Friday, July 26, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone July 28th-August 2nd, 2019: Mercury Direct in Cancer

Sunday: Up in the air is a key phrase for today with Moon in Gemini, void of course 11:25 am EDT into Monday. It's a good day to lay low, stay out of arguments or conversations about heated topics as the Moon opposes Jupiter. People may have unrealistic ideas or expectations as Neptune squares the Moon. Mars and the Moon align for adventures and fun but also may create strong competitive vibes. Avoid spending, shopping and loss of temper. Today's color is White.

Monday: Cancer Moon begins at 7:31 am EDT. The Leo Sun squares Uranus in Taurus and adjustments and changes will be necessary. We will have to let go of ideas or plans that won't work. Some will struggle with letting go. The new solutions may be wildly create and have more longevity. Mercury retro ends soon, so take your time. All may feel uncertain right now, but clarity is coming. Wear Blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon across from Capricorn planets and trine to Neptune. Responsibility toward others and personal relationships are one priority. Fulfill a promise or obligation. Also, intuition, romance and creative energy are heightened. Make time and space for your music, art or other creation. Void Moon starts 11:32 pm EDT & Cancer Moon meets Mercury retrograde. This retrograde is ending in a distinct and memorable way. Family relationships and home matters are two major themes. Today's color is Light blue.

Wednesday: Take the early hours steady and slow. Void Moon in Cancer could lead to uprising of emotions from sadness to protective feelings. We may notice our defenses are up or that we need a lazy morning. At 9:18 am EDT, the Moon moves into Leo. This is good for vacationers not on schedules. Mercury is still retro until 11:58 pm EDT. Things remain changeable and up in the air. Go slowly and cautiously with major actions of all kinds. The time is coming. This is a time of patience and waiting with wisdom. New Moon in Leo is at 11:12 pm EDT. Anxious, urgent or impulsive feelings can accompany this New Moon. Take care of your heart, ruled by the sign Leo. Reassure yourself through any potential stress. Perhaps it will be excitement instead! Moon, Sun and Venus in conjunction is full of heart and passion. We are vibrating with the after-effects of July's eclipses at New Moon time. What unexpected change are you navigating right now? Also look back to events of one month ago, just before July 4th holiday for more insight on what's developing.  Today's color is Purple.

Thursday: Mercury is direct, which can feel like a relief to know. Slow progress is called for. It's not coming all at once. Reflect and notice what the last few weeks have shown you. whom or what you have encountered, lessons and new ideas. Mars and Jupiter align with this New Moon in Leo, raising enthusiasm and creating the scenario for opportunities and actions. Void Moon begins 4:48 pm EDT. Keep the evening simple and open up to fun! Today's color is White.

Friday: Void Moon ends 9:28 am EDT with a shift to earthy Virgo. Uranus aligns with the Moon and unexpected solutions may arise. Do some original thinking around problems or situations that need resolving. Venus squares Uranus so relationship changes may be obvious. Uranus is the planet of dynamic and unusual. A unique person may be in your midst today, pushing boundaries of how you usually think or act. From way out there wacky to interestingly different, Uranus influence will be in action today. Wear Indigo.

Saturday: Moon aligns with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn for realistic and productive activity. Neptune and Jupiter may test the boundaries or resolve of what was previously decided or put into place. There's a tug between the usual and alternative ways of doing and thinking today. Trust issues may come up. Reassure others of your intentions or ask relevant questions to assure yourself. Today's color is Black.

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