Friday, March 13, 2020

Zodiac Zone March 15th to 21st, 2020 & Meditation for Wellness

Facebook live video includes a collective 4 card tarot reading and a guided meditation for rest & wellness. If news and talk about the virus disrupts your nervous system and your sleep. try listening. Note that my dogs did bark a couple of times during the video. I'll post another soon.

It's very likely I'll offer an online yoga class this weekend, aimed toward immune system wellness.
Stay tuned here and on facebook for info.
Wishing you the best as we hunker down and decrease or minimize the spread of this virus.
If I can help, if you need an online reading or private online yoga or meditation for you and your friends or family, reach out to I will keep fees reasonable for services such as these.


Sunday: Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune in Pisces. Honesty and truth are the themes of today, and yet it may seem that there's duplicity or misrepresentation present. Moon in Sagittarius is the facing of honest emotions, yet Neptune in Pisces dives underwater to escape or become invisible, not wanting to deal with realities. Channel this fire/water energy into creating a good story, such as a novel or some other adventurous project that requires both imagination and motivation. Wear Light Blue.

Monday: Mercury moves back into Pisces but is not yet to where the retrograde began over a month ago. We are still retracing steps and revising decisions and plans (big time, huh!). The Moon and Sun square which is also very challenging to decision making, compromise and the union of mind and  emotions. Void Moon 5:34 am to 12:25 pm EDT. The morning may feel 'all over the place'. Capricorn Moon takes over with a bit more certainty and a resolve to get certain things organized and settled this week, around Wednesday/Thursday. I think this is going to be a strong need and a positive force. Today is about getting grounded in whatever needs to be done and taken care of. Today's color is Brown.

Tuesday: The Moon and Venus align. This will assist in relationships, collaborations, organizing to get things done and working in harmony. The Moon and Neptune align for a combination of productivity and creativity. Today's color is Green.

Wednesday: I see this as a real get it done day, with settlements, agreements, contracts, employment situations, organization and systematizing all in favor. The Moon meets Mars for energy, Jupiter for expansion, Pluto and Saturn for dealing with things realistically and seriously. The Moon and Sun are in harmony with both emotions and practicalities coming together for consideration as we move forward. Void Moon 8:48 to 9:16 pm EDT. Aquarius Moon through Friday. Today's color is Turquoise.

Thursday: Aquarius Moon for collective work and vision. The Moon squares Uranus overnight and there may be surprise turns of events. The Sun and Saturn in harmony indicates that emotional decisions will be made, agreements formed and action to back the words. The Sun's last action in Pisces is with Saturn, planet of responsibility, growing up, and acting wisely. The Sun changes signs and spring begins at 11:50 pm EDT. Babies born before then are Pisces, after 11:50 pm it's Aries. Adjust for your time zone. Today's color is Blue.

Friday: New Moon will be on Tuesday, in case you're keeping track, looking for fresh energy. Today the Aries Sun really takes hold and it's spring. Mars meets Jupiter in Capricorn for lots of action within and surrounding big organizations, corporations, and the world of employment and productivity, the economy, and resourcefulness. Some will use this energy to take steps that ensure their personal security and prosperity. The Moon remains in Aquarius, void of course from 5 am EDT on. Today's color is Red.

Saturday: The Moon is in Pisces beginning at 8:33 am breaking the spell of a long void of course Moon. Pisces Moon meets Mercury and aligns with Uranus and there will be decisions, news, revisions that have been due and lots of communication including emotional conversations and feeling based actions. Saturn moves to Aquarius where the planet of wisdom influences the world, groups, the collective and people around 28-29 years old who begin Saturn return now. Saturn will move back to Capricorn this summer and then back to Aquarius again. But for the weeks ahead, Saturn works for the greater good and gives us messages about how important community is. Wear Light Blue.

Yes, I am one of those humans missing some regular paychecks as, for example, my college yoga classes are canceled for the semester. Your donation will encourage me to keep yoga and meditation and collective card readings coming your way via online platforms. Thank you! Robin

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