Monday, July 30, 2018

Robin's Zodiac Zone July 29th-August 4th. 2018

The next eclipse is waiting in the wings for August 11th. Solar eclipse in Leo completes the hat trick of 3.  Rare pattern which is sparking rare events and unforeseen shifts.

Sunday: At 5:25 am EDT the Aquarius Moon opposes Mercury retrograde. This looks like quite the retro type day with unexpected visitors and communication from people that have been gone or away for a while. Keep options open and flex as the Moon is void from then until 7:28 pm EDT. Pisces Moon follows and lulls us to day and night dreams. Today's color is Green.

Monday: Pisces Moon in harmony with planets in Capricorn, Taurus and Scorpio. Today is meant to be gentle on the emotions and good for grounding, planting and manifesting. Light Blue is today's color.

Tuesday: Moon meets Neptune and later opposes Venus in Virgo. Romance and relationships are on our minds. Creative inspirations arise. Romantic ideals may be short lived. Void Moon 642 pm EDT. Today's color is Pink.

Wednesday: At 6:54 am EDT the Moon moves to Aries and shortly after aligns with Mars retro in Aquarius. The Moon also squares Saturn and Mars squares Uranus. Some of this is rough. Disruptions. Also though, there's impulse to act on longstanding situations and get things moving. Go slow and steady if so. Today's color is Red.

Thursday: Moon in harmony with the Sun and with Mercury retro. The Moon does square Pluto, but mostly this is a reconnecting sort of day. People may get in touch and socialize. Leo force is strong! Get out and enjoy. Void Moon begins 10:52 pm EDT. The lost hours. Today's color is Orange.

Friday: Aries Moon void of course until 3:51 pm EDT. Can you lose yourself in enjoyment and consider some time off? Taurus Moon follows and engages with Uranus, Saturn and squares Mars the planet with the biggest lunar eclipse influence. What was going on last Friday or so that is strongly relevant today? Ground and center yourself and keep good boundaries while acting decisively or not at all. Know exactly what you're saying and doing during this Taurus Moon. Today's color is Yellow.

Saturday: Taurus Moon is earthy and often productive especially in home matters and things like repairs. Get back to unfinished projects. Moon squares the Sun and opposes Jupiter. If something is in the way of your joy or something you want to pursue, can you move that energy? Expansion and abundance are favored, yet with strong boundaries, loyalty and no force. If you have to force something, abandon it for now. Wear Green.

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