Sunday, August 9, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology August 10th to August 16th, 2015

Monday: Cancer Moon

The Moon is void of course from 7:45 am to 8:08 am EDT and then in Cancer. The Moon wanes until Friday morning when New Moon in Leo occurs at 10:53 am. In the early hours the Moon aligns with Venus and Jupiter, and at 6:10 pm EDT with Mercury in Virgo. Jupiter's last move in Leo is a trine with Gemini Moon for networking, healing relationships possibly with siblings, and keeping open communication. Nurture relationships and personal priorities today.  With many harmonious alignments, things may go more easily than expected. Have hope, move gently, and communicate without criticism.  Feelings are important to keep in mind.  Today's color is light blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon, Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter moves to Virgo at 7:11 am. Virgo is Jupiter's benefactor for an entire year, and for all of us growth and healing in the areas of health, community service, and flexible problem solving are some themes. Cancer Moon aligns with Neptune, opposes Pluto and squares Uranus. The impacts are quite mixed and patterns crop up. Some may not be pleasant, may involve family and could relate to honesty and direct communication versus hiding or being passive.  However, this is a chance to retrace and find better, healthier results.  Stay grounded and thoughtful. Channel emotions to creativity. Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Mercury opposes Neptune, Cancer to Leo Moon

The Moon is void from 1:44 pm to 4:52 pm and then moves to Leo. Prior to that time, Saturn has a say from Scorpio. Though decisive action may be called for, give much consideration and avoid the void hours for the most important conversations or decisions.  Mercury opposite Neptune is reason to be curious and question information or character.  The Moon meets Mars in Leo at 10:00 pm EDT. This may amp up matters of the heart and stir passions.  Today's color is purple. 

Thursday: Sun trine Uranus

Leo Moon and Sun trine Uranus during the next two days.  Uranus has a sudden and unpredictable nature. This can mean better than expected outcomes, yet it's also reason to stay aware on observant.  Avoid anything that could cause accidents, fires, or outbursts.  This day before New Moon is for clearing out. Weed the garden, let go of things you don't need, allow feelings to sort and minds to change.  This day can certainly go either way, but Leo optimism should be strong. Today's color is gold.

Friday: New Moon in Leo

New Moon is at 10:53 am EDT, near Venus and of course in conjunction with the Sun. All Leo traits are emphasized including strength, heart, passion for life, optimism, playfulness, and leadership.  Uranus is trine to the Moon from Aries, for initiative, sudden change, and turns of events. A lucky influence overall, this New Moon is for opening the heart and following your passions.  Venus retrograde may influence reconnections with dear ones in your life.  Today's color is white.

Saturday: Virgo Moon, Sun conjunct Venus in Leo

New Moon effects are powerful now, and the Sun/Leo meeting gives strength to reunions, heart centered matters, relationships, forgiveness and also news of change.  The void Moon is 12:36 am to 3:46 am EDT and then it's Virgo Moon until Monday.  Mercury and Pluto align for earth energy in problem solving and dealing with feelings from the past productively.  Today's color is pink.

Sunday: Virgo Moon

Keep in mind that Friday's New Moon was strong and positive. That energy is still at play for a new cycle, changes, decisions, and forward movement.  Mercury, Pluto and the Moon favor practical approaches right now. Be grounded in action and the nuts and bolts of things.  Today's color is navy blue.

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