Friday, July 6, 2012

Weekly Astrology July 9th to 15th, 2012: Mercury Retrograde in Leo

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Monday: Aries Moon

After a long void of course Moon, the Moon is in firestarter Aries from 8:14 am on. If the weekend was slow or lazy, or even easygoing or romantic, expect a shift today as the Moon opposite Mars in Libra looks aggrressively for resolution and calls out anything unjust. Though that issue of fairness may be skewed or misplaced since Aries Moon is first about self interest. There could be whining and complaining as well as confrontation today. Some Libra objectivity is called for. Try to step back and see the whole picture. In the evening the Moon works well with Jupiter in Gemini followed by a square to Pluto in Capricorn. Socially the potential is good, but in personal affairs watch the tendency toward gossip, hiding relevant information, and blaming someone else for what's wrong. A light, friendly night is the best plan. Late night, keep your head up and take care of each other as Uranus combines with the Moon in a burst of who knows what! Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries

If you're hoping for a big shake up and a change of status, role or routine, the Moon and Uranus may be just what you're looking for. However, for many it might mean too much unexpected change or chaos. Nervous energy can be the result, and thinking on our feet may be the only way. Quick reactions are in the forecast. Mercury and Venus reach out from Gemini and Leo with helpful, upbeat, and maybe inspirational energy. This is great if you work in communication, media, entertainment and the arts. Tonight the Moon squares the Sun in Cancer and if you're struggling with personal problems or plans, it could feel like stalemate or no win. We are in the Mercury retrograde zone though it doesn't officially begin until Saturday night, so be cautious rather than aggressive and take your time with decisions. Wear yellow.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon

The Moon is void of course in Aries from 5:23 am EST until 7:30 pm. The Moon opposite Saturn near daybreak can add a very intense note to the day. It may be the day you make a well though out move. Libra and Aries may do that in terms of commitments and promises. Virgo and Pisces, think seriously about how you spend your money and any business you engage in. With out those major matters on your plate, today is meant for easygoing activities. Stay out of unproductive debates. Walk away from trouble which could accelerate more easily and have serious implications. Play a good, fair game! Integrity would be a good idea to strive for and live by (always but particularly on days like this). Tonight the Moon moves to Taurus at 7:30 pm and the message is simplify! Enjoy simple pleasures and work that's gratifying. Wear green.

Thursday: Taurus Moon

The Taurus Moon is geared toward constructive work. The Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. One effect is ambition. Revisit goals and see if the steps you're taking are effective. Gemini may feel quieter and more comtemplative today. Cancer relationships are in the forefront, even if it's only on your mind and not in your actions yet, Cancer. Neptune in Pisces encourages some daydreaming, which can in fact be the first steps in planning. We are close to Mercury retrograde, and it's a good time to make copies and backups of whatever is important to you. Tonight, the Moon squares Mercury in the passionate yet stubborn fixed signs, Taurus and Leo. We'll be committed to what we believe in and uncompromising about what we want, especially if you're born under a fixed sign including Scorpio and Aquarius too. Wear brown.

Friday: Mercury Retrograde in Leo

The Moon is in Taurus today in harmony with the Cancer Sun. Preparing food, nurturing the garden, fishing and doing other organic work is favored. The Moon is void of course from 3:46 pm EST until tomorrow morning. The evening is meant to be relaxed and spend with family or good friends, suited to comfort food and what's good for the soul. Big decisions and major purchases are not recommended as Mercury begins the retrograde tomorrow morning. Wear pink.

Saturday: Mercury retrograde in Leo

Mercury retrograde begins at 10:16 pm officially, though this week may have plenty of confusion & lack of clarity already. We'll be retracing steps from the past week in August when the retrograde ends on August 8th. Back up everything and keep duplicate copies of anything that could be important later on. Mercury retrograde in Leo can have the happy effect of returning to places and activities we loved in the past yet maybe didn't make time for recently. We reconnect with friends and family too. It's time to return to feelings or activities of youth, of past summers, and to entertain and be entertained. It's a beautiful season for reunions and other celebrations that bring people back together. The Moon is in Gemini from 8:26 am EST through the weekend. Today Mercury is in harmony with Venus for forgiveness, reuniting, and getting back in touch even if that happens randomly. It's a very nice day socially though our brains may be scattered or frazzled from over-thinking. Wear yellow.

Sunday: Sun square Saturn

The Sun squares Saturn overnight in Cancer/Libra. Issues of fairness in the household, with family members, and a tug between emotion and objectivity is likely. The Gemini Moon will soften the day though, in harmony with Venus, Mercury, and Uranus. There's a friendly, fun aspect to the day that may help us put problems aside for a while. Enjoy the company and good spirits, and reconnection with others that you did or did not expect since Mercury is now retrograde in Leo. People who played sports, music or performed together are among the most likely to reunite. Today's color is gold.

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