Sunday, March 13, 2016

Weekly Astrology March 14th to 20th, 2016

Monday: Gemini Moon

The zodiac buzzes with activity on this Gemini Moon day. Saturn squares Mercury and opposes the Moon. Contractual and other terms are up for discussion and it could be a slow process. However, Saturn provides the seriousness needed for a workable agreement. Too much debate could lead to arguments. If the meeting starts going downhill fast, it may be  best to call a truce or put things on hold. Venus squares Mars and relationship matters require some flexibility. Consider freedom and ability to pursue individual interests without losing a relationship in the process. It can be done. Squares dominate the heavens today, and in general that indicates much effort and attention is required. Solutions don't arrive magically under these conditions.  Decide what's worth your energy and time. Today's color is gold.

Tuesday: Mercury opposite Jupiter & sextile Pluto

Think back a week to events around the solar eclipse when the Sun opposed Jupiter. Today, Mercury opposes Jupiter, activating similar themes. On this 2nd quarter Moon day, half way to Full and the lunar eclipse, news and related changes come. Pisces and Virgo host this activity which results in growth and transformation. Mercury involves creativity, empathy, and sensitivity with words. Jupiter in Virgo aims for long term expansion around health and healing as well as food related themes like altering diet and constructing as well as other hands on work. For example, decide how to learn a new skill, for example through coursework or apprenticeship. Then expand that skill into a business.  If you've been considering that, the conditions may present themselves now.  In some cases, word received will feel transformative and something will be never quite the same.  Pluto adds that element, and don't fear it because change can be very good and necessary.  How can you shift from caterpillar to butterfly or shed old skin?  From 1:03 pm to 8:57 pm the Moon is void of course, then moves to Cancer.  Moon and Sun square can create a bit of internal stress, but a healthy amount of stress can lead to growth.  Challenge yourself without overdoing it. Today's color is white.

Wednesday: Jupiter trine Pluto

Pluto active with Jupiter leads to healing and letting go of outworn thought patterns. A healthier self image and openness to possibility can be the results.  The Cancer Moon aligns with Venus and Neptune. It's a loving, caring, compassionate day. With all this feeling energy, do not devolve into drama.  See things for what they are. Show caring or understanding for the ones you love, in healthy ways.  Family and home are highlighted during Cancer Moon. Follow a transformative path.  Today's color is blue.

Thursday: Cancer Moon opposite Pluto

Moon opposite Pluto is a continuation of yesterday's forecast. Process on an inner level even if you're not ready to express it to the world.  Cancer and Capricorn host the action.  Depth and introversion characterize changes going on inside.  All week and during March eclipses, evolutionary energy surrounds us.  The Moon aligns with Mercury for creative writers. Keep in touch with family and things going on around home. Today's color is light blue (with your St Pat's green of course!).

Friday: Leo Moon

The Moon is void of course at 12:09 am EDT until 3:54 am. Moon in Leo aligns with Mars in Sagittarius. Lots of energy and activation come from this fire sign alignment.  Be active, celebrate, find your fun friends, and move your body.  Hikes, road trips, theater and other performances are favored.  Kids may have excess energy so you plan for that. Be entertained.  Today's color is red.

Saturday: Leo Moon

The Moon is in harmony with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. There are echoes of Friday's forecast, yet more sense of obligation and potentially less freedom.  Do settle a business matter or anything else requiring focus and decision making. Take situations seriously.  Don't blow something important off.  Certain things may happen fast. Keep wits about you. Work before play.  At 4:43 pm EDT the Moon moves void until 1:39 pm EDT Sunday. Today's color is orange.

Sunday: Leo to Virgo Moon, Sun to Aries

This is the Spring Equinox and International Astrology Day.  The Sun shifts to Aries at 12:30 am EDT. Venus and Neptune have a creative, theatrical, harmonious and romantic influence in Pisces. Plan something special, or in Aries spirit, allow something to happen spontaneously. Enjoy the moment. The Moon and Mars square so try to avoid debates over philosophical differences. Value another's opinion, or respect it, even if quite different from yours. At 1:39 pm the Moon moves to Virgo. Today's color is navy blue.

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