Sunday, March 20, 2016

Weekly Astrology March 21st to 27th, 2016

Monday: Mercury in Aries

Mercury follows the Sun to Aries at 8:19 pm EDT.  Progressive ideas are likely and the tendency to initiate grows for the next few weeks. Mercury is direct all month though Saturn retrograde begins this Friday the 25th. There's a good window of opportunity right now. Also, with the lunar eclipse arriving Wednesday at 8:01 am, a series of eclipses completes and therefore, much activity around closure including endings that were long in the works even if they seem abrupt.  Today the Moon is in Virgo, void of course tonight at 11:55 pm EDT all through Tuesday and until Wednesday at 1:23 am EDT. That's quite a long v.o.c. time so do business today and get details of travel, meetings, contracts and other events of this week sorted out and clear to all involved.  The Moon opposes Neptune and Venus in Pisces, squares Saturn in Sag and forms a trine with Pluto in Capricorn. The effects vary, however do what you can to tie up looses ends, meet due dates and create best case scenarios on this Virgo Moon day. Use versatile thinking and methods. The Moon and Jupiter favor approvals, healthy decisions, and growth. Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Void of Course Moon

The Moon is in Virgo, void of course all day. Stick to a plan that's been decided on. Last minute changes could be very confusing. Do routine tasks and work toward a goal, especially if it's something due this week. Have a thoughtful editor. Double check calendars and appointment times. Rest and exercise lightly. This isn't the time to push too hard. The Full Moon energy may exaggerate things. Find the value in moderation. Jupiter is square to Saturn, a difficult combination if you're trying to settle a decision or dispute. That angle is exact on Wednesday at 6:15 am and the hours leading up to it are characterized by discussions or inner turmoil focused on expansion versus limitation as well as limiting beliefs and lack of faith and optimism.  The Moon is just hours from Full this evening and the eclipse is at 8:01 am EDT Wednesday. Today's color is brown.

Wednesday: Lunar Eclipse in Libra

The lunar eclipse in Libra ends a 2 1/2 year series in Libra/Aries. Mercury is also opposite the Moon and meeting the Sun on this day. Mars in Sagittarius supports the Moon near eclipse time.  Eclipse effects and events are rarely things you would have predicted. Outcomes will surprise and in some cases, unsettle or disturb the balance. However, these endings and beginnings have been in the works, even if they've been obscured. Eclipses illuminate, accelerate, and in this case, finalize things. The Sun and Mercury in Aries lead to announcements, news, self expression and initiation. It's an eclipse of air and fire that sets us up for concluding chapters with partners (of any sort). Finalize settlements, and expect dynamic, rapid changes.  Resetting balance and correcting injustices are part of Full Moon in Libra's work. Today's color is white.

Thursday: Libra Moon opposite Uranus, Mercury trine Mars

Change is the one surefire effect of Wednesday's lunar eclipse. The next two weeks hold the most eclipse power and then around April's Full Moon the vibrations will grow again. Today, with Uranus opposing the Moon, change could feel abrupt, chaotic, or in some cases very welcome- though quick! Whether you're taken by surprise, swept off your feet or need alternate plans in a flash, Mercury and Mars align for action. Travel plans are influenced and spontaneous plans may be needed or schedules may shift with little notice. There's also activity around education, higher learning and training, global business and connections, and of course relationships and roles, the primary focus of the lunar eclipse. The Moon is void of course from 4:55 pm EDT until 2:09 pm on Friday. Take smart precautions and no unnecessary risks then. Today's color is lavender.

Friday: Libra to Scorpio Moon, Venus opposite Jupiter and square Saturn

The Moon is void until 2:09 pm EDT. Let the early hours be simple if possible. Take things as they come. Avoid overreacting or over worry. It's a good morning for a leisurely start. If not, avoid arguments and do check the calendar since things may be easily forgotten or overlooked. It could be a good time to ask forgiveness and be pardoned.  Venus opposes Jupiter in Pisces/Virgo and later squares Saturn. Be realistic with your partner or ex. Try to avoid hurt feelings. Be sensitive as your sort out situations. Responsibility could be a hot topic today. Growing and changing in positive ways is possible now. Don't overdo or exaggerate an issue. Get to the point and find consensus or compromise. Try not to agree to something you know you won't be able to achieve or follow through with. These Venus aspects relate to Jupiter square Saturn early in the week and closure of an ordeal, misunderstanding or negotiation could come now. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon

The Scorpio Moon is in harmony with Venus and Jupiter. Love and creativity are favored. Venus sextile Uranus may show up as relationship status changes. The eclipse continues to be an agent of partnership changes that were due, as well. Sun in Aries aligns with Mars for a fiery, passionate and dynamic day. Whatever is initiated, the tendency is to go full force.  Today's color is red.

Sunday: Scorpio Moon

Scorpio Moon aligns with Pluto, an introverted influence, and is then aligns with Venus and is void of course from 3:25 am until 2:46 am EDT on Monday. This is Easter and there is a spiritual aspect even if you are not into religious holidays or celebrations.  Scorpio and Pluto relate to things we cannot see or prove. Venus in Pisces stimulates intuition and empathy. Feelings are amplified.  Find some peace today. Wear purple.

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