Saturday, July 16, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone July 18th to 24th, 2016

Yoga this week:
Monday All Levels Flow at Greener Postures South Portland, Maine 6-7 am
Tuesday Gentle Yoga at Scarborough Yoga 433 US Route 1 9:30-10:30 am
Thursday Robin's Zodiac Yoga at Congress Square Park Portland, Maine (outdoors, free) 7-8 am

& special event Robin's Zodiac Yoga at Sunflower Farm Cumberland Center, Maine (outdoors, cash donation class with baby goat petting and play after class) 5:30-6:30 pm

Friday Yin Yoga at Bay Club Portland, Maine 12:30-1:30 pm
Sunday Deep Stretch at Greener Postures South Portland, Maine  5:30-6:45 pm

Monday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon lines  up with Neptune in Pisces and meets Pluto and approaches Full. Completions and decisions come. The inner processes are important today as Pluto and Neptune both relate to what's below the surface. Use imagination to solve problems and to create. Personal matters may take attention from productivity. Finishing is a Full Moon theme however, so identify your best times to work, when your physical or mental energy is strongest, and maximize your time. Be willing to try a different method or approach to what's not resolving or working.  Try to keep an open mind at a time when the Moon sign and planets could draw you back or inward. Notice where there's resistance and see if you can find more flexibility or flow in order to progress. Capricorn Moon values and relates to progress and completion, but our minds may wander or feel heavy today. Wear blue.

Tuesday: Capricorn Full Moon, Mercury trine Saturn

A Full Moon of prosperity and active participation arrives at 6:57 pm EDT. The effects and news of the Full Moon will be around most of this week.  Capricorn is the sign of accomplishment and of structure. Organization and step by step plans are favored and help create feelings of security. Decisions about employment, prosperity, home and health are likely. Mercury and Saturn retrograde align in Leo/Sagittarius, activating decisions and information around education and travel plans.  If something is in the way of further training or your child's academic success, for examples, can you identify a resource or possible solution and pursue the information you need? Capricorn Full Moon has a resourceful quality. In harmony with Jupiter in Virgo, this lunar peak favors stronger health, better habits and routines you can stick with and benefit from.  This is the Moon of the underlying structure, building, and the bones.  Strengthen any weak link. Purposefully pursue and move toward goals. Celebrate a goal accomplished.  Set to finishing what's due. Mars in Scorpio lends focus. This Full Moon may point out emotions that are uncomfortable too. Capricorn Moon is less emotionally inclined and expressive. Someone acting insensitively may be covering up or compensating for not knowing how to cope with feelings or highly charged emotional situations or conversations. Void of course Moon 6:57 to 11:10 pm EDT. Today's color is white.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon, Venus trine Saturn

Today Venus trines Saturn, following in Mercury's footstep. Venus is about relationships and harmony. In Leo, Venus encourages loyalty and commitment as well as joy and celebration.  The Moon is still essentially Full, and partnership agreements are up for negotiation or finalizing. Saturn is retrograde so this may be unfinished business from the past. Aquarius Moon provides vision and perspective. The Moon is across from Venus, Mercury and in harmony with Saturn. Expect a great deal of activity around problem solving, partnerships and agreements.  Today's color is turquoise.

Thursday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon aligns with Uranus, Aquarius's planet, and squares Mars in Scorpio. Intelligence, originality and individuality are themes of today. Emotional situations could be difficult and highly charged. .Stay out of volatile situations, potential dangers or dramas. Stubborn fixed sign energy makes it challenging to convince others. Keep good boundaries today. If you're lucky, you can collaborate very creatively and dynamically and use this focused energy productively. Align with like minded and calm partners. Void Moon 9:56 pm to 4:35 am EDT. Today's color is violet.

Friday: Pisces Moon, Sun in Leo

The Sun moves to Leo for the 2nd third of summer season, at 5:30 am EDT. Leo birthdays begin. Moon shifts to Pisces as 4:35 am EDT, and we're set up for a weekend of feeling, romance, and seeking our ideal flow. Saturn in Sagittarius, retrograde, has been active with planets this week and now is square to the Moon. Finding the flow requires getting past a restriction, perhaps one with emotional tone or attachment.  Some will declare independence from a schedule, others will find comfort and freedom in having some structure. Keep yourself happily engaged in life or at least calmly approaching problems. Think fluid and gentle. Today's color is orange.

Saturday: Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune and opposite Jupiter

Pisces Moon opposes Jupiter and there may be a little vibration or ring of eclipses that happened last winter, around February/March. Jupiter is finalizing time in Virgo on September 9th and some of the healing, health related, compassion based work that Jupiter set out to do is in effect. Seek actively for healing, solutions, prosperity, and support. Find your own resourcefulness or feel your life purpose's connection in areas of service to others like medicine, teaching, counseling, or volunteering. The Moon meets Neptune for dates and occasions, creative imagination, and daydreaming. Garden, landscape and feel the natural flow of water to align with Pisces nature.  Today's color is light green.

Sunday: Pisces to Aries Moon

The Moon is void of course 3:08 am to 8:33 am EDT and then in Aries, the warrior sign.  Mars, the planet of Aries, aligns with the Moon during the void time and Aries Moon acts with the Leo Sun at 12:17 pm EDT.  As results, we may feel decisive, act on our feelings, unify our energy in a productive way, and take on a problem or an adventure willingly and with purpose.  Today's color is red.

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