Friday, January 17, 2020

New Moon & Aquarius Time! January 19th-25th, 2020

Sunday: This is the last full day of Sun in Capricorn, and Scorpio Moon harmonizes with the Sun, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This may give us resolve, closure, and motivation to do what we have to do.  Void Moon 4:22 to 5:41 pm EST, and Sagittarius Moon take over then. This may be energizing or give a sense of freedom. Tonight and tomorrow are for opening the mind to possibilities and adventures. Wear Purple today.

Monday: Sagittarius Moon aligns with Mercury in Aquarius, aiming to expand perspective, open new options, and lending well to studies too. Explore, invent, think outside the box. At 9:55 am EST, the Sun moves into Aquarius, a sign of vision, design, and science. It's my favorite sign for combining creative and logical sensibilities or skills. Sag Moon meets Mars, fiery, enthusiastic, active, and sometimes argumentative. Moon also squares Neptune for questionable judgment. Avoid impulsive or 'off the cuff' actions or words. Sensitivity vs insensitivity could create conflict or feelings of rejection. Turquoise is today's color.

Tuesday: Void Moon from 11:56 pm EST on Monday until 9 pm EST on Tuesday. It may be hard to 'get into gear'. The void Moon in Sag is much more 'do what I feel like' than take care of business. It's a great day for an extended holiday weekend or for taking some extra time to enjoy, get outside for winter sports, or explore a different area, town or city. Avoid over planning and shopping as well as technical or detailed work. Capricorn Moon for later evening productivity and studies, back to reality and responsibilities. Today's color is Brown.

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon, and here we go as the Moon aspects planets in Capricorn, Pisces and Taurus today and tomorrow. For today, Uranus may help with a surprise solution in an every changing situation. Venus and Jupiter are supporting the Moon, favoring expansion, opportunities and genuine connection between people. This looks like a good day for job interviews and things like that. Tonight, actually overnight at 1:54 am EST,  the Aquarius Sun squares Uranus and it's unpredictable though the main idea is stubborn and unyielding, so you may be dealing with that tonight or in the morning. Today's color is Blue.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon meets Saturn and Pluto. Some of last week's business comes up for more consideration. This is a return to the serious, heavy stuff and may relate to work, family, elders, unfinished business, and the need for realistic and responsible approach. The good news is Venus and Jupiter align in Pisces/Capricorn for exactly that-good news! Blessings, gifts, forgiveness, positive outcomes and prosperity are some effects. Something important may be timed well now. It's the day before New Moon so take time to reflect and pause. Perhaps you want the momentum of New Moon for taking action or announcing. Today's color is Green.

Friday: New Moon at 4:42 pm EST in Aquarius. Year of the Rat begins tomorrow on the Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year. This New Moon ushers it in. Rat year is known for adaptability, grounding in earth energy such as work and home, and success in creative endeavors and fertility. Today, the Moon squares Uranus in Taurus as the Sun did on Wednesday so you may notice a connection. Find a way to release a stubborn block that prevents you or someone else from following their path or their inspiration. Allow yourself to become inspired or to break down an old, outdated idea about a person or group  you could align with instead. It's not easy having the uncertainty of Uranus squares, but we go through this each month so we must adapt and work through mental blocks. New Moon in Aquarius reminds me of The Star card in the tarot, with optimism and vision for what's ahead or right in our midst. Take a breath and begin anew. Wear White today.

Saturday: Mercury and the Moon both align with Mars in the wake of New Moon, making this a great and likely day for action, progress, adventure and new endeavors of all kinds. Go forth with an open mind and heart. Mercury and the Moon meet to seal agreements and favor exciting new ideas, connections between people, and deliver important news. Wear Red.

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Friday, January 10, 2020

January 12th-18th, 2020: Heavy Duty Capricorn Times

Post eclipse, there will be adjustments and changes, some which weren't foreseen and are out of the ordinary. There's still work to be done in Capricorn as Saturn and Pluto form a rare conjunction (meeting) and the Sun connects directly with both planets. Saturn is major life stuff, stepping up, taking on responsibility and showing up fully present and ready personally, professionally and in relationships. This week, expect plenty to surface that requires your presence and sensibility. Capricorn times mean stepping back from emotional heights and urges and employing realism such as the most cost effective, down to earth, and functional approaches.

If you're around 30 years old and/or have your Saturn return now, are a Capricorn, Cancer or have several planets in those signs, , life holds extra intensity this winter.

Sunday: Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are all together in Capricorn for a serious meeting of the minds. Themes include best decisions and approaches, how to go about changes of all kinds. There's obvious weight to these decisions and much discussion will be needed. Look at the facts and the real picture. This is a time to be realistic, sensible, and consider all sides, pros and cons, costs and benefits including the financial ones. The heavens encourage the mature and grounded path. Leo Moon, however Capricorn themes rule the day. Wisdom in all matters. Black is today's color.

Monday: The short void of course Moon from 8:42 to 9:06 am EST hardly matters during this scenario of the Sun touching the same degree as Saturn and Pluto. To give you a sense of this and how it might play out for you, the Sun is self expression and action, Saturn is maturity, lessons and wisdom with a capital W and Pluto represents what's deepest including secrets, unspoken feelings and our intuitive subconscious knowledge. You know the answers, you know what's real. Ground in that even as the Virgo Moon aligns with tumultuous and/or exciting Uranus and squares Mars, both of which may rattle us. Venus moves to Pisces, a place of sentiment and sensitivity, at 1:39 pm EST.  Today's color is Indigo.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon opposite Neptune leads to more sensitivity and an opportunity to channel through creative outlets. Get your hands dirty, make something, add color to your surroundings, and also dig into problem solving in imaginative, alternative ways. Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn and the Sun are in harmony with this Virgo Moon and though major life matters are present still, today's aspects can provide some relief, release, and experimentation to see and feel what could work. Today's color is Blue.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon void of course from 7:12 am EST to 10:43 am EST. Gentle exercise and relaxation are suggested. Avoid being pressured for anything major and also avoid criticizing and pressuring others. It's time to let go a little and take care of personal business especially your health, physical body and nutrition. The Moon and Mercury align at 7:12 am EST and friends may reach out to spend some time or for facetime and phone calls today. Help each other solve problems or explore options. Libra Moon from 10:43 am EST eventually aligns with Mars in Sagittarius overnight tonight, and moods may brighten or become more outgoing in the evening as a result. Meanwhile, Venus aligns with Uranus and relationship status changes as well as changes of heart seem sudden. Relationship changes are a significant theme today and tonight. Today's color is Lavender.

Thursday: Libra Moon aligned with Mars overnight, then squares planets in Capricorn we've been feeling all week long including Jupiter today and others overnight and on Friday. Continue mediations, weighing options, making impartial decisions and trying to collaborate as partners, honoring each other in a balanced way, not weighing heavily on the side of one. It's difficult work and if you're a giver you might have to stand up for your rights, your feelings, your point of view. If you're feeling strongly about your own needs, you may need to listen more, give in a little and find compromise. Mercury moves to Aquarius, increasing feelings of change or uncertainty. Pace yourself. Know when to step back. Wear White today.

Friday: What a week or two, right? Libra Moon starts us off and the Moon changes signs, heading to Scorpio, at 1:20 pm EST. The void Moon time begins at 7:58 am EST, so the morning hours are meant for simple tasks and also time to just Be. Meditation is one thing to try this morning. Libra Moon has gone on to square the Sun, Saturn and Pluto. It's normal to feel conflicted, undecided or like no option is ideal. Practice patience. Scorpio Moon squares Mercury newly in Aquarius and both signs can fixate on one way or one idea. Notice if that's not getting you anywhere and see if you can yield a bit where it's needed. The Moon and Uranus opposite could make you feel crazed due to continuous shifts and a disruption of balance. Avoid conflicts that could escalate or result in unintended resentment. Finally, the Moon and Venus align tonight and romance and passion are in the air. Connect with someone, experience intimacy, create something beautiful, notice what nurtures you. Today's color is Maroon.

Saturday: Mercury squares Uranus for a continuation of yesterday's excitement or madness. Words have great power and can sometimes change the whole picture. Use them wisely or not at all. There could be mudslinging, revelations, and announcements you'd never have predicted. In Taurus, Uranus can act like it's unearthing us somehow, disrupting the root. Remember you have the power of choices and don't have to continue to feel uprooted or disrupted. Taking a different course of action or making a different decision can change everything. When our root is unearthed or unstable, nothing else falls into place easily. Ground yourself to think, work, act and interact. Jupiter and Neptune harmonize with Scorpio Moon for growth and more positivity. Channel emotions creatively through art and music. Focus on a talent you're developing. Immerse in what makes your soul sing. Go on a date as long as you feel secure and not pressured. Today's color is Black.

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Friday, January 3, 2020

January 5th-10th, 2020: Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

Sunday: This week leads us to Cancer Full Moon and a lunar eclipse on Friday the 10th. Today the Taurus Moon is in harmony with the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn and with Neptune in Pisces. A beautiful mix of practical and sensual, cozy and communicative, creative and constructive, it looks like a sweet day or night for almost anything. Daytime hours are more geared to planning, work and productivity (maybe in the kitchen or outdoors), while evening is romantic and favor magic, fantasy and dreams. Wear Blue.

Monday: Void Moon 7:08 am to 9:11 pm EST means shopping and expenditures, decisions and firm plans are best put off until tomorrow. Today, go with the flow, swim with the current, and avoid arguments especially under Gemini Moon tonight. Notice if your wheels or conversations are spinning unproductively, and if so step back and reassess. There's a time and place for everything, they say, and under this void Moon that everything might be rest, pause, patience or something purely fun. Watch out for words that are unintended or could come across sharply. Today's color is Yellow.

Tuesday: Gemini Moon opposes Mars which is why last night could have prompted unintended disagreement or debate. Same possibility today, so don't be tempted into topics that are taboo. People may feel critical or act out of sorts. The Sun forms a sextile, a harmonious aspect, to Neptune which may be optimistic or just wishful and imaginative. Could a brainstorm inspire you to actual action? This Sun aspect will need a little more juice to bring something to reality, but just maybe...Daydream some. Today's color is Light Blue.

Wednesday:  Neptune influences us yet again, in harmony with Mercury the communication planet. Creative writers, artists, filmmakers and other creators can take hold of this energy and dream up something wild, colorful or out of this world. Some may make promises they won't keep though so be careful what you believe and whom you put faith in. Gemini Moon aligns with Venus for a very social and friendly or romantic effect. We may be easily charmed today, and so it's a good day to ask someone out, be granted yes answers, and make new acquaintances. Void Moon time starts at 5:16 pm EST and the Full Moon is closing in. Wear Pink.

Thursday: Cancer is our Full Moon sign, and there's a lunar eclipse coming along with it at 2:21 pm on Friday. The Moon in her ruling sign,  the most emotional sign, makes this an even more potent eclipse. Eclipses usher in change, the kind that happens fast and without advance notice. Lunar eclipses often relate to the women in our lives, like mothers, also to completion and closure. This one is set up to be very emotion oriented and stir up feelings about family, home, and other personal concerns or priorities. Intuition heightens, trust your gut. The Moon opposite Jupiter brings up questions of how big, where in the world, and what has experience taught that needs to be remembered now. Wear White today.

Friday: Lunar Eclipse 2:21 pm EST in Cancer while Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are across the zodiac in Capricorn. There's heaviness and weight to decisions now. This Full Moon could bring disappointment or overwhelming feelings which may include obligation and responsibility. Some will feel like they need to grow up fast or step into 'big' shoes. Information or news or secrets previously held may be released. The eclipse darkens, then sheds light. The Moon illuminates. This one illuminates emotions and things passed down in our families and may relate to family relationships. Decisions you thought were way off may suddenly need answers now or very soon.  The Sun meets Mercury and announcements cannot wait. Uranus turns direct in Taurus. All of this action and activity will go on for days. Void Moon 6:58 pm EST into early Saturday. Wear Gold.

Saturday: Leo Moon time starts at 7:16 am EST. Emotional hangovers will be common today. Leo Moon may help a bit, getting us active, out from under the covers, or seeing the light at the end. It's a complex mix though, as Moon and Uranus square as Uranus has just become direct again. Could feel like the earth is shaking or breaking wide open, and that could really go either way. If you've been hoping for a good shakeup and wildly unexpected changes,  you may enjoy this. The Moon aligns with Mars in Sagittarius for an active, mildly competitive, and supercharged post Full Moon time. Channel your fire into something positive. Otherwise, things could unravel. Wear Orange.

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