Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekly April 19th

The Moon moves to Cancer at 7:29 am EST. Cancer is a sentimental sign, and with Saturn retrograde square to the early morning Moon and Mercury also now retrograde,  the past will play a significant role today.  There will be a tendency to revisit or hold onto the way things were at another time.  Since Saturn retrograde urges that we resolve old business once and for all, being too sentimental or emotional might block progress.  Cancer, Gemini, and Virgo, take note!  The Moon is opposite Pluto in Capricorn fueling emotional energy, secrets, and intuition.  Capricorn or Scorpio may put the truth, even if it's not appealing, out there to the world or need to deal with it personally.  Cancer and Capricorn, a practical, realistic and unbiased approach to relationships is probably better than an emotional outburst if you can manage it!  Tonight, getting together with old friends works for Virgo and Pisces in particular, but we'll all feel best in our comfort zones.  The Sun moves to Taurus after midnight. Wear white today.

Taurus birthdays begin at 12:30 am when the Sun changes signs! Mercury is also retrograde in Taurus attempting to work with the Cancer Moon.  Channeling emotions and sensitivities into work is a good idea.  Creating art, cooking incredible food, making music, or building something would be a great use of time and energy.  It's not a day to push for change or new things.  Revisiting the old and familiar is more natural and comfortable today.  The Moon also works with Jupiter in Pisces reminding us to be flexible and open minded.  It's better not to force anything at all and just try to get in a good flow.   Capricorn, Pisces and Cancer, its a great time to get back in touch with an old friend or long lost cousin or sibling.  Leo, revisit a career goal and don't be afraid to let the spotlight shine on you!  Today's color is blue.

The Moon is in harmony with Venus overnight setting us up for a very pleasant day.  Venus in Taurus is about the beautiful and good things in life. The Moon is in Cancer, a romantic and caring sign.  Our intuitions and feelings will be strong but hopefully not overwhelming.  It's a great day for friendships, love, and the arts.  It's also a pretty good day to do practical things, work in the garden or kitchen, and improve your surroundings.  The Moon is void of course in Cancer from 10:07 to 11:42 am EST and then in Leo. The Leo Moon squares the Taurus Sun and some of us will challenge each other to take next steps or find workable agreements.  Leo and Taurus, if you can work together the results could be much better than one of you would accomplish alone.  Today putting some effort into a relationship will feel worthwhile.  Tonight the Leo Moon says party, play a game, have fun.  Wear gold.

It's Earth Day. The Moon is in Leo meeting Mars firing things up! Today is not likely to be quiet or calm but it can be alot of fun!  The energy is high and motivation should be strong and include some healthy competition.  Do something to burn off energy in a positive way! Leo, Aries and Sagittarius will especially need action, and Libra will not do well alone.  Call a bunch of friends, Libra!  The Moon squares Mercury retrograde and former rivals may also play a part especially for Scorpio.  Stubborn personalities may work on calling a truce or find a way to work together where no one feels slighted.   Scorpio, you might need to curb a tendency to feel resentful.  Taurus, do try to resolve things from the past, attend to old business and also get back in touch with someone who means alot to you.  Aries, today you have a competitive edge but take it slow and don't be TOO overconfident.  Wear red.

The Moon is in Leo and will be void of course from 11:35 am to 2:24 pm. The Leo Moon squares Venus in Leo and opposes Neptune so we might feel stubborn, stuck, or  have unrealistic expectations in our close relationships.  All we'll really want to do is goof off and have fun or make art this morning. In the afternoon the Moon moves to more practical Virgo, but Venus makes contact with Uranus in Pisces and relationship matters remain unpredictable. It might be hard to pin things down, but fun if you can go with the flow and just respond to whatever seems right at the moment. Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces and Taurus are due for an evening out. Today's color is navy blue.


The Moon is in Virgo working with Mercury retrograde. Reorganizing and getting unfinished projects or business taken care of is favored today.  Venus is also working with Saturn retrograde in Virgo for a similar agenda but more in terms of relationship matters.  Today is very much about clearing up the past, second tries, and keeping  a flexible attitude.  Wear brown.

The Moon starts in Virgo and moves to Libra at 4:16 pm EST. Venus moves to Gemini today, which makes us changeable and fickle in relationship, friendship, and love.  It may be difficult to nail down plans or reach people early in the day.  The Sun is working with Pluto giving us some dynamic energy though! Good ideas may be born but with Mercury retrograde many things will have to be shelved for a little while. Write things down!  At 2pm EST the Moon meets Saturn retrograde in Virgo and we'll tend to be very hard on ourselves about things left undone.  A little organizing, cleaning and rearranging will feel very good!  The Moon moves to Libra and is in harmony with Venus in Gemini for a very social night. Keep plans simple, fun, and easygoing.  Wear pink.

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