Friday, March 5, 2021

Sun, Venus, Neptune Conjunctions & New Moon in Pisces: March 7th-13th, 2021

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Pisces energies float around us all week, peaking with New Moon on Saturday. The details are ahead.

Wishing you peace & freedom to move and speak from your heart!


Sunday: Capricorn Moon aligns with Uranus in Taurus and Venus in Pisces. You may find yourself doing something, or being with someone, you wouldn't have expected or predicted. Try not to second guess yourself or overanalyze or you'll talk yourself out of it. This might be a day to soften up a bit and pay attention to emotions and responses, especially if you're experiencing something uncommon and feel surprised. Wear Brown. I'm thinking of tiger eye stone if you employ crystals in your jewelry or environment. Capricorn Moon goes on through Monday.

Monday: The Moon aligns with the Sun and it's a mile marker on the way to New Moon. Waning Moon favors clearing the way for what's coming, even if you don't yet know what it is. Declutter. Let go of an old way of doing things that's not relevant anymore. The Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces for imagination and feeling at you work, problem solve or play with color or creation. Finally, the Moon meets Pluto in their monthly alliance, leading to reflection, possibly melancholy, and internal processes. At 7:52 pm the Moon becomes void of course until 2:41 am EST and we may need some solitary time or possibly to talk with someone we deeply trust. Wear Silver.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon time begins at 2:41 am EST. The Moon aligns with Mars in Gemini, opening us to collaborations, brainstorming, and experimenting. Ideas and interactions build upon each other and include hypothesizing, trying out, writing, and engaging in meetings with others. Keep your eyes and ears open and hear even beyond the actual words. Keep your nervous system balanced since there's alot of electrical and dynamic energy that can often feel overwhelming or catch up to you later. Avoid an intellectual, interpersonal or mental health hangover later by taking time and space between activities. The Moon and Taurus square which could mean conflicting approaches or an unforeseen change within a group. Finally, the Moon meets with Saturn for commitments and solutions and maybe a serious or meaningful talk. Today's color is Blue.

Wednesday: Aquarius and Pisces action through three conjunctions. Conjunctions maximize the energy of the sign involved. These powerful meetings emphasize the degree, sign and qualities of two heavenly bodies at once. It's like joining forces with someone who can help forward your plans. First, Jupiter and the Moon meet in Aquarius, expanding our relationships and opportunities. This feels like growth and an expanded mind. When broadening your horizons and investigating your potentials, this is valuable and supportive. Next, a Sun/Neptune conjunctions in Pisces brings out our creative, romantic, and compassionate sides. This expressive conjunction helps us take the love we have inside outward through generosity, even with those we do not know, or through the arts where we can freely show our inner selves. Then, the Moon meets Mercury at 10:32 pm EST. Notice who gets in touch (or who you connect with intentionally) tonight. You may join or meet with a group, receive an acceptance or other important communication, or have an enlightening talk. The Aquarius Moon is void of course from 10:32 pm to 9:44 am EST, so organize for the morning. Today's color is Turquoise. 

Thursday: A slow or forgetful start is possible. Go slow and see that you're organized with calendar and any obligations synced up. At 9:44 am EST, the Moon moves to Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. This time of the lunar cycle is for letting go or possibly for finishing up. New Moon arrives Saturday for beginnings and restarts. Emotional release or an emotional ending could come now. If you need to break up with someone, it's not the worst time. If you need to let go of an idea or plan, Mars in Gemini can help with alternate possibilities. The Moon squares Mars, so it's edgy and may bring up sensitivities and feelings. Open yourself to what's next instead of hanging on, clear space rather than stashing clutter. Trust your heart to know what's right for you. Exchanges of ideas may include rough spots, pushiness or resistance. Know when to let things be and step back. Blend emotion and intelligence. Wear Black.

Friday: On this day before New Moon in Pisces, the Moon meets Venus and Neptune (Neptune at 12:52 am EST on Saturday, actually). These conjunctions are romantic, emotion based, and creative. Performers may enjoy the vibe and practice a role. Artists, engage in your process. Dreamers, rest extra and revel in images, symbols and imagery. It's a day to take a break from and check out from everyday media and onslaughts of information. We may be impressionable. An impression of ocean, river, forest, or field may be better for well being. Work with healing energies and sources before the New Moon. Immerse in rest, sleep and, if possible, water. The Moon also aligns with Uranus in Taurus which may be felt as awakenings. Today's color is Pink.

Saturday: New Moon in Pisces at 5:21 am EST. The earliness of New Moon means we can work with it right away, acting on intentions, setting goals, releasing stagnant ideas or emotions, and opening our hearts to our highest potentials. New Moon is most closely influenced by Pluto and Uranus, bringing awareness to our secrets, desires, and sudden realizations through 'aha moments'. Void Moon 11:38 am to 6:44 pm EST. Is it possible to float or flow with things during these hours, and just see where they take you? Can we let go of the plan and open space for something even better or more important? Aries Moon takes over this evening, though Neptune and Venus meet for a major dose of romance and love. Loving feelings infuse the night and morning and may extend to partnership, to our dearest friends, children, pets and other animal friends, and to spiritual beings as well. Immerse in love. Feel the love that extends to you. Trust that it's real. Today's color is White. 

Daylight Savings time begins at 2:00 am EST Sunday morning.

In Light. 


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Friday, February 26, 2021

The Final Phase of Winter: Astrology for February 28th-March 6th, 2021

 Mars moves to Gemini this week.

Sunday: The Moon in harmony with Pluto and Mars overnight feels like one last sigh as the Moon starts to wane and leaves Full Moon sign, Virgo. Pluto and Mars have very different qualities as one favors introspection and transformation while the other (in that order) instigates action and movement. Mars is in the final degrees of Taurus now. These two planets may help us stay with our process today, even the less easy or comfortable processes. Practice persistence where it's worthwhile. Do the inner work before taking action and you'll probably make a better decision. Void Moon starts at 10:58 am EST, and the Moon enters Libra at 2:17 pm. Take an objective perspective, listen, and weigh all sides and all options thoughtfully. Avoid judging based on appearance. Today's color is Lavender.

Monday: Libra Moon forms trines with 3 planets in Aquarius, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter. Overall this favors fairness, balanced decision making, and opportunities. Notice what seems to be opening up for you and make the appropriate contacts to help forward your plans. Our connections with one another are highlighted today and there may be good reason to collaborate, share ideas, and work for the greater good. There's an air of seriousness around communication and agreements, so be intentional about what you say or take action on. Today's color is Blue.

Tuesday: Libra Moon makes one final aspect to Pluto before leaving for Scorpio. This square is an internal challenge to face our fears and other feelings. We're working with (or against) our shadow and underlying conditions of the emotional sort. Through that, with effort and willingness, transformation comes. See yourself for who you are without trying to avoid or repress parts of yourself that want to express from a healed and whole place. Relationships may also deserve and need this kind of consideration. Are they working and can they be healed? Void Moon from 9:09 am to 3:38 pm EST. The Moon changes signs then, and Scorpio Moon keeps us in the depths of emotion and reflection. Today's color is Black.

Wednesday: Mars moves to Gemini at 10:30 pm EST. Mars in Gemini is busy, active and keeps us moving and entertaining lots of ideas and information for the next several weeks. If you are born with your Mars in Gemini you may always hold multiple titles, roles or jobs at once (I know this directly from experience!). You may have many potential plans to follow through on. The challenge can be to finish what you start! Today's Moon sign is Scorpio, which could not be more different that Gemini, by the way. Scorpio, however, is ruled by Mars as well as Pluto. The Moon interacts with 6 planets, so there's are many influences, some easy and some not. Things that may go well include love, relationships, organization, and strong focus. Things that look challenging include convincing others, communication other than in partner relationships, and agreements with a legal or contractual aspect. Romance is in the air tonight. Wear Indigo. 

Thursday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Neptune inspiring creativity and romance. Intuition is heightened. Listen to your inner voice and wisdom. Draw some cards or use other divination tools. The Moon aligned with Pluto in Capricorn can be introverted, introspective, and focused this morning. Void Moon starts at 11:10 am until 5:43 pm EST. Sagittarius Moon prepares us for an active and potentially outgoing weekend following much reflection and inward focus this week. The Moon opposes Mars which could be argumentative and opinionated. Choose words carefully. Mercury meets Jupiter for interest and attraction toward travel and studies. This may lead to acceptance news for college and universities and other programs related to travel or learning. Apply for something! Wear Red.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon aligns with Saturn for those of you making some serious decisions about life. Choose freely, without outside pressures, and commit to what you want. For some, this is taking you to a new location such as a campus or interstate move. The Moon squares the Sun and Venus today, bringing up emotions which may be related to leaving, moving, or change. Some will skim the emotional part while others will not understand that. Emotionally we'll notice how we approach the world very differently, even from someone we love. It could be emotionally challenging, as squares are full of edges and require thar we do the work. Wear Yellow.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon in harmony with Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius for clear communication and for seizing opportunities. Broadening, brightening, prospering, collaborating are all key words. The Moon then squares Neptune, pointing out what we want to run from whether it be a situation or our own feelings. This may influence dreams as it occurs at 4:44 am EST, 1:44 am Pacific. Void of course Moon all day leaves us in an unfocused place. Can you enjoy rest and relaxation? Get creative? Give yourself some slack? Saturday vibes this weekend are more about doing nothing than doing a lot. Capricorn Moon changes that for Sunday as the Moon shifts at 9:20 pm EST. Today's color is Green.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Mercury Direct & Full Moon in Virgo: February 21st to 27th, 2021

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Mercury retrograde is done. Let's go forward during this Pisces season.


Sunday: Gemini Moon interacts with two planets related to romance. Neptune gives us romantic notions and ideals. Venus is planet of partnership, love and sensuality. Gemini Moon tends to make us think. Get clarity around a relationship. It may be a better day for friendship than for romantic love. Connect with friends you can talk freely to. Be careful in whom you put your trust. Gemini Moon may also have us multitasking or unable to concentrate on one thing for very long, especially as void of course Moon time comes from 2:45 to 10:53 pm when the Moon makes way to Cancer. Family and home matters are tonight's priority and Monday's as well. Wear White. 

Monday: On our way to Full Moon in Virgo, the Moon is in Cancer until early morning Wednesday. Today, the Sun and Uranus both activate the Moon. You could feel this as inspiration or as compelling you to act on something. Family and home come first with the Moon in Cancer. Opportunities of this Cancer Moon include taking advantage of something that creates more security or adds to your income. Comfort and stability are the main focus as this week begins. Respond to urgency with calm, steady words or decisions. Needs will come across strongly. Today's color is Light Blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon sails through a trine with Neptune for artistic and creative pursuits. This could include trying out a different look with makeup, clothing, your living space, or even acting and playing a role. We may not want to exert too much effort with work or academic studies today. Tonight, the Cancer Moon aligns with Mars in Taurus and opposes Pluto. Feelings could include unresolved anger, frustration or sadness. Try to keep things in perspective. There's harmony with Mars which may make it easier to realize what you're feeling and deal with it productively. Wear Black.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon void of course from 11:54 pm EST on Tuesday until 7:23 am on Wednesday. The Moon moves to Leo and moves independently until night. Leo Moon is like the sun coming out after cloudy days. Motivation increases. We are moving quickly toward Virgo Full Moon and the pace and intensity could pick up now. Leo Moon helps with inspiration, creativity, learning, and confidence. Uranus squares the Moon later and a stubborn, unanticipated situation requires action and effort. Persistence is a key word. Tonight could be tough or frustrating, and if so let something sit for an extra day or two. The Moon opposes Saturn, asking for wisdom with decisions and lessons being learned. Mars aligns with Pluto for immersing deeply and staying focused and determined. Old feelings may be coming up for resolution. Do something to take care of your emotional well being or counsel someone else to do the same. It's important to acknowledge how much grief, uncertainty and loss have affected most people in the past year. We need to take care of that. Today's color is Gold.

Thursday: Leo Moon begins this day by opposing Mercury, newly direct, and then opposing Jupiter. Both planets are in Aquarius, and two things are likely to come up. Problem solving or brainstorming about technology, which includes systems and tools that make life presumably easier, is one. The second is communication of any kind, such as personal or with clients or teacher/student type relationships. The question is how to grow and understand situations with more clarity. Leo and Aquarius are 'smart' signs with ideas and passion for pursuing them. As the day continues, the Sun aligns with Uranus for emotional breakthroughs. Emotional releases can include a healthy cry. Surprise support or help will come for some. The Moon is near Full and, chances are, we'll notice that buildup as something peaks this week. Today's color is Purple. 

Friday: Leo Moon squares Mars and then is void of course from 6:32 am to 12:07 pm EST. This can  make for a stubborn and persistent start to the day. Compromise and agreeability is likely to be limited. Work independently on what you know is most important. Do what's due, first. Virgo Moon will be Full on Saturday at 3:17 am EST, so we are essentially in the Full Moon now. Venus is opposite the Moon bringing up all kinds of feelings especially about personal relationships, sensitivities and compassion and caring. Finding a way to help will be satisfying and maybe pacifying. Virgo is the sign of service. How can you assist in this time where there's a lot of need? Pay extra attention to the wisdom of nature, to your pets or animal friends, and to the landscape. If the weather permits, get outside for late winter sun or fresh air. Notice things changing as the Full Moon is in this versatile sign. Wear Pink today.

Saturday: Virgo Full Moon at 3:17 am EST is influenced by Uranus in Taurus. They form a harmonious trine at 12:54 am EST. Uranus rocks the boat, offers unforeseen circumstances, and encourages a change of course. Virgo is a flexible thinking and acting sign. Both are earth which lean into building, rebuilding, doing and working physically. You may be physically processing emotions and that could bring on a cold or digestive upset. Recognize the emotional in the physical. (If cold symptoms last two days, get a covid test to protect those around you.) Virgo Full Moon makes us aware of our health. It could be time for late winter changes of habit and routine, for better health. Listen to your body's messages and wisdom. Something may need your attention and care. Tonight, the Moon is opposite Neptune. Escape into a film, music or other dreamy realm. Meditation may be inspired and contain insights. Today's color is White.