Saturday, August 17, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone August18th-24th, 2019: Venus, Mars, Sun to Virgo

Virgo hat trick as Mars, Venus and the Sun move in one by one. Virgo is earth, harvest, digesting, purifying, organizing and problem solving.  Mars leads the pack.

Sunday: At 1:18 am EDT, Mars moves from fire sign Leo to earth sign Virgo. If your summer has included too much heat in the form of anger, frustration or people who come on too strong, Mars in Virgo could offer relief. Our attention turns to problem solving and putting energy into getting things accomplished. Some tendencies for this period include focusing on details, criticizing and tearing apart what's not working, feeling more disciplined and possibly putting effort into many things at once. Take inspiration and creative ideas, common for Mars in Leo, to the next level by making something tangible, such as a product or result. Aries Moon time starts at 12:33 pm EDT. Mars is Aries' planet so Mars dominates this day's activity which is likely to be active, physical and initiating.
Red is today's color.

Monday: Aries Moon in harmony with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mercury in Leo. Explore possibilities, places, and ideas. You may bring something to fruition, receive yes answers, become actively involved or engaged in something of high interest or perhaps work through an existing situation or problem as the Moon squares Saturn in Capricorn. Use your power wisely and reasonably. Watch out for those who abuse power or control. Today's color is Orange.

Tuesday: Aries Moon continues with a square to Pluto and trine to the Sun. Inner processes could include turmoil or second guessing or review. Externally, friendliness and excitement fill the air. Mixed feelings could result, for example feeling uncertain inside but going for it anyway because you 'have to' or want to. Themes include moving on, moving forward, and persevering through change. Today's color is Yellow.

Wednesday: Aries to Taurus Moon at 12:37 am after just a half hour void of course. Venus joins Mars in the sign Virgo at 5:06 am EDT. Venus in Virgo is particular and choosy in relationship and partnership and likes cleanliness and purity all the way around. Taurus Moon aligns with Mars in Virgo and meets Uranus also in Taurus, with dynamic and changeable effects. You may notice this in the form of strong reason to act and do, like there is no other choice. If someone has been complacent or even waiting for the right timing or having trouble with a decision, these aspects push things into gear. Mercury aligns with Jupiter in fire signs Leo and Sagittarius for inspiration around big plans. With today's aspects, the force will be strong. Expect movement on matters of all kinds. Taurus Moon means longevity, so think long term and commitment as you decide and act. Today's color is Green.

Thursday: Taurus Moon. Venus newly in Virgo. Earth element permeates this last day of summer , the final hours of Sun in Leo. Babies born today are Leos, though they will also have strong earth qualities with Mars and Venus both in Virgo now. (The Sun moves to Virgo at 6:02 am EDT Friday and begins Virgo time. ) Today's Moon/planet connections are quite varied with Pluto, Saturn, Neptune and Mercury involved. Taurus Moon perseveres and persists. The square to Mercury may bring up conflicting points of view and infiltrate collaborations. Some will be in problem solving and organizing mode and won't stop until the jobs are done. Some may work with visions and daydreams, making art or immersed in food preparation or building structures or landscapes. Effort, producing and doing are favored today. Wear Pink.

Friday: Sun to Virgo at 6:02 am EDT. The Moon moves to Gemini at 10:34 am EDT. This is 4th quarter Moon, a time of release and review.The Moon forms 3 squares today which signifies much effort is required to move through what needs to be done or experienced. The Sun, Venus and Mars in Virgo for sharp angles, like edges or corners, and as we come to these points, ideas or plans may come into conflict and agreements may be found if we are willing to compromise, sort out and persist. With Gemini Moon you may instead scrap a whole plans and seek fresh ideas. Today could include arguments, protests, or insensitivity. Wear Blue for positive communication and clarity.

Saturday: Venus and Mars meet in Virgo. Gemini Moon opposes Jupiter and squares Neptune. We may feel scattered or unfocused. Relationships may benefit from Venus meeting Mars. Being overly critical or negative own't make the day go any smoother. Try to take it easy on others, especially if great stress is involved. Today's color is White.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone August 11th-17th, 2019: Jupiter Direct, Mercury in Leo

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Thank you for all the birthday love for both Zodiac Zone and me! Robin's Zodiac Zone was created on the Cancer/Leo cusp July 22, 1999! And I was born 8-8 so this is a big celebration season!
I hope you are enjoying summer and/or finding that Leo strength and resilience we all need.

Mercury moves back to Leo and Jupiter retrograde ends, both on Sunday. Hopeful, progressive.


Sunday: Capricorn Moon time begins at 12:50 am EDT and forms a trine with unpredictable Uranus hours later. This is an interesting day as Jupiter stations direct in Sagittarius after months of retrograde movement, and Mercury dances back into Leo retracing steps from mid July. Uranus begins a retrograde at 10:27 pm EDT in Taurus that ends on January 11, 2020. The effect of a distant planet's retrograde doesn't seem as relevant as a closer planet's retro. However, depending where Uranus is in your own chart and solar return chart, it could influence how much restraint one has, how much or in what ways one follows tradition or radically alters one's life or appearance, usually going toward the extremes of individuality. On this day, Capricorn Moon trine to Uranus may bring up inner or external questions of how much to follow accepted norms and how much you want to shake things up and step off the well worn path to forge your own. Moon in Capricorn wants to know 'how', so the steps and how all the parts fit together become a priority. Today's color is Brown.

Monday: With all of Sunday's changes, this is like a brand new cycle and meanwhile we are approaching Full Moon, a time of closure and completions. Notice what's due and use Capricorn Moon time for productivity. Moon meets Saturn for a business-like approach, and then meets Pluto for some internal process and reflection. Void Moon begins 6:11 pm EDT and ends at 11:35 am EDT on Tuesday. Try not to let fears shake your confidence. Tune in to knowing what you have to do and avoid excuses and procrastination. Tonight is meant for easy tasks, if any. Wear Black today.

Tuesday: Void Moon until 11:35 am EDT. Keep those hour simple and recheck facts and details. Aquarius Moon 11:35 am through Thursday evening. The Full Moon is on Thursday morning. It is full of oppositions, however with the Sun and Venus meeting on Wednesday, I see this as an energizing and effective Full Moon. Situations and relationship matters can likely be handled less reactively and with less drama. This Full Moon is in the sign of friendship and collaboration. Today the Moon opposes Mercury back in Leo and we're into resolving things left undone or temporarily taken care of in mid July. See how matters from about a month ago come back up for discussion or better solutions now. Today's color is Turquoise.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon nearly Full and in harmony with Jupiter for expansive and hopeful approaches and perspective. The Moon also squares Uranus in Taurus which forces us out of comfort zones. Allow for alternatives and widen your lens. Yearning for no change will only bring pain. Notice what must change and look for the silver lining or ways to make it work FOR you. The Sun and Venus meet in Leo for love, generosity, kindness, and fun (to name a few!). This is a fortunate day. If you're working against something, can you let up a little and allow life to flow rather than try to hold the reigns tightly? Today's color is Blue.

Thursday: Full Moon in Aquarius at 8:29 am EDT. This is the first Aquarius Full Moon since we completed the Aquarius/Leo eclipse cycle on January 20th ( that one was in Leo as the Full Moon is always in the opposite sign to the Sun). This Full Moon opposes Venus and Mars in Leo, highlighting one on one relationships and also group dynamics. How we get along, compromise and come to agreement are important and thematic this week. Can you be open to alternatives and different points of view? Some approaches or decisions may be radical with Aquarius Full Moon. And that will require adjustment, open mind, and willingness to trust someone else's path and see how it goes over time. Minding one's own business and refraining from trying to control or make someone else fit your vision will be necessary in some cases. Void Moon starts at 9:02 pm and Moon in Pisces begins at 11:49 EDT. Today's color is White.

Friday: Pisces Moon aligns with Uranus retrograde and Mercury in Leo squares that same planet. On such a Uranus influenced day, original thinking peaks and may be valuable. We'll see and experience things in unusual or extraordinary ways. Today is 'out of the box'. Wear Silver.

Saturday: Pisces Moon with aspects to four planets with varied influences and potential effects. Mostly we're likely to seek ease, feel creative, and want to sail or float along. Some will do anything to avoid confrontation or any harsh reality as the Moon and Neptune meet.  Void Moon 6:35 pm on. Don't try to overdo or avoid overthinking. The emotions of Full Moon matters may arise like a Full Moon hangover. But not for everyone. Some will simply enjoy a summer evening. Today's color is Green.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone August 4th-10th, 2019: Mercury Direct

Sunday: Virgo Moon void of course from 12:27 am to 9:30 am EDT. As usual, take your time in every way while the Moon is void of course. Mercury gets communication going in a problem solving or more practical direction overnight (so maybe you have a meaningful message waiting by morning?). Libra Moon has no aspects of significance today. As the Moon is in harmony with Venus between Sunday and Monday morning, this is a fine night for a date or get together. Today's color is Pink.

Monday: Libra Moon aligns with the Sun to put our hearts and minds, our confidence and our intentions, in harmony. This is a decision making day with a mix of both ease and challenge. Capricorn planets square the Moon and we'll be figuring out the best options, muddling through any compromises needed. Jupiter and Mars are in harmony with the Moon saying take action, express, and say yes to opportunity. Today's color is Red.

Tuesday: Libra Moon void 3:36 am to 11:31 am EDT. Quiet contemplation is favored as are social meetings, like a work breakfast with no agenda or a friendly brainstorm session. Scorpio Moon follows and later opposes Uranus directly in this monthly standoff. Original, weird, or unlikely happenings are likely and may take us off guard. Today's color is Indigo.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon squares the Sun and Venus in Leo. Put your creative mind to work and maybe collaborate with someone else who's as talented and/or stubborn as you are. If you can get past your differences, the result may be genius! The Leo Sun aligns with Jupiter in a burst of openness and opportunity, and travels could be part of the plan. Moon aligns with Saturn and Pluto emphasizing our internal process and more introverted sides. Whatever your style, sign or priorities, this looks like a satisfying day. The downside could result from unwillingness to try or to listen. Today's color is Purple.

Thursday: Scorpio Moon void 10:58 am to 4:35 pm EDT. This void Moon may be best spent vacationing or taking personal time. With a square to Mars, business is not generally favored and that includes shopping even for clothing. The upside of today is friendliness, social occasions, performances, dates and romance as Venus in Leo aligns with Jupiter in Sagittarius at 4:28 pm EDT. This is a truly blessed and beautiful occasion! Sagittarius Moon from 4:35 pm on. Today's color is
Gold. (I'm excited for the optimistic forecast as this is my own birthday! 8-8!)

Friday: Sagittarius Moon meets Jupiter and is trine to Venus continuing yesterday's favorable aspects. Take advantage of all that is! Open to something new. Cultivate a sense of trust in yourself that keeps you safe because you are always in touch with your intuition. Notice what creates enthusiasm and has you feeling inspired and follow that feeling. Today's color is Red.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon aligns with Mars and the Sun for excitement and action. There may be competition, so try to keep it healthy and fun, and keep ego in check. The Moon squares Neptune and we may yearn for escape from the ordinary. This can be enjoyed as a quick vacation or break from the usual. It's a fire sign day overall, favored for campfires and candlelit events. Void Moon 3:50 pm on. Mercury is retracing steps and back on the threshold of Cancer/Leo, and we may experience this through revisiting conversations, places or people that were relevant around July 19th. Today's color is Orange. Thank you for your kind donations during Robin's Zodiac Zone birthday time! The site turned 20 on the 22nd of July! I've kept your forecasts free of charge, and donations support costs and time dedicated each week. Namaste!