Friday, April 3, 2020

Robin's Zodiac Zone April 5th-11th, 2020: Libra Full Moon

Full Moon in Libra, sign of objectivity, balance and partnership happens Tuesday at 10:35 pm EDT.
Justice and profound realizations rise with the Moon this week.
I sincerely hope that you and yours are well, content, managing in healthy ways, and stay that way.

Gratuities are welcome as my yoga studios are closed indefinitely. Yet I am so grateful to do readings, teach my tarot group and offer yoga from home. Come to a class if you can, especially Astrology Yoga on Mondays 7-8 pm through TULA, to sign up! This week we get together on the eve of Full Moon for a nurturing flow full of Libra harmony.

Peace, friends! Robin

Sunday: Virgo Moon aligns with Uranus in Taurus (which may also impact Saturday night) and opposes Neptune in Pisces. Clear thinking may not come easily. Changes, developments and their emotional influences, and Neptune's foggy essence may cloud the truth, the answers, the most effective approaches as we move toward Full Moon. Remain grounded in what's real and present time. Today's color is Brown.

Monday: Virgo Moon is active with 4 planets overnight into morning, moving void of course at 9:29 am EDT after agreeable angles with Pluto and Jupiter. Notice optimism, opportunities, and sensible options. The most sensible, grounded approaches win for the next few days. It is not a time for taking risks. Libra Moon time begins at 6:52 pm EDT. The hours in between favor only simple, rote tasks and should be left uncomplicated. Saturn, Venus and Mars engage with Libra Moon tonight and overnight. Effects include who we partner with and how, ways to cooperate, compromise and take action together in duos or teams.  List pros and cons and let ego go which may mean letting go of an expectation, hope or plan in favor of what's most fair, equitable and realistic. Today's color is Lavender.

Tuesday: Full Moon in Libra, a sign of harmony and grace, at 10:35 pm EDT. This Full Moon isn't strongly influenced by any one planet. Mars and Pluto have the closest aspects, one in harmony, the other a square or a challenge. Acting together with common vision and mutual respect is favored. Letting go of old patterns and anything no longer relevant or suitable is challenging and may be necessary. Mars and Uranus may really rock our world during this Full Moon, with new actions, developments, shake ups and significant reason for change. Complete about faces and 180 degree turns will be common as there will be no other choice. And these planets are in signs that don't yield easily, so the letting go and restructuring of ideas, plans and hopes will be really stubborn and in some cases, extremely hard. Mercury in Pisces aligns with Jupiter and Pluto in Pisces, and this is the healing effect. It will come from words, conversations, and perhaps divine messages and signs. Stay aware of information that comes to you spontaneously, spiritually, and intuitively and is related to your plans and how you live your life. White is today's color.

Wednesday: Full Moon is in full force, squaring the very planets Mercury aligned with on Tuesday. Can you step back and be objective even about your personal feelings and plans? Evaluate what truly makes sense. Remember that ego is attachment to accomplishment, particular roles and what you think identifies you or gives you power. We are called to diminish ego in favor of what's just and in some cases what serves your partnership or other relationship. Libra is the energy of WE. Void Moon 1:24 pm to 4:17 pm EDT, leading to Scorpio Moon, a very intense emotional sign. And this Moon opposes Uranus and squares Saturn which is challenging at best. Stay intuitive and centered as anything could be thrown our way with these planets involved and the Moon blazing bright and strong. Illuminations and realizations often don't come easy. Check in on those you love as some will be taking things very hard or going through anything from emotional turmoil to catastrophe.
Wear Black.

Thursday: Scorpio Moon continues to act strongly in opposition to Uranus and square to Mars. There are creative and intuitive peaks. Simultaneously, powerful feelings arise due to circumstances that are beyond control. Try to keep reactions and responses in check to minimize unnecessary drama, anger and other fiery exchanges. Laying blame or adding to guilt or shame will not be helpful. Our challenges include keeping both external and internal peace. Tonight, the veil could feel thin, spiritual and psychic experiences occur or are more easily tuned into as the Moon and Neptune align. Wear Indigo.

Friday: Scorpio Moon in harmony with Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury creates a bit more ease in even uncomfortable circumstances. Healthy outlets, art, music, meditation, and writing may feel inspired. It's natural to want time to yourself, to reflect or feel organized. Conversations may include intimate information. Be trustworthy. From 3:35 to 4:35 pm EDT, the Moon is void, and then Sagittarius Moon fires us with more enthusiasm and shifts the energy. Original thinking leads to action. Mercury spends final hours in Pisces for this season. Have a heart to heart. Today's color is Purple.

Saturday: Mercury moves to Aries, an innovative, trail blazing sign for the planet of communication, travel and planning. New ideas are in the works. Revised plans are likely. Initiating your self to a new way of living or working makes sense. Use this time to brainstorm without judgment. Take time though to decide and not act impulsively.  Fire energy dominates the day. You could feel restless or the opposite, very engaged in learning and exploring new things. Keep the mind active with interesting information and activities. The Moon and Saturn show that agreements may be made more readily and with long term impact. The alternate plan becomes the reality. Feel settled about a decision. Get restless energy out through movement-run, yoga, dance, play, make things. Today's color is Red.

Appreciation, Thank You

Friday, March 27, 2020

Zodiac Zone March 29th-April 4th, 2020: Mars & Saturn in Aquarius

Sea Change Yogathon is Sunday 9 am to 6 pm and it's a free stream. I'm leading a restorative/yoga nidra session 10:45 am to 12 noon. Grab a pillow or two and a blanket and enter the chill zone!
Sea Change yoga teachers serve those who need yoga most and there's never a charge for these classes. Portland Community Recovery Center, Long Creek, prisons, jails, children's programs, yoga for cancer recovery are some of the Sea Change offerings. I hope you enjoy Sunday's programming at

Mars moves to Aquarius this week. It's an innovative and rebellious place for the warrior planet.


Sunday: Gemini Moon is social, intelligent and collaborative. Follow up on brainstormed ideas and plans. Moon and Sun are in harmony in Gemini and Aries, agents of change. The Moon and Mercury square for exchanges of ideas and negotiating through conflicts or adjustments. Today's color is Gold.

Monday: Mars changes signs, to Aquarius at 3:43 pm EDT. Mars gets community efforts and missions moving and activates group energy. Mars can instigate rebellion and willfulness while in this sign. Mars is closing in on Saturn and this week will show the effects including strong opinions and persistence with goals. It may help you harness your drive and motivation to change circumstances and ultimately to change the world. Saturn tends to be constructive. There is some 'danger' of feeling destructive as well. More about this in the days and weeks ahead. Today the Moon remains void of course in Gemini from 11:10 am to 7:43 am EDT on Tuesday. You could feel all over the place and not quite know how to effectively use your mind. Today's color is White.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon 7:43 am EDT through Friday early afternoon. Mars Saturn meeting is the story of the day. There's a seriousness and urge toward committing to long term plans. This can also be creative and alternative thinking is favored. Actions will be strong and meaningful, impacting the long haul. Wear Black.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon for April 1st, a new month, & the Moon is growing in light aka waxing. Cancer is the Moon's signs. Emotions are powerful and are a priority. Make sure you don't shut down and instead find the outlet for healthy release. You may feel very creative or into home projects and family dynamics. Mercury favors heart to heart talks. Some may feel defensive or retreat rather than deal up front. Today's color is Light Blue.

Thursday: This time in the lunar cycle, midway New to Full, is meant for making progress. You may notice things amping up. It could create pressure if you're being required to give an answer. Pressure is probably not what we need right now. Buying yourself time is wise. Moon opposes Jupiter and Pluto and there's lots of mixed and conflicting emotions. From 12:49 to 2:26 pm EDT the Moon is void of course, in transition, and then in Leo. Leo Moon opposes Mars and Saturn within hours. In fixed signs, this means pressure to commit, perform, and demonstrate. Collective energy is strong and powerful and feels like an uprising. Keep it positive, friends. Some will feel overwhelmed with all the oppositions today brings. Uranus squares the Moon from Taurus. Loyalty, commitment, follow through are our key words. It may not be an easy one. Today's color is Orange.

Friday: Venus moves to Gemini, where the planet of harmony and relationship favors meeting people and enjoying company and intelligent discussions. Online friendships may form or grow. Romance is in the 'air' literally as you communicate by email, cell, and zoom chats instead of dating. Leo Moon aligns with Sun in Aries, all fire, perhaps fueling optimism, positive action, creating products and performances and initiating new ways of doing things or being. Mercury and Neptune meet in Pisces, poetic and imaginative. The truth may be in question in some circumstances. Can you be both optimistic and realistic at once so you're not in denial or tricked? Void Moon from 3:29 pm EDT on. Today's color is Red.

Saturday: Venus aligns with Saturn in the air signs, asking for decisions, commitments, and also making innovative plans appealing. There's a void Moon however, and our judgment can be off or we may feel scattered not knowing where to focus attention. Void Moon ends as the Moon shifts to Virgo at 5:18 pm EDT then squares Venus. Venus is the dominant planetary player and this is about relationships and talents, specifically with relation to conversations, ideas, contracts and words. Jupiter meets Pluto in Capricorn calling for healing old wounds. This also indicates a shift in the balance of power in organizations (maybe even in our country). There's a sense of major changes happening and it's not overnight either. Jupiter conjunct Pluto happens again in June and November of this year completing a hat-trick of meetings on November 12th. This maybe bigger than we can feel or know in the present moment since Pluto sneaks up, relates to the subconscious, and to deep internal challenges, fears and eventually release. Today's color is Black.

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I am offering emailed readings, online yoga at Scarborough Yoga and TULAMaine.
Astrology Yoga may begin at TULA any day now.
I teach classes on Scarborough Yoga's  Zoom online platform Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Tarot Lessons & Reiki Sessions at Home

Is your tarot deck collecting dust or hiding in your sock drawer? It could be supporting you in multiple ways during social distancing and far beyond. My tarot group was full due to limited space. Now, via Zoom online platform, I can open it up! I'll accelerate your learning during the first 3 sessions which all will be held online. Drop in at the newly dropped drop in rate of $25 a session. All Levels of readers from beginner to professional are welcome. I'll impart my experience and knowledge taken from 25 years (gulp!) of reading professionally.
Make friends with your deck and maybe make friends in this group! One of my close friends is someone I met when I was refining my tarot skills in the 1990s! If you stick with the group, you'll have a chance to read for each other, building your confidence in a guided way.

The timing for this group is right on! I'll keep the number manageable so I can answer questions and give you personal attention, know your name, encourage your process.

All of the current participants read Robin's Zodiac Zone so you have that in common!

Preregister for March 25th for $25 or
Preregister for all 7 sessions for $160

Live sessions 6-7:15 pm Wednesdays. If you can't make it, you'll have access to the same live content for one week, at you leisure, until the next session.

Online Reiki sessions are also available via Zoom. Get together and prepare to rest while I offer energetic support and some guided visualization and sensing. Dropped rate while we social distance is $40 for $45 minute session. Schedule with me at
Venmo, paypal and personal checks accepted for all services or donations.

I hope you're hanging in there, maybe discovering something new, and feeling safe and secure at home. If that's not the case, perhaps I can offer some of the support and inspiration you need.

New Moon in Aries is Tuesday! Rebirth. Here's to one of the biggest New Moon shifts of our lives!

Robin (also my paypal)
Venmo @Robin-Payton-1