Saturday, August 4, 2018

August 5th-11th, 2018: Solar Eclipse in Leo

My own birthday is this week on 8-8! And the original name of this site was Robin's Zodiac Zone: Leo Rising. I love the number 8 and look for it everywhere. 8 on it's side is the infinity symbol. In Feng Shui, 8 symbolizes abundance. There are shapes of 8 in your energy field and throughout your body. Notice how this makes sense. Your eyes are one example. Enjoy this Mercury retro in Leo week without trying to force anything it is not time for.

Sunday: Taurus Moon void of course from 7:36 to 9:32 pm EDT. Moon squares Mercury retrograde and trines Venus and Pluto. Much about the past seeps into our day. Try not to let that be stubbornness or excessive pride. Venus adds a sensual, romantic element that's nice for a date. Gemini Moon 9:32 pm on. This may tempt you to analyze or fabricate stories. The mind activates tonight. Use lavender or magnesium oil on  your feet for sleep. Lavender is today's color.

Monday: Gemini Moon aligns with Mars and the Sun. Social plans, people, conversations, and the words we speak are highlighted. Speak with care. Words will resonate especially if they bring up the past. The Sun squares Jupiter and we consider how to grow and move forward (soon). This relates to big plans like your education, the resolving of an important matter, or major travel plans to name a few. Work through some of this while trusting your intuition. Things change during the retrograde time we're in. Venus to Libra sign of partnership, music and dance as well as law and justice 7:27 pm EDT. Pink is today's color.

Tuesday: Gemini Moon void time starts at 3:54 am EDT and lasts until after the stroke of midnight. The Moon engages with retro Mercury, and it'll be an interesting day for reconnections, yet very scattered in terms of how to go about things. It's not a great day to make a big decision. It's often easier to buy time during void Moon. Venus and Mars align for our personal relationships. Mars is also retro so reunions and getting back together may be a 'thing' now. Consider it a day by day proposition with no promises for a few weeks. Today's color is Yellow.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon 12:01 am EDT.  The Moon opposes Saturn and can stir defensive or critical feelings. The Sun meets Mercury retro for a day of revisiting favorite places and long lost family or friends. A variety of other aspects contribute to whatever is most prominent in your experience right now. Some will focus on the negative or difficult and some revel in the positive and wonder of the world. A bit of distance and unplugging may help you enjoy the Sun's glory in Leo. Today's color is Light Blue.

Thursday: 7:21 am begins the void Moon time in Cancer. This is the time before the transition though the Moon's work in Cancer finished up with a trine to Neptune and opposition to Pluto. This can bring up feelings and insecurities every time. Go easy on yourself and others today. Spend some time solo if you need it. Notice how you feel creative and go with it! Family matters may bring melancholy feelings or uncertainties. You can still love your family even if you need to detach or disengage. Venus squares Saturn and relationship matters challenge us. Some of those relationships may involve the workplace, people you care about that may not be meeting responsibilities or doing their jobs. Take a breath before reacting. Make no major decisions or statements today. Today's color is Black.

Friday: Leo Moon begins at 12:18 am EDT. With 5 significant aspects , some easy some apparently difficult, this is a mixed day. The highlight is Mercury retrograde and the Moon in unison in Leo for loving and friendly reunions. Make social plans (and actually go!). Today's color is Gold.

Saturday: This is solar eclipse day and it happens at 5:58 am EDT in Leo. At every solar eclipse the Moon and Sun are together and it's New Moon. Solar eclipses mean big changes and this is the 2nd solar and 3rd eclipse (one was lunar two weeks back). The only thing uncommon about this is that it was 3 eclipses. They usually come in pairs. So it's an extra powerful time for changes of all sorts. In Leo the eclipse is a heart opening and heart centered. It's likely to be emotionally powerful and potentially stormy. Yet it's the perfect time to 'turn the page' and move into a new chapter. This may unfold a bit slowly and do give changes time to develop as Mercury and Mars are both retrograde. Mercury will be direct on the 19th. The whole month ahead will be full of eclipse repercussions and effects. News may come now. Your response may need time. Expect changes you never considered or thought would come to be. People tend to come into our lives (or go) at eclipse times. Today's color is White.

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