Friday, April 18, 2014

April 21st to April 27th, 2014

Monday: Capricorn Moon, Uranus square Pluto

Uranus square Pluto and if there's a cycle you're just plain tired and done with, this is probably one of the trigger points. It's been active for days and peaks today, waning as April ends. This is about a larger cycle, not just one day or week. For about 11 more months, we experience this upheaval of a square. This is why your circumstances keep changing and once you think you've made the appropriate move or decision, there's something else to face. The next time it rears it's influence is during the holidays, December particularly, and then in March next year. My advice is try to find the message as in what do you need to face within yourself and what are you attempting to control that you can't change. And also to find the humor or bring some laughter and lightness in because that is in fact always available even if only through the irony or through a related memory. Find something to smile about. Capricorn Moon is playing well with Venus and Saturn. Don't let power struggles and control issues get the best of you. This can be a very productive, confident day. Be cautious with things like contracts or orders than need to be carried out. Make sure you understand the directions. Mercury in Aries squares the Moon this evening meaning more action in the hot spots, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra. Family, career obligations or changes, fairness and legalities and how to grow and prosper are all issues for discussion, debate and consideration.  The Moon is void of course from 7:21 pm on and details are more likely to be lost and forgotten then. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon, Mars square Jupiter

Mars square Jupiter is part of the picture painted in last night's forecast and is also in the opposite signs of the Uranus/Pluto square at work this week. Take a deep breath. Mars is retrograde until May 19th. Justice may not be easy to find and action not as effectively taken before then. Still, there are things to be dealt with. Do as much as you can without expecting full results quite yet. Fairness and equality are key issues. Cancer, home or family need to be a priority though career related things are keeping you busy and also ever changing this season. Gemini, be careful where money is concerned and don't overextend yourself. Libra, step back a bit and see if you can be objective or get a broader perspective. Aquarius Moon helps us all with that more global, less centric point of view. Aquarius Moon also sheds light on ideas and today it might be about what's not really necessary. Is there something you can let go of or some idea you're  holding onto that's not worth your energy? Are you part of a social or work group that's too draining and can you change that? Be careful tonight! It's a social night on one hand, but on another Mars is opposite Uranus and that looks ominous and potentially unsafe.  Lots of unpredictable energy may create a feeling of being on edge or anxious. Surround yourself with trusted friends. Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Mercury in Taurus, Mars opposes Uranus and squares Pluto

Mars is opposite Uranus, continuing the influence of the cross in the cardinal signs. The Moon and Saturn also square off. These squares are challenges at best. Manage stress, anxiety, and reactivity in order not to add to whatever is throwing things off course. Some people will not be able to do that effectively and it's likely to be the biggest problem of all. From drama to outrage to grieving, anything is to be expected. Between eclipses, the universe is dealing some more wild cards that change the whole picture. Have your plans for maintaining composure or for stepping back from things for a while. As of 5:16 am EDT, Mercury in Taurus nudges us to think long term in all our decisions and commitments. Act on plans for more abundance and more security including business decisions and home or work upgrades. If you are fortunate not to be impacted much by the cardinal cross action, you can really take advantage of a super productive time to concentrate on grounding, better health habits, and building from the ground up literally or metaphorically. Today's color is turquoise

Thursday: Pisces Moon

This week needed a peace & love day. Pisces Moon helps with compassion, reconnection, and reminds us there is some greater purpose and spirit to life and even death. Pisces Moon stimulates intuition and the artist within. The Moon meets Neptune, ethereal and watery and good for a trip to the beach or lake. Boating and fishing are ruled by this Moon/Neptune meeting. The Sun and Mercury in Taurus give us some grounding, especially in satisfying work, projects and decisions. Heart to heart and sincere communication are favored today. Give yourself time to process. Connect with like minded people. Make progress in a steady, step by step manner. Tonight is good for romance, arts events, and music. Today's color is green.

Friday: Pisces Moon, Sun conjunct Mercury, Venus trine Saturn

Today is loaded with planetary, Sun & Moon aspects, mainly involving the signs Pisces and Taurus. The Sun meets Mercury in Taurus and in some cases final decisions and commitments will be made or announced.  Keep in mind, a Taurus eclipse next week may impact decisions with new developments or awareness, but otherwise this is a decent time to have your mind set in a direction with solid plans backing you up. Some very definitive things will be discussed and said as the weekend starts, tomorrow as well as today. Leo, this is a solid and strong career influence for you. Scorpio, this may come from your significant other and both Scorpio and Capricorn this relates to relationships and your commitment to them.  Taurus, all of the above can be influenced as the Sun and Mercury meet in your sign, and friends and allies play a part with the Pisces planets and Moon supporting. Pisces, expect family news and reasons for travel to be with people you care about.  Venus and Saturn align and we'll be trying to get a handle on anything unresolved in relationships as well as harness creative energies. Relax or do something creative after 4:03 pm when the Moon moves void until 6:01 am EDT. Today's color is yellow.

Saturday: Aries Moon, Mercury sextile Neptune

Just days before the eclipse in Taurus, it's a time for reevaluating, taking inventory, and forming a flexible plan for going forward. It's natural not to quite know what direction to go in right now, but at least try to define your vision. Aries Moon and sitting still do not go well together. Find something to do! Mercury and Neptune are still working that inspired, creative spirit. Art, gardening, music, and any kind of self expression and channeling of emotions into constructive work is favored. Today's color is red.

Sunday: Aries Moon 

There's a long void of course Moon in Aries from 7:02 am EDT until Monday at 10:23 am. Keep this day simple and especially non confrontational. The Moon and Uranus have a newsworthy conjunction overnight that can inspire a great idea or bring unanticipated news. As we build to a solar eclipse at 2:14 am EDT, we might welcome a "dull moment" yet not get one. Don't overexert in work or workouts, and wear safety gear and equipment for work or sports for sure! Take your time. Pressuring other people is a no no too. The Sun and Neptune are in harmony and enhance collaborative or solo projects that require imagination and expressiveness, color and design. Dream up something great and begin to work or play at it! Keep serious business to an absolute minimum. Today's color is gold.

Friday, April 11, 2014

April 14th to 20th, 2014

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Eclipses ahead! Stay centered as many things may go off balance & cause a domino effect!

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Monday: Full Moon in Libra, Lunar Eclipse

The Moon is in Libra and will be full overnight into Tuesday, at 3:42 am EDT, 12:42 am Pacific. Pluto also starts a Capricorn retrograde today. What a day it is! Planets involved in the cross between cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are all actively involved with each other. This is like hitting all pressure points simultaneously. Some themes are deconstruction (to reconstruct differently later), endings and finality, equality and justice, and breaking news. Be very cautious with any one and any situation that could get heated or violent, destructive or excessive in any way. Changes, movement, unexpected developments are all around us, not only today but for the last few days and also for two weeks ahead. Temperamental feelings cause mood changes, frustration and difficulty dealing in the moment. Try not to be reactive. Patience is required in order to see how things unfold. It might not be easy in the moment, but in the longer run, you'll see that non reactivity or a productive, drama free stance or action is beneficial. Do what you must and no more. Take your time. If you await a legal decision or final settlement, news may come now but go slowly and thoughtfully and make sure it's in your best interests since Mars and Saturn are retrograde. If you have time to hold off, Mars will be direct on May 19th in Libra, sign of justice.  If you need to settle now, make sure you truly feel okay with the terms.  Tonight, Mercury and Uranus activate in Aries and that can lead to great ideas being discussed, inventive instincts, and also word you did not expect. Answer calls, read email, information could be important and timely all week. Today's color is white.


Tuesday: Lunar Eclipse in Libra, Mercury square Pluto

Eclipses shed more light and Mercury squares Pluto, both contributing to long standing mysteries being solved or new information coming to light. Some of this could be sad or create very emotional responses. Be compassionate and/or try not to judge or gossip today. Status changes in relationship and business partnership may seem rampant and in some cases very unexpected. Libra and Aries Sun and rising signs are most impacted in relationship. Unusual news comes all the way around. Breaking down to rebuild later is in the spring forecast. Do the work and try not to cut corners. Keep May 19th and July 20th in your mind as ends of Mars and Saturn retrograde, in that order. Mars is connected more to partnerships, hard feelings, and forward movement while Saturn is related to depressions, obsessions, and halts because proper structure is not present. Both may relate to building. For the moment and the day, act fairly, respect your obligations and do your fair share, and reserve judgment and gossip. Let things unfold and observe, see things more clearly and take your time. Work to meet a deadline if that's beneficial to you. Capricorn may feel that in career and Virgo and Pisces may especially need to work within the financial and work due dates. The Moon is void of course from Full Moon time 3:42 am EDT to 12:20 pm and then to Scorpio for strong attention to one thing.  Today's color is red.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon

The Scorpio Moon following the eclipse can be a real challenge. However you can harness energy in one direction and make progress in a specific, defined area. Shut all else out if possible. Mercury is opposing Mars retrograde and it's terrible for conflicting agendas or feelings. I would not recommend a debate and even a healthy disagreement could amplify to something much more heated. Agree to disagree or don't even broach controversial topics.  Solitude and/or work with healers, medical professionals, or intuitive people is favored. These situations may go very well! Information can flow, decisions can be made. Intuition over reactive thinking is very important. Get into spiritual and deep processes. Hang a do not disturb sign and accomplish something you feel good about.  Privacy and alone time can go a long way today. Social distractions are not preferred. Today's color is maroon.

Thursday: Moon conjunct Saturn, Venus trine Jupiter

Scorpio Moon and Saturn meet at 3:09 am EDT and the Moon is then void until 5:44 pm. Saturn seems to put a strong word and influence in and then walk out the door leaving us to our own knowledge or resources. Activate other resources in the form of wise friends or colleagues, particularly those in a higher rank or elder position that you. Saturn relates to authorities, parents and older relatives and even bosses who are much more experienced and typically older. Ask for advice or support. Venus and Jupiter in Pisces/Cancer exert a healing, creative, and generous influence.  Put time into what's closest to your heart and soul today. Wear indigo blue.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon, Venus sextile Pluto

Sagittarius Moon encourages forward momentum. Moon and Venus square and Venus aligns with Pluto and really questioning anything regarding love or business partnerships comes after that Full Moon. Venus is the planet of relationship and harmony. In Pisces, she wants peace and love. The Sagittarius Moon states "Perhaps I want my independence and more freedom to move!" Venus in Pisces might retreat or sulk or write a great song of unrequited or lost love. Today has a melancholy quality and an exciting feeling as well. You may get more of one or an equal mix of both. In some cases, relationship things you thought were resolved crop up again now. Do you thing, be with friends, have an adventure and take your sweet time with emotional decisions and commitments. If it's worth it, it will still be there in a couple of weeks or days.  Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Sun to Taurus, Sagittarius Moon

The Moon is in harmony with Mercury and the Sun in Aries. It's a day of activity, confidence boosting, and things moving in positive directions. The Moon is waning and this is a good day to clear what you don't need, from negative thoughts to actual stuff that's just taking up space. A change of scene may feel good this weekend. The Moon is void of course only briefly 9:18 to 9:29 pm EDT, and then moves to Capricorn tonight. The Sun also changes signs, to Taurus before midnight at 11:56 pm EDT. Earth sign energy dominates the second half of the weekend and is good for grounding in tasks and enjoying or working outdoors. Today's color is yellow.

Sunday: Sun in Taurus, Moon in Capricorn

The earth signs aim to build security and literally to construct and produce. The Moon and Sun both encourage this today. Jupiter is a force from Cancer, making aspects with Uranus, Pluto and the Moon, challenging old ways of operating in families, businesses, and thought patterns. Aim to go beyond your outworn methods, judgments, and possibly relationships. You could attempt to start again fresh in relationships, however, leaving the past where it belongs. Jupiter encourages family healing all year long while in Cancer until late July. Jupiter opposite Pluto and square to Uranus indicates that radical and out of the box thinking could lead you away from destructive, useless, or just plain outdated ways.  With so much April change and in some cases instability or confusion, this is a good day to change your mind and set it on what you really want. Then start building that vision from the foundation up. Today's color is green. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

April 7th to April 13th, 2014

The Libra/Aries eclipse of April 15th is full of instability. This week is a warmup and some of the pre-eclipse rumbles arrive early this week. Navigate life's changes with a reading or coaching session by appointment or by email. More info here. Wishing you all the luck & alignment of the planets!


 Monday: Mercury in Aries

The Cancer Moon squares Sun & Mars, fueling the fire of cardinal sign action. The eclipse on the 15th is a peak and today could hint at what's to come. With eclipses it's rarely the way you think or expect things will develop. Themes include balance in relationships and partnerships, family business, passive aggression, and legal matters. Extremes, opposing forces, and unresolved business and pending decisions come up for some effort and attention now. Mercury adds to the picture, moving into Aries at 11:35 am. Initiating, pushing for answers and information, and trying to make final decisions is in the forecast this week, but much of the "weather" is unstable. It's like trying to travel during a major storm. Go for some progress without pushing for everything at once. Many situations will shift in the next two weeks and month. The Moon is void of course from 2:14 pm EDT until Tuesday morning. Cancer and Capricorn, there's a big tug between family, home and your more public persona and responsibilities such as career. Aries, relationship decisions you make with a partner may be at a standstill. Patience is a good thought for all signs. Be cautious tonight. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Leo Moon
Leo Moon starts at 5:50 am EDT. Socially it's a vibrant day as the Moon and Mercury newly in Aries ignite exchanges of ideas and interest in people. There's an urge for action and to be expressive and inventive. Get out of your shell and see who's interesting! Aries Sun is opposite Mars and this is quite heated! Things could get exciting or out of hand. Arguments could start without warning, mainly in situations where things have built to volcano  level and can no longer be held in. As the NASA site explains, "Mars rises in the east at sunset, and soars almost overhead at midnight, shining burnt-orange almost 10 times brighter than a 1st magnitude star."  Mars will be easy to see in the sky. The warrior planet's influence is usually motivation, action & assertiveness. However, Mars is retrograde right now and not in his usual element so all things Mars ruled and also legal matters and relationship issues are suppressed, making it all extra challenging and less than smooth. Today's color is orange.

Wednesday: Leo Moon

This is a true fire sign day with the Moon aspecting the Sun and Uranus in Aries and hot planet Mars in Libra. Extroversion, boldness, courage, and inspired ideas and action are some effects.  Do watch out for people with flaring tempers or unpredictable natures. Fun is bubbling up and kids may need to be watched carefully and kept busy with creative pastimes and learning. It's a good day for learning, rehearsing and performing. The only thing holding back today is Mars and you may see that in the form of brooding or stewing about things that are left unsaid for now. Today's color is gold.

Thursday: Moon square Saturn, Moon void of course

The Leo Moon squares retrograde Saturn and is then void of course from 2:26 am to 6:08 pm EDT. For Leo, long standing home and family matters are prioritized. For Scorpio, career and personal things on hold crop up for some work and attention. Taurus may be dealing with family and home related issues, and some of that may not be easy or quite clear yet. With the void of course Moon, reserve judgment as much as you can and take your sweet time giving answers. Reduce pressure any way you can today. Though serious matters are up for discussion, with Leo Moon remember your sense of fun or sense of humor and see the possibilities even if you're dealing with the roadblocks. The Moon is in Virgo tonight for those working overtime or committed to helping out friends or someone in the community.  Today's color is navy blue.

Friday: Venus conjunct Neptune

Venus and Neptune in Pisces are right across from the Virgo Moon. They meet for a romantic date night! Music and the arts and film are favored too. Healing practices, compassionate actions, and generosity will draw us in. The very practical and conservative or perfectionistic among us may conflict with the dreamers and those who want to just find the flow. Do plan something nice tonight. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Virgo Moon

The Moon and Saturn align and it's a taking care of business type day.  The Moon will be Full with a lunar eclipse on Tuesday at 3:42 am EDT, and Full Moon pressure is in the air. This comes in the form of requiring final drafts or products, reaching decisions that are important, and shedding light on big questions or mysteries. It's good to put effort in and make attempts, plan and prepare for what's scheduled, but also know that eclipses throw us strange curve balls that change everything. This is one of the times where those phrases about the best laid plans apply. It's possible what's just ahead will not turn out how you expect at all! That doesn't mean giving up is an option, and our work ethic is stimulated today. Otherwise, guilty or nagging feelings are likely to bear down. Help someone out, enjoy some positive aspects of good relationships and heartfelt connections while Venus is in Pisces. Pay attention to problems and things that need cleanup and refreshing too.  Make some order and define some structure, and then just see what happens in the next few days to two weeks, the peak of the eclipse in Libra. Fairness, shared responsibilities, the inner workings of relationship, and legalities are some of this Full Moon's news. Shop or discuss important topics before the void of course Moon at 1:12 pm EDT. Today's color is black.

Sunday: Libra Moon

The Moon moves to Libra at 4:33 am EDT, sign of Tuesday's overnight Full Moon. We are in the eye of the lunar eclipse now. Partnership matters and things that must be negotiated carefully are in the early week forecast. News will rattle people in some cases.  If you're waiting for a breakthrough, it may come, though not without a storm in most situations.  The Full Moon is near Mars, Mercury is with Uranus across the zodiac in Aries, and shake ups are the hallmark of this lunar eclipse. The status quo will be disturbed, ultimately because it must be or nothing would changed. Imbalanced relationships are due to crumble with this eclipse in the sign of partners. What you hear or experience could be very surprising. In general, this is Aries commitments to other people, Libra's personal plans and self, Virgo and Pisces financial resources, Gemini and Sagittarius social circles and alliances with friends and others. The Moon is approaching opposition to Mercury today so eclipse news may come early. Today's color is lavender.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 31st to April 6th, 2014

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Monday: New Moon in Aries, Moon opposes Mars

The New Moon was Sunday in Aries. As the first business day of the week, today is fueled by fire which can mean initiative or irritation. It's worth being careful with volatile people or situations. Mars is retrograde opposite the Moon. There's a tendency to be passive aggressive now and let things build up. Find that balance between expressing frustration or anger in healthy ways without going to the extreme. Also know it may not be good for you to stay quiet to keep the peace. Aries and Mars are warrior energy, and Libra is the diplomat, but Mars is retrograde and a theme emerges regarding how we deal with anger, temperament, explosive people and our own frustrations. There's also an independent and inventive streak at work today. Venus and the Moon are in harmony for collaborative relationships. Aquarius and Aries will want to take ideas and move forward. The Moon is void of course from 4:07 pm EDT on and hours after that are social both for friendship and team work. Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon, Sun square Jupiter

The Moon is in constructive, physical Taurus. Neptune and Jupiter are in harmony with the Moon and this can certainly be a time of growth. Planting, producing, building, expansion and growth are favored. Healing, physical, emotional and spiritual is worth pursuing through massage, physical therapy, yoga and other approaches. Actively work on what you need to improve. The Sun also squares Jupiter and, with effort, family and home related matters may progress. This is about working through, not instant resolution or answers. Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Sun conjunct Uranus, Moon opposes Saturn

The Sun and Uranus in Aries are the spark of creation. Yet sometimes we must break down to build up, and Uranus can also be the destroyer. News of reconstruction and deconstruction may come. It's also a day of quick thinking, brilliance, and ingenius ideas. Along with that, the Moon is opposite Saturn retrograde which is never likely to be easy and is a precursor to the solar eclipse a month from now. Stubborn people or problems will be as unyielding as usual. This is not the best day to debate or try to mediate. It is a day when new solutions may come to light for further investigation or experimentation. Finding yourself both drained and excited, enthusiastic and discouraged and other such oppositions may be all too common. Fire and air signs immerse in thoughts or activity around travel and important communications and news. Earth and water signs may feel the opposition in terms of stubborn problems with no ready answers. Some of us will get a bit of both, like Aquarius who may find home and career matters playing tug o' war or Aries who may feel financial strain along with exuberance over other personal things. Anxiety is a common feeling on a day like this so breathe consciously and try to be in the moment without letting your brain get on the hamster wheel and wear you out. Today's color is white.

Thursday: Sun square Pluto, Gemini Moon

The Moon is void from 2:43 to 7:48 am EDT and then in versatile Gemini. Gemini is a quick thinker, fast talker and imaginative writer. The Moon brings out similar traits and forms squares with Venus and Neptune. Trust issues come up as we're not sure what to believe. Do question what seems too good to be true. Follow your intuition and reserve judgment with people or businesses if you get a funny feeling not all is being revealed or obvious. Communication may be a bit of challenge between people who "speak different languages" even if it's all in English. Perspective will differ from one mind to another. Ask questions, be curious, use careful judgement. The Sun square to Pluto increases the likelihood we'll want to go about things in different ways and conflict in our thinking and plans. This can also lead to authority issues, like who should be in charge or which plan is most suitable. Today's color is violet.

Friday: Gemini Moon

Uranus in Aries keep the news and newness in the forecast. The Aries New Moon of last Sunday is in effect as the Sun and Uranus contact the Moon in Gemini. Keeping the mind calm and attending to one thing at a time is the challenge! Today could feel fast or frenetic. Build some down time in for regrouping. Get your head together before reacting or writing anything. The idea is to keep up while not letting everything get the best of you. Be methodical on a day when energy is likely to be scattered. Step by step will help you to be productive rather than trying to do things all at once and having nothing completed to specifications. Gemini Moon brings energy around our cars, computers and phones, travel, and siblings. Leaving on a short trip, for the weekend or a day, is favored. Just don't be tempted to get there fast. Enjoy the ride instead. Those who are argumentative or very opinionated will be in full force tonight. So will humourists and storytellers. Today's color is yellow.

Saturday: Venus in Pisces, Void of course Moon

The Moon is void of course in Gemini, an air sign. It's easier to lose your grounding and focus especially from 10:55 am to 5:40 pm EDT. Take care of simple things and socialize. Mercury squares the Moon from Pisces. Avoid pointless disagreements, expect plans may change, and try not to get upset about differences of opinion. Gemini is intellect and Pisces is emotion and so different personalities may not see eye to eye, early in the day at least. At 5:40 the Moon moves to Cancer and plays well with Venus, brand newly in Pisces as of 4:31 pm EDT. It's a romantic date night and also a good night at home. Today's color is light blue.

Sunday: Cancer Moon conjunct Jupiter

Jupiter has a beneficial and healing influence and has been supporting growth in many ways, forgiveness and reunions in families, and home related plans for about 9 months now. We'll have 4 more Jupiter in Cancer months ahead. As the Moon meets up with the planet of blessings and expansion, consider how you can make home and family improvements. Our intuition is strengthened and supporting players tend to emerge on days like this. There are other influences tugging too. Pluto across the zodiac in Capricorn and Uranus at a square in Aries makes for tension between comfort and freedom found outside the comfort zone. Whether to stay or go and some of the influences regarding that are prominent today. Capricorn is favored in partnership yet may be struggling with family or home related issues in an ongoing way. Aries may be feeling the benefits of home. Today's color is blue

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 24th to 30th, 2014 (Next week's! for this week, see the post below!)

Monday: Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon motivates Monday. Mercury aligns from Pisces for a blend of creative and organizational thinking and work. The Moon and Jupiter oppose and there's reason to consider how big a deal to make or how far to go. This includes spending. Scale up or back depending on which extreme you've been going in. Ideas that seem improbably may not be. Uranus in Aries sparks insight and instead of assuming a roadblock in the way, open up to possibility. Capricorn Moon is a good time to figure out how something can work in a very tangible, real way. Think steps and method for achieving goals.  Notice the subtle influences too, and play off them if possible. What's implied could have a great deal of meaning. Sagittarius and Leo, notice that with work and routine. Virgo, love and friendship and a bit of luck are in your favor. Be willing to receive! For all, good work ethic is in order. This will not happen for you, without YOU involved.  Today's color is green.

Tuesday: Void of course Moon

The Moon is in harmony with Saturn and square to Mars and moves void of course at 8:35 am until 6:39 pm. Simplify and go with routine over anything new and untried.  Saturn and Mars add heaviness and possibly perfectionism. This is not the best time to go over fine details. Void Moon leans toward overlooking things. Do that sort of work after 6:39 pm EDT. "Maybe" could be a good word for the day. Think things over and wait on responses if possible. If not, leave room for a margin of error and adjustment.  It's an earth sign Moon and exercise is recommended! Capricorn is teeth, bones, and particularly knees. Protect them during your workout or play time. Aquarius Moon from 6:39 pm, 3:39 pm Pacific, initiates team efforts and it's a favorable night for a meeting or any type of group effort.  Aquarius is an architect's sign. Design a plan of any sort. Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon

Jupiter and Mercury team up today in the water signs.  Things closest to our hearts and creative plans are stimulated. Making big things happen is the work of Jupiter and Mercury! There's a healing influence so find answers and ideas for improving health. Put plans in motion. Family business gets a boost too. Solutions, forgiveness, creative work, and health advice are all favored. Aquarius Moon aligns with fiery Sun and Uranus both in Aries. Ideas light up the mind! Write it all down since these insights can come and go quickly! Discuss possibilities, draw up plans and work together! Leo, relationship, studies and travel news all light your Sun sign chart! Aries, much of what transpires has to do with the people you're aligning with! Make friends and improve collegial relationships too. Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, you're in your element with Jupiter and Mercury. Instincts are on and you may see barriers lift! Today's color is turquoise!

Thursday: Void of Course Moon

From 9:13 am to 8:10 pm ET the Moon is void of course. These hours are not designed for major decisions or shopping for anything other than simple necessities. Stick with familiar routines as much as possible. The Aquarius Moon is good for productive daydreaming though! Write down ideas. Venus brings the atmosphere for meaningful connections in love and friendship. Saturn in Scorpio and Mars in Libra are retrograde and may be slowing certain things down. Take your time with the big matters of life. Reevaluate and go over previous plans to identify flaws. Tonight's Pisces Moon is made for personal time, reconnecting, and sleeping on it before you decide.  Today's color is green.

Friday: Mercury conjunct the Moon in Pisces

Things fall together on days like this. Imagine what could be! Neptune lends imagination, but can also tempt us with an escape hatch. Don't be tempted. Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto are nicely lined up for expansion, healing, forgiveness and positive feelings. Ask for advice, get insights from others, and spend time with close, trusted friends.  In many ways, you may feel you're dealing with the past and recurrences. This can be a time of deeper healing, emotionally or physically. Sentimental or melancholy feelings are likely, but we're well set up to get a handle on those emotions.  Arts, performance and musical events are favored socially.  It's also a good movie night.  Today's color is light blue. (We've been deep in the blues and greens all week!)

Saturday: Venus square Saturn

Venus in Aquarius is square to Saturn. Difficult decisions related to people and groups we're involved with must be made. Venus in Aquarius helps detach from the emotional part and do what makes sense. In some cases, ties will be severed or collaborative relationships changed. Another effect is serious decisions being made as a result of group efforts.  The Moon is void of course from 9:44 am to 9:54 pm ET. Avoid major expenses. Venus and Mars align helping with the most personal and close relationships. In Aquarius and Libra, these planets also encourage new connections, like minded collaborations, and logical thinking and decision making.  Mars is retrograde and some of this may seem long overdue.  Act thoughtfully, not rashly. Clear out the old and make way for a New Moon tomorrow. Aries Moon arrives at 9:54 pm. Today's color is red.

Sunday: Aries Moon

The 2nd New Moon this month is highly charged with the Sun and Uranus acting like lightning. Quick changes, important insights, and an inventive nature, New Moon in Aries is exact at 2:45 pm. Clear out old ways of thinking and deal with people and other things that only block energy and action.  The month ahead, April, is eclipse time, and we need to be ready to act. Things that have been pending need sudden attention and response in the weeks ahead. The more you can clear the way, the better, especially if you have an idea of what might be triggered by Aries and Scorpio eclipses that relate back to October of 2013.  What is ready for the next step or what is ready to be torn down in favor of rebuilding something different? Jupiter and Pluto are involved with this New Moon, meaning family matters and/or behind the scenes action taking place.  Libra, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn are at the hot spots of this New Moon chart and any planets you have in those signs are clues to areas that must be paid attention to. Generally, this is personal to Aries and a time for changing things. Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, the way others see you, the relationship you take in family and love and also career are highlighted.  Pisces and Virgo, financial considerations and agreements are a priority. Gemini, news and getting up to speed and maybe the mail or something else in writing is important in the next few days. Wear white.