Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekly Astrology July 1st to 8th, 2013

Monday: Sun opposes Pluto, Venus square Saturn

 Venus newly in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio on the same day the Sun opposes Pluto. The contrast between light and dark is strong today. There's Sun and Leo energy battling it out with Pluto, Scorpio's ruler, and the depressive or suppressive pull of Saturn. It can impact us in many ways one being that things are harder to take care of and at least appear more complex at the moment. Saturn will be direct on the 8th, helping things open up more. For today you might have to accept a stalemate or walk away from a stubborn problem. Relationship is one area of contention since it's Venus involved. The Sun and Pluto opposite with Mercury retrograde nearby will be evident in past issues that come up again. Some may act overly ambitious or take actions that require more time and better judgement. Go slow right now and try not to push emotional buttons or force issues. The Moon is also void of course adding to the lack of best judgement. At 5:43 pm the Moon moves to Taurus and it may be easier to be practical and grounded. The Moon and Jupiter align and it's a good night to work in the garden, be outside, cook a big dinner and find optimism and ways to work things out for now. Today's color is gold.

 Tuesday: Moon opposes Saturn

 The Saturn influence is at work again, today in an opposition. Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio and issues around the elderly, legacies and wills, and business deals come up yet are likely to be on hold or delayed. News about such things may only be frustrating today, but the 8th is the date to watch for when Saturn's business begins to move forward again. The Moon opposite Saturn manifests in Taurus long term relationships, Leo home and family life or career plans, Libra and Aries financial matters and Capricorn's ability to relax and have fun. Agreeing to reconvene on such things in a week or so may be a better idea than pushing for decisions and answers today. The Taurus Moon engages with other planets too and works well with the Cancer Sun so by tonight relaxation may be easier to come by. Avoid a power struggle today. People are likely to be stubborn. Today's color is green.

 Wednesday: Mercury retrograde sextile the Moon

 The Moon in harmony with Mercury retrograde in Cancer makes this a big day of reconnections and reunions. Aries and Taurus experience this with family and it's a day where some will forgive and forget past differences. Capricorn may experience this in long term relationships. Cancer is very likely to get back in touch with or spend time with old friends. For everyone there's a sentimental feeling in the air. Go back to places you love and be with people you've known for a long time. It's also a good day for working outside and beautifying home and garden. Wear blue today.

 Thursday: Gemini Moon, Sun square Uranus

 The Moon is in Gemini, sign of short trips, brothers, sisters and cousins. Today is set up to be busy, full of movement, travel and communication. The mind will be busy too. Outlets are needed for mental energy and that can include good conversations, stories, humor, or time spent writing or in other forms of self expression. Create a photo journal or blog today if you're not celebrating the holiday with others (USA July 4th). The Sun in Cancer and Uranus in Aries do create some tension around unexpected changes and news, likely between family members or about home due to the Cancer placement. Unpredictable behavior and unusual changes are two ways we could see this square manifest. People will resist authority. The main idea with this square is do not take unnecessary risks with explosives or fire (Uranus in Aries) or with hurting feelings (Cancer). Play on the safe side today in every way. Keep it all in fun under the entertainment loving Gemini Moon. At night, the Moon and Venus combine for festivities and romance and it's a good date night if you're out being social. Today's color is white.

 Friday: Gemini Moon

 The Gemini Moon in harmony with Uranus is full of ideas and plans. Spontaneous road trips and visits are favored. Work is energized too, particularly your own personal projects and priorities. Dive into something you're excited about today. Get others together for brainstorming sessions and weed out the best ideas another time. Make lists of priorities. Otherwise just focus on fun! Letting cares go and just enjoying works well with this Gemini Moon. It's another productive day for writers and creative minds. The original and unusual will attract our attention. Today's color is yellow.

Saturday: Cancer Moon conjunct Jupiter and Mars

 The Moon meets Mars first, in Gemini at 8:30 am ET and then begins hours void of course. Choose words very carefully this morning especially with Mercury retrograde. Avoid old issues, bringing up the past, and too much criticism. The mind is likely to be busy and possibly preoccupied. There's an edge to the day so tred lightly and take care of simple things. It's a social day, good for get togethers as long as the mood can be kept light. The Moon moves to Cancer at 6:14 pm and meets Jupiter in the sign of home, family and our feelings. Jupiter is a booster shot of a planet and we can be more resilient, creative, and optimistic even if faced with challenges. Open up to another way of thinking tonight. Expand your ideas and possibilities. With Jupiter in Cancer we examine the way we live and make improvements upon where we live. Home is very important this year. Improve a relationship with someone you live with tonight, especially Aries and Cancer. Capricorn, Cancer, and Aries, you may decide to move in with a lover/partner soon or be entering that now. With Mercury retrograde, give each other time to adjust and save long term lease agreements for after July 20th if possible. Gemini, you could find this month more profitable than usual. Today's color is light blue.

 Sunday: Cancer Moon

 This is the eve of the New Moon and there are plenty of planetary aspects keeping us hopping. Reconsidering things and getting ready for changes is highly likely, yet with Mercury and Saturn retrograde, things will shift again. Make temporary plans, see how you feel tomorrow and again after July 20th when Mercury retrograde is done. Saturn will station direct tomorrow and that should free up some energy and remove a roadblock in some situations. Move carefully though and with good advice. It's a good day to reminisce, review, prepare, repair, and focus on home. Make decisions that are temporary or begin something on a trial basis soon, with room to change your mind. Be nurturing and go easy during this very "feeling" Cancer time of year. Creative process is favored. The one impulsive spot in the zodiac relates to love and relationship as Venus in Leo and Uranus in Aries combine for spontaneous love affairs, relationship status changes and news about who's with who now. It's a fun trine yet it stirs the rumor mill. Love, adventure and surprise are in the forecast for Leo, Aquarius, Libra & Aries who make dates or have relationship news to share today. Pink is today's color.

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