Friday, April 9, 2021

New Moon in Aries April 11th-17th, 2021

Yoga Nidra Sunday 4 pm virtual on zoom through Breathing Room. Sign up for this restful meditation, attend live (or wait) & receive the recording Monday morning. I scheduled this one for New Moon!

Sunday: New Moon is actually at 10:31 pm EST. Act after New Moon to sync with its' strongest power. The Moon meets Mercury today for access to new or needed information, for meetings and important talks, and for planning and acting on what's next. Here's are some examples of likely new Moon effects sign by sign. White is today's color.

Aries: New agreements with yourself and an important redirection in your life. For some this relates to career, relationships and roles and choosing your self over your work. 

Taurus: The planning stages. Things in the works that you may be keeping quiet about for now. Allowing yourself to be creative with work and employment. Relationship and work overlapping.

Gemini: New friends, colleagues, becoming more social or collaborating. Connecting to community.

Cancer: Career and the side of you the world sees. Front and center, taking on new and important roles.

Leo: Teaching, learning and broadening your opportunities. Potential travels. Communication and education related prospects where you expand your mind and others' minds. 

Virgo: Agreements about money, investments, wills and other legal contracts or processes. Co owning or dividing property. Meshing spiritual ideals with earthly ventures. 

Libra: Forward thinking related to relationship, marriage, and other partnership decisions. Family and commitment.

Scorpio: New or restarting projects. Changing routines and starting new rituals for self care.

Sagittarius: Love and creativity. Feeling more alive. Mixing love and money, such as working together or starting a joint venture.

Capricorn: Roles & balance of power in your family or household. New home or renovation projects. Refreshing living space and energy with parents, children, and partner. 

Aquarius: New contracts and projects, potential job offers. Writing and creating for publishing and sharing purposes. Communication, especially with siblings. News or opportunities to commute, travel, relocate. 

Pisces: Financial agreements including salary increase. Relationships with colleagues and questions related to mixing work with social life. Go for that new job with strong support from this New Moon.

Monday: Act with intention and New Moon energy! After Aries New Moon was exact, the Moon met Mars, planet that gets things moving. Mars, Jupiter and Venus support this New Moon, and all are encouraging, opening vision and opening opportunities. Sense what you're truly inspired by and excited about and clear the way to make it happen. Pluto in Capricorn squares the Moon, and squared Venus on Sunday. Both are in Aries. This points out tension between what you've held close or inside, and what is ready to really emerge and become. Relationships and emotional life may be up for reconciling with other desires and pursuits. For example, you may really want a job or relocation and that may have emotional implications. Is there a way to go forward without compromising something you care deeply about? Void Moon 8:06 am to 1:44 pm EST. Taurus Moon helps us land on solid ground, ready for commitment and full of persistence. Today's color is Orange.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon meets Uranus (every month). It's a challenge to hold your balance and stay steady even with a shifts all around. The Moon also squares Saturn which can be highly challenging and this time involves growing up, stepping up, continuing to work hard, and being willing to work with others. A group project may require intense effort today. The Sun aligns with Mars for the mental energy needed, lots of ideas, and running full force into new situations. Brilliant minds thrive with this aspect, so expect bright, bold ideas to come forth. Wear Gold.

Wednesday: Taurus Moon all day, and Venus makes the move to Taurus at 2:22 pm EST. Taurus is also the 2nd sign of the zodiac, so perhaps 2 is the number of the day (numerology says it's 5, just for reference).  Taurus Moon sync with Neptune in Pisces for the softer, mellower, creative soul or side of life. The Moon also squares Jupiter for the ambitious side. All contribute to growth, whether through watering the plants or nourishing the ideas, or through gathering more wisdom and being willing to share and/or listen to other bright souls with different views or sets of knowledge. Some will feel introverted and reflective today. Some will feel that way but still need to collaborate and contribute. The Moon aligns with Pluto tonight for those who want to process, think, and decide how to proceed. Give each other space or quiet. Void Moon starts at 8 pm EST until 2:35 am. Today's color is Pink.

Thursday: The Moon enters Gemini at 2:35 am EST. This sign of the mind sets us up for brainstorming, studies and travels as well. Things are set in motion. The only major aspect today is a sextile, which is harmonious and sometimes easy, between the Sun and Jupiter. Air feeds fire. Something may be coming back to life. Aquarius, where Jupiter is,  signals inventive approaches and team work. Aries, where the Sun is, lends New Moon energy to things restarted and begun this week. If all this fiery energy is too much, do some journaling or doodling under Gemini Moon and get it out on paper. And/or find a book on a topic that inspires you during this Moon of learning and teaching. Today's color is Yellow.

Friday: Gemini Moon aligns with Saturn in Aquarius. It's a fine day for a group meeting, a sharing of ideas or results, or even a job interview. It's more of an extroverts' day. If you're feeling unsure or disorganized, write notes before meeting with others and you'll feel more sorted and confident. Intelligent action and communication is favored. Also today, the Sun squares Pluto continuing an undercurrent that's been with us since Sunday. If you've been reflecting on something in a quiet way, something very personal, this may be the time it comes clear or is ready to be shared. The square represents a need to draw upon courage and 'have the guts to' face something difficult or scary. You may feel emotionally vulnerable in this. Gemini Moon squares Neptune late night, at 11:15 pm EST. I always feel like we need to be on our guard with this uncertain square. Tonight, don't over share or say more than is needed. Use creative thinking to get past intellectual blocks. Don't overthink. Keep this evening chill. Today's color is Violet.

Saturday: Gemini Moon is active with planets overnight and early morning. This could lead to overactive mind during sleep hours. Most of this looks positive and may relate to excitement about plans or new relationships or other activity going on now. Void Moon 8:08 am EST, and we might feel a bit hungover or overdone, either burned out, tired or overly energized. Time in nature may help replenish. Leave anything frustrating or not well timed for another day. Mercury aligns with both Jupiter and Mars, so instead you could be on a roll. Some thing will happen very quickly even if you expected they were days or weeks away. Offers and opportunities are likely. The Moon moves to Cancer at 3:25 pm EST, drawing focus to relationships, particularly with family. The Moon and Venus are in harmony for ease and for romance. This favors date night at home, reconnecting, or intimate gatherings of close family or friends. Create comfort. Wear Light Blue.


Friday, April 2, 2021

Aries' Peak Time: Astrology for April 4th-10th, 2021

My new class Chakra Flows started April 1st. Join me Thursdays virtually or be one of 6 in person at Breathing Room in South Portland. This yoga is slow, deliberate, reflective, and intended to recreate healthy flow between chakras. Thursday, April 8th we'll move energy in the root through solar plexus channels with focus on the psoas muscles, spine, diaphragm, and hips. 

Sign up at & join us at 5:30 pm -6:45 or receive the recording to use for 48 hours beginning Friday morning. 

We are on our way to Aries' New Moon. It'll take all week to get there. Decluttering is favored. 

Hey, it's great to be back in person for a couple of classes! I'm teaching for the Town of Falmouth on Wednesdays & Breathing Room on Thursdays, live. Also a shout to Creating Space Yoga in Portland where I taught my first class in over a year on the last evening of March. Thank you for having me fill in & for welcoming me into your community! 


Sunday: Happy Easter for those of you celebrating. And happy end of Passover this weekend, as well. Capricorn Moon squares both the Sun and Venus in Aries today. We may be in conflict about our priorities, feeling like we should work even if recreation or celebrations call to us too. Consider a things to do list that you can get back too when you have free time. Venus and the Sun in Aries pull us toward light, love, and festivity. New ventures and new relationships begin to bloom. Notice what sparks excitement, like a flutter in the heart. The Moon and Neptune align for creative projects and vision in the afternoon and evening. Today's color is Green.

Monday: Capricorn Moon meets Pluto at 3:05 am EST, the beginning of a 6 hour void of course time. The morning may include late sleeping, awareness of dreams, and possibly some anxieties or fears cropping into our consciousness. Pluto aspects often include realizations that come from the depths including our pasts. Something may arise in order to be healed or reconciled. The Moon enters Aquarius at 9:04 am EST and sync with Mercury in Aries. This leads to progressive and groundbreaking thoughts and plans. Get like minds together for a new project. Clear the air and clean your space. Share ideas and allow others to give input and build on them. Today's color is Turquoise. 

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon favors team efforts and future planning. The Moon squares Uranus overnight and meets Saturn at dawn (6:32 am EST) which gives weight to whatever must be stabilized or requires effort and commitment today. Aquarius relates to the ankles and our circulation, and this translates to stability and healthy flow. Can you bring these concepts into your individual purpose and situations you're connected to? Uranus can lead to excitement or anxiety. Aquarius tends toward a sensitive nervous system, so while the Moon is in this sign, would slowing down and going step by step be beneficial? Commitments and promises should be honored and not entered into lightly with Saturn's influence. On a different note,  Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini are all about connection, especially mental connection. This could mean meeting someone you could converse with for hours, sharing ideas and experiences in common. The Moon is also in harmony with the Sun, Mars and Venus for overall good vibes between friends, lovers, and favors collaborating. Yellow is today's color.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon makes one more aspect before changing signs, meeting Jupiter at 6:05 am EST. This sets us up for opportunities, interviews, expansion plans, teaching and learning. Use your mind, exercise your brain, read a good book or article, ponder ideas, apply for school or another program. Envision what your next endeavor could be and in what way your talents can benefit the world. Void of course Moon leaves plenty of time for daydreaming, journaling, drawing, and reflecting during the day until 4:30 pm EST when the Moon enters Pisces. This could make a nice day off to do what you like and follow your interests. Pisces Moon tonight highlights the emotional side of life. Help out, show love or generosity, and don't overdo anything. Wear Light Blue.

Thursday: Pisces Moon aligns with Uranus in Taurus. Some will feel this as upheaval, such as something unplanned that must be accommodated or processed. Some will feel this as excitement and feel ready to dive into a project such as gardening, painting, rearranging or building. Creative life force rises for some. If you're feeling low, it may help to go to your favorite pastime, something that feels constructive or where you can see the immediate results and progress that are favored by the sign Taurus. Pisces Moon reminds us that our feelings are strong and ever present, even when their tone is quieter or overshadowed by what we have to do. Remember to also BE, and tune in to offer some love and understanding to your self. Today's color is Light Green.

Friday: Pisces Moon and Neptune both square Mars in Gemini. This can feel a bit out of sorts since one is supremely emotional while the other is mind based and on the move. A combination of, or even conflict between, thoughts and feelings could be too much. The heart and mind may want two different things. Pisces emotional sensibilities seems stronger as the Moon meets Neptune and aligns with Pluto, drawing us more inward and down regulating. Go slower, aim for ease. Be kind to yourself and to someone else.  Creatively, work through a stubborn block by resting your mind rather than pushing. Notice great ideas or visualizations that happen when you're not overthinking. Dream and daydream, meditate and draw or paint. Void Moon starts at 7:48 pm EST. Today's color is Blue.

Saturday: This is the day before New Moon. It's a time for reconsideration, reviewing and preparing to take a new direction. Aries Moon lends energy to all of this from 2:11 am EST on. Mercury in Aries aligns with Saturn in Aquarius to highlight our roles in groups we belong to or contribute to. Some will discuss or accept new positions where commitment and/or leadership are called for. Venus aligns with Jupiter, also in Aries and Aquarius, firing us up about possibilities, seeing the big picture and filling in some beautiful details. Abundance, prosperity and progress come from creative and open hearted collaborations with this aspect. Think forward rather than back. Though we can learn from and take from parts of the past, this season is about moving ahead with new and re-created plans, ventures, and even relationships. Aim for improvements, even improving upon what seemed good before. Agreements, promises and acting together rather than individually continues as a theme throughout the weekend. Aries' New Moon is Sunday at 10:31 pm EST. Venus has just a few more days in Aries. Take a full breath recognizing there's incredible potential in the air right now. Go where you're inspired. Wear Red today.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Full Moon in Libra March 28th-April 3rd, 2021

Sunday: The Moon is Full in Libra at 2:48 pm EST. This Full Moon highlights love, couples, and partnership, along with fairness and compromise. Venus is across from the Moon, encouraging harmony, romance, and willingness to really hear each other and be equal, contributing partners. Relationship related announcements are likely. Decisions and commitments made finally be made with input from and consideration of significant others as the Moon aligns with Saturn. Find balance between 'me' and 'we' without going too far in either direction. Focus on what's accomplished and fully realized together. If this doesn't seem to apply, honor and respect the rights of others to intertwine their lives and decisions. This is a Full Moon of mutual respect. Anything that goes against that will come up for strong re-evaluation and restructuring. Today's color is White. 

Monday: Libra Moon in harmony with Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Aquarius means using out intelligence to navigate the tail end of Full Moon time. Do your research. Sort through ideas. Get a group together to forward a plan. This is a time for getting together, cooperating and sharing useful information or plans. With a lot swirling in your mind, don't forget to move and take care of your body. Dance and be expressive. Shake too much thinking off and out with movement. Libra is a sign of music and dance. Mars in Gemini is expressive with the hands and arms. With Moon and these planets in the sign of air, also take time to focus on your breath. Add short meditations and stretch breaks to break up mental intensity. Void Moon at 8:08 pm EST until 1:33 am. Wear Lavender.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon adds weight to whatever is coming up now. The Moon and Uranus have their monthly opposition. It can be shaky or feel like rough terrain. The Moon is waning and in some cases, there could be a crumbling type fallout. What may be scrapped or destroyed can re-emerge in new form when it's time. Give yourself time if this is the case. This may be a day of letting go, while trying still to hold on tightly. Notice intuitive insights surrounding any of this. Venus meets Saturn in Aries, and this part of the outlook is more about committing to beginnings. These beginnings are serious and may feel like carving out a path no one has traveled before (even if that's not entirely true, it may feel that way). The Moon also squares Saturn. Today may feel like climbing a mountain, exerting much effort. Take breaks. Know when enough has been done. Wear Indigo. 

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces, softening into emotions and feelings after yesterday's effort or seriousness. Invite more ease and notice ways that becomes available. Jupiter is square to the Moon for team efforts in designing something that requires problem solving or inventing. Mercury in harmony with the Moon helps us communicate well and take an understanding or compassionate approach. The Sun aligns with Saturn for getting things decided and started. Void Moon 8:29 pm EST as the Moon aligns with Pluto initiating voc time. This lends to reflection, privacy, intimacy and quiet for the rest of the night. Sagittarius Moon moves in at 1:59 am EST, 10:59 pm Pacific time. Today's color is Purple. 

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon acts with The Sun and planets in air and fire signs for the next two days. Energy may rise as we open our minds to plans and ways to follow our dreams. Education may be in the spotlight through college acceptances and other new plans. The Moon and Saturn work together for group endeavors. Today's color is Orange.

Friday: Sag Moon in harmony with Venus and Jupiter favors expansion and travel plans. Big ideas come up for action or strong consideration. Working with partners and groups is favored. The Moon is opposite Mars and this can lead to strong disagreements also. Philosophies and approaches may be challenged by those with opposing ideas. Information and opinions may be scattered or pushed on us. Try not to rush as the Moon squares Neptune and this can cloud good judgment. It may be a message to slow down and take time to sort things out. Mercury has a similar message through alignment with Pluto, planet of mysteries, secrets and the shadow side. Sit with information, use your intuition, and act when you are truly ready. Journal, draw or meditate to slow down this week's active brainwaves. Today's color is Blue.

Saturday: Void Moon 1:24 am EST after a Mercury square. At 4:13 am EST, the Moon enters Capricorn. Our practical side may quickly emerge, and we'll need that as the Moon and Uranus align. As something shifts or changes, respond without too much reaction or impulsivity. Mercury changes signs at 11:41 pm EST, increasing changes of heart and mind all weekend long. Either information or the big picture may shift in an unforeseen way. Mercury in Aries will lead to initiating, acting on ideas, reinventing, and rising from the rubble in some cases. Get grounded and real under this Capricorn Moon. What needs your energy? What is the next step? Today's color is Black.