Friday, December 12, 2014

December 15th to 21st, 2014

Sunday is the Solstice. Join me for a one of a kind celebration with deep stretch, restorative yoga and yogic sleep known as Yoga Nidra. This practice is focused on healing, feeling the true spirit of the season, and welcoming the New Moon to manifest your heartfelt intentions. Scarborough Yoga 4-5:30 pm. $25 or 2 for $45 Sign up link

Monday: Libra Moon, Uranus square Pluto

Sort out, deal with, and negotiate the best possible scenario under this Libra Moon. It's impacted by Uranus and Pluto in the other cardinal signs, Aries and Capricorn.  As those two planets square, the shadow side and things buried deep conflicts with Uranian rebelliousness. We might see this in the news. Put out intentions for peace. In personal lives, the effect will be felt most among those of you who have planets or trigger points with these planets. That's hard to predict unless you know your chart well. I recommend avoiding anything out of the ordinary or risky today and the two days before and after. Reconstructing feelings and processing emotional events will be one effect. Cancer and Libra are the opposite signs and relationship, home, career, and very personal things can come up with this square.  Venus and Mars are involved with the Moon today and relationships are in the forefront for reconciling and responding to, with care and thought. This is not the time to confront volatile people or situations. Let it go for now and through December. Today's color is  lavender.

Tuesday: Libra Moon

A continuation of yesterday's activity is likely as the Libra Moon triggers with Uranus and Pluto.  Yet Jupiter in Leo harmonizes with the Moon and we do best helping each other out, collaborating and enjoying time with people we know. Create some fun.  Jupiter in Leo is about growth and Libra Moon is about fairness and partnership. Put that all together and ease a tense situation if necessary. Aim for growth. It's Mercury's last day (hours) in Sagittarius. Pick up a good book or learn something valuable. Mercury moves to Capricorn at 10:53 pm ET for very practical, grounded thinking and problem solving in the weeks ahead. Void Moon overnight is not good for any judgment calls or decisions. Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Mercury in Capricorn, Scorpio Moon

Scorpio Moon comes at 9:52 am ET after a void of course Moon from 12:40 am until then. The Moon works well with Mercury and Neptune and inspires creativity as well as better communication and action on a plan. The day is more introverted as we deal with and manage personal priorities. Today's color is indigo blue.

Thursday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon aligns with Venus and Pluto in Capricorn and squares Mars in Aquarius.  The question is how much to rebel, challenge or create waves. Remain practical and organized with your thinking. Cancer, relationship is top priority. Virgo, communicate well and clearly. A long talk with a friend or someone you love may be needed now. If you're challenging authority or the norm, easy does it. Today's color is maroon.

Friday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon

Heavy business is the work of Saturn and the Moon in Scorpio. If you can settle something today, so be it. Saturn is only in Scorpio until December 23rd (and back for a retrograde visit next summer). It's been a long road with certain big issues and today can be about finalizing the answers or finishing the building, sale, or acquisition. Medical decisions may also come now. The Moon is briefly void of course 4:11 to 4:55 pm ET and ready for an abrupt shift to freedom loving Sagittarius. We go from attending to burdens and responsibility to an avoidance of both. Transition gently for a weekend where your spirit feels lighter,  hopefully. Allow in some adventure, fun and learning through experience. Make some room for more joy. Try not to let others down in your own exuberance or need to escape. Find decent middle ground this weekend. It's meant for road trips and such things.  Red is today's color. 

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon

The universe is busy with a variety of aspects and action from many planets. It may be hard to know what to focus on. Put energy toward things that are malleable where you will see results or know you're getting there. Sagittarius Moon usually inspires travels, new experiences, immersion in culture and experiential learning. However Mars and Uranus align and it's very  unpredictable and potentially aggressive energy so today you may be best off in your comfort zone with trusted people who have your back. Take no risks or gambles today and tonight. Venus influences ongoing relationship issues and some will get a wake up call as Venus squares Uranus and meets Pluto. Face up to the realities of your significant other, even if it's not a pretty picture. If it's unhealthy, these aspects make things obvious. Consider how to heal or let go if this applies to you. You'll can be stronger and reinvent yourself. Those not in the midst of this can support friends who are. Balance enthusiasm and festivity with caring and sensitivity. We are all on different paths and experiencing the holidays in our own ways. Today's color is purple. 

Sunday: Winter Solstice & New Moon

I'm at Scarborough Yoga for a New Moon Solstice Yoga & Yoga Nidra Event. Great for anyone with yoga experience or not. Manifest and energize your dearest intentions with Yoga Nidra.
Register at this link: Solstice Yoga & Yoga Nidra

It's a special New Moon in Capricorn, arriving on the Solstice as the Sun changes to that same sign. Capricorn, you are set up to thrive, prosper and make stable changes now. Build on the foundation you've set this year. Jupiter aligns just before the Moon changes signs, putting extra blessings on this day and making it a good day to gather, create, and truly feel the spirit of the holiday season.  Cancer and Virgo, this favors relationships. Sagittarius, Aries, and Gemini, the New Moon in one way or another blesses your financial matters and other career and business moves. Scorpio, communication improvements, news about educational, marketing and travels to family are expected. Libra, positive upgrades and improved relationships with family for you. Today's color is white.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Weekly December 8th to 14th, 2014

Monday: Sun conjunct Mercury, Cancer Moon

A mix of energies and elements leads one way or the other. Cancer Moon squares Uranus in Aries and opposes Pluto every month and it's proven to be challenging. Those who throw you off balance and unpredictable situations can flare up. This may be a repetitive cycle you're used to though no one probably welcomes revisiting it. Family matters are often part of this with Cancer Moon, though a Gemini or Sagittarius can find business or legal matters more challenging. The bright side is Mercury and the Sun meet in Sagittarius. Announcements and declarations, statements with motivation behind them, come now. Scorpio and Pisces have news to receive or share regarding work and career this week. Leo finds this very lucky and can hope for the best news possible. Friendship and fun are forecast for Leo and Aquarius among others. Try to find that bright side even if annoying grievances plague you yet again. Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Cancer to Leo Moon

Cancer Moon trine Saturn in Scorpio means home, family and health in the forefront. Put some effort and attention on taking care of things, with sensitivity and a smile. Take an idea and form a step by step plan to carry it out. It's a day for conservative business and judicious spending only. A void of course Moon takes over from 7:14 pm to 10:14 pm ET-adjust for your time zone.  This does not favor best judgement in decision making and spending. However, if you get so caught up in overthinking that you have trouble with decisions, this may free you to take some sort of action. Keep things simple and adjustable. At 10:14 the Moon moves to Leo for late night lions who may enjoy a great time with friends.  Today's color is purple. 

Wednesday: Venus in Capricorn

Venus moves to Capricorn and Mercury will join that party next Tuesday. Capricorn energy is traditional and structured and any lack of those elements will become obvious now. The urge to nest, repair things, settle in, and manage things better with business and with the significant other and at home are all Capricorn effects this season. Cancer longs to cohabitate and might make a relationship commitment now. Venus in your sign, Capricorn, makes you one of the zodiac's darlings. You're favored to attract friends, opportunities, and to treat yourself well. (ps Capricorn, December has much more in store to support and perk up your spirits!) Virgo, Venus in Capricorn brightens your love and social life. Aries, this is the time to seek a promotion, upgrade or send out resumes.  Leo Moon is all stirred up today with Mars across the zodiac increasing the chance we'll strongly disagree or make a huge effort to see a different point of view. This relates very much to collaborating and how much effort it takes. Uranus adds inventiveness and reason to change things up, maybe at the last possible moment.  Today's color is pink.

Thursday: Leo Moon conjunct Jupiter

This is a peak day for things suddenly falling together. Leo Moon relates to children, teachers, performers and those who deal with the public, like politicians and media professionals.  The Moon aligns with the Sagittarius Sun for travel and educational prospects. Mercury also speaks for two days, urging clear messages, good news, and sparking the imagination of writers and the wanderlust of travelers.  Jupiter meets the Moon in a glorious burst of Leo optimism, enthusiasm and growth. Further your plans and surround yourself with the best allies, friends, and support team today! Enjoy some luck and see what's working for you. Today's color is gold. 

Friday: Mercury trine Jupiter, Leo to Virgo Moon

Mercury continues his efforts to get things moving, expanding, and clarified with alignment to Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter is Sagittarius's planet and Mercury is in that sign, favoring higher learning (so do send applications now), travel (do plan that winter trip before Mercury is retrograde in January/February), and the tools that keep us in touch and connected. Computer, cell phone and other technical upgrades are timed well. The Moon has a variety of aspects and emotions may be up and down today, depending on your agenda. Serious decisions and business come up with Saturn first thing. Take care of something confidently and before it becomes a problem. The Moon is void from 7:48 to 10:19 am ET and then on to Virgo for practical problem solving.  Moon and Venus put us in the mood to dress up and clean up. Neptune in Pisces adds a romantic and hazy effect to the evening's plans. Timeliness might be an issue tonight. Try not to disappoint with a no show. Friends are relying on you, Virgo, Pisces and Scorpio. Come out of your shells.  Today's color is blue.

Saturday: Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon aligns with Pluto. Being productive, organizing and feeling accomplishments are Saturday's theme this week. Studying is also favored. Find a balance of tasks and some enjoyment of home, food, creating and simple pleasures. Short forecast for a day of the basics. Feel good about something you pulled off this week. Today's color is brown.

Sunday: Virgo to Libra Moon, Sun trine Jupiter

Follow up to Jupiter's activity a few days ago. The Sun and Jupiter help put it all together for special announcements, happy occasions, beneficial opportunities and joining forces.  This is a time for expansion, clearing the way, and making the decision that opens the door to a new journey.  Venus and Neptune are in harmony too, increasing the feeling of romance, possibility and love.  Today is good timing for so many things, whether you initiate or just allow it all to unfold.  News will create discussion since the thing that makes one person happy can create discontent for another. All in all, today has much potential for joy! Go with it. Libra Moon moves in at 11:05 pm ET after just two hours void of course. Shopping is ok except for those hours. Today's color is violet.

Friday, November 28, 2014

December 1st to December 7th, 2014

The Portland Phoenix publishes a different version of Robin's Zodiac Zone. Your weekly forecast Thursday to Wednesday, sign by sign. Pick up your copy free in the Phoenix. 

Monday: Aries Moon

Astrological motivation is strong with bold Aries Moon and Mars in harmony with Saturn in Capricorn and Scorpio. This is a peak day for getting things moving, finalizing details, and also instigating new activity related to ongoing situations.  With these aspects, action and thought are powerful and meant to last.  Every month the Moon and Uranus meet, and today is that day. Uranus can add an aha moment or startling development and changes the picture or perspective.  Mercury is in line with the Moon instigating honest talk. Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Aries Moon

Venus and Jupiter align with Aries Moon from the other fire signs. An active, busy day full of opportunity and collaborations is likely. 
Being open to different ideas helps things move along. Initiate action around a potentially great idea. The Moon squares Mars in the evening and short fuses trigger easily, so temper your words and interactions. At 9:42 pm the Moon moves void of course. Finish shopping and other decisions that matter before then. Today's color is pink.

Wednesday: Taurus Moon

At 12:15 am ET, the Moon shifts to earth sign Taurus. Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn align with the Moon. A great blend of softness and courage, logic and creativity, infuse the day. Express yourself with art or other projects. Create and build from scratch.  See things for what they are. Own your actions and responsibilities.  Today's color is gray.

Thursday: Venus trine Jupiter, Mars to Aquarius

This is a high energy day. The Moon is in Taurus, persevering and constructive. Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo align, inspiring and activating travels, new experiences, and energizing loves lives, for some of you.  Freedom is a Sagittarius value, and Jupiter is Sagittarius' ruling planet. Leo is creative, loyal and fixed. Adventurous relationships, with common vision and thirst for travel and movement, do well with this aspect.  Plan a trip together! Aquarius and Aries are two signs that may benefit and thrive now! 
Sun and Uranus align too, increasing fire, inspiration and ingenuity. Invent and experiment. Today's color is purple. 

Friday: Mercury trine Uranus, Gemini Moon

The Moon will be full on Saturday at 7:27 am. Today is event filled with busy minds, possibly overthinking, and with much need to respond and initiate communications. News comes with Mercury trine Uranus. Ideas and solutions suddenly become apparent and clear. Try to think rather than act suddenly. Those ideas will not evaporate if you put a bit more thought and care into them. The void of course Moon from 1:45 to 5:28 am ET concludes with the Moon opposite Saturn, and finalizing decisions is the result. Mars in Aquarius adds a collaborative and inventive aspect. It's a day of talk from discussions to meetings and tall tales too. Watch out for stories that seem exaggerated or too good to be true as Neptune squares the Moon. This increases imagination for writing and weaving a fine story.  Don't be conned though. Today's color is gold.

Saturday: Full Moon in Gemini

The Full Moon peaks at 7:27 am ET with a trine to Uranus, planet of surprises and rebellion. Mercury is opposite the Moon. Decisions and clarity come with Full Moons, and in some cases this one will instigate dissolving things to recreate them differently. News like that can shake you if you've worked hard on something to find it now needs to be adapted or scrapped for a new plan.  Negotiating may be quite challenging as the Full Moon and Mercury in Sagittarius oppose. Sagittarius and Gemini, some of you will have trouble agreeing with your significant other, most likely on something important. Jupiter is in harmony with the Moon for parties and social events. Enjoy being with people, attending festivities or community events.  Honesty is a pivotal issue at this Gemini Moon time. Gemini is a sign of duality and duplicity at times. Sagittarius is direct, sometimes to a fault or without regard for feelings.  Communication is likely to be very challenging at times when it truly matters. Try to be clear, sensitive, honest and as  you make decisions, see both sides or the pros and the cons.  If you're up for a wild party this weekend, you'll get exactly that. Some will want to lay low until this Full Moon is over. Cancer and Pisces may be home bodies this weekend, though Pisces could host a nice gathering at home. Today's color is white.

Sunday: Cancer Moon

Void of course Moon is from 4:52 am to 12:34 pm ET. Be very mindful and conscious of what's going on then. Mistakes, errors in judgement or breaches of trust may be present. Avoid all of that with careful thought and a clear mind.  It's not a good shopping time. The Moon opposes Venus and relationships experiencing troubles polarize even more. Talking may help or hinder depending on personalities involved. A tendency to lie is present, so ask questions and trust your intuition. If you see a side of someone you didn't expect, the Gemini Full Moon may be bringing that out. Take in information and be aware. The Moon moves to Cancer at 12:34 pm. Take care of yourself and give someone else some extra love and attention too. We need to nurture after overly busy days and nights.  Cook a nice meal. Create a comforting, warm environment and chill out some. The Moon and Neptune favor creative projects and inspiration through music, art or film. Today's color is light blue.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Weekly Astrology November 24th to 30th, 2014

Robin's Zodiac Zone sign by sign forecast is in the Portland Phoenix. Link here

Monday: Capricorn Moon

With a New Moon behind you, supporting all new adventures, make this week count! Creative ways of doing business and manifesting money, resources and goods are in favor today. Capricorn Moon is the most resourceful of all Moon signs, moving in at 11:31 am ET (before that the Moon is void of course). Neptune speaks with the Moon from versatile Pisces. Adjust your thinking, be more open to suggestions, and believe you can achieve. Attitude is most important. Capricorn can be very traditional, however it's a good day to color outside the lines, as imaginative Neptune exerts an influence.  Today's color is blue.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon, Mercury conjunct Saturn

Mercury and Saturn have one final collaboration before Mercury scoots to Sagittarius on Thursday.  It's a decisive, strong willed, vocal influence impacting a few days and continuing a strong Sun/Saturn conjunction last week. Seek the best and most wise advice. Look for the voice of experience, possibly from an older person as Saturn rules the elders.  Make decisions about health, business, family and legal matters. Put your energy toward finalizing things. With Capricorn Moon it's often about business and employment including dealings with the boss, and that's likely for Libra and Aries. Gemini and Sagittarius, prioritize health and balance work with more rest.  Cancer, relationship and partnership decisions and important conversations or news are in the forecast this week. Today's color is yellow, Mercury's color. 

Wednesday: Capricorn to Aquarius Moon, Mercury trine Neptune

A day of mixed energies, the Moon is in Capricorn, void of course from 10:30 am to 2:23 pm ET. Can you get something settled before that time? Morning is set up to be productive! Mars and the Moon instigate all kinds of activity. The key is to avoid a pointless argument about method or plans.  Void of course Moon is time to pay close attention since our focus wanes. Keep track of your stuff and your calendar. Remember where you park the car or that you turned the oven on! From 2:23 pm on, it's a social and community oriented Aquarius Moon with Neptune and Mercury aligned for music, art, and romantic times. The Sun and Neptune encourage escape from the usual routine, for more creativity, enjoyment, and willingness to adapt and change.  Today's color is turquoise.

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving USA! Aquarius Moon

Gathering is what Aquarius Moon is all about! Get together with friends, family and also with common purpose and vision. The Moon works with Venus and Uranus, providing inventive ideas and a hunger for change and adventures.  Spontaneous plans can turn out great on a day like this! Dinner may lead to interesting conversations, games, and bigger parties as families and friends converge.  Uranus always has that unexpected element, so surprises may throw some of us off. The key is not to overreact or react too quickly.  All in all, this looks like a Thanksgiving of community, collaborative efforts and travels. Today's color is purple. 

Friday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon

This appears to be the most challenging day of the week. Take it slow and don't allow yourself to be imposed on or pressured. The Moon is void of course from 12:14 to 5:03 pm ET, and opposes Jupiter first.  One issue that creates is too much spending and another is overindulgence.  Try to moderate. Saturn squares the Moon, and advises us to take care of responsibilities, especially writing and studies. Look over things and revise later if you work during void of course Moon. Also, today is ideal for just enjoying friendship and not doing any business at all, especially during void of course Moon. Pisces Moon moves in and squares Mercury. Be judicious with words to avoid sensitive reactions or misunderstandings. Mercury, now in Sagittarius, is not always the most tactful. Brutal honesty may be unnecessary.  There's a judgmental tone in the background today, and you may have to tune that out. It could come from family, management, or from within. Today's color is green.

Saturday: Pisces Moon

Pisces Moon interacts with the Sun and Venus in Sagittarius. Revisit places you have a soft spot for, but don't expect that nothing's changed.  It's a sentimental weekend. Misunderstandings between fiery and watery personalities might be triggered. Is the other person too insensitive or are feelings just on edge? More than likely it's just experiencing life from two different perspectives, however relationships may be a bit tricky today as Venus and the Sun in freedom loving Sagittarius contrast the emotional and vulnerable Pisces Moon. Movies and music provide wonderful escape time whether you're playing a part or in the audience. Today's color is light blue.

Sunday: Pisces to Aries Moon, Mercury square Neptune

Pisces Moon aligns with Mars and Saturn for getting things done, especially personal priorities.  Avoid the tendency to be lazy or ignore the mess or the problem facing you.  Mars gives the energy and organization and Saturn lends a sense of responsibility. Mercury squares Neptune and the truth is in question. Facts may be elusive, but you could dream up a great story or lyric today. Place your trust only where it's been earned. Void of course Moon from 3:47 to 8:14 pm ET. Today's color is orange. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weekly November 17th to 23rd, 2014

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Wishing you peace & positive action as we move through this lunar cycle!


Monday: Virgo/Libra Moon

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The Moon is void of course from 6:11 am to 2:30 pm ET and shifts to Libra then. The void Moon time can be confusing or chaotic. It helps to be flexible. The Moon, Sun & Saturn urge us to be of service to others including neighbors, family and especially the elderly.  To get anything done you'll need to be extra organized early in the day since the tendency is toward flightiness and lack of concentration. Lists may make the business day most manageable. Libra Moon in harmony with Venus in Sagittarius brings excitement to love lives, and Sagittarius, Aries and Gemini may really enjoy this. Keeping expectations simple and allowing for change and variety with our significant others is one way to go with this flow. It's not about demands and rigid-ness. Welcome more excitement and passion into your relationship rather than expecting your lover to always remain the same. Today's color is lavender.

Tuesday: Libra Moon, Sun conjunct Saturn

The Sun and Saturn strongly encourage long lasting agreements, contracts and solutions today. Arranging to take care of a medical matter, reaching a legally binding agreement, or dealing with wills, elder care or other permanent and important matters of life (or death) are all favored.  Scorpio, personal and significant news and decisions are forecast for you. Leo, this relates to home and family, Libra for employment and money, and Aries all of the above for you.  The Libra Moon squares Pluto and is opposite Uranus. Sometimes this instigates conflict or is unpleasant, however if you keep your focus and refuse to allow yourself to be distracted or shaken by drama and sudden shifts in plans, you may be a-ok. Adopt an attitude of calm early in the day and maintain it with others, on the surface. Today's color is indigo blue.

Wednesday: Moon square Mars

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The Libra Moon squares Mars in Capricorn and is in harmony with Jupiter. Void of course Moon is nearly all day, starting at 9:25 am and lasting until 12:31 am ET Thursday. It's a very social day, good for collaborating with a partner, networking for business, or meeting up for lunch or coffee to chat and establish a working or personal relationship. There's an urge to make progress, take action, find more balance and justice in responsibilities and workload.  Review and revise where systems are not efficient or fair.  Create a new flow. Try something out. Know that we lose track of time or where to be on days like this and check your commitments. Capricorn Mars favors accomplishments and building, industriousness and tangible results leading up to the Full Moon of December 6th. Today's color is red.

Thursday: Scorpio Moon

The New Moon is Saturday and until then it's time to revise, review and reconsider. Scorpio Moon throws back to the October 23rd eclipse and there are vibes of news and developments from events at that time. Decisions on whatever has been pending for the past month are due now or very soon. This is a day to organize and decide even if you save action and announcements for New Moon time or beyond. The Sagittarius New Moon favors movement, travel and higher learning (so get those college applications done and sent!) By the way, those of you preparing for college or another program this winter or next fall, Mercury will retrograde January 21st to February 11th and that is not a favorable time for smooth communications and reliability. Send early applications before mid January and beat the confusion. Venus and Neptune squares today in Sagittarius/Pisces and romantic relationships have a mixed vibe and mixed messages. Venus in Sagittarius likes freedom, so that is the trend, but don't jump to conclusions and take that the wrong way. Leo, Gemini, and Aquarius, re-read that since it can apply to you also, in love or in friendship. Today's color is maroon.

Friday: Scorpio Moon

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The New Moon is tomorrow, but you may not be able to wait! Mercury, Mars and the Moon fill today with consultations, discussions and decisions. Expect long term effects of what happens today with Moon and Mercury in Scorpio and Mars in harmony from ambitious Capricorn.  If you're not quite ready to take confident action, it's a great day to organize, prepare or complete a thought process or project of any kind. Mercury aligns with Mars, putting actions behind the words. Follow your own advice. The Moon is void of course after midnight ET. Don't slip up and do something you promised yourself you wouldn't do again. Today's color is black (and that's not a bad thing!). 

Saturday: Sagittarius New Moon, Sun in Sagittarius

Sagittarius birthdays begin this year at 4:38 am ET! Void of course Moon is 12:53 to 7:19 am, and during that time the Sun changes signs.  All this Sagittarius energy can be very refreshing! Let the winds of change do their thing! See where the road takes you today and in the next two weeks as Sag Moon urges movement! In the body, Sagittarius rules the hips. Kick up your heels and get the body in action! Feed wanderlust even if it's just a trip out of town for a day between now and December 6th or 7th. Refresh your living space, Virgo especially, and your work space if you're a Cancer. This New Moon favors employment and financial transactions including purchases for Scorpio.  Pisces, it's a career New Moon for you and you may be chosen for an important role. Libra, communication is the keyword and you'll be studying, writing, marketing or negotiating deals enthusiastically with plenty to gain and feel good about. Travel may also be involved for Libra and Aries. Movement and change are in the air! The Moon and Venus meet for a fun, romantic night. It's not the cozy at home kind though! Time to get out and experience something new. Today's color is white.

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon aligns with Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries. It's an action oriented day whether that activity is play or work. Jupiter is expansive and influences the wanderlust, urge for growth and also the luck of Sagittarius New Moon! Sagittarius and Leo host this action and are reputed to be the lucky signs. It's a positive influence for all! Aquarius, this is beautiful for love and friendship as well as business partnerships. Capricorn, this is work oriented but it's exactly what you enjoy! Uranus in Aries feeds the quickness and fiery impulses of the New Moon. Try to keep that in check since it can lead to actions you wish you hadn't taken.  Also, be extra careful on the road this weekend.  The void of course Moon, when the Moon lingers between signs, is 10:16 pm ET until 11:31 am tomorrow. Stick with routine and simple activity then. Today's color is purple.