Thursday, November 26, 2020

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini/Sagittarius November 29th-December 5th, 2020

 Sunday: The penumbral lunar eclipse happens overnight into Monday. Full Moon in Gemini with the Sun in Sagittarius highlights the mutable signs and gets things moving. Gemini, an air sign, stimulates intellectual processing and communication, from sharing news to storytelling. Eclipses fire up rapid developments, and this one dissolves what's outdated. Relationship changes are extremely likely as Venus is opposite Uranus in Scorpio/Taurus during this Full Moon time. Decisions made are likely to stick. If you separate, it will not be easy to resolve and move back together. Sudden and accelerated events are associated with eclipses. With this one in Gemini, you may see situations 'both ways', feel flustered or anxious even without knowing why, and sense air and fire sign intensity that calls you to 'do something'. Yet this is exactly when we feel and know that many things are beyond our control. The action truly is adaptation. Regardless of what your mind thinks or tries to solve, the movement and shift is here. Primarily, go with the flow, accept, surrender to, and let go in favor of the unknown, new things that will come. This is the first of two eclipses over two weeks, as usual. If you find yourself in the Venus in Scorpio place of hanging on tightly and feeling possessive or fixed around relationship or finances, what happens if you loosen your grip a bit? If something has to go, it will, and it's only a matter of time. Be careful of what you agree to for money's sake. Understand the agreements you are making, clearly and thoroughly. Keep a journal or tablet around to record flashes of inspiration that may be acted on when certain pieces come together or the invitation comes. Void Moon 7:48 am to 11:16 am EST after the Taurus Moon opposes Mercury and aligns with Saturn. Gemini Moon time follows, and the eclipse/Full Moon is at 4:30 am EST. This eclipse is partial and visible in many areas of the world. It will look fuzzy around the edges, rather than completely darkened. Wear Gold today.

Monday: Full Moon eclipse in Gemini 4:30 am. Re-read Sunday's forecast. Six months of mental and emotional buildup and stress is ready to shift, blow up, blow away, and make way for other things. The eclipse moves energy and increases the pace of change. It could be easy or really challenging to process events of this Full Moon, and possibly the continuation or closure to what was happening last May and June when we had our last cycle of eclipses. 

Mercury aligns with Saturn, in Scorpio and Capricorn. This calls for agreements, business decisions, and realistic thinking. This sextile may help focus attention. The Moon forms a trine with Mars in Aries, leading to active engagement, moving to initiate and create change, emotionally moving forward, and yet also can lead to arguments and irritation. Notice any impulsive or irrational thoughts, and get a handle on them. Channel energy into gentle or moderate physical workouts or personal projects. We tend to externalize on days like this, yet that may be ungrounding. Draw inward to balance out Gemini Moon and Mars in Aries' fire. What cools your emotions while giving the satisfaction of getting things done or resolved? There's a lot of letting go going on. Be extra kind and patient on this day when impatience will be rampant. White is today's color.

Tuesday: In the wake of Full Moon, Mercury moves to dynamic and inspired Sagittarius. In Sagittarius, Mercury values truth and free speech. Some will persistent for honest answers, and some will speak their minds. Mercury also pursues higher learning and spiritual or philosophical perspective while in the archer's sign. We may hear things we don't want to hear and see matters from different and informed points of view during these December weeks. The Moon, void of course since 11:22 pm EST on Monday, enters Cancer at 10:33 pm EST. The day long void Moon and Mercury changing signs both create uncertainty and lack of clarity. Pause before taking actions. Tomorrow could be a better day for that. Study, explore and investigate for now. Ask questions. Give yourself time to adjust if situations are in flux. Today's color is Light Blue.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon aligns with Uranus, the planet of extremes and ruler of new technology. We may be taken off guard, especially in terms of feelings and emotional responses. Try alternative solutions and ideas for family matters and things that need fixing or resolution financially and at home. Embrace change and progress. As the Moon approaches a trine to Venus, tonight is romantic, cozy, and loving. Let your softer side show. See past someone's protective exterior. Wear Blue. 

Thursday: Cancer Moon first aligns romantically and creatively with Venus, overnight. Make a connection or make art. The Moon then squares Mars which feels emotionally challenging. Avoid pushing or forcing something that just isn't quite right for you or someone else. Parents and kids interests and agendas may collide and conflict. Neptune and the Moon draw us into imaginative places, fueling artistic, musical and other creative pursuits. The inner realm and quiet pastimes or intimate conversations guide the evening hours as the Moon opposes Pluto. Feelings rise to the surface. Black is today's color. 

Friday: Cancer Moon goes on to oppose planets in Capricorn. That action began with Pluto last night and continues with Jupiter and Saturn oppositions today. This could make us moody, noticing strong differences with other, or it could lend a serious intent to whatever we do. Expect action around priorities, such as what creates security and also allows us to grow. Cancer Moon has been opposing these planets for so long that we are accustomed to the cycle. However, this is about to change as Saturn and Jupiter are ready to move on to visionary Aquarius. The spell is about to break. It may feel very freeing and more up than down. If it's time to settle a personal or family matter, make a decision about emotional well being, or make a home related change, these oppositions could show the way and create the conditions. Move from the crossroads, down one path or the other. Void Moon 5:29 to 7:53 am EST. Leo Moon strengthens the will and the heart. The Moon and Mercury align in fire signs, giving the energy and the green light to go forward. Tonight, the Moon squares Uranus and we consider or sort out complex possibilities. Give this time and feel no urgency. Something radical, previously not considered, may be discussed or presented. Today's color is Orange.

Saturday: The Moon and Sun combine forces in Leo and Sagittarius. If Full Moon and the eclipse felt imbalanced or overwhelming, this is when we 'come out of it' further. The fire sign vibes are optimistic an freeing. In an opposite pattern from earlier in the week, Venus is square to the Moon from Scorpio, while Mars is in harmony with the Moon, from Aries. Relationships, romance, attraction and love arise as priorities. Some will work through stubborn problems or previously unyielding conflict. Mars fuels physical attractions. We may be less argumentative and more likely to forgive, find agreement, kiss and make it all better. Life force is strong under this Leo Moon. If you're struggling, this may help you dig deep for the courage and energy you need. Coming up this month, a solar eclipse/New Moon on December 14th and the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn on December 21st, before both move to Aquarius for a brand new collective vibe in 2021. Change is in the air for the rest of the year. Today's color is Red.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Astrology for November 22nd-28th 2020

Sagittarius time is here! So are the holidays. I wish you safe celebrations and creative, alternative plans to help you and your loved ones stay healthy. Take no chances. This will pass, and it's a test of our patience. Long term thinking over momentary gratification will offer you more happiness, eventually. 

Sunday, November 29th, at 4 pm rest and restore with Yoga Nidra guided meditation online through Breathing Room

Sunday: Middle of the lunar cycle from New to Full, and the Moon is in Pisces. The Moon in harmony with Venus calls to our emotions. This may be loving and compassionate or could be memory based and melancholy. This is harmonious and seems like a positive, all in all. Romance and positive feelings flourish. Intuition heightens. The Moon also aligns with Uranus in Taurus, surprising and stimulating new ideas. Overstimulating our emotions is possible too. Remember self care. Read your tarot cards. Wear Green.

Monday: Pisces Moon combines forces with the 3 planets in Capricorn between Monday and early Tuesday morning. Blend practical and creative modalities. This is what you need to plan a creative, yet safe holiday. Capricorn planets would never make decisions based just on emotions or what the heart wants. It's time to be sensible and strong in resolve. The Moon is in harmony with Mercury, also for planning, communicating, and organizing. Mercury aligns with Neptune for imaginative stories, writing, and visualizing. Meditate today. It can be very simple. Just stop, close your eyes, follow your breath and see what images come to mind. Water images are especially appropriate today. Wear or meditate on Light Blue.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon void of course after aligning with Saturn. Wisdom is very important this morning. Let inner wisdom guide your day. Be respectful and compassionate with elders. Time may seem to be slipping by. Saturn is 'father time', Pisces is emotional flow. The Moon is void from 5:44 am to 10:05 am EST, and then Aries Moon time comes. The Moon and Sun align for travel and movement. It feels bubbly and exciting. Even if you have chosen not to see family and others outside your household, you may find something that inspires you. Let heavy feelings lift with a good movie or music or a visit on zoom. Today's color is Red.

Wednesday: Aries Moon meets Mars. If we are lucky, this energizes us in a good way. If it goes wrong, arguments occur and tempers are uncontrolled. Do active things to let off steam. Channel fire energy into tasks, exercise, or keeping children busy with worthwhile things. Today's color is Orange.

Thursday: Thanksgiving in the USA, and this one features active Aries Moon. It's a good day to incorporate games and aim to keep things light with minimal competition. The Moon squares planets in Capricorn which can be difficult if there are control issues or people who want to manage how everything is done. The chiller you can keep this day, the better. Void Moon 6:46 pm to 10:43 pm EST when the Moon shifts to grounded Taurus. Today's color is Brown.

Friday: We are almost at Full Moon and the first of two eclipses. Today the Full Moon begins to build for a rise on Monday at 4:43 am EST. Eclipses magnify astrological effects in major ways. This one is about closing chapters, for one thing. Today, Mercury and Pluto align and the feeling and effect is more internal than external. Think sudden understanding and realizations. It could be a good day to talk with a close and trusted person. The Moon and Uranus oppose Venus and the Moon meets Uranus. Relationships could feel unstable or be experiencing change. Even positive change can be unsettling. I see some of you finding out you're pregnant or that your partner is changing jobs (or both at once!). There will be some adjusting all the way through the rest of 2020. That, we can count on. Today's color is Pink.

Saturday: Taurus Moon aligns with Neptune, the planet that stations direct today in Pisces. The Moon also aligns with Pluto (and Jupiter on the overnight) in Capricorn. Jupiter and Pluto just met on November 12th in a monumental and rare 3rd conjunction of  the year. The effects are still happening. One relates to whatever is arising from the depths or hidden places, and growing. Decisions may be made in response to that. Decisions made today ought to hold strong. Mercury aligns with Jupiter which is powerful for plans related to expanding, rebuilding, and also health and healing. Maybe we get some good news about testing and vaccinating, for example. There are many possibilities, related to the sharing of news around something broad and promising. Green is today's color. 

Friday, November 13, 2020

New Moon Message from Starfish

New Moon message from starfish channeled on Thursday, November 12th. I've never received a message from Starfish! Lay on the floor or stand with your feet wider than your hips and your arms outstretched. Starfish says see and sense through your center, from the solar plexus or heart, and reach in all directions for what you need. All will come in from different sources and directions. Consider your helpers in space and the heavens as well as all earthly resources. Be flexible and willing to move with the flow. 

Starfish does not have a brain or thinking ability. Like starfish, use your instincts to protect yourself and to receive what you need. Trust your first instinct and intuition in the coming week. 

Scorpio New Moon is on Saturday at 9:07 pm Pacific/Sunday at 12:07 am EST. 

art by Patricia Piffath