Friday, May 27, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Forecast May 30th to June 5th, 2016

Monday: Pisces to Aries Moon, Mercury trine Pluto

It's the kind of day where things sneak up on you. Pisces Moon has one aspect, with Mars retrograde, at 7:10 pm and is then void of course until 9:09 pm.  It could be a relaxing day. What we need to prepare for or attend to is feelings that simmer below the surface.  Mars in Scorpio is like bubbling lava and can overflow with any amount of stimulation.  Mercury and Pluto align for secret or quiet conversations with undercurrent of a different, yet also powerful, quality. Something is quietly decided without common knowledge.  Agreements may be made. There's a taste of conspiracy in the air.  There's a willingness to discuss what was considered taboo. It all makes for an interesting day where intuition plays an important role.  Aries Moon starts at 9:09 pm setting up a fast paced business week after Memorial Day in the USA. Today's color is orange.

Tuesday: Aries Moon

Aries Moon is in harmony with Venus and the Sun in Gemini and Saturn retro in Sagittarius.  It's a day of action on what's been pending, meetings and conversations, networking and decisions.  If you like plenty of excitement and interaction, this is your kind of day. Accept an invitation. Enjoy a fun date. Wear red.

Wednesday: Void of course Moon

At 11:42 am EDT, the Moon is void of course in Aries until 10:46 pm. A tricky meeting between Moon and Uranus happens at 11:42 and Pluto is square the Aries Moon.  Emotional or reactive patterns are easily triggered.  Practice self control and awareness and take your time responding. It's a better day for fun than it is for serious business or decisions.  At 10:46 pm the Moon shifts to more traditional and grounded Taurus. The Sun is squaring Neptune in mutable signs Gemini and Pisces. This challenges us not to run away, to speak the truth and tune into anything deceptive.  Check into anything that seems too good to be true.  Be as realistic as possible.  Today's color is yellow.

Thursday: Taurus Moon

We're approaching New Moon, so these are days of reconsiderations and review.  Taurus Moon aligns with Neptune and Jupiter for healing, creating, and doing something worthwhile.  It's a gardener's day. Even if you don't work outside, consider and tend to what you're hoping will grow and bloom.  Enjoy the pleasures of nature and all your senses. Build and design.  Today's color is green.

Friday: Sun & Venus oppose Saturn

Oppositions dominate the zodiac. It's a day of polarities and attempts to find balance and agreement.  In relationships, sort things out and see if the common ground is solid.  Saturn is retrograde so there may be follow up in the future.  The real stuff of life comes up strong and heavy.  There's no skirting an issue or pretending something doesn't matter.  Venus also squares Neptune and it's good to be aware of potential deception or outright lies that are destroying a relationship.  This can also be a challenge to be more romantic, caring, imaginative versus always serious and stern.  Question and be curious.  Don't be misled.  It's a complex set of aspects including Taurus Moon, a sign that likes security and comfort. Yet today, Venus in Gemini stirs things up to set relationships right, in the end. Wear pink.

Saturday: New Moon

Gemini New Moon is at 11:00 pm EDT. Mercury is direct. It's go time. Granted, Mars and Saturn will stall certain things for a longer while. Saturn opposes the Moon today while Venus meets the Moon. Yesterday's relationship "business" takes a new turn. Venus squares Jupiter in Virgo. Sort things out or go your separate ways. Where is the space for growth, joy and abundance? Follow that route. Create happiness for yourself. Gemini energy is light and joyful, though there are pulls in other directions too. What blocks your own joy and light? Is it something you can free yourself from? That's this New Moon's message, and it's one of movement. Banish stagnant energy. Make some sort of move, no matter how small, toward more happiness.  Think things out intelligently. There's room to blend emotion and logic. Today's color is yellow.

Sunday: Gemini Moon

The Gemini Moon is new and opens the path for change and growth during this lunar cycle.  Many things happening now will be revisited and drawn to conclusion during Full Moon, the 2nd in a row in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius and Gemini are mutable signs, with likenesses and strong differences too. If you're in conflict or opposition right now, it may be extreme and confusing.  Do things to alleviate anxiety and stress. It's a sociable day, but if that's too overwhelming this weekend, do your own thing. Breathe well, as Gemini rules the lungs and breathing.  The nervous system may need some soothing today.  Talk with a trusted friend if you need to process what's going on in your life.  Listen well while the Moon is in the communication sign.  Today's color is blue.

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