Friday, September 17, 2021

Full Moon in Pisces, Autumnal Equinox September 19th-25th, 2021

Sunday~Pisces Moon in harmony with Venus and Uranus offers spontaneous emotions and connections. You could feel that instant click with someone or synchronize your ideas. The Moon is close to Full, and some emotions may arise from seemingly out of nowhere. Get together with someone you love. Make a heart connection. Today's color is Blue. 

Monday~Pisces Full Moon, the Harvest Moon, is tonight. First the Moon meets Neptune and aligns with Pluto. Mercury in Libra is in harmony with Jupiter. The planetary aspect may help with agreements, contracts, meetings and generally ease tension. Neptune adds a healing and intuitive influence. Take some extra time for rest and even daydreaming. Full Moon is often about completions and peaks, however today it could be best not to push anything and to let go of emotional situations for a day. Give yourself, or something that's been stressful, a rest. This Full Moon appears fruitful, feeling oriented, creative and imaginative, and also surprising in terms of it's news and effects. Full Pisces Moon at 7:55 pm EST, and void of course Moon starts then. Aries Moon time starts at 11:15 pm EST. Today's color is White. 

Tuesday~Aries Moon opposes Mars in Libra at 7:03 am EST. The Moon is still essentially Full. The heightening effect of Full Moon is likely to take effect. Mars in Libra is concerned with justice. Aries Moon relates to the self, the "I" and can be selfish or protect one's own interests, while Mars in Libra activates around 'we' and what is shared or requires balance. And today we might get angered or agitated if there's imbalance. Aries Moon aligns with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius putting focus on the energy and the needs of groups and one's place or role in a group, such as work or organization. Today's color is Red.

Wednesday~Aries Moon for this Autumnal Equinox. The Sun changes signs at 3:21 pm EST.  Mercury squares Pluto before then & later Pluto squares the Moon. This may lead to self doubt or internal conflict. If you're on the fence about something, try to give yourself time. Aries Moon aligns with Jupiter in Aquarius adding to some of yesterday's focus on 'me' as part of the 'we'. More people may recognize that their actions and their effects extend far beyond themselves. Some will take action to make things better for the group or the world. Jupiter in Aquarius encourages us to see the big picture, beyond our selves or close radius. We may realign our view and our priorities on a day like this. Aries Moon opposite Mercury in Libra, at a degree Mercury will retrace in the not too distant future, points out areas for compromise, negotiation, fairness and balance. If you're in discussions or conversations and there's any controversy, practice calm objectivity.  Void Moon time begins at 10:05 pm EST. Today's color is Yellow. 

Thursday~ Venus in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus. Relationship news and changes are in the forecast. You might hear of get togethers, breakups, engagements, and other things related to relationship status. Another effect is instant connection, strong compulsion to be with someone, love at first sight, or obsessive relationship issues. As you can see, this can go either way. One thing for sure, relationship matters intensify. The Moon is in Taurus as of 8:38 am EST. Work on the autumn landscape, build and create. Take a hands on approach and learn how to do something well or better. Use physical energy to work out or feel productive. Later, the Moon squares Saturn and stubbornness may be evident toward sleep time. Let that go for tonight, if possible. Wear Indigo. 

Friday~ Taurus Moon relates to the part of ourselves that likes to know how things work, to actually do rather than dream, to dig right in. The Moon opposite Venus today applies that to collaborations, relationships, to creative endeavors and blends business with arts. Working with a parter who has different strengths is one way to experience this opposition. Listen to each other and notice how your approaches are different, yet complementary. The other aspect is Moon meets Uranus, a conjunction. This powers Taurus Moon with unforeseen events and changes. Taurus Moon is not the Moon that most favors changes or uncertainty. Uranus effects may require quick problem solving, edits, and response to variables that were not predicted. A building plan may need to change, for example. A project may include a revision or need to be scrapped and started again. Being open to surprises and not overly fixed on one approach could make today easier. Wear Pink.

Saturday~A lot happened this week from Full Moon to Autumnal Equinox and planetary action influencing relationships, realizations, and unexpected events or news. Now Mercury retrograde is just about here. Technically, it begins Monday at 1:10 am EST, but consider everything up for Mercury retro type activity now. Revisit, practice patience, communicate terms and messages very clearly, and expect to edit and revise some things you begin or announce in the next few weeks. Taurus Moon includes reflective and mellowing energies of Neptune and Pluto as they line up with the Moon. One square between the Moon and Jupiter could activate group problem solving or the need to be less traditional and more expansive. Notice if you're acting too stuck in your ways, unyielding to new and developing circumstances. If so is there a way to soften or warm up to what has to take place? Resisting often does not change the situation. Mars in Libra and Saturn retrograde in Aquarius have us engaged in collective agreements, hopefully doing what's most fair and beneficial for as many people as possible. This can be in smaller groups or widely. Void Moon 9:09 am EST to 8:36 pm EST when Gemini Moon opens the path to a social evening. Today's color is Green, the heart chakra color. 

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Friday, September 10, 2021

Warming Up to Full Moon & Mercury Retrograde Just Ahead~Sept. 12th-18th, 2021

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*Robin's Zodiac Zone for the week ahead*

Sunday~ Scorpio Moon aligns with one of Scorpio's planets, Mars, at 1:33 am EST. Mars is wrapping up weeks in Virgo. This may fire us up to organize, pursue with persistence, and in some cases get a bit angry. That anger or fire will fuel action. at 4:34 am EST the Moon enters Sagittarius and will be in harmony with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius today. This also initiates review of things we need movement and resolution about, including travel plans and anything related to school and business that involves groups of people or organizations. Expand your vision today to get past a block. Wear Purple.

Monday~ On Sunday the 26th Mercury retrograde begins. Finalize plans, make announcements, have important meetings and make purchases this week. Sagittarius Moon is in harmony with Mercury today. Define your beliefs around an issue or topic. Mercury in Libra is about justice. The Moon also squares the Sun which means we are half way to Full Moon. This brings up things we must resolve in order to progress as fully as possible this month. Look at both the big picture and smaller details equally. Moon and Neptune pull us into emotions and dreams tonight. Be cautious and aware where trust is concerned. Today's color is Turquoise.

Tuesday~ Sagittarius Moon squares Mars before moving the Moon moves to Capricorn and Mars into Libra. This feels like unfinished business and a push to decisions with attention to details. Try not to skim, but instead read the fine print or add the finishing touches to a plan or project. Refine and work with care. Capricorn Moon time starts at 7:30 am EST. The Moon aligns with Venus in Scorpio. We'll work well with partners who complement our skills and ways of thinking. Blend the emotional with the practical in a balanced way today. Mars changes signs at 8:14 pm EST and is a catalyst for justice while in Libra. It's also going to be interesting that Mercury retrograde happens in Libra, late September into mid October. Legal matters and policies are two things due to be activated and revisited. Wear darker shades of Blue.

Wednesday~ Capricorn Moon engages with Neptune, Uranus, and Mercury today. Mercury in Libra squares the Moon and encourages or pushes us to make decisions fairly and equitably. Injustices may come to the forefront and demand attention in schools, workplaces or in personal matters. Moon in Capricorn is about taking care of things without too much drama. Uranus does amp up the possibility of drama, however. Sudden changes of plans and spontaneous problem solving is called for. Green is today's color.

Thursday~ Capricorn Moon in harmony with the Virgo Sun, also meets Pluto. Earth energy lends itself to problem solving, experiential learning, taking stock and taking care with detail oriented work. It's a business like morning, and building, landscaping, and quiet time is also favored. The Moon will be void of course from 1:40 am EST to 11:23 am EST and then shifting to Aquarius. Aquarius Moon and Mars in Libra engage for decisions made as a group and to benefit larger groups of people. We may be challenged to compromise and see things from another perspective in the process. It's a social day for meetings and collaborations. Tonight the Sun aligns with Pluto for personal reflection and realizations. You may suddenly feel that you know what to do or how to go forward as we move toward Monday's Full Moon. Wear Silver/Gray.

Friday~ Venus squares Saturn retrograde and the Moon, both in Aquarius. This dominates the day with action around relationships becoming 'legal' or dissolving. There's passionate, strong energy around unfinished partnership and relationship 'business'. This also extends to the relationships and roles within larger groups, such as the workplace, volunteer organizations and even wider to the whole of humanity. Saturn encourages and pushes for realism, negotiations and solid terms of agreement. This may involve revisions of what was previously decided or left undetermined or loose. Work for mutual understanding and clear terms. Aim to be versatile and open minded while grounding in what you know and what is not worth compromising. It's a balancing act. Uranus throws in unexpected circumstances this afternoon, but can lead to original ideas. Wear Black. 

Saturday~ The Moon closes in on Full, Monday evening at 7:55 pm EST, in Pisces. Mercury retrograde is getting close too, and you'll begin to notice effects or deal with some things you'll revise and refine later this fall. Aquarius Moon meets Jupiter retrograde this morning for expansive views and open opportunities, some surrounding roles in groups, some involving healing, learning, and taking alternative approaches. Void Moon 5:14 am to 4:22 pm EST. Do something relaxing or slightly adventurous (Shamanic Yoga & Journey is timed for today!). Pisces Moon for a mellow or romantic evening and a chance to escape the everyday or concerns for a while. Intuition heightens. Today's color is Light Blue.


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Friday, September 3, 2021

New Moon in Virgo Astrology for September 5th-11th, 2021

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Sunday, September 5th~Leo Moon in harmony with Venus this morning for a social, generous and loving vibration. Leo is the sign of playfulness, youth, and strength. Relationships may show their resilience. As the Moon opposes Jupiter forgiveness and reconciliation opportunities arise. It's always a choice. In general,  partnerships, friendships and relationships within larger groups are highlighted and favored today. So is vacation, fun, and letting worries dissolve for a while. Void Moon from 10:22 am EST to 7:06 pm when the Moon enters Virgo setting up for New Moon on Monday evening. You may notice you want to organize, prepare and clean. It's a good time for a big sweep and cleanse of spaces and for entering new routines. It makes so much sense that many people start classes and make transitions during Virgo time. Do something that helps you feel prepared for the week ahead either tonight or on Monday, even if you have an extra day off.  Today's color is Indigo & the stars will be shining in tonight's dark Moon sky.

Monday~New Moon in Virgo is tonight at 8:52 pm EST. It's the Moon of fresh routines, health and the physical body, figuring things out and problem solving, and willingness to change your mind or your habits. First, Mars and Pluto align in Virgo/Capricorn. This can bring things up, activating feelings and internal or external patterns. It may include ways of thinking, such as negative self talk and perfectionism. Frustrations may include how other people act and do things. Notice your feelings around approaches and methods. Maybe there is a positive and healthy change you or someone else can adopt to lessen anger or agitation. Anxieties could heighten and we may really tune into our perceived flaws. The key though is to take this opportunity for positive action. 

Venus aligns with Jupiter and it's a healing influence. Both planets are in air signs indicating that communication is involved. It may be impersonal as well as possibly personal. How can you take an objective view and in doing so, heal or improve a situation at work, school or in a group? Can you and someone else interact sensibly and fairly? With Virgo New Moon, make changes that positively impact health and create clean, organized, streamlined routines and environments. Also, if you should see a doctor, get a test or address something health-wise, this New Moon says do so this week. After New Moon tonight, Uranus influence kicks in wildly and strongly, connecting with the Moon and Sun from Taurus. This is mainly about wellness and the well being of the earth, the planet, landscapes and waters. In terms of individuals, it may point out physical symptoms, aggravate conditions mentally or physically, but especially in terms of the body. For the earth, unfortunately, this could exacerbate the way we see climate change playing out, with wildfires, floods or other such events including earthquakes, storms or volcanoes. Uranus comes on with force and shakes things up. Reasons, compulsions, and undeniable catalysts of change will be clear and present. 

Time personal announcements and changes close to, but after New Moon time and over the course of this week or so. Wear White. 

Tuesday~ Virgo Moon sails through a few aspects post Monday evening New Moon. Initiating change is favored. The Moon's meeting with Mars is probably the most powerful aspect today as it activates and leads to action, especially around health, our collective well being and the well being of the earth. We will see where we must take action because anything else is irresponsible and may be irreparable. Virgo governs health and being in service to others. This is where the emphasis is during this new lunar cycle. In Virgo, Mars urges problem solving and addressing areas of concern in those areas. The other aspects are Moon and Neptune opposite which creates conflict over idyllic and unrealistic thinking as well as unreliable plans. Denial will be confronted or pointed out. The Moon also forms a trine to Pluto in Capricorn for soul searching and knowing what needs to be done, even if it's reluctantly. Be instinctive and attuned to your environment. Seek solid ground and clean air, literally and metaphorically as well. The Moon is void from 3:24 to 11:20 pm EST.  Today's color is Green.

Wednesday~ Libra Moon as of 11:20 pm EST on Tuesday. New Moon propels us all week, so fresh approaches, beginnings and notable announcements are ongoing. The Moon/Saturn alignment today indicates agreements and contracts. Some of this is a review of much earlier in the year since Saturn is retrograde. You may be revisiting a legal or contractual matter to get it resolved or redefined. Divorce and separation agreements seem especially related to this Libra Moon. Mercury meets the Moon tonight for talks and terms. It's also a decent night for a date, a friendly meeting, or for pursuing a new interest of any kind. Thinking, talking and learning are favored. Wear Orange.

Thursday~This is a good day for starting projects, restarting plans or business under new terms or conditions, and maybe announcing a new schedule, menu or policy. Libra Moon involves fairness, harmony, collaboration, and partnership. The Moon squares Pluto which is more internal than external in its effect. You may feel yourself reflecting and considering, and be immersed in your thoughts. As the day goes on, Jupiter aligns with the Moon and overnight Venus meets the Moon. Both help with forgiveness, positive connections, and romance including long term love and marriage partners. Today's color is Pink.

Friday~Libra Moon meets Venus at 12:48 am EST, and is then void of course until 2:05 am EST. Scorpio Moon vibes take over. For some this will be a crucial day to examine one's own motivations and blocks and to see how they may be holding you back. The Moon square to Saturn shows that our intentions and relationship to friends and to groups we are part of, including the group we call humanity, is related to stubborn places and perhaps wounded places within ourselves. Release is called for, but is it possible today? This may come in the form of pressure or confrontation. Will you or someone else budge from a strong position, in order to progress or do the right thing, as Saturn often asks us to. Saturn in Aquarius speaks to the collective, innovation, science, invention, the future as informed by the past, and our responsibility to all. At 4:39 pm EST, Venus also moves into Scorpio for several weeks of intense focus on romantic relationships, issues around possessiveness, immersion in creative process and other things that involve pleasure, beauty, and love in an intense or immersive way. New relationships may deepen and intensify quickly. Infatuations may feel extra compelling. Today's color is Maroon.

Saturday~This day has so many potentials and possibilities. Scorpio Moon pulls us to what means the most and is personal. It can lead us to be deeply involved in one thing. We have a wide variety of aspects, some contrasting each other. Uranus opposite the Moon, monthly, tends to be activating and may be upsetting. That occurs overnight. In the morning, the Moon and Sun are in harmony especially favoring health matters and dealing with them, problem solving and organization, and sensible thinking. Taking care of personal matters is favored. The Moon and Neptune form a creative sextile for artists and musicians and other creators. In the evening there's a lunar square to Jupiter which may influence a more solitary or introspective evening. Not wanting to be around crowds or lots of people is one way you might feel this. We may want time away from worries, even if they feel persistent. The Moon and Pluto continue the introverted influence. Many will be most comfortable at home or in very familiar settings. Give yourself some privacy and time without guilt, if that's what you need. The Moon says it's entirely possible we'll just want to cocoon. Today's color is Black.

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