Saturday, January 9, 2016

Weekly Astrology January 11th to 17th, 2016

Monday: Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Moon forms 3 sextiles, harmonious angles, with Saturn and Venus in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. Spontaneous, original thinking is one result.  Be inspired, inspire others, listen to and receive advice without feeling you have to act on it right away.  Travel and relationship go well together. Mercury is retrograde so it's best to have flexibility and ability to change your route or your mind throughout the day.  Void of course Moon starts at 8:09 pm ET and lasts about 21 hours. Do today rather than put off until tomorrow. Today's color is light blue.

Tuesday: Venus sextile Saturn

Yesterday's aspects flow into this void of course Moon time which lasts until 6:53 pm ET. Venus and Uranus form a sextile in Sagittarius/Aries. All relationship and travel experiences are heightened. Whatever you are experiencing in these areas is accented and heated with this action in fire signs.  Enthusiasm about new love or adventure as well as unexpected eventfulness, welcome or unwelcome, are some effects.  It'll be easy to lose track of time or be led down another road or off course today. Lack of focus is likely.  Keep to routines unless you're enjoying a wild adventure.  Take a few safety precautions whatever you're up to. Pisces Moon 6:53 pm on for understanding and sensitivity. Today's color is light green.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon, Sun trine Jupiter

Pisces Moon interacts with several planets today. This may help you be creative or create a need to adapt and go with the flow. Mainly, stay realistic rather than allow Neptune to cloud your better judgment.  The Sun trine Jupiter in Capricorn/Virgo relates to health and abundance. Good news, blessings, opportunities, and celebration of accomplishments come with this alignment.  Stay actively involved in health and career goals.  Seek wise advice and leadership where it's needed.  Recognize others for their contributions and be grateful.  Today's color is green.

Thursday: Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde, Mercury trine Jupiter

Mercury exerts much influence with a trine to Jupiter in Virgo and a meeting with Sun in Capricorn. This continuation of the Sun trine Jupiter influence adds an element of communication. Good news may be shared, retroactive recognitions given, and beneficial reconnections happen on purpose or by chance. Earth sign energy rules, so act, do, heal, and stay grounded while leaving room for revisions and new information to come since Mercury is retrograde until the 25th.  Return to an activity or place that was once a favorite.  It's an excellent time for temporary solutions and experimenting safely. Void of course Pisces Moon begins at 11:31 am, and Aries Moon arrives at 9:48 pm  Today's color is yellow.

Friday: Moon trine Saturn

Aries Moon aligns with Saturn in Sagittarius. Consider how to realize your dreams. What can you do or who can you go to for help and advice around education, global experiences or opportunities to expand and connect on a broader level? It's true that Mercury is retrograde, but this doesn't have to be something you act on overnight. Get serious about something you're always talking or daydreaming about. Reach out for information you can use soon. People will be enthusiastic and sound committed to new options today. Wear red.

Saturday: Aries Moon

There's a bit of everything as the Moon contacts a handful of planets and the Sun. Multi-tasking, feeling distracted or enjoying variety are all good possibilities.  Watch words that could be delivered too harshly during Mercury's square with the Aries Moon. Authority and the question of who's really in charge come up now. Uranus brings a quickness to events and news of the day. Do move and act with care especially after 6:46 pm when the Moon moves void of course until 12:48 am ET Sunday. Today's color is orange.

Sunday: Taurus Moon

The Moon is in Taurus from 12:48 am ET until Tuesday at 4:13 am ET.  As the Moon opposes Mars in Scorpio, stubborn confrontations become more likely. Feeling strongly does not have to mean butting heads. Can you hold onto your ideals and opinions without sharing while Mercury is retrograde? If not, because sometimes time is of the essence, can you at least stay out of a pointless debate? Say your peace and let go of the result. Make, do, create and enjoy the powers of your 5 senses. Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces. Today's color is pink.

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