Friday, June 5, 2020

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 7th-13th, 2020 Shadows of Mercury Retrograde & Preparing to Be Still

Mercury retrograde begins on June 17th, and this week is the preparing time. Some things planned now will have to be revised and what you buy, you may need to return or you may find that payments, deliveries or usefulness of such items is not as expected. On the 17th/18th depending on time zone, Mercury joins Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto retrograde, and on the 22nd/23rd, Neptune also stations retrograde. Venus is the one planet that will move direct in later June, on the 24th/25th. Prepare to reflect, revise, revisit, change plans, experience delays and unpredictability. Communication may present challenges and we're encouraged to do less and to be more patient and still this month.

We are experiencing a very uncommon time and also a series of opportune moments this year. Jupiter and Pluto are the big story, with 3 conjunctions in 2020, the next of which is on June 30th. They are nothing less than transformative. How they play out on earth depends on human responses and behavior. The 3rd of the conjunctions completes a very rare cycle on November 12th, 2020.

This summer we are between eclipses, the first was last Friday's Full Moon. 

Use this time to learn, reconnect emotionally, forgive and make amends. Other business may be on hold, and patience is called for. 

Sending love,

Sunday: Earth sign energies remind us to ground, feel the earth, our feet, our seat, our anchors in the physical world. Capricorn Moon aligns with Uranus. Whenever Uranus comes up, it's a catalyst for change, sometimes radical shifts. Mars also aligns with the Moon and whenever Mars comes up we know there's activation. Currently Mars is in Pisces and this could activate compassion and sensitivity in it's highest form, or it could lead to repressed, unhealthy anger and bottled up emotion. Let's hope the first is the one that dominates. Mercury is opposite the Moon, and the question and effect is how will we use organization and structure while honoring emotions, families, particularly the feminine and the mother, and nurturing growth rather than destruction? News may surround those topics. Today's color is Brown.

Monday: Capricorn Moon meets Pluto and Jupiter retrograde. I think we'll find our Capricorn Moon times to be very significant this summer. The next one will be a lunar eclipse, around July 4th. Jupiter and Pluto meet three full times this year, and this is extremely rare. The last two were in December 2007, and December 1994. The next time after June and November of this year will be 2033. That gives you an idea of how significant it is that the two meet three times in 2020 with an agenda of transformation through illuminating what's been in darkness, repressed or oppressed so we heal that through education, expansion and spiritual alchemy. That process is highlighted today. After the Moon, our emotions, meets Jupiter, planet of spirituality, beliefs, and higher learning, void of course Moon happens from 2:06 pm to 8:54 pm EDT. Read a philosophical article or listen to a podcast with social and global justice or universal law information as the topic.  The Aquarius Moon moves in and meets Saturn, the planet of law and boundaries. Our agreements, especially social agreements such as mask wearing during pandemic and other ways we contribute to the greater good, are in sharp focus. Today's color is Turquoise.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon square to Uranus in Taurus and trine to Venus in Gemini. The latter is social, collaborative and may bring beautiful connection, forgiveness, and retrograde action around relationships. There's an opening and ease around what's overdue. The square is tougher, though it may help us ground in what we feel most strongly for. Fixed signs Aquarius and Taurus can be persistent and relentless with both ideals and methods. Groups may act from strong, even radical, senses of purpose. Today's color is Blue.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon and Gemini Sun align for writing, intellectual work, and also sharing of ideas and socializing. Void of course Moon from 10:35 am EDT on makes this a good day for recreation and leisurely plans versus business and major decisions. Today's color is Yellow.

Thursday: At 5:32 am EDT, after a long void of course time, the Moon enters Pisces. Pisces Moon squares Venus retrograde and aligns with Uranus in Taurus tonight. Note that these are the planets Aquarius Moon interacted with on Tuesday and re-read that day's forecast for more insight. Before those aspects, at 5:37 am EDT, Sun in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. Of the many possibilities here, one may work through a creative block, struggle and make attempts with words or vision, engage in empathy and compassion even under challenging conditions, and wrestle with change. The tension of a square is motivating while not easy. Effort is required in order that we express ourselves and engage in discussions and emotional healing. Avoid getting stuck in unrealistic expectations. Wear Green.

Friday: Pisces Moon meets Mars and Neptune and aligns in ease with Mercury in Cancer. Water sign energy calls attention to emotions. Try to allow for your feelings and others' sensitivities as well as other emotions. Mars in Pisces can feel antsy like energy you don't know what to do with. Think nurture, self care and care of others as well as artistic and spiritual outlets and practices. Wear Light Blue.

Saturday: We are only a few days from the beginning of Mercury retrograde. It's an emotional revising of the past. We cannot revise history, our own or collectively, however we can heal. Attention to emotions continues today as the Moon wanes and contacts Jupiter and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Feel into the issues of your tissues and the past injustices, oppression, and even successes and expansion patterns of organizations, businesses and governments for clues as to how these retrogrades and conjunctions are opening long closed doors. Pluto and Jupiter ask they we be set free somehow, from the past. Pisces Moon squares the Sun in mutable signs, and Mars and Neptune meet in mutable Pisces. Mutable means changeable, versatile, flexible. Our willingness to change, be compassionate and feel is called up. Void Moon 8:45 am to 5:03 pm EDT. Aries Moon aligns with Saturn for organizational and collective agreements and initiatives. Today's color is Orange.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Robin's Zodiac Zone May 31st to June 6th, 2020

Our Full Moon message comes from Mouse. How can this small animal with many predators enlighten us? The answer is in the details.
Mouse is a totem of organization and speaks of getting everything in order. In the process, Mouse reminds us to pay attention to the finest details. In the big picture, we are to systematize our knowledge and focus on depth. Mouse points out that something that could at first seem insignificant may have great importance. This is a time to look at everything with scrutiny and care.
For mouse's full message, head to my 'everything' blog. (robinivy.blogspot)

Sunday: Virgo to Libra Moon. The void time is 5:17 am to 10:38 am EDT. Virgo Moon and Jupiter are in harmony early, then Libra Moon and Saturn align midday. Today appears to be mostly harmonious. Justice and equality are themes. Libra Moon square to Mercury in Cancer results in communication and trying to resolve justice matters and family dynamics and may extend more broadly to our nation, the USA, as we have a 4th of July Cancer birthday. Seek fairness in all dealings. Today's color is Lavender.

Monday: Libra Moon aligns with the Sun and with Venus, the planet of harmony and beauty. Air sign action means coming up with ideas, exchanging information, and socializing. There are also currents of how to make peace and seek fair outcomes before Full Moon on Friday. Notice what friendliness and collaboration can accomplish. Join forces. Today's color is Pink.

Tuesday: Libra to Scorpio Moon. This week's topic is truly fairness, equality, justice and injustice and the Scorpio Moon adds intensity and relentlessness. The national news reflects this. What can you/we do to minimize extremes and unfair decision making or action, even violence. Libra is the sign of peace and of serving justice. The Moon squares 3 planets and opposes one today challenging us to reconcile these matters. Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus overnight into Wednesday, which is often  comes about in the forms of destruction or metaphorical earth quakes.  I know that sounds intense, just remember not all destruction is a bad thing. Sometimes the walls need to come down and it's time to reinvent. The Full Moon warm up will feel obvious. Indigo is today's color. 

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon opposite Uranus, aligns in harmony with Mars in Pisces. Action will be backed by emotions. Like most things, that can translate positively, with heart, or negatively, out of anger or envy. So be mindful of your emotions as you make decisions, and remove yourself from any situation that becomes heated or where someone is agitated or unpredictable. On a different note, the Sun and Venus have a social meeting in Gemini, which is good for friendship, sharing of ideas, and leads to announcements and news. Today's color is Blue.

Thursday: Scorpio Moon void of course 7:36 am to 1:17 pm EDT after easygoing angles with Pluto and Jupiter, both retrograde in Capricorn. The Moon is nearly Full, and the Moon has been in an emotionally charged sign. Morning may be quiet, reflective, and internally focused. Some will want space, privacy, and time to process. Some may move in the direction or organizational changes and practical, retrograde type action such as preparing space for partial re-openings or getting back to projects left incomplete. The Sagittarius Moon moves in, ready to be Full at 3:12 pm EDT on Friday. Saturn and the Moon highlight the importance and necessity of social contracts and wisdom/regulations around travel and gathering in groups. Saturn's lean toward rules and limitations is in Aquarius, sign of groups, friendships and technology. The Moon in Sagittarius leans toward freedom, philosophical outlooks and global matters and concerns. With the Moon in her fullness, interesting information and news comes to light. Mercury is a major player in tomorrow's forecast, and the messenger planet has announcements to make. Notice how this plays out. Today's color is Purple.

Friday: Full Moon in Sagittarius, fire sign of free thinking and movement. This is the first of a two year cycle of Sagittarius/Gemini eclipses. (though the next two are in Cancer/Capricorn). Change is in the air. Mercury in Cancer aligns with Uranus in Taurus for changes and news. Harkening back to Moon opposite Uranus earlier this week, developments can be unforeseen, stimulating, rattling, or the opposite of what's expected. Sag Moon opposes Venus in Gemini, which looks like a lot of movement and perhaps momentum in personal relationships. The Moon also squares Mars in Pisces, the third mutable sign active today. This Full Moon brings evolution and may involve personal, family, and world. Keeping an open mind may be helpful. Resistance often leads to suffering and angst. Can we go with the flow in a very wise and informed way? Today's color is White. 

Saturday: Void for course 12:10 am to 3:11 pm EDT. Twilight zone time. Today could feel strange, like an in between time or you may be asking yourself, 'what just happened?'. I can't say what the many transitions you, I or the world will be going through today, but I suspect they will feel different and prominent. Just when you think nothing could be stranger or ____________ (add your own word), you may find yourself in the midst of an even new readjustment or circumstance, or with a changed perspective or plan. This week is one of major change. Sag Moon and lunar eclipse contributes to weeding out, burning away and letting go. The Sun squares Mars in Pisces continuing yesterday's Mars activity. Keep your action full of heart and well informed. Blend reason with emotion. Today's color is Yellow.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Robin's Zodiac Zone May 24th-May 30th: Mercury in Cancer & a Season of Retrograde

Animal message from Hawk for the cycle beginning with New Moon in Gemini on May 22, 2020

This week Mercury moves to Cancer on Thursday. The retrograde will be in Cancer from June 18th to July 12th between 14 and 5 degrees of Cancer. June is full of retrograde action.
Here's your forecast for the rest of May, minus the 31st which lands next week!

Sunday: The Moon meets Mercury in Gemini, and these two represent storytelling. You may feel inspired to document or share your present experience. Communication is today's theme with news, writing, phone conversations and other ways of connecting highlighted. It could be important to stay up to date with information, emails, and what's generally going on around you. Some will receive communication that requires answers and replies. Personal communication and broader sources of news will be percolation today. Gemini Moon void from 7:09 am to 10:32 pm EDT and the Moon then shifts to Cancer. Today's color is Yellow.

Monday: The Moon is in Cancer, and Uranus is the planet playing a significant role as the Moon and Mars both connect with this Taurus anchored influencer. Uranus disturbs the balance, shifts our footing or perspective, and sometimes changes everything in one fell swoop. Every month we have Uranus aspects, so this may feel no different or could stir up something you wouldn't expect. Mars sextile Uranus is a wild matter, energizing us both emotionally and physically. So you could feel very stirred up, adventurous, excited or even agitated. Things may come to the surface that you couldn't have predicted, and therefore we need to pay attention to anger or other uprisings in order to moderate and take care of them in a reasonable way. The Moon also aligns with Uranus adding to the feeling aspect as Cancer rules the emotions. Today, moods may be up and down or extreme. Wear White.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon aligns with Neptune and opposes planets in Capricorn, repeating a monthly pattern. Currently those two planets are retrograde. We'll revisit unfinished business, attempt to reorganize, and revise plans. Also Neptune adds to creativity and imagination. Put right and left brain abilities together and manifest results today or over time. Today may be the planting of the seeds or a major move toward your finished product or successful plan. Void Moon 9:06 pm EDT to 2:33 am tomorrow. Blue is today's color.

Wednesday: Leo Moon time starts at 2:33 am EDT. This looks like an active day with group dynamics and responsible agreements courtesy of Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, relentlessly holding on to stability as Moon and Uranus square, and a happy alliance between the Moon and Sun which may make us feel decisive and outgoing. It's a mixed Leo Moon, depending on your circumstances. The relentless holding could create stress. The Moon/Sun dynamic could release feel good vibes. Today's color is Gold.

Thursday: Leo Moon aligns with Venus retro for reconnections and reunions. Someone may get back in touch. You might feel like redecorating with things you dig out of boxes or basements, bringing them back to life. Beautify something today. At 9:30 am the Moon moves void of course for the rest  of the day. Business may not be worth pursuing. Find something to enjoy. Mercury moves to Cancer where the retrograde begins in a few weeks. This happens at 2:09 pm EDT. Mercury in Cancer is reflective and sentimental. Today's color is Pink.

Friday: The Moon enters Virgo at 7:40 am EDT and aligns with Mercury shortly after. It feels like the home front or family business is where today's energy leads. Take care of house, family, property, and simple tasks like cooking, gardening and cleaning. Family members or close colleagues can problem solve and plan together well today. Today's color is Brown.

Saturday: The Moon opposes Mars and Neptune in Pisces. There's a pull between practical, realistic options and idealistic dreams. Venus has the middle ground in Gemini, full of ideas especially the ones abandoned at some earlier time (maybe last year?). Revisit an idea that may now make sense, isn't too impractical, and blends your dreams with real action. If you're in conflict with someone, look for an answer you can both live with as you share possibilities without judging too quickly. Communicating well and fairly is the key to getting anything accomplished today. Some will choose to live in daydreams instead. Today's color is Light Blue.

Wishing you all the best, safety and contentment. May all beings be well, feel freedom and bliss.