Friday, July 10, 2020

Robin's Zodiac Zone July 12th-18th, 2020: Mercury Direct in Cancer

Sunday: The first astrological event of Sunday is Mercury stationing direct in Cancer at 4:26 am EDT. Cancer is the sign of mothers, parenting, ancestors, emotions, family, home, household, and one of three water signs. This has been a deep dive into emotions and how the past lives on within us, individually and collectively. How have you released, understood, felt, and sorted? Food for thought: the USA is Cancer, according to July 4, 1776. Cancer Sun aligns with Neptune retro in Pisces today, highlighting intuition, romantic love, and creativity. Aries Moon squares the Sun & each planet in Capricorn today and tomorrow. Each is retrograde, and this feels out of sorts. What we want to initiate and do, it may not be quite time for. Try not to force or struggle. Mercury needs time to adjust before moving forward through degrees of Cancer again. The Moon is waning for letting go and weeding out. The powerful time for action is around the 20th when there's a second Cancer New Moon this summer. Another somewhat rare occurrence in a year of many. Today's color is Violet.

Monday: Mercury is newly direct, yet unmoving. Time may feel like it's standing still. How the retrograde time was spent and things that came up then continue to influence us. Remember there are still 4 retrograde planets and some will be retrograde all season. The Aries Moon squares two more Capricorn based planets today, urging reconsideration of agreements, plans and actions. It's not easy, but it's a good idea. Void Moon 11:54 am puts a wrap on that, and leads to Taurus Moon at 1:34 pm EDT. The rest of the day is aspect free. Maybe take a little break or get into a personal project such as gardening or cleaning and clearing. Taurus is a physical, hands on type of sign for the Moon to visit. Process emotions with physical work or exercise and time outside if possible. Wear Brown today. 

Tuesday: An invisible thread connects Taurus Moon and Mercury in Cancer overnight. This may lead to sentimental feelings and reconnections. It's very personal, intimate, and tender. Later the Moon meets Uranus which can rattle or stir us internally or with external events. Changes of heart are one possible effect, and changes of course are another. These shifts may come unexpectedly and be necessary. Uranus spends time in Taurus for years ahead, so this is a monthly occurrence and can feel familiar or cyclical. Taurus rules the throat, so announcements may be made and conversations may contain surprises. Do you need to clear the air with someone or get something out in the open? Can you do so with forethought so it doesn't come out the wrong or unintended way? The Sun is directly across from Jupiter, leading us to consider how opportunities and growth may impact home and family relationships. The answer does not have to come today. Wear Blue.

Wednesday: Taurus Moon engages with Neptune, Jupiter, the Sun, Pluto and Saturn, in that order throughout the day and night. Taurus Moon means playing for keeps. There's a lot of retrograde in the zodiac right now, so playing for keeps may mean renewing old agreements, from marriage to employer/employee relationships to other partnerships, and even your relationship with your home. Taurus is earth, so consider property, finances, and your commitments as related to stability and foundation. Emotions are implicated too, by Cancer Sun and Neptune in Pisces, water signs. Family connections, agreements, and interactions are important today. Void Moon 11:21 pm EDT to 1:19 am EDT. 
Wear Lavender.

Thursday: Gemini Moon time starts at 1:19 am EDT. Sometimes scattered, often social, and connected to communication of all kinds, the Gemini Moon only has one aspect today, with Mars in Aries. It's highly activating for new ideas, and it could also create debate and arguments if one comes on too strong or too opinionated. Make the most of this Moon by writing, study, business meetings, or through interactions with people, maybe ones you've just met. Today's color is Yellow.

Friday: Gemini Moon and Venus meet at 2:40 am EDT. Lovers and friends will want to connect, talk, sort things out, and share feelings and thoughts. Intellectual connections are most favored, meaning strong interests and passions will connect us. Venus in Gemini implies lots of talking and writing within a relationship. Some will receive letters or cards with heartfelt messages. The Moon and Neptune are square in mutable signs, so mixed messages are also possible. Trust intuition over other people's words and promises. Void Moon starts at 5:14 pm EDT. Tonight is not very reliable and people may forget commitments and plans. Set up reminders. Today's color is Pink.

Saturday: Cancer Moon time starts at 10:24 am EDT. Before that, sleep late, lay low, do easy and routine things or ask forgiveness/apologize as it might be more well received under void Moon. Cancer Moon will wane through this weekend culminating in New Moon in Cancer (again!) on Monday. Normally we have one New Moon in a sign during a season. However, the solar eclipse was at 0 degree of Cancer a month ago and now we will have a New Moon in a final degree of this sign. With all the retrograde this feels like second or renewed chances. Things we thought were for sure may change next week. Try to keep flexibility in all plans. It may be best not to put money down on something or sign a lease quite yet, if it can wait. The picture and considerations are shifting. Home, family, emotions, the past, are all part of this picture for a second Cancer New Moon. Now is for rethinking and preparations as well as housecleaning. Wear Light Blue. 

Note: New Moon at 28 degrees of Cancer Monday at 1:33 pm EDT. 

Wishing you a peaceful July!


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Friday, July 3, 2020

July 5th-11th, 2020 Lunar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde

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Sunday July 5th: The lunar eclipse peaked with an after midnight Full Moon at 12:44 am EDT. Full Moon in Capricorn meets Jupiter and Pluto today in a continuation of the dramatic transformation these planets combine for through 2020. The next and final Jupiter Pluto conjunction is on November 12th and the last was a few days ago on June 30th. Jupiter aims to heal and grow our wisdom. Pluto dredges up our deepest secrets, fears and trauma for release. Ideally, this year will result in a Phoenix like rising and humanity will emerge new, whole, kinder, and wiser. Notice anything related especially on an internal level, within yourself. This Full Moon may feel cathartic, cleansing, and also make us aware of depression, loss, and our responses to change. Neptune and the Moon align. All of the planets mentioned are retrograde as is Mercury. We are very much immersed in healing, remembering and releasing history and the past, personally and collectively. Capricorn Moon is for reorganizing around any of that. Today's color is Green.

Monday: Today the Capricorn Moon makes a final aspect before moving to Aquarius and further from Full. Saturn, Capricorn's ruling planet, is retrograde in this sign and convenes with the Moon at 5:35 am EDT before sitting void of course for about a half hour. There could be some strange revisiting of old business, things you thought were resolved or could never be. This could reach back to events of last winter. Also, governments, large corporations and other organization may be called out since that's what Saturn does. If you have unresolved matters, possibly of a work or legal nature, or even if you're trying to make a big decision about going back to college or something of that nature, the Moon and Saturn may bring it into the spotlight. The vibe is to 'do the right thing', whatever is most responsible. Aquarius Moon starts at 6:08 am EDT and is in harmony with Venus and Mars which can make social occasions enjoyable and favors group or team efforts. Today's color is Turquoise.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon squares Uranus overnight which may lead to morning news. Yielding to new developments may be necessary and a struggle, both. Void of course Moon from 12:37 am EDT, all day long. Take a breath, keep everything as uncomplicated as possible. Where there's not urgency, wait on decisions and announcements. Today's color is Silver.

Wednesday: Mercury retrograde squares Mars. There could be tendency to feel defensive, protective, or reactive. Pause before actions, making sure nothing will be regrettable. This aspect is a 6:42 am EDT and could impact Tuesday evening or Wednesday. Pisces Moon ends the long void time at 2:13 pm EDT. At best, the long retrograde gave you reason to do nothing much, take a break. If you've been pressured, it's been an unfavorable time for that. Pisces Moon sails along with no aspects until the overnight, at least on East Coast time. Adjust for your zone. Today's color is Light Green.

Thursday: Pisces Moon aligns with Mercury retrograde. This feels sentimental and possibly romantic or maybe melancholy instead. Mixed feelings come up today. The Moon also squares Venus, planet of love, and is in harmony with Uranus which could mean a good surprise? It's likely we'll feel activated in some ways today, full of love or allowing for grief if that's the case. Be with your feelings. Go easy on others too. Wear Light Blue.

Friday: The Moon and Sun are in harmony in the water signs at 2:09 am EDT. You may wake up with feelings sorted, knowing how to proceed, and honoring your heart. Neptune retrograde meets the Moon. Get back to a creative pursuit. Daydream and see what comes. Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all retrograde, all connect with the Moon. Confusion may clear. We are strongly heart centered under this Pisces Moon though Capricorn planets assist with the steps to be taken. Most of this has a tone of the past, a resolution or decisions that's been coming for a long while. We are the end of Mercury retrograde, so leave a bit of room to change or rearrange next week. Today's color is Blue.

Saturday: This is the final full day of Mercury retrograde in Cancer. Mercury is direct at 4:26 am EDT on Sunday, but do not rush into anything. Easy does it as we adjust to the planning planet stationing for a bit before retracing degrees of weeks past. Mercury is about our thinking and judgment, words and also transportation, like your car or other travel plans or modes. Aries Moon from 1:06 am EDT, squares Mercury, meets Mars and aligns with Venus. The latter is the most promising and may lead to good conversation or romantic dates. Avoid argumentative people or anything that could lead to conflict. Some will feel sense of adventure. Wear Red today. 

Friday, June 26, 2020

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 28th-July 4th, 2020

Sunday: Libra Moon in harmony with Venus overnight leads to romantic connections and also peaceful settlements. Mars and Saturn align to strengthen collective forces and work in and for the community. Mercury retrograde squares the Moon today too. The effects may be disagreeable, related to fairness and equitable treatment. Another effect is pointless debate, particularly among family or household members. Wear White.

Monday: Libra Moon square to both Pluto and Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn. This could create difficulty either processing pros and cons, making decisions or coming to terms with employers, government, or other large organizations and their representatives. The Moon begins void of course time at 9:02 am EDT. If there's something you can do to relax and take your mind off things you can't control, ease into that. At 6:48 pm EDT the Moon moves to Scorpio. We close in on the 2nd Jupiter/Pluto conjunction of this year. It's unusual, transforming, revealing and awakening. Healing of some kind may take place, though we must go back, review and acknowledge for this to happen. This is part two of three this year. Today's color is Indigo.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon. Jupiter and Pluto meet overnight for truth, healing, and digging deep for honesty and reflection that leads to growth. These planets are retrograde so you may be pulled into past memories and feelings. It could be instantly cathartic or very difficult, like pulling teeth. Mercury is retrograde and angled with  Uranus in Taurus for rapid developments around previously unresolved matters. Some will be resistant to change and progress, yet it's impossible to keep things as they are. Take good care with mental health, not waiting or ignoring for yourself or someone else. Major shifts are taking place. It can feel disturbing or revolutionary and exciting. Today's color is Black.

Wednesday: The Sun is in harmony with Uranus at 2:07 am EDT. It's a high energy aspect happening in Cancer and Taurus, signs related to family, stability, and security. Those matters are spotlighted and energized, though the way that plays out is anybody's guess. Expect this whole day, weekend ahead and period to be news filled and eventful. The Sun is expressive and Uranus is a rebel. Scorpio Moon aligns with Jupiter and Pluto, the two that met on Tuesday in such a profound progression of their 3 conjunctions this year. There's sure to be some meaningful action and reflection around transformation, intimate relationships, and healing from the past. Meanwhile Saturn backtracks into Capricorn, his home sign. Saturn represents Father Time. Note what that personally means to you. And realize that also there are wider implications about the world, governments, and large organizations like corporations. Saturn moves back to unfinished business in these areas and others. Saturn and the Moon align for serious business and what feels like reckonings tonight. Karma, reparation, and restitution in any form come to mind in relation to this. Sagittarius Moon moves right in after that aspect without skipping a beat. Take into consideration any interactions with any entity considered in authority, from a boss to parent to government official or judge. It does feel like a judgment day, or night. Wear Purple, for wisdom, today.

Thursday:The Moon will be full and eclipsed on Saturday/Sunday 12:44 am EDT in Capricorn. One sign closer as the Moon now in Sagittarius aspects Mars at 1:35 am EDT. The Moon and Venus are opposite in Sag/Gemini bringing the truth around relationships prominently forward. Half truths may create problems. Ask questions to define what's real. Movement and shift in love and romantic relationships is  likely. Venus in Gemini is flirtatious and changeable. Sagittarius Moon will burn truths into plain view, one way or another. Also, Sag Moon is not that loyal, wanting freedom and flight. Some may end relationships under these circumstances. Some may do their best to avoid the issues. This is a very fiery day, so whatever is happening is action oriented, easily heated up, and potentially volatile. It could also feel adventurous. Today's color is Red.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune in Pisces at 9:06 am and then moves void of course, the transition time, until 12:48 am EDT on Saturday. The Full Moon warmup is in full swing. These hours are unreliable and may also be unfocused. Take good care. Read a mind opening book or engage in other interesting studies. Move energy through the body with yoga, swims, or an easy run. Keep activity fun and not overly strenuous through Full Moon. This eclipse of the Moon relates to the legs and knees and bones. Go easy as the rising energy can lead to overdoing and injuries. Oh yeah and then in the US we have the holiday which means even more reason to take it slow and not overdo. Tonight be careful with fire of any kind including fireworks while the Moon is in Sag until after midnight. Today's color is Light Blue.

Saturday: 4th of July, 2020 and a lunar eclipse at once feels intense. Emotions may be suppressed during Capricorn Moon. They are more likely to be expressed as dominance or authoritarianism than in healthy ways. This sign is challenged by emotion and opposite Cancer, the sign of emotions and the Moon. That's where the Sun is, and hence the eclipse at 12:44 am EDT on Sunday technically, though it's on Saturday in some time zones. Capricorn Moon square to Mars leads to power plays and struggles. Moon opposite Mercury retrograde will create some reconnections, maybe between lovers, though it may also cause significant confusion in communication. Uranus in Taurus aligns with the earth sign Moon. One effect, literal or metaphorical, is an earthquake. The ground lacks definite stability as the Moon and Sun eclipse. What can you do to maximize your safety and sanity while protecting those you love in the same way. What's needed is reassurance that all will be ok. A safe holiday is recommended due to astrological conditions and the accelerated action eclipses bring. Wear Gold today.