Saturday, June 4, 2016

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly June 6th to 12th, 2016

Thursday mornings 7-8am Robin's Zodiac Yoga on Congress Square Portland, Maine all summer long. Salute the Sun, meet new friends, and see Portland as the sun moves over Portland Museum of Art while we practice. Free for all! Leo Moon Yoga Thursday, June 9th 7 am!

Monday: Cancer Moon, Sun conjunct Venus

This weekend's New Moon is very present in new cycles and making changes.  The symbol for that Moon is two children reading and studying together. Team up to make the journey more fun and to create more understanding. Find someone whose skills or ideas complement yours and see the beauty in differences and common interests, both. Under Cancer Moon, recognize feelings, name your own emotions, and accept rather than escape them.  The Sun meets Venus in a super social, friendly, optimistic conjunction in Gemini. Look beyond your own experience and see that there are people out there to connect with, enjoy good times and collaborations with, and whom you can learn from. It's a great day for meetings, networking, and first dates.  Today's color is light blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon

Cancer Moon engages with a handful of planets for varied priorities and experiences. Virgo may enjoy friendship and feel connected. Capricorn relationships include insightful conversations and perhaps revelations.  Aries, family and your household need top priority and at work, expand on good ideas and growth in important projects.  Mercury aligns with the Moon from Taurus, and Taurus enjoys travels or visiting family or puts a plan like that in the works.  Pisces, upgrading your vehicle or technical systems is favored this week.  Mars retro in Scorpio aligns with the Moon so moods change quickly and old emotions might be triggered. Avoid angering someone. Channel feelings into music, art, dance, and housecleaning.  Void Moon 8:18 pm to 2:47 am EDT. Today's color is white.

Wednesday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon has no particular aspects today. Beginning at 2:47 am, clear your schedule for fun and games or to attend an event or performance. It's a very social time of the season. Be with people and participate.  If you have big business pending, it's a fine day to deal with that too. Saturn in Sag is retro and about to align with the Moon, overnight.  Choose today or tomorrow, it won't make a great deal of difference from the astrological point of view. Mercury opposes Mars retro tomorrow but that impacts today as well. Problems are tough to move through now with those 2 planets retrograde so if something has to wait and isn't moving, maybe patience is the best way. June 29th Mars will be direct, if you're keeping track.  Today's color is gold.

Thursday: Leo Moon, Mercury opposite Mars

Read yesterday's forecast too. Today is much the same, but busier in the zodiac. Do today what you put off yesterday. The Moon and Venus align and it's fabulous for events. Graduations are nicely timed this week. Celebrate or work hard. Know that Mars could lead to stuck feelings, opinions and ideals that prevent solutions and finalized plans.  So present your case and step back if  more time is needed. Today's color is purple.

Friday: Leo to Virgo Moon

After a short void Moon time from 3:14 am to 9:46 am EDT, the Moon is in Virgo. The Moon squares Mercury and Mars, yesterday's opposing planets. Again, it's not easy to get past stuck points and contentions with Mars retrograde. Don't bang your head against a wall, trying the same thing over and over. Seek an alternative or a temporary plan if need be. Virgo Moon is a time to show versatility and try to be on time. Today's color is brown.

Saturday: Virgo Moon, Moon conjunct Jupiter

Nearly halfway to Full Moon, feel and contribute to progress during this productive Virgo Moon. The Moon interacts with 4 planets.  The most favorable is a monthly meeting with Jupiter, planet of strong health, wisdom and prosperity.  Bring something worthwhile to fruition.  Try blending creativity and logic. Use your talents for the good of others. Be aware that boundaries and patience are likely to be tested.  Study. Spend time outdoors. Have intimate conversations as the Moon aligns with Pluto. Today's color is green.

Sunday: Mercury to Gemini

The Moon is in Virgo, then Libra, void of course from 10:47 am to 8:33 pm EDT. It's a good day to relax and not demand or expect too much.  Venus aligns with Uranus for relationship happenings. For some it will be a pivotal day in terms of love, getting together with someone new, or a quick breakup. Mercury changes signs, joining Venus in Gemini, at 7:22 pm. The social calendar fills. Invitations look exciting and there's excitement and promise in  meeting new people for dating, friendship or business prospects in the days ahead.  Libra Moon moves in tonight with more emphasis on couples, duos, and everything shared. Act in fairness.  Today's color is lavender.

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