Saturday, May 11, 2019

Robin's Zodiac Zone May 12th-18th, 2019: Scorpio Full Moon

This season of commitment & long lasting decisions continues with the persistence, passion and finality of Scorpio Full Moon on Saturday.

Gentle Chair Yoga starts Monday at Bridge Studio on Waterman Drive South Portland, Maine. I am so looking forward to meeting this group! Be a part of this by signing up for the series at a special rate or drop in. Either way you can sign up before you arrive. 4-5 pm Mondays except Memorial Day, now through June 24th. Change how you feel with breath and movements, and as you choose, you don't even have to leave your seat. Non seated postures will also be offered as well.

Bridge Studio link

Sunday: Happy Mother's Day in the USA. The void of course Moon in Leo is well timed for a relaxed morning, and the planets are in agreement with this Moon sign's positive attitude. Virgo Moon 12:22 pm on (EDT, adjust for your zone), and Virgo is for flowers, yard work and tasks or homework waiting to be done. The Moon aligns with Uranus in a monthly earth sign trine, asking us to do or think differently. Experiment with an alternative way. Today's color is Brown.

Monday: Virgo Moon aligns with Mercury, Virgo's planet and also Saturn in Capricorn. Taurus Sun also aligns with Pluto. Communicate, decide, and consider the realistic options to resolve whatever is in your midst. Neptune across from the Moon could try and pull you into denial or toward romanticizing. But this week is intended for real, solid, grounded approaches. Big and lasting decisions and effects are coming with this Saturday's Full Moon. Today's color is Navy Blue.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon in the earlier hours, aligns with the Sun and Pluto. Sensory input and hands on, kinesthetic experiences inform us. Notice how a texture or scent brings memories today. Is there information in that experience? Something you recall could lead to your next choice or stimulate your intuition. Venus and Mars align today also, and this represents feminine and masculine, ease and drive, beauty and strength. Blend them with positive intentions and for results. It's a good day to work on relationships. The Moon squares Mars at 1:19 pm and void of course Moon begins, lasting until 2:51 pm when the Moon moves to Libra. If you're becoming too emotional and that involves anger or vengeful feelings, take a step back so you don't take action during void Moon that could lend itself to regrets or undesirable results. Libra Moon will be aspect free after 2:51 pm EDT. Quiet the mind. Today's color is Lavender.

Wednesday: Full Moon warmup begins, and planets shift. Libra Moon. Venus moves to Taurus and Mars moves to Cancer. These are more grounded signs for the feminine and masculine planets. Talk and thoughts or ideas turn to actions. Venus is happy in one of her home signs. Mars can be bogged down a bit and passive, internalizing in Cancer. Mercury is in harmony with Neptune in the water signs. It may be a good day or evening for writing, processing feelings, taking a soft or tender approach with something that has been unclear or stressful.  Connect with someone you love and/or care about deeply. Today's color is Pink.

Thursday: Libra to Scorpio Moon, void of course from 5:37 am to 5:26 pm EDT. This is transition time and lends well to open schedules and spontaneous adventures. Some will be doing personal, inner work today, trying to decide on something important. Full Moon due dates are here as the weekend approaches and through Monday. It's also late in Taurus time as next Tuesday invites the Sun to Gemini. Everything is about long term consequences and impact now. If you want a lasting relationship, begin or move into the next phase. If you want out, and feel sure, this is the time. There's nothing wishy washy about a Scorpio Full Moon or Taurus Sun. All in or all out. Many aspects today include Mercury aligned with Saturn retrograde for some overdue announcement, action or decision of a lasting nature. Scorpio Moon 5:26 pm on, opposes Venus in Taurus. Relationship matters are top priority and can't wait in some cases. Act with intention. You're likely not going to reverse or go back once you've taken action. Today's color is Indigo.

Friday: Scorpio Moon opposite Uranus. Notice the shake up going on right now. Things you didn't think would change may be altered dramatically with this Full Moon. Simultaneously, through tomorrow, you may notice others holding back or find yourself doing the same. This is the nature of introspective Scorpio Moon. Mercury sets out to challenge that, demanding conversation and/or revelation this weekend. Breathe through transitions either welcome or unwelcome. Something is shaking out into the open so it can be known, for more clarity and truth as you move forward. Today's color is Dark Red.

Saturday: Full Moon at 5:11 pm EDT, the start of void of course time. Many aspects in the stars today including Mercury opposing the Moon and also aligning with Pluto. This sheds light on and more so opens up information and exposes what cannot be denied. That could be love or leaving, fear or doing what you have to do, because you intuitively and clearly see. Void Moon 5:11 pm to 9:21 pm EDT. Expect actions to have longevity and lasting impact. Some themes include intimacy, solving mysteries, and becoming enlightened to either internal emotions or external realities. Personal and relationship matters intensify and play out. Aspects indicate that there's no going back on what's said or done now. Today's color is White.

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