Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 20th to 26th, 2014

Welcome to Robin's Zodiac Zone! These 4casts give you insight into each day's astrological energies! Ideas and thoughts in the 4casts are intended for your enjoyment and are not intended as recommendations for how to live your life.

This week features multiple turning points! Thursday, the Sun moves to Scorpio and a solar eclipse rocks the same sign! Venus moves to Scorpio bestowing all her beautiful traits at eclipse time! Saturday, Mercury stations direct in Libra. 
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Monday: Venus sextile Mars, Mercury sextile Jupiter 

If improving your love life is a priority, today is your day! Venus in Libra and Mars in Sagittarius activate long distance romances, travels with your lover, and excitement about romances blooming or refreshing with new energy. Venus and Mars are the chemistry planets when it comes to love. Ease relationship tension with pure fun, a spontaneous approach, and maybe a tiny adjustment in attitude or perspective. Mercury and Jupiter align for inspired brainstorming possibilities, activity around education and travels, and openness to meeting new people or former colleagues to see what might be brewing that you could be involved with in the months ahead.  The Virgo Moon aligns with Saturn and there are strong pulls to organize and be persistent with business that needs to be done.  Overall, this is a good day for most anything you have planned.  Tonight the Moon squares Mars at 11:30 pm and is then void of course until 7:12 am. Be where you're expected to be. Today's color is navy blue. 

Tuesday: Libra Moon

The Libra Moon sails freely from 7:12 am on. Tomorrow the Moon will meet Mercury retrograde one final time during this cycle, and old business is in the spotlight this week. Libra Moon is time to weigh pros and cons, engage in intelligent decision making or at least thinking about options. Decisions may be better made early next week. New Moon is Thursday. Today and tomorrow, reconsider and bring in some new ideas too.  The New Moon may get a delayed start in terms of bringing things together and starting fresh. Now is the time to set a flexible course of action, a simple adjustable plan. Listen well and observe today. File away your insights for the time when they are most valuable. Avoid gossip and speculation. Today's color is lavender. 

Wednesday: Mercury retrograde conjunct Libra Moon

Mercury stations direct on Saturday. Meanwhile, there's a solar eclipse New Moon tomorrow and Mercury touches base with the Moon, guardian of our emotions, childhood, and upbringing. This happens at 5:25 pm EDT to be exact. It's a happening day for rediscoveries, memories, and reversals. Some may go back on their word because they have to! Mercury retrograde results in introspection, connection with the past in a variety of ways, and therefore, changes our priorities or the way we see things. In Libra, this is likely to relate to what's fair, what's imbalanced, how to relate to another significant person and whether to move forward together or not. Legal justice is another Libra matter, so legal implications may be involved in some of this too. There are still a few days of Mercury retrograde, and the final day is notorious (Saturday), however you may feel like you're clarifying and seeing something important with new eyes by now. Some patience is probably a good thing. Hold on a little bit longer.  Today's color is white.

Thursday: Sun and Venus to Scorpio, Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Hello Scorpio! This is the darkest part of the year, as the Sun shifts to Scorpio at 7:57 am (the actual end of Daylight Savings Time is November 2nd this year). Venus follows to Scorpio, where she is passionate and sometimes jealous, at 4:52 pm for about a 4 week stay. The Moon starts in Libra energized by Mars. Feeling fired up will be a common effect!  The void of course Moon is from 1:22 pm to 5:10 pm and the New Moon in Scorpio, a solar eclipse as well, is exact at 5:57 pm EDT. Venus is in perfect harmony with the Moon, and our love lives, and strong passions in other areas too, get a big jolt of solar energy! Feel it in your heart, you will not be able to deny where this eclipse leads. It's very positive having Venus's power at eclipse time. The planet of harmony, romance, beauty and art brings her goodness to many parts of life including romantic love for Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer, earthly goods like work and money for Libra and Aries, career and positive recognition for Aquarius, and a loving home life and shift for Leo. Today's color is pink.

Friday:  Scorpio Moon

Still in the aura of the solar eclipse, word of change makes it way in. Digest it all slowly, no matter how sudden or urgent it seems. Mercury is retrograde through Saturday. Let things process. Simmer. Even with the good things, maybe hold back just a little and let excitement bubble a bit, just to be sure things are the way they appear.  Pluto and Neptune engage with the Moon in supportive ways. An inner feeling that something is really good, an intuition that something is brewing, or an inspiration you can build on are some of the effects.  Intuition should be strong today. Do not doubt yourself. Listen carefully and let the rest absorb. Today's color is indigo blue.

Saturday: Mercury stations Direct, Sun conjunct Venus

The Sun meets Venus and Mercury is direct at 3:17 pm! Romance is in the air! Cancer and Scorpio are feeling the love, and Aquarius may be feeling the love from all directions in terms of public recognition and positive career attention, for example. Wherever Scorpio falls in your chart is where you're getting the best vibes. That's also the sign we had a New Moon/solar eclipse in on Thursday. To maximize the positive impact of this well intentioned wave, ride it rather than fight it. Change is part of what's going on here and it relates to some of our deepest emotions and what's dearest to us. Let something take hold in a new way rather than expecting things remain the same. Scorpio is a fixed sign and changes are for the long haul now. It's a new phase, and Venus the planet of love has supported this all week. Ideally, even in the midst of struggle, you feel cleansed, somehow detoxified and ready to move forth. On this last day where Mercury has retrograde hours, avoid the big announcements or complex discussions. Saturn and Jupiter are also players today, with messages about expansion versus constriction, and what creates stability and abundance both. Let this day be quiet and contemplative, however don't resist a date or night out with friends while the Sun and Venus inspire love and connection. Wear maroon.

Sunday: Mars to Capricorn, Sagittarius Moon

Mars moves to industrious, physical Capricorn. The planet that influences our energy level, sex drive, and fire brings it all back to earth in Capricorn. From exploring possibilities during October, we moves into action and take real steps with a grounded approach. Mars in Capricorn wants to make it a reality. With Mercury direct, still in pause mode though, we can start to initiate for results. Building, creating organizations, and deciding who's responsible for what and holding accountability is favored with Mars in Capricorn. Launching or restructuring a business makes sense now. Capricorn, you need to prevent overwork which manifests as fatigue.  Virgo you're feeling the physical chemistry in your love life and/or the urge to do manual labor that makes you happy, like renovating or painting before the holidays. Take on a project now. Pisces, your friendships may be shifting and social life amping up. Know who your true friends are though and try to stay out of disagreements you don't need to be involved in. Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune today. We may just feel like wandering without a destination. Choose your adventure or creative pastime. Today's color is red.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 13th to 20th, 2014

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Monday: Gemini to Cancer Moon

Sun and Mercury in Libra align with Gemini Moon. Mars is across from the Moon, in Sagittarius. The past becomes relevant with Mercury retrograde. It's a peak day for revisiting places, people, and unresolved business. There's strong energy around collaboration, partnerships, legal matters and travel.  It's a day for choosing your team, at least for the moment, or you may be reconsidering who your supporting players are. Mercury retrograde is a time for trial periods or trial and error. Allow room to adjust any decisions you make. Give it a month or so, and then revisit and refine.  Friends or former colleagues get in touch and chance meetings with people you haven't seen in a long time happen on days like this.  The Moon is void of course from 1:58 to 7:30 pm. It's a homebody night with the Moon in Cancer. Today's color is silver.

Tuesday: Venus sextile Jupiter, Moon square Uranus

What a mixed day! Cancer Moon squares Uranus in Aries and opposes Pluto and this recurring pattern is not usually welcome since it stirs up feelings and resurrects fears and things that are hard to let go of. There's a sudden nature to Uranus's influence and Cancer Moon leans toward defensive reactions or melancholy blues. On the bright and beautiful side though, Venus in Libra harmonizes with Jupiter in Leo, and this is a song of love, joy, and opportunity! This angle is wildly social, friendly and enthusiastic. Love and partnerships are favored. Surround yourself with true friends or enjoy time with the love of your life. Along with Libra and Leo, Aries and Gemini really resonate with Jupiter and Venus this season. Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Sun sextile Mars

The Sun/Mars team in Libra and Sagittarius energizes this morning's wake up with ideas, collaborations and places to be! Travels refresh our perspective now. It's a good time to be on vacation as long as your schedule is flexible. In fact, today the less planned the more you're likely to enjoy it. The Moon is in Cancer, void of course at 7:27 pm EDT. The Sun and Moon square in Cancer and Libra, and we can sort out feelings and arrive at solutions if we put in the effort, caring and earn trust. It's delicate, but possible today with the 4th quarter Moon and Mercury retrograde bringing up topics that need attention and honest discussion. The Moon is void for the entire overnight until 6:29 am EDT. Avoid online shopping and late night messages that might be misread.  Today's color is red.

Thursday: Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde/sextile Mars

The Sun, Mercury, Mars action continues. It's mainly optimistic and initiates movement rather than the usual Mercury retro slow downs. As you make decisions just leave room to change your mind or alter the course later. Agree to temporary things rather than permanent-schedule changes or responsibilities, for example. Adventures & spontaneity, as well as reconnections with people you used to know, dominate today and tonight. A chance meeting might lead to a dinner date and a new start with old friend, for Libra, Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius in particular. Cancer may enjoy a visit back home or time with family. Capricorn, you may find yourself interested in what's happening where you used to work or feel led in a different career direction. The Moon is in Leo from 6:29 am on. Today's color is yellow.

Friday: Leo Moon conjunct Jupiter, Mercury conjunct Venus

This is a sweet day with two exciting conjunctions. If there's a downside it would likely be the reappearance of an interested ex you don't want to get back together with. Otherwise, enjoy the Jupiter in Leo vibes which expand opportunities and creativity. If you're an Aries or Leo hoping for good news about pregnancy or children you already have, maybe this is your day! Mercury and Venus in Libra favor better communication in partnership and boost love lives and romance generally. Libra, Aries, and Gemini are some of the benefactors today. Realize why you love your life! Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Leo to Virgo Moon

The Leo Moon aligns with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Libra and also Mars in Sagittarius, filling the day with energy. Social events are charged with enthusiasm and friendliness, perhaps with a bit of competitive nature thrown in. You may see people dressing to impress and relaying stories of their travels and accomplishments. Yet most of this is likely to be friendly and open. Mars in Sagittarius is planting or activating the travel bug this season, so  it may feel great to take a trip, even just a short drive away. Act on educational plans during these weeks too, though actual applications are best sent after Mercury retrograde ends on the 25th.  If you send materials earlier, make sure they are well backed up, copied, and confirm that they arrived in the right place.  Mercury retro in harmony with the Moon makes it likely we run into old friends that we still like and are happy to hear from if they call! Void of course Moon is 9:10 am to 7:08 pm so it's not the best day to spend your hard earned dollars. Save shopping for night or better yet for after the 25th. Virgo Moon tonight. Today's color is purple.

Sunday: Virgo Moon

Catch up on projects once abandoned or unfinished. Virgo Moon favors simple tasks and clean up today. The Moon and Pluto can help you organize your stuff or your ideas and thoughts. Neptune adds a flow and a creative influence. No need to rush, no need to feel or exert pressure. Ease your way through the activities that call for your attention. That includes friends who may be in need of a hand. Today's color is brown. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 6th to 12th, 2014 (Eclipse time begins!)

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I'm spending my Mercury retrograde with my last weeks in Tampa, teaching my final classes, saying goodbyes, getting a little sun, planning yoga for you, scheduling readings, and counting the number of sleeps left til Portland. 
See you soon, Maine.


Monday: Full Moon warming up, Pisces Moon

The Moon will be full with a lunar eclipse on Wednesday morning, in Aries. This will continue a 2 year cycle of Aries and Libra eclipses, and it will not pass through quietly. Aries is the warrior, and the individual. Get ready to lead your own charge fearlessly as everything whirls with change and potentially confusion. Confrontations will be easily triggered this week.  Allow for change. With an eclipse, we have to give up control and adjust to events that are quicker than anticipated or totally unexpected. You may see some rash action or judgment. Being in a healthy routine and surrounded by supportive people is the antidote for any other madness that may or may not impact your world.  Today the Moon is in sensitive Pisces squaring Mars in Sagittarius. I usually find these two signs get along well together and appreciate each other's tendency to fluctuate, both being mutable signs. However, Mars in Sagittarius is much too overbearing for Pisces Moon. People will be easily injured by words or harsh actions today. It may seem like compassion and understanding is hard to come by. Mars in Sagittarius is adventurous, but very pushy and outspoken. If you're a quieter or more sensitive soul, you may feel the need to dodge someone or hide out.  Void of course Moon is 3:38 pm on. Do something that feeds your soul this afternoon. Tea with grandma or grandpa might be just the thing. Today's color is blue.

Tuesday: Aries Moon

The Moon is void until 6:07 am EDT. The Sun opposes Uranus in Aries, our Full Moon sign, and the Moon opposes Venus. The lunar eclipse will peak at 6:51 am tomorrow and is pushing the agenda now. If you're not in a relationship going through a change/make or break time, you probably know someone who is. Libra and Aries are the obvious choices, however rising sign has lots to do with it so any sign could be involved. Long, drawn out relationship issues may finally reach their breaking point so things have to go one way or another now. Aries is the self, and Libra is the sign that brings two together. I suspect we'll hear lots about breakups, partner decisions, and changes that seem to come from out of the blue as well as ones that don't surprise anyone.  The Full Moon is tomorrow, but today is event filled with eclipse activity.  During a lunar eclipse, we tend to complete cycles and have endings.  Avoid acting rashly or harshly. Tempers and feelings may be on edge all around.  Today's color is pink.

Wednesday: Lunar Eclipse in Aries, Full Moon

Lunar eclipses are always at Full Moon time.  Aries is the initiator, brave warrior, child, and individual as far as archetypes go. This eclipse could bring out any of that. When things get rocky, some act like children or want someone else to take care of things while some step up and become fierce, maybe even too much so. In relationships, a final break would be  more likely than a reconciliation now. Mercury retrograde is a factor too, but with an eclipse changes tend to be permanent with less room to change your mind later. Tread lightly through whatever events you're navigating. With a tendency toward fast and furious, maybe go extra slow and with lots of thought and care.  Balance the energy out. There are too many to mention, so suffice to say all signs are touched by the planetary aspects of the day itself.  Aries personally, Pisces employment wise, Leo with travels and communication, Cancer with career, money and home life. The Moon is Full at 6:51 am and void of course starting at 10:20 am for the rest of the day. Give yourself extra time for everything today and build in some relaxation or quiet.  Wear white.

Thursday: Taurus Moon

At 7:44 am the Moon shifts to Taurus, a sign that would love to come in and stabilize, simplify and fix everything. There's a tendency to be controlling today, partly due to lunar eclipse whipping certain things into a frenzy. Neptune tones it down a little bit, with room for imagination and creativity. The Moon is across from Mercury and misunderstandings are highly likely. Try not to guess or assume. Some of use will operate with the wrong set of directions in place. Ask questions. Save yourself some frustration by clarifying anything from where and when to the steps you need to follow. Do physical work, get lost in a project you that can't really go wrong based on someone else's expectation. Soften the edges around a situation or lend an ear to a friend having difficulty. Today's color is light blue. 

Friday: Mercury Retrograde to Libra

Mercury retrograde shifts into Libra at 1:26 pm. When Mercury changes signs, wait things out, expect your mind may change, and speak thoughtfully. Saturn across from the Moon can feel like a task master or bring out the critics. If you must give feedback or speak with authority, do so with a tone that won't trigger extreme responses. The Sun in Libra trine to Jupiter in Leo brings optimism, extroversion, & joy to the surface. That's where you want your focus and attitude to be! Laying low a bit may help ease tension or Mercury retrograde communication issues.  Lighten someone's burden or keep things light on yourself. The Taurus Moon moves void of course at 8:49 pm EDT, not interfering with the traditional business day. Reconnecting you unexpectedly with friends is one of Mercury's jobs while retrograde and you might enjoy (or avoid?) that tonight. Wear yellow.

Saturday: Gemini Moon

The Moon is void until 11:51 am and then in Gemini for the rest of the weekend including much of Monday, a holiday weekend in the USA. This morning, take your time and try not to overextend yourself. Venus is opposite Uranus and some relationships will be undergoing change, stress, excitement or unanticipated news. This might make it feel like Full Moon all over again and the eclipse is still impacting life events.  It takes time and processing to adjust when news isn't expected or even when a relationship is going to the next level.  Let yourself adjust and don't expect too much too fast.  Neptune also squares the Moon today. If you have lots of free time,  you might enjoy the floaty feeling of water and air signs interacting. Life might easily be compared to soaring through air or navigating at sea this week with the movement and energy of an eclipse and the fire sign grand trine simultaneous to the fluctuations of Mercury. This could be a day to go back over things, review or revise.  Make art, daydream or wander somewhere you used to go and don't make time for or live near now.  Today's color is blue.

Sunday: Gemini Moon

Yesterday looked a little tricky if anything important had to be dealt with. Today perhaps the Gemini social vibe will take over. Connections with people and even the surprises look more pleasant as Venus and Jupiter harmonize with the Moon. If possible, just enjoy the day. If you're going through a challenging time, it's a good day to talk, be with a best friend or contact an old friend you have an easy relationship with (not someone you left on bad terms with). Jupiter in Leo is about thinking expansively and acting the same, opening doors rather than limiting possibilities. Consider all the possible ways you can improve on life as you know it now.  Discussions may include forming partnerships, going forward together as a couple, engagements and other decisions you make together, with another.  Keep things somewhat flexible. Maybe put off setting a date or definite plan, but open up the possibilities. Enjoy a party or other gathering. Today's color is pink.

Friday, September 26, 2014

September 29th to October 5th, 2014

Monday: Venus in Libra, Sagittarius Moon

We're in a fire sign trend, and this is another day when the heat, enthusiasm, passion, and sometimes confrontational nature of fire is on! The Moon and Mars meet at 2:34 pm EDT. The Libra Sun, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo are feeding this Sagittarius fire. The message is get moving! Be in the world experiencing all life has to offer. It's a day of spontaneous action. Enter a learning program, join a group or class, get out of your usual environment and do something that opens your mind. Keep in mind that Mercury is near retrograde and take no unnecessary risks. High risk is a no-no, but stepping out and losing some fear and allowing yourself new experiences is a yes! Today is bold, fierce and strong minded.  Venus moves to Libra where she is so at home! Libra, your graces and charms are all activated now! This helps all of us be more agreeable and less critical with each other. The Moon moves v.o.c at 11:29 pm EDT until Wednesday at 12:41 am. Tomorrow it may be hard to track people down or get anything significant accomplished without confusion. Procrastination is out, taking charge of your life is in! Today's color is orange.

Tuesday: Void of course Moon

All day the Moon is void, waiting to move to Capricorn overnight. You might wait out a big decision, not have enough information or the right people in place. It's ok! Maybe it's best since tomorrow's energy is more organized. Take care of routine things, know that shopping today is not really recommended. Save receipts. Have backup plans. Expect no shows. Go out and have fun if you can manage it! Explore a topic of interest. Wander if you can take time away from the day's usual tasks or places. Let go of pressure-your own or expecting something or someone else. Things will take their sweet time today. Some will move fast and some will move barely. Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon

Welcome to October! The Capricorn Moon time starts at 12:41 am EDT. The 2nd quarter Moon, between New and Full, is at 3:33 pm. Today is meant for progress and productivity. Mercury sets up meetings and talks this morning. Some of that will relate to using discretion and being part of plans that must be kept secret for a while. Do that. Use very strong judgement around information and privacy and all business dealings. Find creativity in plans and justice and good balance in partnerships. It's a no nonsense day. Venus in Libra is encouraging more equality in one on one relationships. Today's color is black.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon aligns with Saturn and squares Uranus. Keep your cool. Serious matters are up for trouble shooting, possible compromise, and solutions with built in defaults. Mercury retrograde begins Saturday. Take your time and make flexible plans. Finish or make good progress with a project. Uranus's element of instability may frazzle us today. Think of the solid, non negotiable core values, strategies or traits you have and rely on those as other things swirl around and there may be upsets.  Bring yourself back to the tried and true and remind others of that too. The Moon is void at 12:18 pm EDT. Best business is done in the morning or before that time in your zone. Today's color is navy blue. 

Friday: Aquarius Moon

At 4:00 am EDT, the Moon sails into Aquarius, an inventive and collaborative sign. Venus and the Sun in Libra align with, and Mercury is square to, the Moon. Negotiate and sort out the best ideas. Listen to each other fully. Consider alternative approaches. It's a social, people oriented day suited to conferences, events, and partnerships formed to get things done! Be part of a team or group if you have a chance. It's a good day or night to be with friends or attend a gathering. Though tonight it's best to play on the safe side as Mars and Uranus approach an overnight trine and things can happen unexpectedly and fast. Keep your head up tonight. Stay in the safety zone. Today's color is light blue.

Saturday: Sun square Pluto, Mercury retrograde

Beware of grandiose plans, taking on too much, and making promises you won't keep. The Sun square Pluto in Libra/Capricorn and Jupiter across from the Moon can both mean conflicts in plans or scale of things.  Mercury is retrograde officially at 1:02 pm EDT, and this first day is known for having all the symptoms including changes of mind, inability to follow through on a plan or schedule, technical difficulties, and unexpected visitors or interactions with people from the past. Even under different circumstances with Mercury, Saturn square to the Moon would mean stubborn opinions and roadblocks. Expect a detour one way or another today. Maybe it'll  be a pleasant one. Don't hold too tight to schedules or expectations, and it'll be easier on everyone.  The Moon is void of course at 2:32 pm. Know who your friends are, or at least who they were yesterday. Stay in the safe zone tonight. Today's color is black.

Sunday: Pisces Moon

The Moon is in Pisces as of 5:24 am EDT. Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio, and Mars is trine to Uranus. The Moon also meets Neptune today. Some pitfalls include deception including people who present differently than their true intent or nature.  That may be someone who reappears in your life now. Move very carefully and take your time, and above all trust that inner voice of discretion. Pisces Moon sometimes means we let boundaries down more easily. Just be careful. Literally. Mars is trine to Uranus and incidents happen very quickly and unexpectedly with those two in harmony.  Maybe it's an exciting adventure day, and that's best case scenario. It is not a good day to take obvious risks of any kind. No gambling, speeding, or other impulsive behavior. Take good care of pets and the kids.  Watch Disney movies (you know what I mean. Easy does it.) Today's color is green.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 22nd to 28th! 2014

I'm booking appointments for readings in the Portland area beginning November 7th at Full Moon time. A one hour reading will be $55 for the month of November! The effects of October eclipses and Mercury retrograde create flux and shifts, and as November moves in, intuitive Scorpio energy takes over! It's a beautiful time for a tarot reading, a look at your astrology chart, or some impartial coaching that may include readings, listening and suggesting alternatives, or guided meditation for just you! Team up with a friend and share a 90 minute session for $80. Restore & gather energy for the winter season! I look forward to doing these sessions in person. Email me to book Monday, Thursday, Friday and some weekend times in South Portland or a location convenient to you. 

Exciting times we're in! Let your session bring some focus & peace, a decision or affirmation. 

Happy Autumn!

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Monday: Autumnal Equinox, Virgo Moon

Earth energies infuse this day that ends with the Sun shift to Libra at 10:29 pm EDT, the start of fall. Therefore, the first true day of the season is tomorrow! (When everyone says today is the first day of fall, you can remind them it's still summer until 10:29 p, 7:29p Pacific, or adjust to your own time zone.) Pluto is direct at 8:36 pm as well. What have you been healing and now find yourself ready to move on from? Pluto in Capricorn is a healing influence now, and making an offering to the earth is a great way to celebrate the Solstice. It can be simple, like pumpkin seeds, or water with sea salt that's been absorbing any negative energy from your home or workplace.  Capricorn is an earth sign, and the Virgo Moon is also a time to honor and thank the earth for all it provides for us. Bury something you can do without now, literally or otherwise. This is a day to do simple rituals with personal meaning and a connection to the greater good as well. In your routine, ground in useful tasks and accomplish things that make a contribution and feed your soul. Today's color is black. 

Tuesday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon is void of course from 8:15 am until 11:59 pm EDT on this first full day of fall. Keep your focus simple and calendar flexible. If important meetings happen, leave plans somewhat adjustable and revisit them tomorrow. It's a good day or night to "sleep on it" and see how your mind bends around a plan or idea. Virgo is the sign of service to others and this is a favorable day for pitching in and getting cleaning, sorting, and home related things taken care of. It's a great day for walking, running, yoga and other activities that don't require competition or a partner. The Moon in harmony with Saturn and meeting Venus inspires us to sort things out in relationships in order to manage routines and responsibilities better together. That includes ex partners who share children, a business or property.  Venus is friendly and practical with the Virgo Moon today. Reconsider and get ready to step into new routines or revised plans. The New Moon arrives overnight. Today's color is pink.

Wednesday: New Moon in Libra

This New Moon is a rush of energy! Uranus is active from Aries, across from the Moon and in harmony with Jupiter in Leo. All that glitters really may turn to gold this week if Jupiter has his way! Uranus is the destroyer and re-creator. The phrase "all things are possible" comes to mind. Also these may be things you least thought could happen! I hope the New Moon brings wondrous surprises your way, today or in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile, I encourage you to align with these Jupiter aspects, blessings, benefits, and learning, by seeking opportunities, alliances, and innovative ways of doing things. Now is better than later since Mercury retrograde is just ahead. What can you make happen and bring together now?! Invite in what you're hoping for, without urgency or a sense of one particular expectation. Just invite in friendship, love, abundance, solutions and let them unfold! Do contact people who can help you in the direction you seek! Libra New Moon is people oriented and above all, balanced and fair. Change a situation that's full of imbalance. Release a responsibility that's not really yours. Find new ways of dividing and sharing and living together happily.  White is today's color.

Thursday: Jupiter trine Uranus

The Libra Moon is in harmony with Jupiter in Leo and across from Uranus in Aries as the two form a trine. This is a "Wow" day with effects that last longer than just one moment or day, so if nothing spectacular graces your Thursday, rest assured, these planets are aligning for all of us in a time release way. Jupiter in Leo is creative and about birthing and growing anything from a child to a business to more opportunities for travel. Uranus has the speed of wildfire in Aries, and quick action, answers to longstanding questions or offers happen swiftly, whether you were prepared or not! Look for these kinds of things within a few days on either side of this and especially before October 4th when Mercury retrograde begins. As you manifest, give back as well. Keep fair exchanges in mind, whether it's money, friendship or energy. Justice wins. This may be the time to give up a behavior that's limiting or ego based, become more attuned to others, and see how the universe gives back! Today's color is red.

Friday: Moon conjunct Mercury in Libra, Scorpio Moon

This is a day for fair outcomes, dealing with legal situations and finding balance in partnership and love relationships. The Moon and Mercury give you this opportunity to have the discussion, negotiate a fair plan or agreement and move forward with it before Mercury retrograde. If something like this is pending for you, finish it and resolve by the end of the weekend. Otherwise know that your next best timing will be after October 25th. A short void of course Moon from 8:39 am to 10:29 am EDT is followed by Scorpio Moon until Sunday at 6:50 pm. Decisions take hold. The Moon and Neptune align for strong intuition, psychic hits, strong impressions, feelings and dreams. Today's color is indigo blue.

Saturday: Mercury in Scorpio

The Scorpio Moon is joined by Mercury at 6:39 pm EDT. Mercury in Scorpio is an investigator, researcher, and mystery writer. Interesting information surfaces and will be up for discussion in the weeks ahead, particularly since Mercury will be retrograde in a few days and we'll revisit these degrees of Mercury. When Mercury changes signs, perspective shifts. You may change your mind or be impacted as someone else sees a situation with different eyes now. Things are quite impermanent at this point so close to the retrograde, so patience helps. The Moon aligns with Pluto, recently direct in Capricorn. Deep and long held feelings come up. This is more about internally resolving something for yourself. Introspection is likely and you might even feel alone in a crowd.  Create some time for yourself today or tonight. We may need to be tolerant and put a shield on out there in the world. Today's color is black.

Sunday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon

Scorpio Moon meets Saturn and lines up with Venus in Virgo. Get a handle on relationship issues. Keep a good boundary even while being forgiving or more tolerant of someone.  There's a tendency to make decisions though with Mercury so close to retrograde it's best to build in the right to change your mind or alter things in a month. It's a good day to organize, prioritize, and attend to personal business even if that's just about cleaning your room or workspace. Creativity is stimulated, though Saturn's rules may be something you have to consider.  Take a plan and improvise with more color, detail, and heart. The void of course Moon is relatively short, from 4:31to 5:56 pm EDT. Tonight can be fun & competitive, though some will make it a study night under Sag Moon, sign of higher learning. Today's color is purple.