zodiac Zone goes on and on and on...

Mercury retrograde is full on. If necessary, find some patience and remember all things take their own time usually regardless of how much we'd like to push or speed things up or know the answers. Mercury is now in Cancer and retrograde until the 31st, so hang on and maybe get together with an old, trusted friend.

Love and Peace,

Sunday: Pisces Moon, Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde, and Venus opposite Pluto. And that only covers part of what's up in the heavens and on earth today. Taking a versatile, laid back approach may be helpful. Plans B and C may need to activate. Relationship realizations are occurring for some (Cancer/Capricorn/Scorpio/Taurus for example) and affecting others. Today's theme is how to find some harmony and peace during a potentially uncertain or stirred up time. Wear Pink.

Monday: Waning Moon in Pisces until 6:02 am EDT. A short void Moon from 4:34 am to 6:02 am could make us forgetful of what the day's schedule or plan is. Aries Moon moves us into action with a fire burning inside, passion or drive, maybe a sense of adventure and newness as the Moon and Sun align right at 4:34 am EDT, at the tail end of water signs Pisces/Cancer! This is kind of a final bow for the water sign element of the past month. Emotions are strongly stirred this morning. It could be a romantic or melancholy thing, either way. Mercury retrograde in Cancer tinges the whole movement into a new business week. Feeling protective, defensive, or missing old times are some potential effects. Tonight, Leo birthdays begin with the Sun's shift at 10:50 pm EDT, 7:50 pm Pacific or adjust for your time zone. Leo time could be uplifting or motivating if you've been laying down or feeling down. Today's color is Red. And Robin's Zodiac Zone turns 20!!

Tuesday: Aries Moon lines up with Mars and Jupiter. This inspires us toward new and inventive things, toward leading and initiating with optimism and faith. Moon squares Saturn to remind us of protocols and the earthly nature of what needs to be done. Today's color is Orange.

Wednesday: Aries Moon for starters, void at 10:48 am to 5:42 pm EDT, therefore anything you can do early is more reliably timed. Planets in Cancer/Capricorn square the Moon and struggles for example power plays or struggle to get motivated are possible. Effort is required to move through whatever needs taking care of. Taurus Moon follows at 5:42 pm EDT with another square to the Sun in Leo. Our minds and emotions need some adjusting or alignment. The pulls or pushes in alternate directions is significant today and covers a lot of ground from the earth to the fire signs. Fire burns earth so dominant and powerful forces may be pushing other relevant and important energies down. Some may steamroll, forgetting or ignoring others or the effects of their actions. Now for the good stuff. Venus and Mercury retrograde meet for a loving stroll down memory lane. It's a good night to visit a favorite place or to reconnect with a lover or a friend. Today's color is Green.

Thursday: Taurus Moon meets Uranus. It's a monthly occurrence and will be for many years. It can bring out the bumps in the road or the earth shattering realizations we sometimes need in order to move forward or decide things. Uranus is inventive and could help with extra-ordinary solutions to persistent problems or questions. Adjustments will be required. Mars and Jupiter align in fire signs showing us the way. Thinking and action come into harmony. Notice what inspires you to act. Try not to go overboard with anything especially spending. This is optimistic, but also keep reality in check. Mars also squares the Moon and there could be an agitated feeling, for a reason that can or cannot be understood right now. Practice calming. Today's color is Lavender.

Friday: Taurus Moon straight through until 2:29 am EDT Saturday (or late Friday west coast times). Mercury retro, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto align with the Moon. Situations or our minds may feel more at ease and harmonious today. This Moon and her planets organize us for what we need to do even  if it's not easy. Today's color is Pink.

Saturday: Taurus Moon void 12:28 to 2:29 am EDT. Gemini Moon for the weekend. It's social and changeable and aligned with Sun in Leo. Interpersonal interactions, group meetings, parties and performances are favored. Venus moves to Leo at 9:54 pm EDT for many festive vibes in the next 4 weeks. The urge to shop may overcome you even with Mercury retrograde reminding us not to overspend or decide lightly. Today's color is Gold.

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