Friday, April 26, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone April 28th to May 4th, 2019: New Moon in Taurus

Sunday: Aquarius Moon void of course from 5:44 am to 6:11 pm EDT. The Moon is in harmony with Jupiter for interesting meetings and opening the mind. Pisces Moon this evening. Seek something different for a refreshed perspective or interaction. Today's color is Turquoise.

Monday: Pisces Moon lines up with the Sun and Uranus in Taurus. Saturn begins a retrograde at 8:54 pm in Capricorn. Emotional sensitivity and attention is strong.  Today's color is Light Green.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon with aspects to 5 different planets. You might call this a multifaceted day and some things could feel out of sync. Moods are shifty, and people may be very sensitive. Even if you're reluctant, there are indications of what needs to be taken care of, including emotional well being. Thoughtful and gentle is the way to go. Void Moon starts at 5:57 pm EDT for the night. Today's color is Purple.

Wednesday: Aries Moon time begins 6:24 am EDT. Mercury brings the story and the action with a sextile to Mars and a square to Saturn retro in Capricorn. This feels like time for a fresh start and to put some energy or closure on things that have been hanging out waiting for attention. Break the stalemate. Today's color is Red.

Thursday: Aries Moon meets Venus, Mercury squares Pluto and aligns with Jupiter. Mercury is planet of planning, words, contracts, conversations, meetings, and travels. Mercury is having a busy mid week, and action is called for. Some of this may feel very retrograde, retroactive, and in some cases long overdue. The Venus/Moon conjunction can be exciting and inspiring and spark romantic connections. Today's color is Orange.

Friday: Aries to Taurus Moon, void in transition from 4:47 am to 4:18 pm EDT. Overnight aspects show today to be full of activity. We may feel energized on this day before New Moon. Mercury is the final planet to be in aspect, a conjunction with the Moon at 4:47 am EDT. This sets up a very communicative and travel oriented day. If you're thinking of a new car, bike or other vehicle, the pull will be strong.  Changes and refreshes are favored. Press restart today or overnight into the weekend. Tonight the Moon meets Uranus so be extra aware and tuned in. Emotional situations may be stirred or shaken. Wear Yellow today.

Saturday: Taurus New Moon 6:45 pm EDT. There are no other aspects with planets, only this meeting with the Sun. Strengthen your will and resolve. Make a bold move and make sure whatever you do or say, that you mean it. Actions have staying power and are hard to take back later when the Moon is in Taurus. White is our New Moon color.

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