Friday, July 20, 2012

Weekly Astrology July 23rd to July 29th 2012: Sun in Leo

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Monday: Libra Moon

The Moon in Libra and Leo Sun are in harmony today. Make a favorable impression. Virgo, Cancer, and Scorpio may use this to advantage in career and work. Libra, Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini enjoy this socially and also with travel or vacation plans.  The Moon and Sun working together can boost our confidence and make us more decisive. Meet new contacts or see old friends or colleagues. Mix pleasure with business. Today's color is pink.

Tuesday: Mercury retrograde trine Jupiter

The Moon is in Libra with a mix of aspects. Mercury retrograde surprises are in the air. Continue to communicate carefully and clearly to avoid retrograde confusion. Mercury and Jupiter combine for the most positive benefits of a retrograde day, as Jupiter in Gemini shines on business and educational plans and travel.  Move into new things gently, not impulsively. Trial basis is great now! Enjoy reconnecting, get back to unfinished business, and aim for short term resolutions. It's a good time to investigate things you want to buy or begin in August and beyond. Gather information.  When the Moon is in Libra, fairness issues often come up. See both sides of the story and try to be understanding rather than judgmental as the Moon and Mars meet. Today's color is red.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon in Libra

With a long void of course Moon, it's best not to overbook or push too hard today.  The morning is best for taking care of what's important and has bigger implications. Even then, remember Mercury retrograde cautions and duplicate, double check and make sure you're understood.  At 11:22 am and until 10:29 pm we have a void of course Moon. Work on simple things or  relax and socialize. Mercury and Uranus instigate spontaneous plans. That could be forced as in a cancellation or delay, but best case scenario, we just enjoy last minute invitations or ideas.  Tonight the Moon moves to Scorpio at 10:29 pm.  Reorganizing might be appealing, and the next couple of days should be better for concentration. The night takes on a serious tone. Mean what you say. Scorpio Moon time means things are not easily forgotten.  Wear maroon.

Thursday: Scorpio Moon

The Scorpio Moon moves quickly void of course at 11:38 am (it's as if she says okay enough about business! Let's not overdo it while Mercury is retrograde!) Slowing down and not overextending ourselves is a good plan.  The Moon squares both the Sun in Leo and Mercury before then, indicating stubborn issues and persistent attitudes. It may be hard to compromise or give in.  Creative work, perhaps a solo project, is favored. Taking our time with things makes sense. Don't pressure others or allow yourself to be pressured either.  Tonight is best spent working on a project with no timetable or just relaxing. The trend will continue tomorrow. Wear black.

Friday: Void of course Moon in Scorpio

Today is probably best suited to vacation time. The Scorpio Moon void of course and Mercury retrograde urge us to slow down, think and reflect, and prepare for what's next, but without hurry.  Catching up on routine things and what was put aside is great, but make sure you won't forget the details of your plan or where you store things if you're cleaning and reorganizing.  Vacation days spend on the boat or the beach work well with the Moon in a water sign. It's best to stay out of debates and sensitive topics if possible.  There's little point to arguing, being stubborn or trying to accomplish too much.  Today's color is indigo blue.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon

The Sagittarius Moon is happily at play with planets in the other fire and air signs. This helps things fall together easily today even if there's no solid plan or things are changing with Mercury retrograde in Leo. Mercury and the Sun meet for a very Leo type day; expressive and fun. Take in a performance or get a good game going! Choose an adventure and go where the action is! A field trip is a great idea. We'll be inspired to be outdoors, travel, enjoy a bonfire or camping, or just take a day to explore somewhere new or revisit a place that's changed over time! Surround yourself with upbeat people and stay out of the blues. Today's color is purple.

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon shows Sagittarius's changeable nature today, in particular with relationships, from love to friendship. Venus opposite the Moon pushes for freedom and flexibility. Partners who connect on intellectual ground and are willing to yield or allow the other some independence will do best with this opposition. Rigidity and possessiveness will cause friction or fleeing!  Mars and Saturn in Libra are in harmony with the Moon, reminding us to get some work done and remember responsibilities or promises made. Balance work and adventure or fun. Wear red.

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