Saturday, July 9, 2016

Weekly July 11th to 17th, 2016

Monday: Libra Moon, Mercury square Uranus

Squares around the zodiac mean much effort is required. Libra Moon squares Uranus and the Sun while Mercury squares Uranus. Justice, family and household are significant themes. Much Negotiate, mediate, and present a strong argument.  This 2nd quarter Moon day, mid way between New and Full, could feel like a pressure cooker.  Mercury in Cancer is both protective and defensive. If you can avoid triggering these things in the other party, things go more smoothly. Time outs may be necessary. Seek consensus. Act in fairness. Void Moon is 8:52 pm EDT until 4:52 pm Tuesday. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Libra to Scorpio Moon, Venus in Leo

A second round of squares mean tension that can lead to decisions, breaking points, or stalemates. Without tension or some amount of stress, there can be no progress. So in many cases, the pivoting point must be reached, the judgment time must come, and something changes. Even deciding not to act is a decision. Libra Moon squares Mercury for a continuation of yesterday's activity. Choose words carefully and understand any agreements, especially legal ones, well. Be clear and listen carefully. Once Scorpio Moon moves in at 4:52 pm, the Moon and Venus square. Venus will be newly in Leo, a happy place for the planet of harmony and love. Work through a relationship issue or disagreement, then celebrate positive outcomes. Venus moves to Leo at 1:34 pm EDT and Mercury will follow to Leo tomorrow. Feel an optimistic shift. Scorpio Moon and Leo planets bring laser beam focus to creative projects and make loyalty paramount. Lack of trust or authenticity will be intolerable as well as unacceptable this week. Today's color is indigo blue.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon, Mercury in Leo

The Moon aligns with Neptune creating a daydreamy feeling and a need for solitude, privacy or time to focus on one priority. Ideally, that priority is creative in nature. Use imagination to write, build, create art or music, for example. This feels like a better vacation than business day with Neptune retro making certain things less predictable. Look below the appearance and take nothing at face value.  Scorpio Moon values depth. Neptune can be deceptive.  Stay out of the dark and draw in some Venus in Leo excitement, lightheartedness, and child energy. Mercury also moves into Leo at 8:47 pm EDT. Social plans are encouraged. You may notice and feel great contrasts today.  Wear red.

Thursday: Scorpio Moon trine the Sun, conjunct Mars

The Moon and Mars, together in Scorpio, create great intensity and powerful experiences. Some may be mystical, some very earthly. Be careful about arguments, jealousy, and lack of loyalty during Scorpio Moon. Grudges or hard feelings formed  now could last a lifetime.  The Moon harmonizes with Sun in Cancer, Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Supportive people show up and we can also learn to be self reliant and trust our instincts with these aspects.  Face a fear and move on. Intuition should be strong and inner processes, important.  Void Moon 6:22 pm EDT to 5:14 am. Tonight can be relaxing, a time to let stress go, and also a time to be aware of what's going on around you. Wear maroon today.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon trine Venus and Mercury

Fire sign day with the activity in Sagittarius and Leo once the Moon shifts at 5:14 am EDT. This sets up a social, adventurous, outgoing weekend.  Build in time to play. It's a great vacation day and a time for games, competitions, and active plans. It's also a great day for learning and training as both of these signs absorb knowledge and activate high interest. Enthusiasm should be high.  Boredom is the enemy today. Get out in the world, connect with friends and nature and do something that feels worthwhile and maybe even exciting. Today's color is purple.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon, Mercury conjunct Venus, Sun trine Mars and square Uranus

Today could go a variety of ways depending what you're doing or dealing with. Quickness is one consistent aspect. The word 'suddenly' comes to mind. Take a precaution or two and use common sense. Stay grounded. Mercury and Venus in Leo signal happy celebrations, declarations of love and good times with friends.  Sun and Mars fire us up around emotional matters or creative ventures. Sun square Uranus feels like a struggle involving tradition or family versus breaking out and cutting cords.  Stay in touch with all that's going on around you and respond with care and love.  Knowing the appropriate response could be important today. Wear light blue.

Sunday: Sagittarius to Capricorn Moon

The void Moon is 4:57 am to 3:33 pm EDT in Sagittarius. Those hours are best for vacation like activities or relaxing. Take your time.  At 3:33 pm EDT, Capricorn Moon means taking care of business. From home to work related matters, there could be  more urgency to finish or produce something. The Full Moon is nearing and with it, due dates and completions.  Get some exercise to stay balanced and burn off stress.  Wear green..

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