Friday, November 26, 2021

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius November 28th- December 3rd, 2021

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Sunday~ Virgo Moon aligns with Venus and Mars for solutions, especially in partnership decisions. Physical and romantic attractions stir. Virgo Moon also opposes Neptune and aligns with Pluto for creative, reflective and imaginative ideas and projects. Void Moon starts at 7:02 pm EST.  Late night, the Sun and Mercury meet, particularly favoring travel, learning and mind opening experiences, books, or adventures. Today's color is Green.

Monday~ Waning Moon in Virgo/Libra. The Moon shifts at 3:55 am EST. Mars in Scorpio aligns with Neptune in Pisces and intuition based action is favored. Libra Moon joins forces with the Sagittarius Sun, Mercury, & Saturn in Aquarius, bringing things together and favoring extroverted and collaborative interactions. Today's color is Blue.

Tuesday~Mercury, the Sun and Saturn continue yesterday's action toward agreements, present and future plans, and commitment to follow through. Libra Moon squares Venus and Pluto for both inner reflection and processing with others, such as speaking your mind and plans and comparing or debating ideas. Venus aligns with Neptune for vision of how things can be and how we can get along well. The Moon aligns with Jupiter in the evening, expansive and outgoing and favoring mental work and study. Today's color is Purple.

Wednesday~The Moon enters Scorpio after void of course time 11:20 pm on Tuesday until 6:55 am Wednesday. We may feel this as focus or need to immerse in one thing and do it well and comprehensively. Neptune is direct. Scorpio Moon square to Saturn at 9:43 pm EST means serious business including finding ways to agree or agree to disagree. Answers are likely required. There may be a feeling of pressure. Indigo is today's color.

Thursday~ Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus, aligns with Neptune, Venus, Pluto and meets Mars. It's a dynamic and active day in the zodiac. Respond to the unexpected. Stay on your toes, be creative, try not to be overly stubborn or notice where yield would benefit you or others. Feel intuition and avoid going against your gut feelings. Solar eclipse is tomorrow/Saturday depending on time zone, and the unforeseen and eventfulness is in the air. Today's color is Black.

Friday~Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is Saturday at 2:43 am EST. It's a time of rapid shifts, and there are whirlwinds of change in process or beginning now. This is the companion to November's lunar eclipse, and both happen in mutable signs, increasing the need for flow, adaptation,  and an open mind. Mercury, planet of communication, news, travel, and swiftness brings announcements and reasons to move and decide. The next two to four weeks are about transformation. We may have to let some plans go in favor of new ones. Solar eclipses tend toward beginnings. Set intentions that are backed by your heart and free of judgment. Where and how do you want to soar? Sagittarius takes aim. Gemini it's a major relationship time and if you are partnered, their life plans may be impacting yours significantly. If you are not partnered, you may have realizations of what you want and how you play your role in one on one relationships. Virgo, this signals changes at home and with family including possible moves or renovations you hadn't planned for this time. Pisces, that could be going on for you as well, paired with career and role changes at work and in external life, such as how you serve the community and are visible, working with others. Scorpio, regroup and seek resources if an unplanned for expense comes along. A Taurus may be able to advise or help as they've had their own financial considerations or situations this fall. Wear White.

Saturday~ Quite a bit on the eclipse in Friday's forecast as it happens overnight and we awaken on the other side. Mercury and the Moon meet and may result in excited delivery of news, such as college acceptance or entry to other programs. Sagittarius is a sign of higher learning and philosophy as well as travel and culture, and this is the sign of the solar eclipse. Sagittarius and Gemini have been dancing in the eclipse realm since June of 2020, and this one completes the full cycle. Over the next month many changes will take place, finalizing things, and in about 6 months, life will be quite different including internally, in the way you think, prioritize and feel. Not only these two signs experience these eclipses, and if your rising sign or Moon or an important planet is transited, you will too! Mercury is the planet of the mind and mental processes, influencing planning, deciding, solving, writing, and ability to imagine. After a New Moon eclipse, act on your dreams, communicate clearly your intentions, and choose a book, course, or flight that helps you pursue what you want and need. In the tarot, Knight of Wands or Swords is your inspiration, one favoring travel and action and the other favoring learning in order to take the action or share the wisdom. Neptune is square to the Moon, so avoid denial or deceiving yourself. Let Jupiter help instead, with enthusiasm and the innovative spirit of Aquarius as Jupiter aligns with the Moon overnight. Today's color is Yellow.

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Friday, November 19, 2021

Eclipse Season 2021~November 21st-27th Daily Forecasts

Sunday~ Gemini Moon and Mercury aligns with Pluto. This is a day of 'the mind', thinking and possibly major insights, conversations and realizations. We are still in the Full Moon aura and the lunar eclipse of November 19th, two days ago. Changes may come much faster than expected. The Moon and Jupiter align for clear thinking and the go ahead on plans or unexpected reasons to move on things now. Void of course Moon is 10:52 am to 10:33 pm EST. The Sun moves to Sagittarius at 9:34 pm EST. Today's color is Purple.

Monday~Cancer Moon lends emotional tone to our actions and thoughts. There are no major aspects until 10:59 pm EST when the Moon and Uranus form an activating sextile. You may be surprised at your own feelings or responses to someone or something. Today's color is Light Blue.

Tuesday~Cancer Moon opposite Venus for spotlight on relationships, family dynamics and seeking consensus or agreement even with very different values. Partners and family members will need to work together and try to get along. The Moon aligns with Mars & Neptune also in water signs and emotions are the road map to decisions, actions and creations this week. We  are still experiencing eclipse effects so things may be happening fast and responses are necessary. Today's color is midnight Blue.

Wednesday~Void Moon from 12:46 am to 10:59 am EST when the Moon moves to Leo. Mercury moves to Sagittarius at 10:36 am and is in harmony with the Moon at 11:02 am EST. We may feel more positive, more ready, and on course. It's a good day for learning, study, performance, and self expression. The Leo Moon is also in direct harmony with the Sagittarius Sun at 4:34 pm EST for opening the mind, heart and opportunities. Excitement and enthusiasm rise up with Moon and Sun aligning in fire signs. Today's color is Orange.

Thursday~Leo Moon opposite Saturn in Aquarius indicates agreements and commitments of importance and that may have been in the works for a long while. Uranus throws unexpected events or new developments to be responded to. Some of this may create stress or require quick action. The Moon also squares Mars in Scorpio so there's a lot of fixed energy and pushing of boundaries. Stress can be healthy, to create positive change, or unhealthy if one is overwhelmed or stuck. Find your place in this and reach out for help or advice if you're on the overwhelmed side. Today's forecast looks like there's lots to work through. Slow and steady may be the key. Find the right terms or situation for you. For Thanksgiving this forecast looks like family or business dealings beyond the dinner table.  Wear Gold.

Friday~Leo Moon makes one more opposition, to Jupiter in Aquarius, before the Moon changes signs. The opposition is an invitation to open the heart and mind, to become part of a group or learning environment. Notice what feels like an opening, expansive and creates enthusiasm and life force inside. Void Moon 11:24 am to 9:12 pm EST. Allow some time for drifting or dreaming. Virgo Moon says organize your time and calendar for the rest of the month. Avoid shopping online or for major purchases during the void Moon hours. Indigo is today's color.

Saturday~ Virgo Moon squares Mercury and the Sun, and later aligns with Uranus. If you're in the midst of process or difficult challenges, there's much to be discussed. Listen to advice and let it sit with you a while. Remember things often wax, wane, sort out and are always processing. If you're having a challenging season or trouble with the time change and less daylight, do ask for help. Virgo Moon encourages helpfulness and comforting. Seek the reassurance you need, offer flexibility, be a friend to someone (yourself included). Today's color is Brown. 

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Friday, November 12, 2021

Full Moon in Taurus & Lunar Eclipse November 14th~November 20th, 2021

Sunday~ Pisces Moon aligns with Pluto and is void of course overnight until 10:48 am eastern. This is an emotional, reflective, dreamy time. Get lost in your art or journaling, while trying not to let anything dark consume you. Darkness is necessary, however it's important and healthy to remember that lightness returns. Some will do soul searching and acknowledge something that's been dormant or denied. Aries Moon moves in and may draw us out of the inner world. We may find things to respond to and act on. The next aspect is a sextile (ease) to Saturn overnight that appears to initiate agreements and leadership roles are highlighted.  Today's color is Orange.

Monday~ Aries Moon aligns with Saturn in Aquarius. Some possibilities include accepting promotions, going one's own way and becoming more independent, and moving into change fearlessly. Aries is a sign of rebirth and Aries and Aquarius together favor innovation and progress. The Moon squares Venus and the Sun squares Jupiter. Those two planets relate to growth, fertility, and abundance. Some challenges may arise related to how to grow and expand gracefully and positively. This includes business matters as well as all relationships. There very well could be something to negotiate and gently (not forcefully) push through. Watch out for being overly stubborn or too extreme or forceful with yourself or others. Know when to hold your line and boundary and where expansion and yield will bring the more desired result. Today's color is Dark Red, such as maroon. 

Tuesday~Aries Moon aligns with Jupiter in Aquarius. This could lead to agreements, solutions and more clarity. On Aries Moon days, listen to your inner, intuitive voice so that external influences do not over rule. Should you join that group or those colleagues? Will it expand your mind and options? Is something merely shiny and attractive on the outside or does your gut check say it's good through and though? Aries Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn for a tug between external, such as trying to please or fit in, and internal where your true wisdom lives. Scorpio Sun align with Pluto, Scorpio's planet. This is highly intuitive and time to deeply assess and feel. Meditation time is favored. Feel the part of you that KNOWS. Void Moon 10:51 am to 9:18 pm (daylight savings eastern time). Taurus Moon takes over tonight. During the void Moon carve out some time for yourself, self care, and personal priorities. Mars opposite Uranus can be disruptive or activating. More in Wed forecast.  Today's color is Yellow. 

Wednesday~Technically, Mars opposite Uranus has been in effect for days. It happens exactly at 12:23 pm EST and today's forecast is all about these two planets. Remember Taurus Moon is steadfast and earth centered. That is today's salvation. Whatever may happen, stay grounded and connected to your true center. Maybe nothing unusual will happen in your world today. Or maybe you're in the thick of it all week long. Mars and Uranus inhabit two strong willed, fixed signs and tenacious and fierce are two words to describe the effects of this opposition. Also involved are active, dynamic, undeniable catalysts. Uprooting, needing to rebuild, and to start from scratch are all possibilities. A key person on the team may move on or do something entirely unexpected. The tendency is to disrupt the current status or balance. Mars and Uranus directly oppose and meet the Taurus Moon for added emphasis on the emotional implications of all of this. Taurus does not like to let go. Yet, letting go may be the only option. Deep breaths through any of this, if it occurs. The Moon also aligns with Venus for the stabilizing force of relationships and possibly for wise and loving advice. Wear Brown.

Thursday~Mercury in Scorpio syncs with Neptune in Pisces which may alleviate stress, center us in intuition and creativity and promote sleep and dreams. Everything has an emotional impact or so it appears in this week's forecast. Taurus Moon combines forces with these two planets. let your mind have some rest and respite. Try not to overthink in a situation where there's not an evident solution or resolution. Take time to be with out needing to control or do too much. Stay grounded and able to feel. Do tasks and work that feel routine and grounding. Or exercise and give physical energy an outlet. The Moon is Full overnight, and this one is a powerful, amplified lunar eclipse. Today's color is Green.

Friday~The lunar eclipse Full Moon is in Taurus at 3:57 am eastern time. Strong energies accompany this Full Moon and lead to inevitable changes. Yet there is also resistance to change. It's a process, and it may go faster than you would expect. The emotional body may not be moving at the pace of the physical body or the heart may be way ahead of or way behind the mind. Do what you can to feel fully embodied and trusting of  your own wisdom. Void of course Moon begins with Full Moon time and ends at 9:33 am when Gemini Moon takes over. If you feel like you don't know which end is up today, exercise patience and calming. Also, Gemini is air element and intelligence, is versatile and favors voice and writing. Write out lists, pros and cons, possibilities or part of your story. The more you can give and allow yourself and others time and space today, the calmer or more centered you will be. Eclipses and Full Moons mean rapid change, conclusions, completions, due dates, and releases, sometimes goodbyes, and always a significant shift in the month ahead. Wear White.

Saturday~Gemini Moon aligns with Saturn and Mercury is square to Jupiter. Decisions are in the forecast during this Full Moon time. The Moon and Saturn are about the decisions and agreements or plans made together, with others. Brainstorm and find a best option. Mercury and Jupiter indicate the decision process, especially about plans that involve education, travel and honest communication with others. Honesty, omission and duplicity are themes that may come up. How authentic can you be in your dealings with others? Dishonesty and omission are usually uncovered at one time or another.  Examine and express intentions. Today's color is Gold. 

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