Saturday, December 14, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone December 15th-21st, 2019: Winter Solstice

I'm including a few holiday music links. I'm always making playlists and seeking out whats new. Right now I'm listening to HARK by Andrew Bird, a mix of vocal and instrumental tracks in the spirit of the season.
And check out Samasi's lil drmr bb She might just blow your mind.
This one is a couple of years old but he's kind of under the radar so you may not know about Winter Lives by Matt Pond PA Though if you take my yoga classes some of these songs will be familiar I bet

I truly hope you enjoy the last weeks of the year! Thanks for sharing it with me through Zodiac Zone and in any other ways we share. For yoga info & other blogs, see

Sunday: Leo Moon and Jupiter in Capricorn both act with Uranus in Taurus. It's an interesting and unpredictable combination. On one hand, unyielding attitudes or ego create unexpected conflict and if you're a Taurus, Leo or Scorpio it could be filled with personal, family or career stress. When Jupiter forms a trine to Uranus, the yield may come. We have to get real, practical and grounded today. Leo Moon trine Mercury leads to lots of social communication, fun gatherings and meeting new or old friends. Travel vibes are strong and many will hit the road earlier than planned, heading to festive and family places. Keep your heart and head in line with your feet and move steadily. Wear Gold.

Monday: Leo Moon in harmony with Sagittarius Sun for a beautiful and bold fire sign time. In your energy and enthusiasm, remember that others may be sensitive and challenged during this season. Express happiness and joy while maintaining empathy and awareness of others. People may rush. Avoid road stress or moving too fast which can lead to falls or mistakes. Forgetfulness increases during void Moon 5:10 pm EST until 2:16 am EST. Leo and Sagittarius are a dynamic Moon/Sun combination and if you needed a burst of energy, optimism, confidence or friendship, today may be your day. Wear Red.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon grand trine with Uranus and Jupiter for welcome news and good vibrations. This earth sign trine favors the plans, details, production, and is related to physical wellness and possibly finances and employment. Reach out for what you want from a job to a loan. Buy and prepare gifts and food. Celebrate abundance and notice the basic resources that are here to support you. I hope you have a great day and/or feel hope and receive according to what you need! Today's color is a rich, earthy Brown.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon across from Neptune helps mesh creativity with sensibility, imagination with reality. it's a day to work on or produce from vision and pay attention to the subconscious even as you complete work and errands. Intuition is speaking through everyday interactions and situations. get outside if the weather allows and hear what the animals and landscape has to say. Mix work with fun and feel how opposites can co-exist within as well as around you. Today's color is Blue.

Thursday: At 5:04 am EST after 2 void of course hours, the Moon moves to Libra. Mars aligns with Saturn for a powerhouse of a day with action on many pending matters including organization, promotion, work in general, and major decisions. Libra Moon squares Jupiter and one theme is remaining fair and considerate as you move forward and expand. Someone could be or feel left out or left behind. If that must happen how can you take a down to earth, honest, just approach with them? Mercury squares Neptune and you'll notice highly contrasting ideas and ideals which can lead to conflicts or interest or misunderstandings. Creative blocks and breakthroughs require some concentrated effort as do studies which may feel difficult. This looks like a jam packed day mentally and in terms of decisions and actions. Wear Purple.

Friday: It's the eve of Winter Solstice and the Sun's final day of 2019 in Sagittarius. Feel the shift, the step around the corner to a new season. Venus shifts to Aquarius a sign of vision and also science. This is great for designers, architects and group energy. Venus represents harmony and beauty. Work with a group on a common mission today and in the weeks just ahead. Libra Moon and Mercury collaborate for friendly, outgoing and accepting interactions. Yet the Moon squares planets in Capricorn which can be internally heavy if you need to make a difficult decision or are going through intense personal work. Keep fairness, even fairness to self, in mind. Try to avoid being judgmental in a negative or pessimistic way. Today's color is Pink.
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Saturday: Winter Solstice as the Sun moves to Capricorn. A well timed lunar shift brings the Moon to Scorpio at 7:57 am EST putting Moon and Sun in harmonious earth/water combination. This is helpful since the Moon is square to Venus and Uranus, all in fixed signs which could be very stubborn, intense, egotistical or depressive. That doesn't sound too appealing, but the Capricorn Sun actually helps with grounding and staying in the present moment. Be present so anxiety or low feelings don't override everything else. Reduce pressure, don't force things or coerce people. Do your own thing as others may want their space. Reflective and internal energy and activity comes most naturally today. If you're hoping for intimate, emotional connection and don't get it, don't be too surprised. Let things runs their course and process. Today's color is White.

Friday, December 6, 2019

December 8th-14th, 2019: Full Moon in Gemini

Sunday: Taurus Moon from 2:29 am EST. The Sag Sun and Neptune in Pisces square to challenge dreamers and travelers to adjust plans and visions. Taurus Moon's monthly meeting with Uranus is always a wild card, however a trine to Jupiter in Capricorn throws a constructive spin on any sudden change or upheaval. Venus in harmony with Neptune says tonight is about pleasure, creativity and love. Something may spike up and seem like a crisis but also settle down just as easily. Make cozy evening plans. Wear Pink.

Monday: Taurus Moon. Mercury changes signs, zipping into Sagittarius for travels and excitement in the 3 weeks ahead. You may find yourself more openminded and willing to try unfamiliar things during this time. It's a good time to free your mind of old limitations and explore. The Moon is harmonious with 4 planets in Capricorn and Pisces and the elemental emphasis is earth and water, doing and feeling, but mostly doing. It's meant to be a constructive, down to earth day. Mars does oppose the Moon and if conflicts come up they will be very hard to reconcile as these are the most stubborn signs. Void Moon begins at 8:13 pm EST when disputes should be totally avoided since they're likely to be impossible and frustrating. Wait until tomorrow to confront. Our color of the day is Blue.

Tuesday: Gemini Moon from 11:47 am EST, and before that a void of course Moon makes the morning prone to confusion and best left easy and unscheduled. The Moon opposes Mercury in mutable Gemini and Sagittarius. Both signs lean toward wild ideas and interesting perspectives, making for stimulating conversations and meetings, but also opposing ideas. There's a better chance of yielding and compromising though as this opposition favors change and Sag/Gemini bounce around more than yesterday's Taurus/Scorpio opposition. Wear Yellow.

Wednesday: The Moon will be Full tonight, just after midnight. Neptune is the planet most involved and it's the planet of illusion, magic, dreams, imagination, and spirituality. Gemini Moon squares Neptune and Venus meets Saturn in Capricorn. These two aspects are incredibly different. The Capricorn conjunction leads to important relationship decisions, commitments and agreements. Moon and Neptune combination says creativity and alternate thinking will be required if you're trying to solve a problem or get a document or plan produced. Reconcile logic and belief in what you cannot see or prove. If you are leaning toward unrealistic expectations, this Full Moon is for letting them go. If you are too caught up in details and overly serious, this Full Moon can lighten and open your mind. Light Blue is today's color.

Thursday: Gemini Full Moon at 12:12 am EST. Re-read all the yesterday's forecast as it continues through this Full Moon day. The Moon moves into Cancer at 6:23 pm EST, opposes Jupiter and engages with Uranus. It looks like a big night for surprises and for considering major life stuff around family, home, educational plans, and how much to change or uproot. Wear White.

Friday: Cancer Moon. Across the zodiac in Capricorn, Venus meets Pluto and we realize and awaken to things about our relationships, how we love or what holds us back from intimacy. Mars trine to Neptune is highly creative and may increase feelings of spiritual convictions and sixth sense. Cancer Moon aligns with both Mars and Neptune for meaningful experiences and emotional awakening. Family and home are very important considerations. Wear Blue.

Saturday: Cancer Moon void of course from 10:57 am to 10:56 pm EST. Take care of the easy things, do errands, decorate, gather with friends or family. Try to avoid major expenses and shopping. Oppositions in the zodiac indicate challenges related to productivity and to family matters and relationships may be strained. Allow it to pass and see how things shift and unfold before taking any impulsive action. Leo Moon for late night partiers and performances. Today's color is Purple.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

December 1st-7th, 2019: Jupiter in Capricorn

This is Robin, waking up on Sunday December 1st to publish the new forecasts for you! December is here and the planet of wisdom, expansion and learning changes signs this week. Are you feeling the urge for new opportunity? A student of yoga? Seeking some way to grow into a deeper relationship with your self and the world?
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Sunday: Jupiter spends final days in Sagittarius, this planet's happy place. You may feel or experience this as inspiration, new learning environments, and any sort of travel even mind travel. Aquarius Moon today helps you visualize and plan your best life and enlist your supporting players, colleagues, friends, and social contacts. Moon square to Mars, so avoid disputes that will go nowhere productive. Sun and Moon harmonize for decision making and intellectual work. Today's color is Violet.

Monday: Void Moon starts at 7:27 am EST with a square to Mercury. This might not be the ideal way to begin a school or business week. Stubbornness and inability to reach the right person or timing are two potential effects. Void Moon all day and night until 2:11 am EST on Tuesday. Jupiter moves to Capricorn at 1:20 pm EST, and this is a big switch. Think back 13 years to 2007 when Jupiter was previously in the sign of the goat. There may be clues or patterns for how Jupiter will influence your next year until December 19th, 2019. Today's color is Green.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon time begins 2:11 am EST. There appears to be ease with many harmonious aspects. Mercury aligns with Pluto for deep thoughts and emotions, yet ease and softness even surrounding serious contemplations or events. Intimate conversations and sharing are one result. Venus and Mars also create synchronicity especially in romantic relationships. Pink is today's color.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune, is in harmony with Pluto and Saturn, and squares the Sun. There's a sense of forward movement, but slowly with all in consideration. It's not a time for impulsiveness. Go with the natural unfolding of events and relationships and if there's unnecessary fear or resistance, consider why. Is it an old pattern or a stubborn unyielding? Yield is a good word for today. Notice how you can mesh with others and with whatever's going on. Acknowledge and honor feelings as our sensitivities may come up. Do what you have to do is a key phrase for today also. Try not to fight what you know to be true. Today's color is Blue.

Thursday: Void Moon in Pisces until 2:44 pm EST could feel lazy or enhance the creative flow. It's not a good time for shopping or commitments and is best taken easy and slow. Aries Moon changes the vibe from 2:44 pm on, and the momentum toward Full Moon increases. We are just past the midpoint between New and Full, and it's natural to feel the urge for progress and productivity. Aries Moon can heighten motivation or add to anxiety. Remember, this is not a race. Jupiter, newly in Capricorn, is square to the Moon and we may need to check ego or struggle with control issues.  Also notice opportunities that are worth the effort required. Today's color is Red.

Friday: The Moon and Sun align in fire signs and you could this as a burst of energy or increase in confidence. Forging into new territory or life stuff that requires stamina and bravery is favored. Energy and enthusiasm are ignited. The one area of question is relationship matters. A square between Moon and Venus makes it hard for some to feel in sync when there are radically different priorities and emotional needs. One wants to nest while the other wants to take on the world, for example. All in all, this Friday is full of energy. Wear Orange.

Saturday: Aries Moon square to Saturn and Pluto. Aries, and also Libra, Moon squares Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn over the course of every month now. These may feel like challenging times, two weeks apart. Themes include power, control, partnership, love, initiations, and justice and also matters of authority, administrations and organizations. Responsibilities, and whether we will fulfill them, are a big part of today's squares. Both external and internal factors play a part in deciding how to proceed or whether to go with the Sun/Neptune square that leads to the escape hatch. Reconcile obligations and serious matters with free will. There is a middle ground. Void Moon from 10:01 am EST throughout the day (no big expenditures recommended). Saturday's color is Black.