Thursday, August 13, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology August 17th to August 23rd, 2015

Monday: Virgo to Libra Moon

The Moon is in Virgo, solid until 1:16 pm EDT and then transitioning through void of course time until 4:23 pm. During Virgo's hours, there's a sextile to Saturn in Scorpio. Practical, conservative solutions, trouble shooting, and helping out elders and those who need strong advisement is favored.  Once the Moon is void of course, avoid major decisions and conversations you need results from. This can be a good time to be excused from something you didn't or cannot follow through on. Make an honest excuse if need be.  Libra Moon comes at 4:23 pm EDT, and overnight the Moon will relate to Mars in Leo. Social activity picks up early this week. Today's color is lavender.

Tuesday: Libra Moon

The Moon is in harmony with Mars, active and outgoing in Libra and Leo.  Aim for balanced, fair resolutions.  Discussions will be passionate and may be heated. Stay calm and avoid arguments.  It's a day to consider sides of a story and bring up points of contention for review.  Resist the urge to jump to conclusions.  There's friendly energy too and motivation to get started or continue as we move through 1st quarter Moon.  The Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn at 7:30 pm EDT. Fair, concrete actions and solutions require effort but are possible.  The debate may be more internal as you consider different feelings and opinions of your own.  Today's color is white.

Wednesday: Libra Moon, Venus trine Uranus

Relationships and quick changes or news surrounding love lives is in the forecast as Venus in heart centered Leo aligns with Uranus in brave Aries and with Libra Moon.  Some of these changes may be impulsive or sudden due to Uranus's nature particularly in fiery Aries.  It's also exciting and passionate on the positive side.  Hope for the best if you hear others' status changes or announcements.  There's a lucky aspect to Venus in Leo, though Venus is retrograde and long term effects won't be known for a while.   Consider Venus retro as you make promises or reunite. This could be a quick fling, a late summer romance, or perhaps it will unfold to be much more. Try to be in the moment rather than have grand expectations.  Sun and Moon are in harmony, which help get head and heart in sync. V.o.c. Moon begins at 10:59 pm EDT. Today's color is rose (pink red blend is ideal).

Thursday: Libra to Scorpio Moon

Void of course Moon lasts until 5:24 am, then Scorpio Moon takes over.  The Moon aligns with Jupiter newly in Virgo. Expand your way of thinking and of doing things. Alternatives around health, finances, and pet care are favored.  Jupiter in Virgo sets out to open new possibilities this year into 2016.  If you're ready, adopt a healthy habit or improve a method you were entrenched in.  Mars and Neptune also aspect the Scorpio Moon, with opposite effects.  Neptune lends imagination and a meditative side while Mars and the Moon engage in a potentially stubborn battle in fixed Leo/Scorpio.  Seek solitude if you're feeling heat from inside or elsewhere. Have a gentle night.  Today's color is maroon.

Friday: Moon square Venus, Sun square Saturn

With important things pending, much patience and wisdom is called for today. The two squares require effort and thoughtfulness as you navigate relationship "goings on" and other business transactions. Leo is quite involved with the Sun and Venus in the lion's sign. Scorpio is highlighted too as Saturn and Moon act there. Both are fixed signs and we'll need opinions and plans to be supported emotionally and logically. It all needs to come together or nothing will result.  It's not an easy day to convince, sway or change but it is possible with patience and care.  Today's color is black. 

Saturday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon

The Moon meets Saturn and relates to Friday's forecast.  Aim for long term solutions.  Mercury in Virgo favors sensible outcomes. The Sun squares Scorpio Moon and later Jupiter squares Sagittarius Moon. This is more to be negotiated and worked through.  The void Moon is 3:31 pm to 4:41 pm EDT. Check out a bit then, step back, and let the hour pass without action.  During Scorpio Moon, plant, feed the garden and natural environment and let it nourish you also. It's a favorable day for fishing and creating abundance.  Wear indigo blue today. 

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon, Sun in Virgo

Sun shifts to Virgo for the final phase of summer at 6:37 am EDT. Babies born before that are Leos. Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune and events are not quite reliable. Expect change and anticipate that not everyone will be pleased if things are canceled, delayed or there are no shows.  The Moon and Mars align for competition, games, and dynamic energy.  Today's color is red.

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