Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekly Astrology June 24th to June 30th, 2013

 Monday: Capricorn Moon opposes Mercury & Venus

Significant movements and events in the zodiac stack up this week. Today we're still in the Full Moon zone, and the Capricorn Moon, one of authority figures and our elders, opposes Mercury and Venus. Points of contention & matters for debate need to be prioritized and confronted.  Decisions that have been impending can wait no longer and you may feel pressured to give a final answer.  The elders in the family, the matriarchs and patriarchs are likely to be in focus or playing a major role in our lives. Bosses and managers may also be putting on the heat or feeling it themselves and like the domino effect, everyone is impacted.  Do try to reach agreements today while keeping Mercury's role in mind. The planet will retrace today's path just days ahead and you may change your mind and your perspective, particularly in Cancer ruled family matters.  Agreeing to something temporary and reviewing it in a month is most advisable.  Take care of the body, of medical conditions and things you think should be checked out too.  Tonight, settle something, find peace with someone and realize we can't all see the world the same way. Find a way to coexist where everyone is agreeable and things can be managed. Even where the emotional connection is fragile or approaches are drastically different, the Capricorn Moon helps us live practically. The Moon is void of course from 10:24 pm until 3:27 am. Today's color is green.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon is waning in Aquarius square to Saturn. Today has a strong persistent or stubborn streak.  You can use this to advantage if you know it's worth it to stand up for what you believe. Also though, it will be difficult to get someone to change their mind or compromise ideals.  Pick your battles and discussions carefully and make sure it's worth it.  The Moon and Uranus add a very inventive, unusual flair to the day. Brand new ideas grab our attention. Work with brainstorming and weed out to find the best stuff! There's a combination of discriminating and open minded energy that makes for a unique outlook today.  Be open to the new. Commit only with your own terms since Mercury retrograde is about to begin and old information and previous relationships and business may come into play in the days ahead. Have vision while remaining patient and willing to see how things develop.  Jupiter moves to Cancer for a year long stay.  Jupiter in Cancer is nurturing and good for gestating new things, from ideas to babies! This is an exalted and fertile spot for the planet of worldly travels and wisdom. It calls us "home" and adds to feelings of patriotism, knowledge and growth in the area of food, and likely boosts the real estate market in the year ahead.  Today's color is turquoise.

Wednesday: Sun trines and Mercury retrograde

The Sun trines Saturn and Neptune. This grand trine has been active already and today we have a peak! In the water signs, this prompts great creativity and helps us give structure to things that could remain nebulous otherwise.  Music, the arts, domestic arts like cooking and gardening are some of the favored areas.  There's also a spiritual current running strong with Neptune in Pisces and we may see this in the form of focus on religion, meditation, yoga, and other metaphysical or spiritual interests.  It's an interesting time with Mercury also beginning the retrograde in Cancer, drawing us inward, activating intuition, memories, dreams, and the subconscious for weeks ahead.  Mercury retrograde is official at 9:08 am. This is a good day to find calm, hide away a bit, do some soul searching, or have a heart to heart talk as long as it's not going to trigger old issues. It's not a good time to make a big, final decision, argue needlessly, travel on a tight schedule, or engage in a very important business transaction.  The forward thinking Aquarius Moon and Mars in Gemini are full of ideas and plans, but the Mercury slowdown is on. Take the weeks from now to the 20th lightly. Take a vacation. Carefully sort through old things you may get rid of and attend to emotional business that's unfinished with an open mind and no one set expectation. Today's color is blue.

Thursday: Moon in Pisces, Venus in Leo, Mercury retrograde in Cancer

This eventful week in the zodiac continues as Venus, planet of love and harmony, moves to expressive and outgoing Leo. It's a beautiful placement for Leos, Aquarius in love and partnership, people who perform and teach, Scorpios who need a career boost, and anyone taking vacation time. Venus in Leo loves leisure, beautiful environments, great arts and performance events, and the sunshine.  The Moon moves to Pisces at 4:32 am, harmonizes with Saturn, the Sun and meets Neptune. All that is spiritual, emotional, metaphysical and water related is enhanced, exaggerated, and draws us in.  Intuition will be very strong! Find what inspires and calls to you. Work with your creative muse. It's almost unfortunate if you have important business type work to do unless it's in a creative field. Financial, sales and marketing may experience hold ups and delays and perhaps for good reason when all is said and done late in July. Patience is important right now and impulsiveness is the enemy unless it's all in fun.  Wear pink.

Friday: Pisces Moon

It's a good day to mellow out if possible. Pisces Moon always loves a relaxed day to do personal things or pursue creative pastimes or work and today even more so since Mercury is retrograde in Cancer.  The Moon and Mercury line up today for reconnections and people suddenly often unexpectedly pop back into our lives.  See who you run into this weekend if it hasn't already happened in the past few days. Virgo and Pisces experience this in friendship and love while Aries and Taurus may be more likely to reunite with family.  For all, going back to childhood and past places we've enjoyed is likely.  Water sports, fishing and boating are ruled by this Pisces, Cancer alignment.  Mars reminds us to do some mental work and today we may be distracted or multitasking if that's the case. The past comes back in many ways. Relax and stay organized with time and things you need to keep track of when the Moon is void of course 8:16 pm on. Today's color is green.

Saturday: Aries Moon

The Aries Moon moves in at 9:07 am and squares Jupiter in Cancer bringing up home and family matters for practical problem solving. Try to keep things simple and not overly emotional today. Charging something with anxiety will make it much harder to handle properly. Remember to use words and actions wisely since Mercury retrograde can create lots of misunderstanding.  Be clear and up front with communications and make sure you've been understood and not misquoted or represented. It's an active, energetic day with the Aries Moon in harmony with Venus in Leo for adventures and fire and air sign relationships are favored.  Leo, you're in your element this time of summer (early this year!) and your enthusiasm can be contagious. Sagittarius, Aries, and Libra easily become part of this party. Aquarius, enjoy relationship time and do something together though if you're single, love and friendship may be forming too!  Games will be fun and competitive. As always with Aries Moon, do keep safety in mind.  Wear red.

Sunday: Aries Moon conjunct Uranus

This may be more challenging that we'd like a Sunday to be as the Aries Moon and Uranus do their monthly work, stirring up controversy, creating excitement at best, and creating the conditions for "incidents" too. Be extra mindful and cautious today. Avoid impulsiveness and anything you don't really need to do or say at this particular time.  The Moon is also square to Sun in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn and this action in the cardinal signs often indicates power struggles and with the Sun in Cancer, emotional waters that aren't easy to sail. Negotiate carefully.  Pluto always gives a reality check sometimes with information that's been hidden or suppressed and this could relate back to the Full Moon just a few days ago. Today some will ask, "how many times do I have to deal with this?" and the answer is "Until you get it right." Mercury is retrograde so use words very wisely and consider carefully the agreements you make. Today's color is black.

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