Friday, March 4, 2016

Weekly Astrology March 7th to 13th, 2016

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Monday: Moon conjunct Venus and Mercury

Venus is about to follow Mercury to Pisces. Today the Moon meets Venus in Aquarius at 3:46 am, moves void of course, and sails to Pisces at 2:08 pm ET. The solar eclipse is in Pisces tomorrow at 8:54 pm and changes come with the speed of light. Today, before New Moon, rethink things. Even better, clear your mind as entirely as possible and try to have no specific expectation since eclipses surprise, awaken, and potentially blow our minds.  A clean sweep may be called for in a variety of situations, literal and metaphorical.  What needs to go? Pisces Moon meets Mercury, sign of speech, written words, planning, and transportation.  Planet of intellect in a sign of emotion asks that we get align our feelings and thoughts. Remember that emotion is an impermanent state.  A mix of objective perspective and subjective experience can keep you and your relationships in balance.  Knowing that an eclipse is coming, try to keep plans flexible and promises at a minimum for now. Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Solar Eclipse in Pisces, Sun and Moon opposite Jupiter

Let go of emotions and ideas that hold you back from healing and self expression as a solar eclipse initiates change. Transformation on the inside is necessary. Eclipse events will alter perspective, philosophy of life, relationships, and intentions.  The weeks ahead contain healing,  awakening and and finally "getting it".  Holding onto an emotion or state of mind may not be possible. A change you couldn't have foreseen leads to a new path.  An option closes and new doors open.  It's not necessarily easy. Trust is important during life changes, and yet Neptune meets the Moon at 6:11 am ET so it's equally essential that you don't romanticize, excuse, or believe only in what you choose.  Intuition is heightened by all this Pisces energy. Feel your way through. Don't expect everything overnight or rush your own process.  This solar eclipse is represented by the teacher/student, mentor/apprentice dynamic.  Often the student is also a teacher to the master, remember that. These roles are reversible.  What needs to be absorbed and learned this week? One must pay attention and be willing to receive and practice wisdom and mastery.  Recognize that we are always students, really.  Jupiter in Virgo reminds us to serve others, seek practical options, and expand our methods and skills. There's also a theme of fertility. Nurture growth and possibility as you plant any kind of seed. The eclipse is at 8:54 pm ET. Today's color is white.

note: "The total solar eclipse will be visible from parts of Indonesia including Sumatra, Borneo, and Sulawesi, and from locations in the Pacific Ocean. Observers in northern and eastern Australia, in South Asia, and in East Asia will be able to see a partial eclipse."

Wednesday: Pisces to Aries Moon

The Moon moves to Aries, the action starter, after a void Moon time from 8:54 pm Tuesday night until 2:40 pm ET.  News may rock the morning, and during void of course Moon it's probably best not to overreact.  Stick to easy routines until 2:40 ET. Mars, Aries' planet, forms a trine to the Moon from Sagittarius. After a water sign (emotional) eclipse, this is fiery (dynamic, willful)  in contrast.  Things appear to, or in fact really do. speed up.  There's a boldness in the air that may be too much considering the changes, evolving news, and personal situations the solar eclipse is initiating now.  If it seems like backing off or hanging in the balance for a bit might help a situation out, do that.  Overreactions are likely today. Wear orange.

Thursday: Aries Moon trine Saturn, conjunct Uranus

Today looks like a wild one, even if that's not visible on the surface.  Release of tension is likely and more unexpected happenings are in store.  Practice being non reactive and find a healthy outlet for stress. Let a friend rely on you and vent over a problem.  Do everything with a bit of extra caution and do not put yourself in a position of compromise or vulnerability. Can you let things be, just for today? Wear black.

Friday: Mercury conjunct Neptune

Vibes of Tuesday's eclipse are in the air as Mercury and Neptune meet close to the scene of the solar eclipse.  Trust is today's theme. It must be earned by other people. Yet, the process and the sequence of events are not in our control during eclipse times. Control your response, though you cannot change events themselves.  If you can't see the meaning or the potential in what's changing now, at least find ways to be healthy and channel sadness, stress or even overstimulation. The Moon is in Aries, void of course from 1:24 pm to 2:44 pm ET. Taurus Moon follows. Keep that hour+ quiet and free of pressure. Moon and Venus align for travels, social happenings, and friendship. Be cautious and judicious with where you place trust and your valuables today, and all week long.  Today's color is  light blue.

Saturday: Venus in Pisces

Venus moves to Pisces, a sensitive, romantic spot for the planet of love and harmony.  Through March and into early April, Venus favors more creativity, fertility, compassion, empathy, and infatuations. Pisces, Scorpio, and Virgo should be feeling the love.  Taurus Moon aligns with planets in Pisces, Virgo, and Capricorn for ease with what needs to be done. Something you're not sure about could fall together quickly today.  Be loyal, constructive, and attuned to what your physical body needs, like nourishment, exercise, and rest.  Today's color is pink.

Sunday: Daylight Savings time Begins

Shift your clock overnight. This is the first day of extended daylight. The Moon is void of course from 5:46 am to 5:03 pm EDT. Moon sextile the Sun is harmonious and can help with confidence and decisions. Void Moon along with time change can have a spacey, surreal effect though. Try to be certain before agreeing. Moon squares Venus at 8:21 pm and then opposes Mars at 9:42 pm. Relationship decisions and conversations require effort and patience under Gemini Moon tonight. Today's color is yellow.

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