Friday, April 16, 2021

Sun in Taurus & Waxing Moon Forecast: April 18th to 25th, 2021

The Moon will be Full on Monday, April 26th at 11:32 pm EST. Waxing Moon this week as the Sun enters Taurus on Monday, the 19th. Happy Birthday, April Taurus!

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Peaceful vibes!


Sunday: Cancer Moon combines with Uranus' power for wild mood swings that may include elation, intense sensitivity and loving feelings. Cancer Moon is the Moon in her home sign, bringing all lunar traits and relationships to the forefront. Intuition tends to be strong and we may have emotional charge we're not quite sure how to channel. Home related projects and water related activities are two suggestions. Build and create something inspired. Read cards. Take a salt bath and bathe your crystals or sage the house. These are examples that could lead you to whatever releases emotional energy for you! Wear Light Green (for the Cancer/Taurus combination and for your heart). 

Monday: We begin the day in Aries and end it in Taurus! The Sun changes signs at 4:33 pm EST. Mercury also moves to Taurus today at 6:29 am EST. Mercury is grounded and driven while in Taurus. Renew your New Moon intents and goals. The Moon remains in Cancer on the east coast while Leo Moon begins at 11:11 pm Pacific time. Another Cancer/Taurus day brings home and garden type projects to the forefront. The Moon and Neptune are in harmony for water related things like building a pond or pool or setting up a fountain. Our creative flow is also highlighted! It is 2nd quarter Moon, so aim for and notice progress. Today's color is White.

Tuesday: At 2:11 am EST, the Moon moves into Leo, and it's quite a big shift when we go from water to fire element. Our day is full of squares. They challenge us to progress, extend our efforts, push the boundaries, and sometimes to find consensus~ such as what we are willing to live with even if it's not our ultimate ideal. The Moon in Leo leans toward optimism, though Leo is not known as compromising. You may shine up an idea to make it attractive or stage a home to help it sell (for examples). The Moon squares the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus all in Taurus. When Leo and Taurus square off, it's powerful for manifesting an amazing product or effect. Think of Bono and the Edge of U2 who are Taurus and Leo. The issue can be compromise since both are strongly opinionated and may have trouble giving up control or letting go of an inspiring idea. Listen deeply to one another and open yourself to possibilities especially if you're working through a big project or process. Would yielding be beneficial? Today's color is Gold. 

Wednesday: Leo Moon opposes Saturn in Aquarius. If you're feeling very stubborn, ask yourself is that ego, or is that for the good of yourself and all involved? This opposition can lead to major commitments and agreements, promises, and serious involvement. Some will have a lighter day and not notice the Saturn effect which comes across as gravity, pressure, and need for wisdom. Some will have taken care of this yesterday and feel a sense of relief. As we move closer to Full Moon, work toward deadlines. Thursday begins with a void of course Moon, so try not to procrastinate. Diligence is key word today. Consequences is another. Important things are up for decision during this part of the lunar cycle. Wear Purple.

Thursday: Earth Day. Let's take a few breaths for and with the Earth, the planet that is also breathing itself. We are at a crossroads in the long term survival and thriving of this planet. Can we see beyond our immediate wants and not bypass what is really going on and has been for a long time? Honor the Earth by planting or cleaning up or in some other way and feel your connection to the ground you live, love, walk, see and swim. Sense of place is in the forecast today as the Moon changes signs at 9:08 am EST. First, the Moon opposes Jupiter and aligns in harmony with Mars. Both planets are in air signs, highlighting our thoughts, intelligence, and wisdom. Wise action is suggested for the early hours today. Combine intuition with realistic sensibility. (Today at 5:30 pm this is part of the theme of Chakra Flow through Breathing Room and you can take class online!) Virgo Moon from 9:08 am on acts favorably with the Sun and the planets in Taurus. This can be romantic, sensual, giving, service oriented, empathetic, and also productive. An unexpected idea, solution or plan is something to follow up on! Virgo's element is Earth, bringing us to ground in our actions, celebrate or reconsider sense of place and roots, and to take care of the planet. Virgo is also mutable, giving you a chance to change your mind or recent course. Today's color is Brown.

Friday: We are very much immersed in earth element with a Virgo Moon and planets in Taurus and Capricorn influencing today and Saturday.  The Moon and Venus form a harmonious trine for lovers of texture, flora, and spatial design. It's a good day to redecorate, paint and redesign. It's also a day for the senses and romantic love. Mars moves to Cancer today. That's not a very happy, comfortable place for fiery Mars. Passive aggression and resentment could build in the days and weeks ahead. Take note if you start feeling old grudges or become frustrated with unresolvable conflicts. Try not to waste or drain your energy with envy or manipulation. Later tonight, the Moon opposes Neptune which can bring flux and sometimes leads us to let down our guard. Make sure your boundaries are clear and intact as necessary. If you give a little will someone then take too much? Today's color is Blue.

Saturday: Mercury and Uranus meet as we are very close to Monday's Full Moon. These two come up with wild plans and ideas that just might work! Don't be shocked about sudden changes. Things that make you go "Whoa". Also, follow up on major brainstorms. What once seemed way out there is now here and, in some cases, well timed. Virgo Moon aligns with Pluto for reflection on our needs and feelings. Take some time to go inward, quiet, meditate or have open minded rest. It would be a good day for yoga nidra. Find one online and listen! (I'm actually doing a yoga nidra training this weekend. There are no coincidences, really.) On Soundcloud app, find Annie Okerlin. She is one of my favorite meditation guides and a personal friend. From 6:50 am to 12:06 pm EST the Moon is void of course. I'd schedule quiet time then. Journal or recover from the week. Do something calming. Libra Moon squares Mars this afternoon which could be emotionally challenging and create stalemates where nothing can be done until there's clarity. Today's color is Lavender.


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