Friday, April 23, 2021

Full Moon Forecast April 25th-May 1st, 2021

Full Moon in Scorpio is Monday night around 11:30 pm EST. Known as the Flower Moon, this one's got claws with Mars in Cancer forming a trine and Saturn in a tenacious square. 

I'm fully vaccinated and so happy to be! My symptoms after vaccinations were very mild. And this gives me confidence to be back in the yoga studio and outdoors with friends. I will continue to teach classes virtually since for some people it's the best option, plus it is convenient for us, isn't it!

Monday Virtual Yin/Yang Yoga 9-10 am register at Scarborough Maine Yoga website

Wednesday Virtual Gentle & Restore register at Breathing Room Me website

& Gentle Yoga for the Town of Falmouth 10-11:15 am weekly. This session is Full, but they are registering for the next session, the month of June, now. Go to Falmouth's website for Community Activities to sign up for June. We are in a large gym with masks on & chair yoga for the 1st half of class. Chairs are provided. Bring your own mat to classes. All adult ages welcome.

Thursday This is now my signature class. In Studio & Virtual Chakra Flow 5:30-6:45 pm. Register at Breathing Room ME website. Every week two or more Chakras are highlighted through posture, affirmations, and personal energy work. April 29th Crown to Root is our theme. Reiki inspired, yoga based, with reflection built in. Expect class to be gentle to moderate and slow paced with longer holds and pauses for self energy flow, visualization, sensing, and self assists with hand placements. 

I would love for you to join us in studio where we have room for 6 distanced, with masks. Most of us who are there weekly are already vaccinated. Virtually, join a group that zooms in from Midcoast Maine to Florida. Increase your body wisdom, intuition, and self care. Sign up at 

Sunday: Mercury and Venus are active influencers this weekend. Today, they meet in Taurus. This increases energy for having heart to heart talks, feeling more open with people we love, and maybe leading to engagement and other relationship commitments and decisions. Yesterday, Mercury and Uranus met, so timely events may be precursors to collaborative and personal changes. Venus & Mercury also square Saturn, and we'll reflect on commitments and plans, knowing we must take them seriously. Enter agreements with your whole heart as Taurus favors longevity and will make partnerships strong and/or hard to uncouple. If you buy a home this weekend you are likely to be in it for a long time, maybe a lifetime! The Moon is in Libra and nearly Full on this day of personal announcements and shifts. Today's color is Pink.

Monday: Full Moon in Scorpio, the Flower Moon, peaks at 11:32 pm EST and it blooms passionately. This Moon of extraordinary extremes in fixed sign Scorpio with fixed sign Taurus Sun invokes commitment and unyielding loyalty and dedication is called for. The Moon starts out in Libra, squares Pluto, Scorpio's ruling planet, and is trine to Jupiter in Aquarius.  Void of course Moon is from 8:40 am to 12:18 pm EST. Gravity, weightiness, and internally focused describe this morning's mood. Try not to skim, ignore, or rush. Listen to your intuitive sense and follow that. Joining forces and working together is also favored with the Jupiter aspect. Be sure you're fully in and aligned with the group before getting involved more deeply. This is a time of long term involvement and agreements will not be easy to get out of. Scorpio Moon is in harmony with Mars in Cancer. This is a mixed aspect since resentment or other difficult feelings may influence our minds and our actions. At best, you could feel highly creative and intuitive and have such a peak in that way. At worst, you could feel compelled to act out of anger or feel rage that has nowhere to go. Emotions will look for release. The other planet strongly influencing the Full Moon is Uranus, opposing the Moon in the wee hours of Tuesday. Uranus equates to sudden events or awakenings. You never quite know what Uranus activity will bring on. One thing to keep in mind is that fixed signs Scorpio and Taurus do not give up or give in easily. And both signs appreciate a warning and preparation rather than unexpected word or change. Practice loyalty, commitment, follow through, and tuning in to how you really feel (vs how you think you're supposed to feel). Pause before acting, so that you're not overreacting. Wear White today. 

Tuesday: Pluto goes retrograde at 4:04 pm EST. I won't say it's nothing, but this happens for months every year and it's an outer planet. You could notice this retrograde most strongly if Pluto inhabits a very important place or forms a significant aspect in your personal chart. In a general way, Pluto retrograde affects our internal reflection and may lead us down a rabbit hole of unhealed experiences. All in all, that can be a positive thing, leading to deeper understanding or healing. You may enter a personal process during the retrograde. It could be something you don't talk a lot about or share. Pluto relates to our secret inner life. Full Moon in Scorpio with some tough and tenacious aspects, such as the opposition to Uranus and the square to Saturn in Aquarius. This looks like a difficult day, or at least one that points out conflict and radically different views, opinions and approaches as the Moon also opposes Venus and Mercury. Patience is called for, and that includes patience with yourself and your partner if that's applicable. Some agreements and promises are up for renewal and review. Facing and confronting problems and unspoken differences is highly likely. Try to be reasonable and listen deeply. Not everything can be solved immediately. Stay connected to your intuition and if possible let intuition override negative reactions. How we feel in one moment can change within hours. Use extra patience and call on all your wisdom in order to respond in a way you'll feel good about and not regret. Today's color is Black.

Wednesday: Post Full Moon, maybe things will mellow out some. If it's been intense, you may welcome the shift to fire sign Sagittarius Moon which helps us brush off and move past what's unnecessary. If you dealt with things that aren't really 'your stuff' though you had to be involved and affected, the Moon sign change may help you most. The Moon aligns with Pluto for a sensible perspective, and squares Jupiter which can help you decide who to keep distance or limits with. If a group is draining you, time to say goodbye or take a break. Today is for opening doors, airing things out, noticing what inspires you, learning and experiencing some different things. Void Moon from 8:31 am to 11:42 am EST. Use those hours to regroup, simplify, clear some clutter (just remember where you put items if you actually clean), and begin to refresh. Sagittarius Moon aims to set you free of what holds you back. Today's color is Purple.

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon brightens moods and open us to new ideas. This isn't going to be true for everyone since some situations are grave. However, if life is relatively ordinary considering our current circumstances, this Sagittarius Moon inspires and feels like a re-set. Follow your bliss. Mercury aligns with Neptune in Pisces for creative flow. Today's color is Light Blue.

Friday: Meetings of brilliant minds are favored this morning as the Moon aligns with Jupiter. Schedule group meetings for brainstorming ideas or acting on plans. Break through stagnancy even if it takes some work and motivation. The time is right before Mercury retrograde happens in late May. Plan a trip or buy a car if either is on your agenda. Void Moon is 9:27 am to 12:16 pm when the Moon moves to Capricorn, a good sign for business owners and those of you seeking new opportunities. The Sun meets Uranus in Taurus reigniting some of last week's Full Moon eventfulness. Some decisions and changes will be announced now. The Sun brings the final result or news out into the open. Decisions made now are likely to take hold and persist. Tonight, the Moon and Mars are opposite. If moods are a bit cranky or you get into a disagreement, blame the Moon and Mars. Today's color is Gold.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon with a lighthearted mood or happily productive vibe fueled by trines to The Sun today and planets in Taurus and Pisces tomorrow.  It's May Day, a festival of sensuality, fertility and abundance. Buy some plants or flowers. Feast your senses. Weekend aspects are mostly harmonious. Do what you enjoy and bask in the results of creative work. Wear Green today.

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