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Robin's Zodiac Zone April 19th to 25th, 2017: Pluto Retrograde

Yoga Nidra: guided meditation for deep relaxation and deeper healing. There is no wrong way to do this, just open up to the experience in one reclined posture.
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Thursday: Pluto retrograde begins. Pluto spends about 5 months a year retrograde, so it's not uncommon. The effects are more internal than external. A cleanse, purging the brain or body, may be due. You may need to conquer a fear or banish negative thoughts or scary dreams.  Pluto retrograde is a process that results in transformation. Be careful of holding things in and keeping secrets that could harm you or other people. A downside of Pluto retro could be obsession. An upside could be renewal through cleansing.  Pluto is retro until September 28th.  Meanwhile, Mercury retro backtracks into Aries for some revision and rethinking as well as reconnections with more people or places from your past.  If you're born at the late Aries dates, Mercury saunters past the Sun in your birth chart and potentially impacts your thinking and your actions in the days ahead. In Aries, the Sun meets Mercury today and the Moon in Aquarius lines up geometrically with Jupiter retro in Libra. It's a people oriented day, good for sharing ideas. The Sun and Mercury lead to expressiveness, leadership, and announcements.  Today's color is Violet.

Friday: Mars moves to Gemini at 6:32 am EDT. The Moon and Mars form a square at 4:13 pm EDT, activating both emotional and intellectual intelligences. Effort and understanding are required as you work through a problem or creative process. Venus squares Saturn continuing a relationship theme of the past few weeks. Venus is now direct and Saturn pushes for mature and wise decisions about partnership. The Moon moves from Aquarius to Pisces after a short void of course time 2:23 to 3:43 pm EDT and forms 4 sextiles along the way today. Sextiles are easygoing, harmonious 60 degree angles. Put your energy where results are most likely since some things will manifest readily now. Today's color is White.

Saturday: Quick refresher! With so much change and several retrogrades, here's the current lineup: Sun in Taurus, Mercury retrograde in Aries, Venus direct in Aries, Mars in Gemini, Jupiter retro in Libra, Saturn retro in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces, Pluto retro in Capricorn. The retrogrades lead us to focus inward and back in time. Reoccurrences, reconnections, and reasons to revise are present themes. Take your time and move thoughtfully and as slowly as you need to. Pisces Moon meets Neptune and feelings, dreams and imagination are active. Trust could be an issue, as could escapist tendencies.  Creative peaks and lack of dependability are likely. Blue is today's color.

Sunday: Pisces Moon aligns with Pluto and squares Saturn. Serious issues, thoughts and personal matters are a focus.  Understanding, compassion and moderation are helpful. If your inner critic and self judgment are speaking too loudly, consider a meditation or talk with a trusted friend or family member to put things in perspective.  From 5:34 to 8:32 pm EDT, the Moon is void of course and then shifts to Aries, meets Venus, and aligns with Mars in Gemini for strong interpersonal connections. This could be a good date night, and first meetings are favored. You may also work on a business partnership or collaboration successfully with these aspects.  Tomorrow begins similarly. Pink is today's color.

Monday: Aries Moon opposite Jupiter retro in Libra. Also, Mercury retro in Aries trine to Saturn retro in Sagittarius. Be careful about false starts. The intention and impulse may be there before the conditions are 'right'.  Try not to push too hard. Growth and change are in the works, but are you in too much of a hurry? Consider options and stick with flexible plans and solutions.  Today's color is Red.

Tuesday: New Moon is on Wednesday, and this day prior lends itself to reflection, rethinking and clearing clutter.  If you're cleaning and organizing, don't toss things mindlessly during Mercury retrograde. Instead sort and make piles or boxes to look at in May. Clear mental excess with meditation. It's easy to find good, guided meditations online. Use healing sound like crystal bowls or chimes if you prefer that to spoken word.  I posted a Simple Meditation you can try, on soundcloud (free site, free listening, and p.s. Higher quality audio meditations coming this summer.) Moon conjunction with Uranus and Mercury has the mind working overtime, and we may need to quiet or calm our reactions through unusual or surprising events or news today. At 5:53 pm the Moon trines Saturn and moves void of course until 9:56 pm EDT. The serious nature of decisions and even thoughts is in focus. This is a natural time to be revising your philosophy of life or changing life plans.Taurus Moon moves in, preparing the way for New Moon at 8:16 am EDT on Wednesday. Today's color is Yellow.

Wednesday: New Moon in Taurus. Neptune is the only planet aligning with the Moon today. Generally this feels easygoing, and both creative and methodical. Make art, dance and be physical, connect with nature, water and earth. Spend time or energy in the garden, or build. Usually a new Moon in Taurus leads to long term decisions, however with Mercury retrograde it may be best to slow down. Develop a plan of action and take your time. Keep focus on a goal and on prosperity, and let the events unfold naturally. Watch for opportunities and keep your mind open.  Today's color is White.

Taurus by Dali

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