Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekly April 26th

The Libra Moon is in harmony with Mars activating our social lives.  During Mercury retrograde we are likely to meet up with old friends and even rivals.  Mars in Leo might bring a competitor back into the picture, especially for Aquarius or Scorpio.  Today it's important to be fair and try to be impartial and not judgmental! It might be hard but the day will go easier if you can reserve strong opinions.  Libra likes to keep the peace! Saturn is retrograde opposite Uranus in Pisces which easily throws us off kilter. The need for flexibility is obvious, so try not to dig your heels in.  Criticism hits hard today but we might need to realize that people are over reactive and taking things too personally or reacting back will not help!  The best part of today has to do with social plans and performing arts and events related to that.  Our personal lives might seem difficult and detailed oriented work or schedules could be very challenging.   Wear light blue.

The Moon is in Libra until 6:28 pm, then Scorpio. Except for a short void of course Moon from 3:45 til then, today is free and clear of any planetary action.  It's a decent day to make a fair assessment of a situation keeping the pros and cons in mind and acting tentatively while Mercury is retrograde. Leave wiggle room in all big decisions.  The Libra Moon is about couples, partners and best friends and being a duo is a good thing today! Keep the numbers even. No one should be the odd one out.  The Scorpio Moon tonight is passionate, strong willed and extra intense as we get into this Full Moon zone.  The Moon is Full at 8:18 am tomorrow.  Taurus will feel it very strongly paired with Mercury retrograde and relationship matters go haywire for Scorpio and Taurus!  Leo, things at home come to a peak and family situations may be tense or stirred up.  Sagittarius and Gemini, are you sleepless this week? Your mind is likely to work overtime. Try not to obsess.  Scorpio, where the Full Moon is, is a focused and obsessive sign that has trouble letting go of things and right now the past is haunting some of us with retrograde planets.  Do relaxing things tonight.  Wear dark red.

Full Moon in Scorpio is a big deal!  This Moon is directly opposite Mercury retrograde (together with the Sun in Taurus) too, so expect to feel challenged, off balance, off schedule and generally topsy turvy.  Scorpio is a fixed sign that does not accept or adjut to change easily so there's a real tug o' war in place this week.  The more we can go with the flow and not resist, the better.  The inevitable arrives in many circumstances, especially with ex-friends and lovers, feelings of resentment or vengefulness, and in mysteries that need answers.  The Full Moon can illuminate, but remember Mercury is retrograde and act accordingly, with caution.  Don't make irreversible decisions but do go for temporary resolutions.  The Moon is also square to Mars in Leo not making things easier! Equally stubborn personalities go head to head!  Mars in Leo is very expressive and pushes the envelops while Scorpio Full Moon may try to retreat or maybe lash out.  Walking on eggshells will be a common theme.  Scorpio appreciates rituals so do some Full Moon magic, in the kitchen or the garden,  record music, practice your art, do anything creative to let uot the tension.  Scorpio Moon is also passionate and possessive in love.  Taurus is equally affected by this Full Moon and may suddenly want to make significant changes. Wear white today.

The Moon is beginning to wane in Scorpio.  Trying to let go of resentment and worries is a good idea.  The phrase about accepting the things you cannot change is very appropriate today!  The Moon squares Neptune in Aquarius for creative tension that can be very productive but not very reliable where trust is concerned.  Taurus, Scorpio and Leo be careful about trusting people close to you who may have secrets or try to pull the wool over your eyes! The Moon works with Jupiter in Pisces for a more optimistic outlook and with saturn to help us organize our thoughts.  It's more of an introverted day. Take care of personal matters and don't divulge secrets or information unless you are very sure of the situation! The Moon movees to Sagittarius at 10:36 pm and the mood begins to change. Wear purple today.

The Moon is in Sagittarius opposite Venus now in Gemini.  Changes in relationship status are in the forecast. Venus in Gemini is fun but also fickle in love and romance. It's a good time to be dating but not too tied down.  The Moon is also working with Mars in Leo, fiery and expressive!  Opposites may attract. It's a fun day or night with friends or a date, but it can be complicated for long term relationships that are changing.  Duality is in the forecast, for example Aquarius and Leo may be juggling two relationships or double booking plans for the same night.  Decisions will be hard to make. It's an attention deficit disorder sort of day. Adventures are recommended. Get out of your usual routine.  Accept invitations! Wear red.

The Moon is in Sagittarius square to Jupiter in Pisces, and a day dedicated to hedonistic pleasures and excess is actually tempered down in the zodiac. Knowing when enough is enough is applicable in many ways today.  Stay open minded and alert to opportunities, but know your boundaries and stick to them! If you get the sudden urge to scale things back or a feeling that things are out of control, that's the square. Don't be too hard on yourself, just act with intuition.  It can be a fun night for socializing or travel. The past continues to be a factor with Mercury retrograde. Wear green today.

The Moon moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn at 6 am after tow hours void of course. The overnight is very unpredictable and it's good to keep your head up and aware. The Capricorn Moon meets Pluto for a big dose of practical reality. The Moon also works with Mercury retrograde so get back to unfinished projects and business and deal with things that are overdue. Wear black.

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