Friday, July 5, 2013

Weekly Astrology July 8th to 14th, 2013

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 Monday: New Moon in Cancer, Saturn Direct

 It's a significant day of summer as Saturn stations direct in Scorpio at 1:12 am ET. This can free some blocked and stubborn energy in Scorpio. Compulsions can be easier to break and patterns change more readily. Be clear about what's holding things up or with someone who tries to have power or a hold over you. Saturn rules Capricorn, maturity, ambition, authority, the elderly and karma. We finally learn lessons that have been staring us in the ace or that we didn't want to believe. Scorpio rules sexuality and aspects of medicine like surgeries. Any of these matters can reach turning points more easily now. The New Moon in Cancer at 3:14 am meets Mercury retrograde. The past surfaces. A chance to resolve something, even temporarily, comes. Letting go of the past in favor of a new, more emotionally healthy, direction is a good way to use this New Moon energy. Astrologically this is like Mother's Day too, and connecting with the mother figures in our lives is well timed. Ask questions and clarify to avoid any Mercury retrograde misunderstandings today. See friends, especially the ones you have to travel to or make time for infrequently. Enjoy a trip down memory lane in some way, but keep it positive and friendly. Release a grudge or emotional habit. Define personal priorities. Put a stop to someone else's obsessive or begrudging behavior with a newly defined boundary. Try going down a new road, even in a familiar place. All of this goes especially for Cancer, Capricorn and Scorpio. The Moon is void of course from 7:44 am on. White is today's color.

 Tuesday: Leo Moon

 The Moon moves into Leo at 6:48 am. If yesterday wasn't very productive or felt sluggish, today should provide contrast and a new chance to make things happen. The Leo Moon is optimistic yet also in problem solving mode, square to Saturn in Scorpio. We're more likely to go at tough, long term problems with tenacity and a get it done attitude. The Cancer Sun meets Mercury for another strong retrograde influence, mainly in the form of getting back in touch with people we care about. A visit to someone or some place you used to know or go is in harmony with this conjunction today. Connecting over the past is likely. The key is to make that about good feelings and time, not grudges or negativity. Today's color is purple.

 Wednesday: Leo Moon

 Today leans a bit toward the dramatic side and events while the Moon and Uranus align can be surprising and wild. The Leo Moon loves a good show and tends to be generous and expressive, while Uranus in Aries means never a dull moment. Some news will involve relationship status, especially in Leo, Aquarius, and Aries worlds. Getting back together happens during retrogrades sometimes. Who's with who now may be a big topic today. Couples find reason to celebrate if in love as the Moon meets Venus. Celebrations, surprises, and adventures are in the forecast today. Keep in mind some of this can put off those not in celebratory mode or those who need time to adjust to change. Today's color is orange.

Thursday: Leo to Virgo Moon

The Moon is in Leo, sign of children, teaching and performing, until 6:12 pm.  The Leo Moon is good for most any kind of business today and is in harmony with Mars for taking action. We're propelled by Monday's New Moon yet Mercury is still retrograde so try things out, regroup after the 20th to determine more permanent plans. Some of what we undertake now we'll change our minds or tactics on later.  It's a good day to go over material and refresh your memory.  The Virgo Moon moves in for evening and is also good for memorizing, rehearsing, and going over more detailed information.  Tonight improve your work or workout ethic.  Today's color is brown.

Friday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon is aligned with Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto for work ethic and moves surrounding growth, expansion, prosperity, and organization.  Mercury is retrograde so be meticulous with information and details whole continuing to forge ahead carefully with plans now.  Take slow steps and have someone edit or double check work.  With Saturn now direct, see progress coming where none was to be seen last week.  This is good news for people trying to sell houses or businesses or make progress with health care, things related to elderly relatives, and investments among other things.  Be organized and clear with your communications and make sure you're understood.  Neptune could fog our better judgement from Pisces yet gives us the motivation to stop and relax too. Tonight can be romantic and fun for simple pleasures.  Today's color is indigo.

Saturday: Virgo Moon, Mars in Cancer

Mars is a fish out of water in Cancer from today until August 27th.  This increases tendencies to be passive aggressive, moody and confront in emotional outbursts when emotions overflow.  On the positive side, Mars will be in harmony with Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune this month and that can aid in taking action creatively and help break through stuck points.  If you're happily sitting on the fence, not moving on things, and you're a Cancer or Cancer rising, Mars will aggravate things to the point where you must make a move.  Mercury is retrograde in Cancer too, for another week, so be satisfied with steady, measured progress or planning rather than taking immediate action unti after the 20th.  The Moon in Virgo is void of course from 11:26 am to 3:41 am ET tomorrow.  Do chores, simple routine work or have a leisurely day.  It's best not to attempt difficult tasks or problem solving since it may just take longer than usual. Information and directions have missing pieces today.  The Moon works with Mercury retrograde and the Sun so our social interactions and attitudes are likely to be good as long as there's not too much pressure in what you're doing.  Today's color is navy blue.

Sunday: Libra Moon

The Libra Moon moves in and squares Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. Today we look for some kind of harmony amidst recurring issues.  Try to see another perspective on a problem.  Collaborate and be willing to listen and try someone else's way with the option of going back to your own if you want to.  Family, home, partnership, and old issues are what's surfacing.  Balance might seem hard to achieve and today is about setting the stage for that with conversations and mediations that could lead in the right direction over time.  Mercury is retrograde so seek temporary solutions and revisit them in a week or two to see if revisions are needed.  Today's color is lavender.

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