Sunday, May 22, 2016

Monday: Sagittarius Moon

The Full Moon feeling extends into Monday as the Sag Moon forms a trine to Uranus in Aries. Trines facilitate, and with this fire angle sudden action is likely. This may come in the form of natural occurrences or human-made events. This trine can inspire wild ideas that just might work, or instigate trouble that happens fast. Keep your eyes on the road and feet firmly planted.  Stay flexible on this day post Mercury retrograde. Changes of schedule are probable as the Moon is void of course from 11:37 am EDT until Tuesday at 1:34 am.  Quick thinking required. Respond the best you can if put on the spot for solving, saving, or stepping in as a replacement.  If it's a day off, enjoy a field trip, dive into a good book and break from the usual. Have a new experience under Sagittarius Moon.  Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon, Venus in Gemini

At 5:45 am EDT, Venus moves to Gemini. It's time to get out of the house to enjoy events and people. Find pleasure in short trips or daily commutes. Update or upgrade your vehicle, be it two wheels or four.  Take scenic routes for a change.  Meet new friends and consider being part of a group or class. Gemini is a sign of learning too, so a course in an area of strong interest could also provide friendship and social occasions (something that doesn't feel like school preferably).  This is a flirtatious few weeks suited to dating.  Today, Venus also opposes Mars retrograde in Sagittarius. Be careful of flare ups in relationships. Avoid blaming, instigating, or pointless debates. Travel plans hit snags on days like this.  Aside from the Venus action that dominates the day, we have Capricorn Moon for the areas under construction, the systems that need to be revised or put in place, and what's often known as Mercury retrograde "cleanup". Deal with the mess and the unfinished.  Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon is busy and influenced by several planets including Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto. It's a multi-task day. Areas highlighted include health, service for the greater good, and internal struggles or just plain introspection. Review where you've been, how you got to this point, and determine a next step.  Power plays are likely. If you suspect that's happening, you might do something to head it off. Check a couple of marks on the to-do list and feel progress. As the Moon wanes, there's a trimming of excess. Maybe today you let something go for now or for good because it's too much work, a drain, or not really a priority. Make outdoor projects happen on this earth sign day. Void of course Moon starts at 9:11 pm EDT. Wear the color green.

Thursday: Jupiter square Saturn retrograde, Aquarius Moon

As Jupiter squares Saturn we reach a definitive turning point. The effects are broad and long term rather than being about the events of today. We could definitely see (or have just seen) global news about areas where progress is difficult though the world is being challenged to evolve and progress. Saturn is retrograde so stuck points may be obvious,  politically, internationally, in relationship to global business, and maybe in our personal lives. It kind of depends how much your chart reflects and aligns with Jupiter and Saturn's Virgo and Sagittarius placements right now.  All in all, on this mutable square, act in good faith, use your instincts to determine if other parties are doing the same.  I don't love this day for acting on something important since these two planets in this arrangement are reputed for bad timing. However, the effect is not just about today and the square has been influencing us for days to weeks and will continue to do so. Saturn is retrograde until August 13th, just for reference.  Aquarius Moon replaces the void Moon time at 10:27 am EDT. Aquarius has vision and engineering/design skills.  Venus, Mars and the Sun harmonize with the Moon so many things go well and happen easily.  That seems like a contradiction to the Jupiter/Saturn square. Use your instincts and question motives. If your sense is that the answer is yes (or no), say so and act accordingly.  Today's color is light blue.

Friday: Mars retrograde in Scorpio, Aquarius Moon

The Moon is in Aquarius. Take care of technical work and things that need to be restored or repaired. The Moon squares Mercury challenging us to make longer term plans and come up with solutions. Share possible ideas and keep an open mind. Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius aligns with Aquarius Moon. This could lead to rethinking and revising in order to integrate something unique or new with what's already been established. Brainstorm even if you're not ready for final decisions. Mars moves back into Scorpio and we'll retrace some feelings that are unresolved and involve anger, passion, bravery and willingness to take action.  It may be challenging not to move back into jealousy, vengefulness or resentment.  A retrograde can be considered a new chance for healing, though it may not be easy. Mars is retro in Scorpio until June 29th. Fixed sign action today leads to permanence and long term effects. Minds may be hard to change and arguments can result. Different visions of the same thing may be obvious. Be as clear as possible as you work through such things.  Today's color is turquoise, a communication color.

Saturday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon

The Aquarius Moon aligns with Uranus for a wild and wacky day. Maybe it'll be fun,  maybe it's a good idea to be a bit cautious. Uranus is in fiery Aries and Aquarius is an air sign, feeding fire. Precautions with fire are always a good idea. Spontaneous fun and friendly gatherings are favored. At 4:19 pm EDT the Moon is void of course briefly until 5:06 pm and then in water sign Pisces. The lure of lake, ocean, boating, paddling, and other water activities remains for the remainder of the weekend and Monday.  Moon squares Mars and stubborn opinions are expressed. Don't let old grudges spoil a good time.  Today's color is green.

Sunday: Pisces Moon

The Moon makes a wide variety of aspects today. Pisces Moon is generally a creative and emotionally sensitive time. Moods may change through out the day and evening.  Moon opposite Jupiter in Virgo could lead to excess. Think moderation.  Moon square Saturn retrograde is an unstable influence. Things may seem to be "all over the place" today. At least with so much mutable sign action, the negative can be transformed with effort and willingness.  Plant, garden, play or hang out by the water.  Soothing influences and environments rule. Today's color is blue.

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