Friday, October 12, 2018

Robin's Zodiac Zone October 14th-20th, 2018

Sunday: Void Moon until 3:17 pm EDT, in Sagittarius. It may be fun though not very grounded or reliable. The Moon moves to Capricorn and aligns with Uranus in Taurus. A project, plan or task may quickly need tending and problem solving late day or at night. The Moon and Saturn meet at 10:40 pm EDT. Today's color is Green.

Monday: Capricorn Moon and some easygoing aspect with Mercury, Venus and Neptune. A disagreement or conflict may dissolve or be resolved. It'll be easier to see the best in people and situations as Venus and Mercury meet in Scorpio. See what's beneath the surface and feel a strong connection.  Promises will be made. Remember Venus is retrograde, and maybe keep it light and flexible. Today's color is Blue.

Tuesday: The Moon is halfway to full, waxing in Capricorn, meeting Pluto, in harmony with Jupiter and square to the Sun. The square is the challenge and it's a crossroads for progressing and moving forward with projects such as building or agreements such as binding contracts. Do those things before 5:49 pm EDT when void time starts. Void Moon is like a waiting period or a floating feeling. If you initiate then, the chance of fruition diminishes. Today's color is Black.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon from 3:36 am. Two squares today mean stubbornness. It'll be a challenge to get people to yield and compromise. Expect to give forth effort with people and with rapid changes that require adjustments. Today's color is Turquoise.

Thursday: Aquarius Moon meets Mars activating around many things, especially projects and missions where people need to work together with common vision and goal. Mercury squares the Moon indicating some contrasting ideals and strong wills. A continuation of yesterday. Be open to others' ideas. Today's color is Red.

Friday: Void of course Moon 8:27 am to 4:20 pm EDT. This is a good personal or mental health day. If you must work, do the routine tasks rather than detail oriented or new business. Mercury is very active today for both collaborations that need some brainstorming or fresh ideas and also for creative and imaginative writing, performing or inventing. Pisces Moon follows and take us into the weekend. Today's color is Light Blue.

Saturday: Pisces Moon with harmonious aspects for serious, intentional actions (yes even with a Pisces Moon!), reconnecting in relationships and friendships, and metaphysical activities. Pull a few tarot cards and see what your intuitive self has to say. Today's color is Pink.

Saturday I'm at Riverbend Yoga in Yarmouth for a Restorative Yoga teacher training. There's still space and anyone interested in 6 hours of restorative yoga and learning is welcome to attend. to sign up by Thursday the 18th.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Robin's Zodiac Zone October 7th-13th, 2018: Libra New Moon

Monday night: New Moon
Tuesday night: Mercury moves to Scorpio

Here's the rest!

Sunday: Rest your mind on this day before New Moon. If you must do some planning, avoid going over and over the same information. Let your intuition speak. Virgo Moon void of course 10:03 am to 9:10 pm EDT then Moon to Libra. Physical work and exercise is favored over mental tasks until at least Libra Moon time. Today's color is Lavender.

Monday: New Moon arrives at the tail end of the night 11:47 pm EDT. Before then, take rest, pause or do what feels most intuitive and grounding. Decisions are best made or announced after today. Libra Moon in harmony with Mars for groups on a mission and collaborations with common vision. Today's color is White.

Tuesday: Libra Moon void of course 4:50 am all the way until Wednesday at 12:09 am EDT. This might be a reason to wait something out for one day or more. Sit with feelings of indecision or with new information you may act on soon. Mercury moves into Scorpio at 8:40 pm EDT. Today's color is Pink.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon time begins at 12:09 am EDT. It's a very Scorpio sort of day with Mercury and Venus both meeting the Moon. Mercury opposes Uranus in Taurus. There's likely some surprising changes and developments today. All has long term impact as these signs are fixed. Take matters seriously and consider them from all angles before you make your move or give the final word. Today's color is Red.

Thursday: Scorpio Moon void of course 7:12 pm to Friday 5:53 am EDT. Before the void hours, long term decisions happen with blessings of Neptune in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio. You might feel like today is 'good timing'. Make sure you're in for the long haul, whatever you act on. Today's color is Indigo Blue.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon time starts 5:53 am EDT.  Sun square Pluto in cardinal signs. Mercury aligns with Saturn, also in a cardinal sign. Cardinals are the initiators and aim for progress. It looks like a day to work through agreements and try to get past blocks in the road. How gracefully can this be done? There may very well be some conflicts along the way. Today's color is Purple.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon. Weekend adventures and connecting with new people or friends is favored as the Sun and Moon align in a friendly way. Void Moon is 8:58 pm to 3:17 pm EDT on Sunday, so it's another long one. Today's color is Light Blue.

Restorative Yoga with Reiki by Addie Powers Johnson November 17th 2-4 pm ( a Saturday) at Scarborough Yoga 433 US Rte 1. Advance sign up only, No walk ins. Maximum 15 people. This may fill quickly. Sign up at at the workshops link, or in the studio.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Robin's Zodiac Zone Astrology September 30th-October 6th, 2018

The Moon wanes. Maybe there's some sense of relief or unwinding. There may also be preparations for changes after October 8th's New Moon. Build some rest and self care into your week. I'm at Greener Postures for Yin yoga classes, down on the floor stretching with meditative atmosphere and thoughts and suggestions for being more at ease in your body and mind both. Those classes are Sunday 5:30-6:45 pm and Thursday 5:30-6:45 pm every week in South Portland GP studio.

Also, I'm one of four teachers leading a donation based benefit class there Friday, the 5th, coming right up. Here's a link to my blog with more info on that and a set of songs even if you live far away and wouldn't make a class.

As we move from one month to the next, here's your daily forecast with the Moon in mind.


Sunday: Pluto direct in Capricorn. Those of you with Pluto in a prominent place in your own chart or having a Pluto transit may be most interested in knowing that. If you have been engaged in a deep and sometimes scary internal process, Pluto direct may be a turning point. This is Scorpio's planet. The influence may be below your daily consciousness, in the recesses of the emotional mind.
Gemini Moon void of course 11:38 am EDT on. Ideally take it easy today. A Sunday drive might be nice! Today's color is Light Blue.

Monday: Void Moon until 2 pm EDT. Adjust for your time zone. This could make the morning really easy going or it could add to confusion, adjusting or forgetfulness depending on your schedule. It's best to have nothing of great importance planned. At 2 EDT the Moon shifts to Cancer. Harmony with Uranus and opposition to Saturn indicates a LOT going on today, particularly with family, home, property and investments. Today's color is White.

Tuesday: 4th quarter Moon. Wind down if you can. Take care of your body and any symptoms under Cancer Moon. I personally find this Moon time a vulnerable one for having a cold or needing extra rest. See how you feel and follow suit. Pluto and Mercury are the most active planets today and so communication and the things we push to the back of our minds and hide from are exactly what needs to be aired out, dealt with, reconciled or acknowledged. Take a deep breath and let something go in favor of healing or intimacy. Notice what your blocks or triggers are and see if there's a way to move through them peacefully. Today's color is Black.

Wednesday: Another long void of course Moon is  from 4:33 am to 5:12 pm EDT. If you have something to look forward to in the evening, the Leo Moon shines well for that. Stubborn-ness or perhaps it's more like persistence characterizes the later hours too. Know when to say when though. Go easy with criticism and self talk today. Make some space for resting or taking care of things at home, or both. Today's color is Purple.

Thursday: Leo Moon opposite Mars, ingenious and inventive in Aquarius. Sun and Moon in harmony in air signs. Work together on something that'll wow 'em. Let stubbornness go in favor of the kinds of compromises needed to make it all happen! Today's color is Orange.

Friday: Leo Moon void from 7:34 am to 7:19 pm EDT. If you've felt challenged in getting things done, committed to, or to focus, these void Moon hours may be a reason. Be gentle with yourself. It'll all be accomplished, perhaps after Monday is best anyway. Today is about connecting with others, socially or in meetings where flexible plans may be made. Venus retrograde begins. Some say it's not the best time to start dating and some relationship matters may need revisiting in the next few weeks. Virgo Moon 7:19 pm in harmony with Uranus. This is physical energy. Listen to your body. Today's color is Brown.

Saturday: Virgo Moon in the balsamic phase. It's dark Moon time where the Moon is a thin sliver if visible at all. Prepare and plan. Allow for flexibility in all that happens this weekend as well as in future oriented plans. Today's color is Navy Blue.

The next Yoga for the Lunar Cycle is 4th Wednesday, October 24th at 6 pm.
Please join us at The Sunshine Factory for a Taurus Full Moon class with yoga, meditation, and some dialogue about the month's aspects. Sign up is on at The Sunshine Factory Maine, located at Brick Hill Castle in South Portland, Maine.