Saturday, August 22, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology August 24th to August 30th, 2015

Monday: Sagittarius Moon

Moon aligns with Venus in Leo and Uranus in Aries. Dynamic energy, movement and change, and quickening pace characterize these trines.  As the Moon moves into a square with Mercury in Virgo we're challenged to think things out in detail and act in the moment. Sharp senses, a sense of freedom and attention to organization are all required and that's a tricky balance to create. Sagittarius Moon is about removing limitations including ways of thinking that can get in the way. Be versatile and open minded. Venus is still retrograde and can lead to forgiveness and moving on from past injustices in relationship.  A change in attitude could come today. Void Moon begins at 6:04 pm to 12:22 am EDT Tuesday. During those hours avoid unproductive discussions. People may be unreliable in terms of showing up or being on time. Yellow is today's color.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon travels the Capricorn path from 12:22 am EDT until the wee hours of Thursday. Progress is the keyword as Moon lines up with Virgo Sun and Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces and meets Pluto before midnight. With the prevalence of earth sign energy, do rather than just plan or discuss.  Industrious, practical, methodical activities are favored.  Mercury and Saturn are in harmony Wednesday for significant decisions, business, and settling all sorts of things.  Those pending matters can take shape today. Be proactive.  The Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo, also tomorrow, is a blessing and relates to health, service, prosperity, and resources.  Resourceful is a good description of how to best move during this Capricorn Moon. Manifest.  Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Sun conjunct Jupiter, Mercury sextile Saturn

Read Tuesday's forecast. As the Full Moon approaches, Saturday afternoon in Pisces, conclusions and completions come.  Today is all about that, and you may not have to wait for the weekend to know outcomes, agree and act on what's taking shape.  Thoughtful, beneficial, flowing, and communicative are all words for today's astrological aspects. There is one square between the Moon and Uranus, and a tug between traditional and progressive thinking arises. Consider all possibilities.  Conservative, sensible decisions are more likely as Saturn in Scorpio has an influence this week, but an unexpected offer could change your mind.  Today's color is a rich earthy brown. 

Thursday: Aquarius Moon

We're into the Full Moon zone as Saturday approaches.  The waxing Moon is in Aquarius as of 4:03 am EDT and is only void of course from 3:28 am until then.  Capricorn Moon, Saturn and Mercury align in the earliest hours. Pieces fall together, and ways to accomplish become evident.  Aquarius Moon has no significant aspects until the oppositions come Friday, with Venus and Mars. Considering those two planets, passions will be strong today and tomorrow, impacting relationship life and matters of children and creative license.  Today's color is blue.

Friday: Aquarius Moon opposes Venus and Mars

Matters of the heart and our connection to community are today's focus.  Feeling supported, or on the other hand isolated and needing companionship, will be a common theme.  In relationship, see reason to compromise and harmonize.  Leo and Aquarius are most impacted in the love arena and may also seek harmony with creative partners.  Gemini and Sagittarius may be trying to figure some of that out with friends or newer romantic partners.  The Moon's near Full so feelings and events peak and hit extremes. Aquarius and Leo fixed nature is evident and opinions are likely to come across strongly.  Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Pisces Full Moon

This Full Moon is interesting with a variety of planetary influences. Across from the Sun and Jupiter conjunction, Full Moon brings Virgo themes through and full circle.  Opportunities and developments from earlier this week reach a new phase or completion.  Pisces is fluid though, so it may seem things are ever changing.  Being in flux is not always easy, especially for those who are more comfortable when settled and stable.  Do grounding things like chores or exercise to relieve stress related to change or uncertainty. Pisces Full Moon meets Neptune bringing elements of truth and responsibility into question.  Highly creative, but with the ability to manipulate or deceive, this conjunction is a good time to see things for what they are rather than what you wish they were.  The extremes of intuition versus poor judgement are present. Saturn in Scorpio squared the Aquarius Moon hours before Full Moon and my grandmother's phrase, "A word to the wise is sufficient comes to mind." Caution where trust is concerned, thoughtfulness and pace through uncertainty, those are my words to you, the wise.  Pisces Moon is romantic at best. Today's color is the silver. 

Sunday: Pisces Moon

The Full Moon weekend continues as the Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. This sextile is insightful, meditative, and encourages us to realize and awaken to what's been there all along.  It's a sensitive, spiritual time. Light blue resonates today. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology August 17th to August 23rd, 2015

Monday: Virgo to Libra Moon

The Moon is in Virgo, solid until 1:16 pm EDT and then transitioning through void of course time until 4:23 pm. During Virgo's hours, there's a sextile to Saturn in Scorpio. Practical, conservative solutions, trouble shooting, and helping out elders and those who need strong advisement is favored.  Once the Moon is void of course, avoid major decisions and conversations you need results from. This can be a good time to be excused from something you didn't or cannot follow through on. Make an honest excuse if need be.  Libra Moon comes at 4:23 pm EDT, and overnight the Moon will relate to Mars in Leo. Social activity picks up early this week. Today's color is lavender.

Tuesday: Libra Moon

The Moon is in harmony with Mars, active and outgoing in Libra and Leo.  Aim for balanced, fair resolutions.  Discussions will be passionate and may be heated. Stay calm and avoid arguments.  It's a day to consider sides of a story and bring up points of contention for review.  Resist the urge to jump to conclusions.  There's friendly energy too and motivation to get started or continue as we move through 1st quarter Moon.  The Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn at 7:30 pm EDT. Fair, concrete actions and solutions require effort but are possible.  The debate may be more internal as you consider different feelings and opinions of your own.  Today's color is white.

Wednesday: Libra Moon, Venus trine Uranus

Relationships and quick changes or news surrounding love lives is in the forecast as Venus in heart centered Leo aligns with Uranus in brave Aries and with Libra Moon.  Some of these changes may be impulsive or sudden due to Uranus's nature particularly in fiery Aries.  It's also exciting and passionate on the positive side.  Hope for the best if you hear others' status changes or announcements.  There's a lucky aspect to Venus in Leo, though Venus is retrograde and long term effects won't be known for a while.   Consider Venus retro as you make promises or reunite. This could be a quick fling, a late summer romance, or perhaps it will unfold to be much more. Try to be in the moment rather than have grand expectations.  Sun and Moon are in harmony, which help get head and heart in sync. V.o.c. Moon begins at 10:59 pm EDT. Today's color is rose (pink red blend is ideal).

Thursday: Libra to Scorpio Moon

Void of course Moon lasts until 5:24 am, then Scorpio Moon takes over.  The Moon aligns with Jupiter newly in Virgo. Expand your way of thinking and of doing things. Alternatives around health, finances, and pet care are favored.  Jupiter in Virgo sets out to open new possibilities this year into 2016.  If you're ready, adopt a healthy habit or improve a method you were entrenched in.  Mars and Neptune also aspect the Scorpio Moon, with opposite effects.  Neptune lends imagination and a meditative side while Mars and the Moon engage in a potentially stubborn battle in fixed Leo/Scorpio.  Seek solitude if you're feeling heat from inside or elsewhere. Have a gentle night.  Today's color is maroon.

Friday: Moon square Venus, Sun square Saturn

With important things pending, much patience and wisdom is called for today. The two squares require effort and thoughtfulness as you navigate relationship "goings on" and other business transactions. Leo is quite involved with the Sun and Venus in the lion's sign. Scorpio is highlighted too as Saturn and Moon act there. Both are fixed signs and we'll need opinions and plans to be supported emotionally and logically. It all needs to come together or nothing will result.  It's not an easy day to convince, sway or change but it is possible with patience and care.  Today's color is black. 

Saturday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon

The Moon meets Saturn and relates to Friday's forecast.  Aim for long term solutions.  Mercury in Virgo favors sensible outcomes. The Sun squares Scorpio Moon and later Jupiter squares Sagittarius Moon. This is more to be negotiated and worked through.  The void Moon is 3:31 pm to 4:41 pm EDT. Check out a bit then, step back, and let the hour pass without action.  During Scorpio Moon, plant, feed the garden and natural environment and let it nourish you also. It's a favorable day for fishing and creating abundance.  Wear indigo blue today. 

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon, Sun in Virgo

Sun shifts to Virgo for the final phase of summer at 6:37 am EDT. Babies born before that are Leos. Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune and events are not quite reliable. Expect change and anticipate that not everyone will be pleased if things are canceled, delayed or there are no shows.  The Moon and Mars align for competition, games, and dynamic energy.  Today's color is red.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology August 10th to August 16th, 2015

Monday: Cancer Moon

The Moon is void of course from 7:45 am to 8:08 am EDT and then in Cancer. The Moon wanes until Friday morning when New Moon in Leo occurs at 10:53 am. In the early hours the Moon aligns with Venus and Jupiter, and at 6:10 pm EDT with Mercury in Virgo. Jupiter's last move in Leo is a trine with Gemini Moon for networking, healing relationships possibly with siblings, and keeping open communication. Nurture relationships and personal priorities today.  With many harmonious alignments, things may go more easily than expected. Have hope, move gently, and communicate without criticism.  Feelings are important to keep in mind.  Today's color is light blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon, Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter moves to Virgo at 7:11 am. Virgo is Jupiter's benefactor for an entire year, and for all of us growth and healing in the areas of health, community service, and flexible problem solving are some themes. Cancer Moon aligns with Neptune, opposes Pluto and squares Uranus. The impacts are quite mixed and patterns crop up. Some may not be pleasant, may involve family and could relate to honesty and direct communication versus hiding or being passive.  However, this is a chance to retrace and find better, healthier results.  Stay grounded and thoughtful. Channel emotions to creativity. Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Mercury opposes Neptune, Cancer to Leo Moon

The Moon is void from 1:44 pm to 4:52 pm and then moves to Leo. Prior to that time, Saturn has a say from Scorpio. Though decisive action may be called for, give much consideration and avoid the void hours for the most important conversations or decisions.  Mercury opposite Neptune is reason to be curious and question information or character.  The Moon meets Mars in Leo at 10:00 pm EDT. This may amp up matters of the heart and stir passions.  Today's color is purple. 

Thursday: Sun trine Uranus

Leo Moon and Sun trine Uranus during the next two days.  Uranus has a sudden and unpredictable nature. This can mean better than expected outcomes, yet it's also reason to stay aware on observant.  Avoid anything that could cause accidents, fires, or outbursts.  This day before New Moon is for clearing out. Weed the garden, let go of things you don't need, allow feelings to sort and minds to change.  This day can certainly go either way, but Leo optimism should be strong. Today's color is gold.

Friday: New Moon in Leo

New Moon is at 10:53 am EDT, near Venus and of course in conjunction with the Sun. All Leo traits are emphasized including strength, heart, passion for life, optimism, playfulness, and leadership.  Uranus is trine to the Moon from Aries, for initiative, sudden change, and turns of events. A lucky influence overall, this New Moon is for opening the heart and following your passions.  Venus retrograde may influence reconnections with dear ones in your life.  Today's color is white.

Saturday: Virgo Moon, Sun conjunct Venus in Leo

New Moon effects are powerful now, and the Sun/Leo meeting gives strength to reunions, heart centered matters, relationships, forgiveness and also news of change.  The void Moon is 12:36 am to 3:46 am EDT and then it's Virgo Moon until Monday.  Mercury and Pluto align for earth energy in problem solving and dealing with feelings from the past productively.  Today's color is pink.

Sunday: Virgo Moon

Keep in mind that Friday's New Moon was strong and positive. That energy is still at play for a new cycle, changes, decisions, and forward movement.  Mercury, Pluto and the Moon favor practical approaches right now. Be grounded in action and the nuts and bolts of things.  Today's color is navy blue.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Week of August 3rd to 9th, 2015

Monday: Jupiter square Saturn

Jupiter in Leo challenges Saturn newly direct in Scorpio. Debate about creative license, permanent changes, and things that have been delayed or uncertain comes up. Saturn and Mars aspect this Pisces Moon as well. Aim for long term results and realize the impact of actions taken now.  Pisces Moon is a vulnerable time, yet these planets mean business. Personal power, strong discretion, and an open the mind help.  Pisces Moon void at 4:35 pm and Aries Moon arrives at 7:24 pm.  Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Aries Moon

The Moon and Sun are in harmony in fire signs. Venus meets Jupiter in Leo with a big, colorful splash.  All of this helps with festivity, optimism, and happy interactions.  Venus and Jupiter favor Leo so strongly, create luck and expansion that also pleases Aries and Sagittarius and Aquarius in long term relationship. Venus is retrograde, so cosmetic procedures are not in favor. However, love is in the air especially if it's a renewal or reunion.  Try things out and see how it goes since during a retrograde things may change shortly after.  The Aries Moon squares Pluto for undercurrents and subtle actions that speak volumes.  Use intuition and keep expectations simple.  Enjoy the moments.  Today's color is orange. 

Wednesday: Moon conjunct Uranus, Venus square Saturn

A multitude of influences make for a varied day.  Aries Moon harmonizes with planets in Leo and meets Uranus. Spontaneity may be required.  Try not to overdo things.  Enjoy meeting, networking, and being with people generally. It's an extrovert's day.  Saturn and Venus square and relationship decisions and commitments are likely.  Get a handle on what's going on in your love life.  Consider how you can improve things (or end affairs), and communicate honestly.  At 7:29 pm EDT the Moon is void until 9:29 pm. Simple, routine things are the way to go then. Taurus Moon tonight values the comforts of life. Abundance will be celebrated and appreciated in whatever forms it may appear.  Today's color is pink.

Thursday: Taurus Moon

Mercury meets Venus. Relationship conversations and decisions peak. Many of the results will be happy, and announcements will result. Mercury also interacts with Saturn. This square, once worked through, may resolve long standing issues. However, it will take patience and perseverance.  Mercury is assertive and creative in Leo. Saturn is determined in Scorpio. Combine those forces and find agreements that last.  Mars trines Saturn and that could be detrimental. Strong arming things to force them into place may have undesirable long term effects.  Thoughtful, well considered action is called for. Today's color is black. 

Friday: Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Mercury to Virgo

Mercury changes signs at 3:15 pm EDT, but first there's a final Leo type meeting with Jupiter. Ideas, news, and discussion about expanding creative ventures, determining educational plans, solving matters related to children, and throwing magnificent parties and events is timed well by these two planets in the Lion's sign. Taurus Moon favors longevity and results for anything you engage in today. Make decisions you want to last.  Be loyal and speak the truth. At 3:15 pm Mercury shifts to Virgo for pragmatic thinking, healthy changes, and putting ideas in action.  Can you experiment with something in the next weeks, for example changing a method or routine to see if there's a better or healthier way?  Today's color is yellow. 

Saturday: Gemini Moon

The Moon is void of course for less than an hour before moving to Gemini at 1:40 am EDT. Mars moves to Leo at 7:42 pm EDT. A handful of planets change signs during this part of the lunar cycle, and the others are retrograde! The result is feeling of flux, transition, and sometimes uncertainty. It can also be exciting.  Get rid of what you don't need between  now Friday the 14th, when we have a Leo New Moon. Make space in your mind, living quarters, or anywhere else things could use refreshing.  Gemini Moon has "air" quality. Freshen stagnant energy. Challenging squares today will make us think, debate, and negotiate. Be flexible and take your time. Mars in Leo is abundant with physical and expressive energy for the next few weeks. Today's color is gold. 

Sunday: Gemini Moon

Gemini Moon aligns with Leo Sun and Uranus in Aries. It's a social, spontaneous, and surprising combination.  Stay very aware that things can happen quickly and without notice. The Sun's effect should lean that in a happy direction though.  Play like a kid. Today's color is orange.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone July 27th to August 2nd, 2015

Monday: Sagittarius Moon

An unpredictable Monday as Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune and forms a trine to Uranus retrograde. Trines indicate ease, but in these fire signs there's a volatile aspect. Go with what you know rather than being too adventurous or taking unnecessary risks. Neptune relates to imagination and sometimes deception. People may misrepresent, intending to deceive or convince.  Back off from people who push and question information. Make sure what you engage in is valid and true.  Unique and original thinking can be an upside during this Sagittarius Moon. But remain skeptical and wise rather than naive and fooled.  Today's color is white. 

Tuesday: Sagittarius to Capricorn Moon

Sagittarius Moon aligns with Jupiter in Leo for big thinking and bold action. There's a philosophical spirit as Jupiter is also Sagittarius's planet ruling higher education and global perspective. At 9:36 am EDT, the Moon moves void of course and during this time draw upon your best possible judgment and act with thought and information to support your decisions.  It's still not a day to take unusual risks or gamble considering yesterday's activity is still relevant.  Void of course Moon also plays a role, from 9:36 am to 2:47 pm. Perhaps let something sit and simmer before you decide. Jupiter in Leo is generous and magnificent. Sagittarius Moon is free thinking. We could tend to go overboard. With a little time, see if your enthusiasm for something continues to bubble.  Capricorn Moon arrives at 2:47 pm and aligns with Venus retrograde at 3:44 pm EDT. Reach an agreement this afternoon, as a couple or partners.  This is a good time to have an overdue discussion about how to proceed.  Overall, it's an agreeable day. Wear green.

Wednesday: Full Moon warmup, Moon conjunct Pluto

The Full Moon, a Blue Moon, comes Friday morning. The Moon is in Capricorn, industrious and traditional, in harmony with Neptune and together with Pluto. Neptune adds imagination to tasks and projects as things come due. Complete and celebrate a success in the next two days. There's a subtle note from Pluto that may keep us inwardly focused. It's a good day to take care of personal and professional things and get the job done.  The later hours will be influenced by Thursday's outlook so read ahead. Today's color is black. 

Thursday: Capricorn to Aquarius Moon, Moon opposes Mars

The Capricorn Moon is out of sorts with Uranus retrograde in Aries and Mars is opposite in Cancer.  Aggravations may be hard to deal with. There's definite conflict between the tried and true and new methods.  Potential for arguments and frustrations of old business is high as Saturn retro also aspects the Moon. This Full Moon, Friday morning, is meant for celebrations, originality, and resolving things. Try to work through the tough stuff. Moon is void of course from 2:50 pm to 5:40 pm EDT and then in Aquarius.  Moon is full at 6:43 am, the 2nd time this month which is why we call it a Blue Moon. Meet a deadline or obligation so you can enjoy it. Today's color is turquoise.

Friday: Full Moon in Aquarius, Mercury opposes the Moon

Mercury is opposite this Blue Moon, and tomorrow Venus and Jupiter also in Leo exert their Full Moon influence.  Agreements and peaceful resolutions are favored.  Leo/Aquarius energies dominate for a social, extroverted, community oriented weekend.  Venus moves back into Leo at 11:27 am during her retrograde time. One thing strongly advised against is cosmetic procedures, surgery or tattooing.  Avoid the urge to make that sort of change. Aquarius and Leo, this is a lovely full moon for love and relationship. Libra and Aries, friendship and luck are favored for you.  Today's color is white.

Saturday: Moon square Saturn, Moon trine Uranus

A trio of retrograde planets are active during this Full Moon time. Uranus, Saturn, and Venus retrograde and a fixed sign Full Moon equal return to prior business for long term plans and solutions. There may be a strange mix of new developments, finalizing, and trying to please everyone. News usually comes with Full Moons, and this month I do expect many completions but also pending action delayed for a few weeks perhaps.  Focusing on Venus and Jupiter in Leo, celebrations are favored and maybe other business needs to be put aside so it doesn't spoil someone's event.  Try to enjoy people, open your mind to something you didn't expect, and act in good faith.  It's possible something can be put in the past and moved on from once and for all during this Blue Moon. From 6:02 to 6:36 pm the Moon is void of course. This Pisces Moon night is sentimental, creative and influenced by Venus, planet of romance and love. Today's color is blue.

Sunday: Pisces Moon, Mercury trine Uranus

Interesting information and ideas come up as Mercury in creative Leo and Uranus retrograde in trailblazing Aries combine.  A crazy idea might be just the thing. Pisces Moon has a soft, romantic influence, quite different from those two planets but when you put it together, there may be ease in adjusting or accepting what's new. The Moon meets magical Neptune and aligns with mysterious Pluto. Tune into what's beyond or out of reach of the 5 senses. Intuition heightens.  Instincts are your guide.  Saturn turns direct in Scorpio at 1:53 am. It might feel like a dramatic pause as this planet stations for a bit before actually moving degrees forward. Today's color is green.