Friday, May 3, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone May 4th-11th, 2019: Taurus New Moon, Mercury in Taurus

Festival Season is here! Maine YogaFest is a very welcoming festival with music by DJ Taz Rashid and by Alicia Mathewson, both of whom are traveling from out of state to join us. I'll be leading Astrology Yoga for Eclipse and Summer Season on Saturday morning, June 28th, 10:30 am.

Also on Friday, June 27th, I'm leading a full day 6 credit hour workshop on expanding and modifying vinyasa practice to suit more bodies, including your own! You can come to this workshop if you are a yoga teacher who wants to be more versatile and confident, who wants to connect with other teachers and receive credits for Yoga Alliance, or if you as a student want to vary your practice and know how to shift things if your body is saying no (or less!) to postures like low pushup or moves like step forward to lunge.

See the schedule of all this great stuff! You do not have to be a yoga regular to come to this fest! You can come and receive your Reiki 1 certification, for example, or attend music, meditative or restorative practices, aerial yoga (filling fast!) or paddle board yoga off East End Beach.
Maine YogaFest is held at East End School on Munjoy Hill.

Peek at Maine YogaFest site, see if there are a few workshops suited to you, and buy your tickets at this link.

I'll also be at Wild Vibes Fest in July in South Berwick for Shamanic Yoga!

Happy New Moon!

Sunday: Promises, plans and projects take hold under this New Moon in Taurus. Today is the first full day since New Moon at 6:45 pm EDT Saturday. Act with strong intention and avoid agreeing to anything you feel flimsy or uncertain about. Best hours for major agreements and conversations are before 11:10 am EDT when the Moon moves void of course until 11:40 pm EDT. Saturn adds and encourages us to be businesslike, organized, and responsible with actions and commitments. Today's color is Green.

Monday: Gemini Moon and Mercury moves to Taurus. Mercury is Gemini's ruling planet and it's all about travel and communication. Commit to a writing project, short or long term, a book, manual, blog or a final paper that's coming due. It could be a good day for car buying or tuning up your bike. Lots of plans will be taking shape. Keep the calendar and to do list up to date. Today's color is Yellow.

Tuesday: A very active Gemini Moon eventually meets Mars tonight. Be careful of disagreements or outbursts that could easily be triggered. Venus squares Saturn and relationship adjustments need to be made. Perhaps one of you is more frivolous or free spirited and the other very task oriented or serious, right now or by nature. How can you make allowances for each other and find some balance when together? Void Moon starts at 7:50 pm EDT. It's a good night out as long as you're not out of sorts. Careful on the roads with that Mars aspect. Today's color is Blue.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon starts 5:06 am EDT. Mercury and Uranus meet and unexpected news, events, and changes of plan are likely. The conditions are right for a breakthrough or ground breaking, scrapping an old plan in favor of something different, and different approaches in general. Think out of the box. The Moon is in harmony with both planets so home, family and emotional matters are involved. The Sun aligns with Neptune in Pisces for creative options and artistic expression. It's the continuation of New Moon activity and energies. Today's color is Light Blue.

Thursday: With 7 obvious Moon and planetary aspects, today is a big mix. Imagine having several priorities at once. Venus is the standout planet involved in 3 squares. Venus is relationship and balance and is in Aries, the initiator. Squares are challenging and need working through. Personal relationships need attention, compromise, understanding and willingness this week. Today has a serious tone and you may notice less humor. Contemplate what is being asked of you or what is required, and remember this is a time of long term consequences and impact as you decide. Cancer Moon void at 10:06 pm EDT until 9:14 am Friday. Today's color is Pink.

Friday: Leo Moon from 9:14 am on. The morning could get a slow or sluggish or even an out of sorts beginning. Leo Moon aims to brighten things up, but even more so aims to confront problems and initiate conversations of an important nature. There's some tension in the air if a talk is waiting to happen or perhaps around public speaking or appearances. Today's color is Gold.

Saturday: Leo Moon is fixed like Taurus is. Longevity and future impact and influence is a given in everything we take on now, from an astrology point of view. The Moon squares the Sun in Taurus and the Sun is trine to Saturn in Capricorn. We are asked to be constructive and committed. If responsible actions weren't taken in the past, this may be a new chance in those situations. It also may feel like something came back to 'bite' you. You can probably fix it so it doesn't happen again. This may take your will and commitment. 2nd quarter Moon tonight is for progress. Today's color is Orange.

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