Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weekly Astrology July 16th to July 22nd, 2012: New Moon in Cancer

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Monday: Gemini to Cancer Moon

This is 4th quarter Moon phase and Mercury is retrograde. Noth indicate plenty of rethinking and a look at what's working well and what could be improved upon. The New Moon Thursday is a good time to start a trial basis or temporary plan. Reevaluate after Mercury retrograde ends August 8th. The Gemini Moon and Saturn align for mediation and intentional discussion today. Take the word of friends and siblings seriously. There's a tendency to be sarcastic today as well, and with Mercury retrograde we can be easily misunderstood. Word things carefully in conversation and in writing. The Moon is void of course from 6:56 am to 8:31 pm EST and then shifts to Cancer until Thursday. Cancer Moon directs us to what we consider the safety zone. We'll be sentimental and tend to look back in time over the next couple of days. Today's color is black.

Tuesday: Mars Squares Pluto and the Moon

The Cancer Moon's defensive nature is called into play today as warrior Mars in Libra pushes emotional buttons. Retreat could be the best plan for now. Mercury is retrograde and it's not the ultimate time for confrontation or solutions unless they are temporary. It might not be easy, but try to keep tempers and reactions in check. Avoid physicals risks, gambles, and other chances that could have consequences with Mars very active today. Negotiating emotional, sensitive situations is today's big challenge. Mars square to Pluto can be accident prone and leave us feeling vulnerable tonight. Take care of yourself and each other. Go easy. Wear white.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon

This is the eve of the New Moon, and today's Cancer Moon squares Saturn which can put us out of sorts about selfish behavior or obligations we need to fulfill. Mars opposite Uranus can be angry or accident prone. Tread lightly, be reserved if you're feeling uncertain, and get a hold on emotional reactions. Follow through on commitments is a good idea. Trust your intuition and stay away from what doesn't feel safe or people who don't seem trustworthy. This is also a day of consideration and rethinking before tomorrow's New Moon. Plan fresh starts and new beginnings with flexibility to change your mind built in. Tonight, play it safe in every way. Wear black.

Thursday: New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer is at 12:24 am EST, and then the Moon is void of course for about 6 hours. Overnight, use caution and care. We'll tend to be reactive, moody, and lack judgment with Mars opposite Uranus and the void Moon. Wait out decisions and avoid initiating anything from a debate to a relationship decision. The Leo Moon moves in at 6:13 am and this part of the week is prime for revisting old business, running into people from the past, and retracing steps from the last couple of weeks. The Moon and Jupiter work to buoy our spirits if the Cancer Moon was sad or rough around the edges. Come out of your shell a bit and see if there's someone helpful, fun or inspirational to guide you. The Moon works with Uranus and Mars, yesterday's unstigators, and we might find better solutions or work our way of of trouble or bad situations tonight. Keep that cautious, instinctive edge though. There's no need to rush or be too trusting this week. Wear purple.

Friday: Moon meets Mercury retrograde in Leo

Welcome to the most retrograde of the retrograde days this season! The Moon and Mercury meet in Leo for dramatic reunions, unexpected reconnections, a return to places that once played a big part in your summers (of life in general), and potentially communication mishaps and misunderstandings. Leo is expressive and we might shoot our mouths off too readily. Try not to make promises you won't keep. Enjoy life by revisting childhood places or playing with kids, or just getting into fun and games. It's a great time for a party and other social plans. Do have some flexibility about time and circumstances and you'll avoid frustration. Accept invitations. Wear orange.

Saturday: Virgo Moon

The day starts with void of course Leo Moon from 1:17 am to 1:24 pm. Take care of significant matters carefully with Mercury retrograde and void of course Moon. Saturn says there may be reason to look objectively, act in fairness, and be willing to shoulder some work in the morning. After 1:24 pm the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune and balancing work and analytical tasks with some daydreaming or good, healthy escape from reality with music or a movie or creative pastimes is favored.  This is the last night of Cancer Sun and Cancer birthdays and a nice, easygoing celebration trumps anything overdone tonight.  Wear navy blue.

Sunday: Sun to Leo

The height of summer begins as the Sun moves to Leo at 6:01 am. The Virgo Moon squares both Venus and Jupiter in Gemini. Calls for some assistance will be common, and we might feel stuck if we don't have the right supporting players.  Keep communication clear since these are both Mercury ruled signs, prone to the effects of retrograde Mercury. Be wary of misinformation, exaggeration and relationship or friendship strain.  Mercury aligns with Mars in Leo and Libra continuing the reconnections, but today old injustices or slights may come up. If something is unresolved this could be a second chance to come to peace with a situation.  The Virgo Moon has some work ethic today, and physical activity is a good way to work out any stress. Virgo needs to move, and with the Moon here avoid too much mental/intellectual work or overthinking! Wear gold.

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