Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 22nd to 28th, 2017

Thursday: Robin's Zodiac Yoga 5:30 pm with Happy Folk music on Congress Square Park Portland, Maine. It's free. Bring your mat! Astrology theme for Summer Solstice and Cancer New Moon!

This is the day prior to Cancer New Moon. It's time to shed an outdated belief or move on in your heart, and create space for love, romance, healing and reconnecting. That can include reunions or forgiveness and may also mean  making room for a  housemate, family member or other person who needs care and nurturing.  The Moon is in Gemini, aligned with Jupiter in Libra for fairness and positivity in relationships. It may also be fun and stimulating to be with people you didn't know well, or at all, before today. Socialize. Expect that others will need flexibility and freedom to express feelings and ideas.  Today's color is Light Blue.

Friday Cancer New Moon 10:31 pm EDT, meeting the Sun of course and approaching Mercury for a conjunction in the early hours of Saturday. Early in the day, things are changeable or could feel unstable as Uranus harmonizes with Gemini Moon. Gemini Moon opposes Saturn retro and that may feel like pressure to give your word or to sign a contract. Take your time if possible.  Endeavors are best started after New Moon, and through the days ahead.  2:45 pm to 6:07 pm EDT, the Moon is void of course. Late day Cancer Moon leads to heartfelt or other necessary conversations.  The protective and caring urge could come across as controlling or criticism. Do the best you can to be clear.  Today's color is White.

Saturday: Cancer Moon with a variety of planetary aspects. Venus aligns with Pluto. Understanding is a key word today. Can you understand something more clearly, ask for clarification,  or empathize with others' emotions so as not to judge harshly? How does understanding apply in your life right now? Do you need someone to show more understanding, and if so can you gently ask for that? Today's color is Blue.

Sunday: Cancer Moon aligns with Venus for harmony and love. Almost simultaneously, Mars and Jupiter form the sharp corners of a square. This sets up action around what's fair or requires more justice or balance. Family and partnership situations that are out of sync are most implied.  Consider what's fair in terms of sharing, judgment, and with resources or responsibilities. Cancer Moon void from 2:44 pm to 6:06pm EDT. Leo Moon follows and may bring more optimism and sense of fun for Sunday night or Monday.  Today's color is Gold.

Monday: The Leo Moon aligns with Jupiter for socializing, fun and acts of generosity and love.  Mars and Neptune align which may soften some edges and help us overlook what we cannot change. Creativity may peak. Be compassionate and notice who you enjoy being around. Positive people will lift you up, so find them. Today's color is Purple.

Tuesday: Leo Moon with varied aspects. Mercury is a major influence with a square to Jupiter and a trine to Neptune. Mercury meets Mars on Wednesday so that's approaching as well. Strong reason to form agreements, sign contracts, communicate pressing information or feelings, and issues of justice all come with these aspects.  There's no specific reason to be wary about agreements or legal matters right now. Saturn is retrograde, but that's true fairly often during the year. Evaluate timing. Does it feel right to move forward or resolve something now? Family and home related matters take precedence. Leo Moon void from 5:12 pm to 8:41 pm EDT. During those hours play it safe. Virgo Moon moves in. Tonight may be romantic or a good time for magical and imaginative work or play. Today's color is Indigo.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon. Mercury and Mars meet. Avoid defensive behavior or words. Listen and notice what you're protecting from feelings to people. Is that useful or could opening up and being more flexible ease a strain or emotional pain.  Can you avoid being passive aggressive and communicate about feelings without blaming? Problem solve under Virgo Moon. Today's color is Yellow.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 15th to 21st, 2017

Thursday: Void Moon from 1:40 to 6:17 am EDT. Moon shifts to Pisces and is in harmony with Mars in Cancer. Our water sign traits activate, including sensitivity, artistic expression and appreciation, protectiveness, nurturing and sentiment and sometimes sadness.  The Gemini Sun opposes Saturn retro in Sagittarius. Deal with responsibilities and consider whether to take a second look at educational or travel plans and possibly revise.  Make this a date night or be with the ones you love. Today's color is Green.

Friday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune, and aligns with Venus and Pluto. Personal feelings and relationships are number one.  Acknowledge and honor emotions. Honor differences of opinion. Minimize criticism or deliver it gently and tactfully. Wear Light Blue.
Come to Yin Yoga at Riverbend Yoga Yarmouth, Maine 12-1 pm.

Saturday: Pisces Moon void from 7:33 am to 1:56 pm EDT. Take care with everything and everyone. Be kind. Moon square to the Sun and Saturn. Honor agreements. Deal sensitively with tough situations.  Continue to reconsider or revise any plan that no longer seems wise. Aries Moon with no aspects for the afternoon and night.  Today's color is Red.

Sunday: Aries Moon squares Mars and opposes Jupiter. Mercury opposes Saturn in Gemini/Sagittarius. Disagreements and anything sudden will require patience and problem solving. Waiting may be the wisest course. Try to avoid anger and impulsiveness. Void of course Moon 10:19 pm EDT until 1:04 am on Monday, Adjust to your time zone.  Today's color is White.
Wind down with 5:30-6:45 Deep Stretch at Greener Postures in South Portland

Monday: Taurus Moon 1:04 am EDT. Stability and stubbornness as Venus squares Neptune and Mars squares Uranus. Open up to self expression, especially through music and all of the art forms.  Don't hold back your talents or your feelings (out of fear or judgment). There's some high strung, wound up energy in the air and with Mars in Cancer this may be an emotional release. Do calming things and help keeps others comfortable and safe, particularly those going through hard times.  Today's color is Pink.
Start the week with energy! 6-7am Heated Flow at Greener Postures in South Portland

Tuesday: Taurus Moon with harmonious aspects to Mars, Neptune and Venus. Moon and Venus meet for sensuality, healing and love. Announcements and news are likely as Mercury and Uranus join forces. This leads to original thinking. Some words or news may burst impulsively or without much thought. Venus and Neptune favor romance. Today's color is Green.
You'll love 9-10 am Gentle Yoga at Scarborough Yoga (433 route 1 in Scarborough, Maine)

Wednesday: Summer Solstice arrives when the Sun moves to Cancer at 12:24 am EDT. Mercury also moves to Cancer for reunions, sentimental feelings, and nurturing relationships. Void Moon 12;28 am until 6:44 pm EDT, and then a shift into Gemini Moon. The New Moon in Cancer is on Friday for the USA, Saturday in other time zones. The Sun meets Mercury at 10:14 am at the cusp of Cancer. Be gentle with communications. Enjoy and prioritize family. Family news is likely.  Today's color is Yellow.

Summer Solstice and New Moon Yoga, free, with music by Happy Folk on Congress Square Park, downtown Portland, Maine on Thursday the 22nd at 5:30-6:45 pm. Please come out and enjoy summer!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 8th to 14th, 2017

Hi Everyone! I have a few events I'd like to invite you to. First, Thursday, June 22nd, Robin's Zodiac Yoga for the Solstice and New Moon is free at 5:30-6:45 on Congress Square Park Portland. Bring your own mat and yoga to the sounds of Happy Folk who will play live music! Sponsored by Congress Square Arts. The dance floor will be set up so get there early for a good spot. I'll be there by 5:15 pm and we'll celebrate the arrival of summer season.

I'll see some of you at Maine YogaFest for Restorative Yoga with Reiki by Addie Powers Johnson, under one of the tents on Saturday, July 8th at 5-6:30 pm. www.Maineyogafest.com

September 8th-10th, training for yoga teachers and others interested in deepening their practice or teaching of Yoga Nidra, a form of guided meditation.  Anyone can learn this wonderful, magical method of guiding deep relaxation for healing and manifesting intentions. This intensive weekend includes experiential learning and you will leave ready to practice and guide yoga nidra on your own or for others. Yoga Nidra Teacher Training and Personal Immersion Early bird registration is on. $299 payable to Scarborough Yoga by July 15th. Email me to let me know you've registered robinivy88@gmail.com and mail checks to:

Scarborough Yoga
433 US Rte 1
Scarborough, Maine 04074

the details are at this link


Robin's Zodiac Yoga Asana and Intuition at Tula in South Portland, Saturday, September 16th
1-3:30 pm. Sign up at www.TulaMaine.com

I hope to see you somewhere, soon! Robin

Thursday: The Moon is nearly Full and in this month's Full Moon sign, Sagittarius. The Moon is in harmony with Jupiter in Libra and squares Neptune in Pisces.  The Moon and Jupiter alignment equals good fortune, and Libra, Sagittarius, Leo, and Gemini may experience luck through opportunities, travels, fulfilled wishes, and supportive friends.  Today's color is Turquoise.

Friday:Full Moon in Sagittarius is at 9:20 am EDT. This Full Moon of fire may fuel strong disagreements and also lead to closure in important life matters. The Moon meets Saturn retrograde and  you may close a chapter through a legal agreement or other significant decision. Venus and Mars align today, in Taurus and Cancer, for romance and reassurance even during this time of polar opposition. Recognize where it's important to be loyal. Know what's worth fighting for and what might be better to let go of. Today's color is White.

Saturday: From 2:20 am to 7:36 am EDT, the Moon is void of course. Capricorn Moon for the rest of the weekend. The Moon opposes Mars which may be difficult in matters of the heart or of controversy and debate.  The Moon aligns with Venus, helping to offset some of that opposition. Relationships and family matters take strong priority and may be quite stirred up today. The Full Moon zone continues, and you may notice this as certain situations peak. Today's color is Green.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon squares Jupiter, is in harmony with Neptune and meets Pluto. If something is wrong, face up to the reality and do something about it. Avoidance gets you nowhere. This is meant to be a productive day.  Today's color is Black.

Monday: Void Moon 2:45 to 7:45 pm. Use the hours before then to be productive and engaged in your priorities. The Moon squares Uranus at 2:45 pm, and annoyances or power struggles may flare up. Do routine things and exercise or relax during the void Moon hours.  Aquarius Moon sets in for a social night which is also a decent night for studies or work. Violet is today's color.

Tuesday: A busy day in the zodiac. The strong influences come from the Aquarius Moon, Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter in Libra. Note that these are the 3 air signs, relating to intelligence, communication, ideas, and discretion.  It's a day for good judgement, fair treatment, and conversation or meetings.  Agreements and partnerships form or take new shape.  Today's color is Blue.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon aligns with the Sun and Saturn. It's another day for agreements, co-creating, intellect and invention.  The Moon and Sun favor our social interactions too. Wear Silver.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 1st to 8th, 2017

Thursday: Virgo Moon, 2nd quarter, a time for productivity and progress. Try to leave pressure out of the mix. Today can be easy going as Moon and Pluto form a trine and Neptune is across from the Moon. Neptune's opposition can add to lack of timeliness and reliability. Notice if you're lost in a dream or detached from others. Ground where your energy is needed. Venus and Saturn form a trine for resolving partnership matters and taking the lead where forgiveness or other agreements are needed and perhaps feel overdue.  Today's color is Green.

Friday: Virgo Moon will be void of course 5:48 to 8:04 pm. Moon in harmony with Pluto, and Mercury, all in earth signs, favors the practical matters of life. We can communicate more reasonably and understand our own hopes, motives or fears better with these aspects.  Virgo Moon square to Mars and Saturn intensifies the call to act and to take things seriously.  Get into the details and stay out of disagreements. Know what you're willing to stand steadfast for as others may test your vulnerability or limits.  Libra Moon moves in at 8:04 pm EDT for a social Friday night and weekend. Today's color is Pink.

Saturday: Libra Moon meets Jupiter and the Sun aligns from Gemini, gracing social events and parties. Partnerships, marriages, close friendships, and first meetings are all favored today. You may feel the inspiration for something new or celebrate the results of what's been in the works for a long while. Venus and Uranus are together in Aries for spontaneous dates, strong attraction, and maybe love at first sight.  Today's color is Blue (wear your favorite shade!).

Sunday: Libra Moon square to Pluto retro in Capricorn. The Sun squares Neptune in Pisces.  Ask yourself if those feelings you have, that resentment or perception, is really truth. Could you let go of an outdated idea about someone or about a relationship or friendship from the past? How would it feel to be free of one piece of baggage? Live in the now and notice any detachment or fear of what's real. Tune in to what's right here in front of you and live your life more joyfully. Illusions are not your friend. Mars moves to Cancer at 12:16 pm EDT. Mars is uncomfortable in Cancer's emotional realm. Let go of defensiveness before it takes root.  Today's color is White.

Monday: Libra Moon void from 4:57 to 6:46 am EDT and opposes both Uranus and Venus before daybreak. Moon shifts to Scorpio for the rest of the day. Relationship matters are quite stirred up. Status changes may come by surprise. Feelings will come across very strongly for the next few days. The Moon aligns with Mars and you'll see protectiveness in play. Protecting one's own interests or feelings or privacy are examples.  Also we may fiercely protect other people. Wear Indigo Blue today.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Neptune and Pluto. The Scorpio energy is strong and intense. Yet, the trine angles may help ease tension or assist in processing emotional situations.  Venus shifts to Taurus after some fiery aspects in the past week. That can be a welcome relief if love and anxiety seem to be companions lately.  Venus is more earthy, loyal, and sensual in Taurus. Mercury moves to home sign Gemini at 6:15 pm EDT which inspires writing and imagination as well as networking with others for the next few weeks. Void Moon begins 8:35 pm EDT. Yellow is today's color.

Wednesday: Long void of course Moon ends at 6:59 pm EDT when the Moon moves to Sagittarius.  Keep life simple today. Take care of routines and what needs to be accomplished as the Moon waxes toward Full on Friday. Moon opposes Mercury at 11:39 pm EDT. Notice communication that comes through tonight and pause before responding, making sure you understand clearly and avoiding a quick reaction you might change your mind about later.  Today's color is Purple.

On Thursday, June 22nd join me outdoors on the 'dance floor' for RoZoYo® Solstice and New Moon Yoga with music by Happy Folk on Congress Square Park Portland, Maine 5:30-6:45 pm. This sequence will celebrate the start of summer and Cancer New Moon.  Come for the yoga, the music or to breathe with us! All are welcome and it's free, courtesy of Congress Square Arts. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Robin's Zodiac Zone May 25th to 31st, 2017

Note that this is a few days ahead and begins with May 25th. Look ahead for the prior week.

Thursday: Gemini New Moon is at 3:44 pm EDT. Venus in Aries is square to Pluto retro in Capricorn today. Reconsider and weigh options today. Go back and face a relationship issue with more courage and willingness to be vulnerable or intimate in how you share. Today's color is White.

Friday: Gemini Moon creates a lively, interactive atmosphere, aligning with Venus for dates and social occasions and with Jupiter for an expansive, open minded way of thinking. Mars and the Moon meet and you may suddenly express something that's been bothering you or trapped inside. Avoid the angry approach. How can you be tactful with words? Wear Blue today.

Saturday: Void of course Moon 2:08 to 7:25 am EDT. The Moon lines  up with Uranus overnight. Take care and watch out for your friends. Volatile situations are to be avoided and diffused. Overnight, things could get out of hand quickly.  Cancer Moon today for taking care of home and of family concerns or immersing in joys with the ones we love. Today's color is Light Blue.

Sunday: Mercury aligns with Neptune for creativity and inspiration. Connect with the earth and the water in meaningful, playful and nurturing ways. Cancer Moon. Intuition is heightened as are our senses. The Moon makes a variety of aspects to other planets. Keep close relationships and fairness in mind as you move through the weekend. Today's color is Purple.

Monday: Void Moon 2:59 to 8:12 am EDT. Sleep and dream well. Note any messages or emotions that come through in dreams. Leo Moon for fun and activities with kids or games and competitions. Mars opposes Saturn in Gemini and Sagittarius. Keep debates under control. You may rethink a vacation or travel plan. Trust your instincts and don't force what doesn't seem meant to be. Note where the resistance is. Today's color is Yellow.

Tuesday: Leo Moon for a dynamic start to the business week, and it's also great for vacation time. The Moon aligns with Jupiter for gifts and glamour. Moon squares Mercury in Taurus which can mean stubbornness or strong will and resolve. Back words with actions.  Mars sextile to Uranus, and things happen quickly. This can signal success and inspiration, though we also want to be mindful with actions and not take big risks. Today's color is Orange.

Wednesday: Leo Moon void from 7:14 am to 12:16 pm EDT. Mix networking in with business, show interest in people and note how a seemingly random conversation could be favorable! Virgo Moon moves in at 12:16 for the practical part of the week. Mercury in Taurus is trine to Pluto retro in Capricorn and once Virgo Moon kicks in, there's an abundance of earth sign energy for getting things accomplished and making realistic plans as well as acting on them. Today's color is Navy Blue.

Thursday, June 22nd on Congress Square Park, join me for a Solstice/New Moon celebration with yoga and live music by Happy Folk 5:30-6:45 pm. Come for the yoga or the music or both! Bring your own yoga mat. All are welcome to this free Robin's Zodiac Yoga brought to you by Congress Square Arts Portland, Maine.