Thursday, November 7, 2019

Astrology for November 10th-16th, 2019: Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moon with Mercury retrograde in the opposite sign! Support your friends and family and let them stand by you too as we move through long term changes and decisions this week.

Sunday: Aries Moon void from 9 am on after a couple of disruptive aspects with Mars and Pluto and one inspiring trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius. If you're feeling initiative for a new project or for some research on a grand idea for the future, go with it. Mars and Pluto challenge confidence and stir things up in personal relationships. Self vs others, self interests vs common good, and other similar themes influence our day. Taurus Moon from 6:18 pm EDT on through almost all of Tuesday. Full Moon warmup is here. Today's color is Green.

Monday: Taurus Moon nearly Full. This lunar cycle brings completion, release, and long term decisions. Mercury is retrograde so there may be some lingering questions and loose ends even as you move on from something. Break habits especially those you've tried to break before. Moon meets Uranus challenging stability and security. Sun meets Mercury retrograde for revisions and reconnections. Today's color is Yellow.

Tuesday: Full Moon in Taurus 8:34 am EDT and void of course from 10:48 am on to 3:46 am on Wednesday (EDT, adjust for your zone). Opposite Mercury retro in Scorpio, this Moon is quite contrary about communication including emails, letters, instructions and schedules. Loyalty is a huge deal and infidelity may be exposed. Mars aligns with Jupiter in Libra/Sagittarius and encourages fair outcomes while also inspiring learning and travel. Things may not go as planned today, especially if a meeting or appointment or personal conversation is involved. Know when to stand your ground and when to surrender and compromise. Excessive stubbornness could hold you back from something worthwhile. Weigh your pros and cons carefully. Today's color is White.

Wednesday: Gemini Moon time starts 3:46 am EDT. It could help us break a stagnant pattern or let go if we're holding on too tightly. Gemini Moon is about movement. Mercury aligns with Saturn for those big and overdue decisions and agreements. Mercury and Neptune team up for creativity and following dreams or interpreting them! The Sun aligns with Pluto and we may feel more optimistic or able to handle life's twists and turns. Channel this strong emotional energy in healthy ways. Re-organizing may be called for. Today's color is Blue.

Thursday: Gemini Moon opposite Venus can attract us to others with different perspectives, skills and outlooks from our own. Some will  meet their match or realize that someone who has been there all along can be more than just an acquaintance. Romance may follow in some cases. Intellectual matches will be made. Communicative and outgoing, this Gemini Moon squares Neptune and we need to cautious with unrealistic people or ideas. Take steps slowly, not rushing into wild plans. Some will work through a creative block, with effort. Venus and Neptune also square, in mutable signs, and there's a feeling of wanting to break free and perhaps not fulfill promises. Try not to disappoint or at least explain why and ask forgiveness. Wear Pink today.

Friday: From 6:40 to 11:15 am EDT, the Moon is void of course. This may contribute to Mercury retrograde activity (which by the way is on until the 20th). Take things slow and step by step. Avoid major purchases and technical ones unless absolutely necessary and sure. Save receipts and know your options regardless. Mars aligns with the Moon in the morning, activating us around legal and contractual matters.  Uranus is in harmony with the Cancer Moon that arrives at 11:15 am. We may need to protect our own and our family's best interests, add some security or defend our property, for examples. This looks like kind of a serious Friday. Plans close to home or at home are favored tonight. Wear Light Blue.

Saturday: Cancer Moon for family and home priorities. Saturn throws an authoritative and serious tone to the day with an opposition to the Moon. Family decisions and agreements may be necessary. Otherwise, Mercury retro and Neptune align with the Moon for connections long overdue and for creative projects, writing, or working with color. Today's color is Indigo.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Mercury Retrograde Forecast: November 3rd-9th, 2019

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Sunday: The Moon grows in light yet we've entered the 'shorter' days with the clocks moving back an hour. Waxing Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius. Aquarius Moon arrives at 6:19 am EDT in harmony with Venus for some much needed lightness, favoring social gatherings or travels. Moon and Uranus square indicating a need for inventive and brilliant ideas, problem solving and alternative approaches to making things work. Plan B, C or D is set in motion. Today's color is Pink.

Monday: Aquarius Moon is inventive and persistent. Mercury is retrograde and frustration levels may be high especially if progress and results don't seem to equal your effort and drive. Today could be motivating for some and irritating for others. It's natural to want motion during this time in the lunar cycle. Frustration will come from whatever is not happening quickly enough according to our personal timelines. Aquarius Moon is good for team efforts, so gather some supporting or skilled friends to work on a project or speed things up. Mars and Pluto square in Libra/Capricorn is exact overnight into tomorrow and it's a tough one that calls out injustice and stirs or disturbs the status quo. These few days around the square could get quite uncomfortable and lead to system and organizational changes as well as justice and/or paying the price for previous actions. Today's color is Turquoise.

Tuesday: Re-read the Mars/Pluto section of Monday's forecast as the effects are prevalent today. The Moon squares Mercury retrograde today which may not feel helpful at all. Something may need to stay undecided, unresolved or undone for now. Agreements and negotiations may be at a standstill. Remember that sometimes in retrospect, waiting is wise. Jupiter aligns with the Moon to take us away from problems. This aspect favors positive distractions, interests and inspiration if we can walk away from what's bothering us and focus on something else. Void Moon in Aquarius 9:37 am to 6:08 pm EDT. Moon in Pisces this evening for music, film, creativity and compassion for others. Today's color is Black.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon squares Venus in Sagittarius. Don't rely too heavily on others today as this square can lead to unreliability, disappointment in love, no shows or getting 'stood up'. It's a sign of breaking away and forgetting responsibilities for a while. The upside is you might take a spontaneous adventure with an unlikely travel mate. Later, the Moon aligns with the Sun in Scorpio and emotions not only settle, but we may find romance and creative force heightens. It's a good night to pull out your tarot or other divination tools or your art supplies and let intuition take over. Wear Light Blue.

Thursday: Pisces Moon aligns with Pluto, squares Jupiter and feels motivating as compared to some recent days. Travel and life decisions are front and center. As the Moon's light grows, consider how you can grow through experiences, learning and resolving emotional situations. Void Moon from 8:13 pm EDT through the overnight. Stick with the friends you trust the most or enjoy some time to work on personal projects tonight. It's meant to be taken easy. Wear Purple.

Friday: Void Moon ends as Aries Moon takes over at 6:49 am EDT.  Aries Moon is activating, motivating and driven.  More importantly, Saturn and Neptune form an interesting alignment and are supported by the Scorpio Sun! These two planets are incredible different in nature and in two contrasting signs, Capricorn and Pisces. Interestingly, each is in its' home sign, accentuating the effect. Saturn is wisdom and experience while Neptune is imagination and escape. At best, this aspect makes dreams and visions real and tangible. We are getting close to Full Moon in Taurus. Could you be experiencing or manifesting a dream come true, today or any day now? Believe, put forth the effort and hold onto your vision. We need a day like this right now! I hope you get great news or feel a sense of achievement and good fortune today or by Full Moon on the 12th. Today's color is Red.

Saturday: Aries Moon. Mercury retrograde aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. Something long overdue could be realized. An 'aha' moment changes your inner dialogue, quite possibly for the better. Some will let go of emotional roadblocks and see things in a new light. Saturn does square the Moon reminding us to be practical and sensible even as we move into exciting new territory. Combine your childlike or youthful urge to jump right in with some realism and a step by step approach. Today's color is Gold.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

New Moon in Scorpio & Mercury Retrograde October 27th-November 2nd, 2019

Sunday: Reflective and quiet, these are the hours before New Moon. Burn or cleanse what you no longer need. Cut any negative ties and re-evaluate as you prepare for a new cycle. This is a powerful one that may include destruction to re-create, regenerative energy and rebirths. Void Moon 4:22 am to 4:29 pm EDT, then the Moon moves into Scorpio and New Moon is at 11:39 pm EDT. Scorpio Moon equals emotion, sometimes emotion that has been suppressed. That energy has to go somewhere and must be released so it doesn't turn to anger, bitterness, violence, revenge, or illness. Today find a way to peacefully or productively channel emotions that have been harbored inside. The Moon opposes Uranus for outbursts of release just minutes after New Moon. Stay out of harm's way in every way. Create, talk with close friends, and express in healthy ways. Mars is square to Saturn for extra challenge around relationships and other major life themes and situations. Peace is our challenge during this Moon shift. Today's color is White.

Monday: Sun opposes Uranus overnight adding to the New Moon power. How can you recreate or contribute to rebirth. This is Phoenix type energy such as what rises from the ashes of endings and makes new beginnings. The Moon and Saturn add to the somber and seriousness while Neptune adds imagination and color and contributes to re-imagining and creative force. Wear Indigo Blue.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon void of course 1:34 pm to 5:58 pm EDT. The earlier hours hold feelings and actions related to the past few days and there could be a tying up of loose ends, an internal aha moment where understanding comes, or some fear and anxiety as the Moon aligns with Pluto. Hopefully it leads to some resolution instead. The Moon meets both Venus and Mercury for a highly intuitive, passionate, and emotion centered day. In the void hours, find some meditation time or a nap to regenerate you. Sagittarius Moon tonight starts opening us up to what else is out there, what interests or actions to pursue with senses of adventure and freedom. Today's color is Purple.

Wednesday: Mercury and Venus meet in Scorpio. This whole week has been a peak Scorpio time and all Scorpio matters such as sex, reproduction, death and recreation or rising out of the ashes are highlighted. This week could be called a volcano of internal and personal significance. Mercury will retrograde for a few weeks beginning tomorrow. Things may slow down, become complex, or increase thoughts and feelings about or from the past.
Today communication and relationships are in focus. You may feel and act with passion toward someone else or create something for or in the name of someone you've loved. What we hope to avoid is anger or lashing out. Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune and the urge to escape follows. Healthy escapes can involve road trips, watching a movie or hiking. Seek something that inspires you or offer inspiration to others who may really need a new vision. Today's color is Dark Red like cranberry or maroon.

Thursday: Halloween, a turning point in the season. Whether you celebrate or not, tune in and notice the very end of harvest, the later falling leaves and all the signs that the earth is going into hibernation to regenerate in the spring. Void Moon starts at 10:30 am and last until 10:38 pm EDT and Mercury retrograde begins at 11:41 am. The Moon is supported by Mars and they have dynamic effect in terms of movement, action and change. Jupiter and the Moon meet for broadening our perspectives, opportunities and for successes. Be aware, or wary, during the void hours. Capricorn Moon 10:38 pm EDT is setting up for a business-like Friday. Wear Black.

Friday: Capricorn Moon aligns with the Sun for a significant decision making day. Emotions are 'taken out' of the equation or reduced. What's sensible and reasonable is favored. People may be business like even with personal interactions. Sometimes reducing the emotion can be useful in order to cope or do what's right. Uranus forms a trine with the Moon and we may destabilize or 'knock down' structures in the way of progress or what needs to be done. There might be a suddenness to some actions or news. Venus moves to Sagittarius, a sign of free thinking around relationships, at 4:25 pm. Relationships that need to be reimagined, refreshed or let go of can be influenced during the month ahead. Look for natural beauty and feelings of true freedom often found in nature. Wear Green.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon meets Saturn and Pluto, is also challenged by Mars in Libra and in harmony with Neptune in Pisces. We're likely to be concerned with fairness, with deep inner thoughts or emotions and it could be a day of calculated decisions and transactions, negotiating with others or with self, and could feel a bit heartless. Neptune in Pisces soften things around the edges and you may notice this through someone compassionate or creative which shifts your point of reference. Wear Blue today.