Friday, January 21, 2022

Mars & Mercury to Capricorn January 23rd-29th, 2022

Sunday~ The Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde in Aquarius means a peak Mercury retrograde day with news and announcements that seem past due. What you expected several weeks ago could come through now. News about system changes and protocols, alternative approaches, and news from colleagues and friends are likely. Libra Moon squares Venus retrograde in Capricorn for fair and just revisions between partners. Shared responsibilities and decision making are two parts of this. There are questions about how and whether agreements can be reached. Sort out relationship things patiently. Libra Moon activated by Saturn in Aquarius tonight points to serious effort and possibly achievement of goals. Blue is today's color.

Monday~Mars moves from Sagittarius to Capricorn at 7:53 am EST. From bold and inspired in Sagittarius, Mars' productive, constructive side shines in Capricorn. Libra Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn once each month, and that occurs today. Pause and reflection are called for. What is going on within, what is your role in that and what next steps (or inaction) offer the best path or result? From 5:10 pm to 10:57 pm EST, the Moon is void of course for unwinding and for self care. Take a breather. Scorpio Moon aligns with Mars minutes before midnight, 11:48 pm EST. This instills focus and determination and people may want to be left alone to handle their own priorities or to plan or finish something due. Today's color is dark Red.

Tuesday~Scorpio Moon moves through several aspects with planets today, some easy and some stressful or full of effort. Without stress we would not grow. Healthy stress expands our minds and can create healing and regeneration. The key is to keep balanced stress levels so one feels motivated without being overwhelmed. For some, this Scorpio Moon is about finding that just right amount and having good boundaries so your energy and time are not consumed. The Sun and four planets interact with Scorpio Moon with various and mixed influences. The most challenging is our monthly Moon opposite Uranus in Taurus which can drive us wild with anxiety and may required major changes of plan. The most delightful is a tie between the Moon in harmony with both Jupiter in Pisces and Venus in Capricorn. Effects can include forgiveness, emotional healing, and strong intuition. Mercury moves back to Capricorn at 10:05 pm EST. Wear Indigo.

Wednesday~Scorpio Moon continues engagement with three more planets today, adding to an eventful week where we may need to focus, direct, use healthy boundaries, and blend personal desires with external pressures or expectations. Stay anchored with meditation, breaks from work and study, self care, and also persistence for what you want and need. Reflection, decision making, constructive approach, and emotional intelligence mix with stubborn and fixed ideas. Stick with what you know it's right when it's challenged. Stay grounded in what you know to be true and manageable. Pluto, Neptune and Saturn all aspect the Moon, followed by Mercury aligning from Capricorn overnight. Wear Black today.

Thursday~Scorpio Moon in harmony with Mercury retrograde leads to reconsidering and going back over decisions or information, perhaps something from December 2021 is being revised. Scorpio is deliberate and thoughtful with decision  making, not necessarily appreciating unexpected change. Yet, this harmony may make it easier or show the benefit to changing one's mind or plan. Void Moon from 12:28 am EST to 2:34 am EST when the Moon changes signs. Sagittarius Moon squares Jupiter for internal or external conflict regarding being open to different and new ideas, and also related to emotions versus other desires. One example could be whether to travel or move a distance from people you love or a place you feel deeply connected to. The Moon and Sun align, encouraging expansion and originality.  A key and prominent theme is how and how much to open to different experiences and ideas. Sense of adventure sparks. Today's color is Turquoise.

Friday~Mixed emotions arise as the Sagittarius Moon aligns with Saturn for forging ahead and committing while Neptune squares the Moon leading to uncertainty or unreliability. Reliable versus flighty, certain versus lost are a couple of themes that may challenge us today. Later, Mercury retrograde in Capricorn meets Pluto at 11:16 pm EST for deep, inner knowing and perhaps for receiving counsel that makes something very clear. The Moon is waning toward a new cycle early on February 1st. Today's color is Purple.

Saturday~Venus stations direct at 3:46 am EST. If this cycle required some adjustments and new understandings in a primary relationship, the lessons are in completion and it's time for a fresh start and new way of being together. Venus and the Moon meet at 10:08 pm EST for completions and clarity within partnerships and marriages. In business also, agreements form or are revised to be smoother and more productive. Capricorn is a less romance, more practical sign for this meeting, however our emotions are always involved in partnership. Notice your feelings about what the final agreements are and that may give you an idea of whether this is a temporary or more long term arrangement. Prior to the Moon/Venus conjunction, the Moon enters Capricorn at 4:09 am EST and meets Mars, the activator. Mars and Venus are our relationship planets and you may feel chemistry and be very drawn to someone. Alignment between the Moon and Jupiter offers sensitivity and creative motivation. Looks like a good time to 'get the band back together' and see how you can recreate with new experience and skills. One more trine rounds things out as the Moon and Uranus exchange energy for creating, diverting, and trying something brand new. There's a lot of energy toward refreshing and that continues into next week. Today's color is Green.

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Mercury/Venus Retrogrades and Aquarius Time Begins January 16th-22nd, 2022

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Here's your Zodiac Zone for the week! Robin

Sunday~ Planets, Sun and Moon set up an important or potentially dramatic scene. The Sun and Pluto meet in Capricorn. Key ideas are fate, destiny, and karma. There's an urge for power and also for intimacy when these two planets connect. The conjunction, known to be life changing, may include everything coming together, or separating entirely. Today is also marked by the Moon's monthly sextile to Uranus which incites drama or surprise. The Moon opposes Venus for eventfulness and maybe opposing views in close relationships as well as in organizations. Full Moon is Monday at 6:48 pm EST, opposite both Pluto and the Sun this month. Today's color is Black.

Monday~Full Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto keeps Pluto themes of intimacy, power and self awareness in the forecast. Look for peaks in understanding, especially of one self and of motives, both your own and others'. Secrets and history are likely to surface and impact outcomes. We'll be finalizing, and there are emotional implications to all of this. Cancer is the sign of Moon, mother, parenting, and also of defending yourself and protecting those you love and whatever is dear to you. The Full Moon brings up any of this, and in major ways. It is a turning point for family relationships, decisions about home and where to live or how, and also of Pluto themes of unearthing feelings and information that direct your path. I expect huge reality checks are taking place this weekend and week. Void Moon 6:48 to 11:03 pm EST. Be creative or involved in self care. Lay low and maybe disengage from news and socials. Today's color is White.

Tuesday~Uranus direct at 10:27 am EST. This distant planet's retrograde may not have been noticeable, though if it's in a prominent place in your personal chart, you may be thankful for the energy of stepping into your path with renewed energy and authenticity. Uranus is the planet of extreme change and originality. For me, it's in the first house so I think there will be some noticing on my part. The Moon moved to Leo at 11:03 pm Monday night. It is across from Mercury retrograde in Aquarius. Communication may be unexpected, surprising, revelatory, or difficult. remember things are changing and in Mercury retrograde process or delay. Try not to push or overwhelm yourself or someone else. Be present here and now. Uranus squares the Moon and the Moon will oppose Saturn overnight, so differences and unyielding energy are forecast today and tomorrow. The Hanged One card comes to mind. Leo Moon encourages fun and burning off stress. Many matters must be put aside or on hold, so you might as well find some outlet for frustration and for fun. Today's color is Gold.

Wednesday~Leo Moon opposite Saturn for heavy negotiations and moving toward commitment as well as fulfilling previous obligations and promises. Try not to avoid responsibility and ownership. Stand in your truth. The Sun moves to Aquarius at 9:39 pm EST and daylight increasing becomes more obvious during these weeks ahead. Deal with one big thing, if needed. Keep the day as open as possible for whatever comes up, from social things to technical trouble shooting. Leo and Aquarius are social signs and the energy and company of others may be just what's needed today. Wear Purple.

Thursday~Leo Moon aligns with Mars in Sagittarius at 3:15 am, for fire and motivation that could last into Friday. Virgo Moon moves in at 9:02 am EST. Feel your energy level and follow that lead. The Moon opposite Jupiter in Pisces opens us to how we can be helpful to either friends or for the greater good and those we do not personally know. Virgo Moon is for doing something constructive and feeling purposeful. That can include creating, writing, and otherwise sharing your talents and experience. Indigo is today's color. 

Friday~Brown is today's color with Virgo Moon aligned with Uranus in Taurus, a compatible earth sign. One effect could be quick resolution or a quick answer to something problematic or uncertain. The Moon is also in harmony with Venus retrograde in Capricorn. The sudden wisdom may surround how to compromise or be more understanding in a close, personal relationship. Relationships with the boss or important work partner may also improve and benefit. It's a favorable day for getting something done and resolved, at least for now. Wear shades of Brown for connection to the earth and grounding. 

Saturday~Virgo to Libra Moon with the shift at 5:03 pm EST. Earlier, the Moon aligns with Pluto, the planet that was so prominent during Full Moon and last weekend. This can be about integrating closure, endings, changes or awakenings that occurred with Full Moon. The Moon also squares Mars in Sagittarius for contrast between our sense of work ethic and sense of adventure and movement. From 2:46 pm to 5:03 pm there's a void of course Moon and the Moon moves into Libra at that time. Libra Moon starts out harmonious with the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius. It's a time of reconnection with people from the past. We will feel like communicating, reaching out, expressing ourselves, and getting together, if possible. Wear Lavender today.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Mercury Retrograde & Venus Retrograde 2022, January 9th-15th Daily Astrology

Mercury and Venus are retrograde at once January 14th to 29th. Venus stations direct then, and Mercury retrograde continues until February 3rd. Communication, organizations and relationships go through restructuring and new processes will be put in place following the retrogrades, if not before. During January consider giving things time and space to process, even if that's in conflict with a desire to solve something quickly. Sometimes we have to be with discomfort and trust that the process is worth the outcome. 

And the Moon brightens all week as we move toward January 17th's Full Moon.

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Sunday~Do you ever notice that one Moon sign tends to be easy or put you in good spirits? Maybe this week track as we begin with Aries Moon. The Moon aligns with serious Saturn overnight, highlighting our commitments to others and whether we will follow through or go our own way. Venus retrograde and the Sun are both square to the Aries Moon, and both are in Capricorn. Edges may be a bit rough or sharp and this will show up in relationships, in relationship to who's in charge and in other control issues. The Moon aligns with Mars making impulsive moves likely, even if we're undecided and unsure. There's either necessity or the urge for immediate gratification steering those quick actions. Today's Aries Moon might feel energizing or quite edgy. Balance anxiety with slowing down to take care of one thing at a time and feel your actual feelings. Monday's color is Orange.

Monday~Aries Moon with a monthly square to Pluto, long in Capricorn, at 2:23 am EST, followed by void of course Moon until 9:47 am EST. The morning could be foggy and some may feel they 'got up on the wrong side of the bed'. We are in the foreshadow of Mercury retrograde and Venus retrograde has us reconsidering some things, such as relationships and whether they are working. Taurus Moon provides a welcome change, in harmony with Jupiter in Pisces for abundance, growth, and creativity. The Sun aligns similarly with Neptune in Pisces for optimism and willingness to follow the dream. Today's color is Pink.

Tuesday~Taurus Moon squares Mercury and Saturn. Negotiations are in the forecast and they may take a while since Mercury is about to retrograde in Aquarius/Capricorn. Chances are that decisions made now will be revised and systems will undergo changes this winter. Taurus Moon is more focused on the long term, so the square points out that some agreements and changes may not be permanent since it's not time yet. Find out what will work for now. The Moon meets Uranus, every month, and this often brings a shift and realization that something needs revision or to be scrapped entirely. (I hope it's not something you worked very hard on.) Mars squares Uranus which can be angry or disappointing and extremely confrontational. Be careful about acting out (or others who act out) to the extreme to make a point or vent. Again, figure out plans or ways to handle things just for now. Today's color is Black, a color for energetic and divine protection. Employ your dark crystals like smoky quartz, obsidian and hematite to absorb negativity if it arises. 

Wednesday~Hopefully, Taurus Moon aligning with Venus Tuesday evening softened an edge between you and someone else and leaned more toward understanding. I write this for Wednesday because Mars and Uranus were almost certain to overshadow this effect and more dominating yesterday. Today's aspects are more agreeable as the Moon harmonizes with Neptune, the Sun and Pluto. Time to take a breath, say ok this is how it is for now, and make some peace within yourself. Business matters are highlighted for right now decisions, even temporary ones. Void Moon 2:39 pm to 10:08 pm EST. The Moon then moves to Gemini. Light Blue is today's color.

Thursday~ Gemini Moon offers a little of this, a little of that with a square to Jupiter and harmony with Mercury almost retrograde in Aquarius. The first aspect leads to emotional versus intellectual conflict and feeling versus analyzing. It's ok and might be beneficial to be indecisive. The second aspect is mainly about the mind and it's workings. This may result in solutions, inventions, and original ideas to follow up on. Mercury retrograde can offer opportunities to go back and rediscover passions, plans, and anything that was left incomplete, and to begin again. Go back to that unfinished poem, book or song, to university or program applications, or a personal project with loose ends. Wear Yellow today.

Friday~Gemini Moon and Saturn are in harmony in air signs. Have you been tracking how you feel on certain days, under the Moon's element as we moved from fire, to earth to air sign Moon this week? Of course the planetary aspects also figure in, influencing each day. I know that often the Moon in Cancer tends to bring me down or give physical symptoms while the Leo Moon lifts me back up, for example. Gemini Moon and Saturn favor coming to agreement and defining roles and responsibilities. Mercury retrograde begins at 6:41 am EST and lasts into the first days of February, moving back into Capricorn along the way. The Moon squares Neptune and opposes Mars today, both can be challenging mentally, emotionally and in terms of travel and plans. Avoid arguments and stay calm with disgruntled people who may be very pushy about what they feel entitled to. Void Moon starts 9:22 pm EST.  Today's color is Blue.

Saturday~ Closing in on Monday's Full Moon, emotions may be difficult to deal with or feel extreme. This includes protectiveness and love. The Moon shifts to Cancer at 11:11 am EST. We'll tend to defend our position and do things that are self protective during this Full Moon time. Cancer Moon in harmony with Jupiter today is actually helpful for compassion, sensitivity to others, and taking good care. It's also a day for household and financial considerations and spending the money for well being such as to stay healthy or be more comfortable in your home. Nurture yourself or someone else, including the animals and plants. Today's color is Silver.