Saturday, August 22, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology August 24th to August 30th, 2015

Monday: Sagittarius Moon

Moon aligns with Venus in Leo and Uranus in Aries. Dynamic energy, movement and change, and quickening pace characterize these trines.  As the Moon moves into a square with Mercury in Virgo we're challenged to think things out in detail and act in the moment. Sharp senses, a sense of freedom and attention to organization are all required and that's a tricky balance to create. Sagittarius Moon is about removing limitations including ways of thinking that can get in the way. Be versatile and open minded. Venus is still retrograde and can lead to forgiveness and moving on from past injustices in relationship.  A change in attitude could come today. Void Moon begins at 6:04 pm to 12:22 am EDT Tuesday. During those hours avoid unproductive discussions. People may be unreliable in terms of showing up or being on time. Yellow is today's color.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon travels the Capricorn path from 12:22 am EDT until the wee hours of Thursday. Progress is the keyword as Moon lines up with Virgo Sun and Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces and meets Pluto before midnight. With the prevalence of earth sign energy, do rather than just plan or discuss.  Industrious, practical, methodical activities are favored.  Mercury and Saturn are in harmony Wednesday for significant decisions, business, and settling all sorts of things.  Those pending matters can take shape today. Be proactive.  The Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Virgo, also tomorrow, is a blessing and relates to health, service, prosperity, and resources.  Resourceful is a good description of how to best move during this Capricorn Moon. Manifest.  Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Sun conjunct Jupiter, Mercury sextile Saturn

Read Tuesday's forecast. As the Full Moon approaches, Saturday afternoon in Pisces, conclusions and completions come.  Today is all about that, and you may not have to wait for the weekend to know outcomes, agree and act on what's taking shape.  Thoughtful, beneficial, flowing, and communicative are all words for today's astrological aspects. There is one square between the Moon and Uranus, and a tug between traditional and progressive thinking arises. Consider all possibilities.  Conservative, sensible decisions are more likely as Saturn in Scorpio has an influence this week, but an unexpected offer could change your mind.  Today's color is a rich earthy brown. 

Thursday: Aquarius Moon

We're into the Full Moon zone as Saturday approaches.  The waxing Moon is in Aquarius as of 4:03 am EDT and is only void of course from 3:28 am until then.  Capricorn Moon, Saturn and Mercury align in the earliest hours. Pieces fall together, and ways to accomplish become evident.  Aquarius Moon has no significant aspects until the oppositions come Friday, with Venus and Mars. Considering those two planets, passions will be strong today and tomorrow, impacting relationship life and matters of children and creative license.  Today's color is blue.

Friday: Aquarius Moon opposes Venus and Mars

Matters of the heart and our connection to community are today's focus.  Feeling supported, or on the other hand isolated and needing companionship, will be a common theme.  In relationship, see reason to compromise and harmonize.  Leo and Aquarius are most impacted in the love arena and may also seek harmony with creative partners.  Gemini and Sagittarius may be trying to figure some of that out with friends or newer romantic partners.  The Moon's near Full so feelings and events peak and hit extremes. Aquarius and Leo fixed nature is evident and opinions are likely to come across strongly.  Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Pisces Full Moon

This Full Moon is interesting with a variety of planetary influences. Across from the Sun and Jupiter conjunction, Full Moon brings Virgo themes through and full circle.  Opportunities and developments from earlier this week reach a new phase or completion.  Pisces is fluid though, so it may seem things are ever changing.  Being in flux is not always easy, especially for those who are more comfortable when settled and stable.  Do grounding things like chores or exercise to relieve stress related to change or uncertainty. Pisces Full Moon meets Neptune bringing elements of truth and responsibility into question.  Highly creative, but with the ability to manipulate or deceive, this conjunction is a good time to see things for what they are rather than what you wish they were.  The extremes of intuition versus poor judgement are present. Saturn in Scorpio squared the Aquarius Moon hours before Full Moon and my grandmother's phrase, "A word to the wise is sufficient comes to mind." Caution where trust is concerned, thoughtfulness and pace through uncertainty, those are my words to you, the wise.  Pisces Moon is romantic at best. Today's color is the silver. 

Sunday: Pisces Moon

The Full Moon weekend continues as the Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. This sextile is insightful, meditative, and encourages us to realize and awaken to what's been there all along.  It's a sensitive, spiritual time. Light blue resonates today. 

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