Saturday, September 14, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone September 15th-21st, 2019

This is our last full week of summer. The Sun moves to Libra on the 23rd and planets have already settled in to the sign of mediation, balance and peace. Always the opposites are at play, so we consider and experience the contrast between storms, wars, and aggression versus and in conjunction with harmony, cooperation and calm.

Sunday: Void Moon right after Full Moon opposes the Sun at 12:33 am EDT. It's a challenging one emotionally as the Moon meets Neptune for disillusionment or too much illusion versus reality and sensibility.  The Long void Moon extends to 6:32 pm EDT. Mercury and Venus are newly in Libra. This is a challenging and potentially unfavorable day to make decisions that have impact. Partnership, collaboration and merging together are in the evening forecast. Decisions that come easily after the Moon moves to Aries are best. Today's color is Orange.

Monday: Aries Moon, the action starter and sign of new things. Moon and Jupiter align for optimism and growth. Expansion and initiating are themes and ideas to go with. Void Moon begins again at 12:02 pm EDT for the remainder of the day and night. Keep those hours chill and simple. Accomplish what's rote and easy. Today's color is Red.

Tuesday:Taurus Moon starts 6:31 am EDT. Moon void until them means the overnight could lead to things you wish you hadn't done or said. Keep texts and virtual communication to a minimum and avoid regrets. Taurus Moon is more down to earth and signifies long term decisions. As the Moon opposes Uranus you may find grace under pressure and/or the need to respond to quickly unfolding or sudden events. We'll appreciate those who are good in a crisis or any unforeseen changes. Today's color is Green.

Wednesday: Saturn in Capricorn stations direct. This could help with systems and organizational changes especially if they've gotten a rocky start in the past few months. Taurus Moon aligns with Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and Mars for constructive approaches and long term results. Today's color is Blue.

Thursday: Taurus Moon void 9:57 am to 4:58 pm EDT. The void hours are best kept simple. We could lose some amount of good judgment and discretion. Yet those hours can be freeing for pure enjoyment. Make big agreements or announcements before 9:57 am or after 5. (EDT or adjust to your time zone). Gemini Moon for fun and socializing tonight. Wear Yellow.

Friday: Gemini Moon aligns with Venus and Mercury in Libra for social engagements and connecting with each other even on a simple, friendly, even superficial level. It's a getting to know vibe so parties or meetings, conferences and collaborative work are all favored. Try to avoid comparing and judging yourself against others and just enjoy the company. Interesting studies are also favored. Today's color is Light Blue.

Saturday: There's a big set of square angles in the mutable signs and that means struggling through changes or disputing what needs to happen. Internal and external disagreements may be common and need to be worked through. Be very careful with criticism, gossip and insensitivity which could increase as a result of frustration. Hurt feelings may lead to rifts that are heard to heal. On the plus side, you could put effort into something you want to grow and into studies, mediating disagreements and anything that requires a new perspective or approach. Today's key word is effort. Travel plans may be disrupted or delayed. Put on your calm face as the Gemini Moon opposes Jupiter and is square to planets in Virgo while Jupiter in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces. Wear White.

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I hope you're enjoying autumn! Happy Harvest Moon September 14th! Robin

Friday, September 6, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone September 8th to 14th 2019: Pisces Full Moon

All week we move toward Pisces Full Moon, the Harvest Moon at 12:33 am EDT on Saturday. Harvest the fruits of your summer intentions! Clear the path for autumn newness. Autumn begins on September 23rd, so however the weather feels, we are technically in summer season until the Sun moves into Libra. Happy Virgo birthdays! Virgo is summer's third sign. Robin

Sunday: Capricorn Moon. This is a dense sign ruled by heavy hitting Saturn. Responsibilities or shelved emotions deserve attention especially if they are weighing heavily or gnawing at the back of your mind. Today, remember that stress is the root or contributor to many maladies small and extensive. Take care of root causes and feel like you're doing something about whatever problem or project is present. Self care and compassion needs to be a priority too. Balance what's external with internal wisdom and sensibility. 8 notable aspects include Sun square Jupiter and Mercury trine to Pluto, increasing our thoughts and mental activity. Todays color is Black.

Monday: Moon void in Capricorn from 4:30 am to 5:24 pm EDT. If you're looking for answers or final solutions, patience is necessary. All may not be ready to come together quite yet. We are working toward Full Moon closure this week. Take on the simple tasks that contribute to progress and completion. Mars trine to Saturn activate us around serious matters, maybe ones that are longstanding or showing themselves again. Moon trine Venus helps us get along and encourages emotional harmony. Aquarius Moon is objective and full of perspective tonight. Wear Turquoise.

Tuesday: Sun opposite Neptune in mutable signs contributes to creativity and also to whimsy and unreliability. You may hear statements that sound way out there, notice actions that defy reality, and people thinking impractically. Aquarius Moon squares Uranus adding to the unpredictability and increasing stubborn attitudes. At best, today is full of wild ideas and out of the blue events (which can be beneficial). Today's color is Blue.

Wednesday: Void Moon 1:22 am EDT and all day long into the night. During these days before Full Moon we may feel pressure building and the long void Moons could make it difficult to get all the people and pieces in place for what you need done. Take care of things you can do and can to some degree control. Let the others go for today. Moon and Jupiter align for a change of scenery and shift in attitude or philosophy. Today's color is Violet.

Thursday: Pisces Moon starts at 5:52 am EDT, leading to Full Moon overnight Friday into Saturday at 12:33 am EDT. This is a potent day, filled with news and in some cases due dates and decisions. Tomorrow, expect more of the same. Moon and Uranus continue surprising news and developments as well as creative genius or being in the right place at the right time (if you're lucky!). Mars squares Jupiter which could lead to confusion about how to act, what to do, or whether your actions align with your values. Today's color is Green.

Friday: Venus and Mercury meet on this busy, active Full Moon type day. There are many lunar aspects. We may need to be versatile and adaptable, willing to shift and change anything from assignments to an about face revision on something due now. Yet, Mercury and Venus in Virgo help us get along, collaborate, connect with each other, make dates or make beautiful things. Sun aligns with Pluto may help us face our feelings and be resilient and progressive. Today's color is White.

Saturday: Full Moon in Pisces 12:33 am EDT. Mercury and Venus both move to Libra and the sky is filled with oppositions. Changes within changes are in the forecast today. Due to unforeseen events or other people's needs, changes of plans, priorities, emotions, and more come with this Full Moon. This Moon is also fertile and abundant and our sensitivities may arise powerfully. That includes intuition. Let it be your guide. Today's color is Gold.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone September 1st to 7th: Ride the New Moon Wave

Sunday: Libra Moon square to Saturn retrograde, and Venus aligns with Saturn in a favorable trine. Resolving past disputes and relationship matters is possible if both parties are willing to talk. Mercury trine to Uranus so the discussions may be surprisingly productive or reveal new information and motives. Today's color is Pink.

Monday: Libra Moon void from 4:34 am to 7:35 pm EDT. The Sun meets Mars in Virgo. The Sun and Mars favor friends helping friends, for example with moving or heavy work. The need to step up and help out may be strong. Today is best for very uncomplicated tasks that may require muscle more than negotiating skills, for example. It could be a hard day for getting along well with others. Scorpio Moon stirs deep emotions tonight. Today's color is Indigo.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon opposite Uranus. Disagreements will be stubborn and hard to manage if they occur. There's plenty of harmony between Scorpio Moon and Virgo planets though. This will help with decision making. The Sun meets Mercury in Virgo for self expression and confidence building. Today's color is Black.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon until 11:08 pm EDT, void of course from 6:58 am until then. This may be problematic for schedules and everyone being focused or present. Venus opposes Neptune and many will prefer to linger in dreams rather than show up or deal with responsibilities. Today's color is Purple.

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon gets the week in gear, better late than never. The vibe is more actively engaged and outgoing. Mercury and Saturn favor agreements and news that is important and seems overdue. Moon squares Mars and the Sun for a push to get things done. Today's color is Red.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon full on in the morning and void of course from 12:03 pm EDT until Saturday morning. Jupiter and the Moon meet for open minds and expansive ideas or actions. Squares fill the heavens though, so much effort is involved. Two trines in the earth signs say 'be practical today' whether you're working through business or relationship situations. Wear Green.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon 6:37 am EDT and into Monday. Mercury is opposite Neptune and the Moon aligns with Pluto. We may feel more introverted and introspective as well as focused on accomplishing things and starting or continuing projects. Today's color is Blue.

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