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Astrology January 4th to 10th, 2016

Sunday, January 31st, I'm guiding a very special, healing and restorative yoga event with Amy Gerow, Reiki healer, esthetician and intuitive.

Postures will be restorative in the classic sense, supported by props and held for minutes at a time. Aromatherapy options including essential oil for muscle and nerve health, female hormone balance, or cheering and lightening. You'll wear a patch so the scents will not be intrusive for the rest of the room. 
I will play crystal bowls and use solfreggio tuning forks that resonate to the tissues, organs and bones of the body with sound vibration. 

This is a very special event requiring pre-registration and capped at 20 participants.
2 hours of self care and relaxation. Registration in advance at Scarborough Yoga or online. 

Mercury in Aquarius stimulates scientific thinking, vision for the future & groups on a mission. I think of Aquarius as the absolute borderline of introvert processing information, seeing the world intellectually, & extrovert connecting with like minds, attracting people around a cause, an invention, creation of music (air), or literature. Mercury relates to technology & innovation while in Aquarius. For a few days Mercury is direct, then retrograde on Tuesday, & back into Capricorn Friday. The retrograde, when Mercury appears to be moving backwards from our perspective here on earth, lasts until January 25th & reenters Aquarius February 13th to March 5th. Collaborative ventures & group projects slow down & are up for revisions. Groups may go through leadership shake ups & changes in mission statement. The build of Mercury's retrograde is in Capricorn, sign of organizations & order. The larger groups you belong to, administrations, corporations, & even non profit or loosely organized groups are directly involved in the approaching retrograde. Do you need to step up to a leadership role? Does the system need to change in order to function better? Are the knowledgable people, the trainers & visionaries, in place? Organizations & systems need support this month. Mercury, planet of communication & transportation, impacts personal plans too. Open your options to routine & schedule changes. Experiment & explore this month, setting new things in place after January 25th.

Monday: Scorpio Moon

The waning Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces, Pluto and the Sun in Capricorn.  Put energy into building and organizing.  A mix of water and earth, feeling and sensing, creativity and constructiveness, helps with balance. Channel emotion into tangible products from reorganizing the house or workplace to designing, writing or other art.  Interpersonal matters will likely be met with a detached, unemotional response. Try not to sink into passive manipulation or aggression which could be a tendency. It's a good day to deal with private, personal matters effectively.  Wear black.

Tuesday: Mercury retrograde, Void of course Moon

The conditions lean toward confusing, so balance that with simplicity.  Mercury retro begins at 8:06 am ET, 5:06 am Pacific.  Scorpio Moon is void of course, a transition time, from 12:47 pm on (to 1:56 am Wednesday.) Mercury squares Mars, layering potential aggression or anger with the uncertain nature of the day. Legal matters and partnership disagreements could have strong undercurrents including deception and undermining.  The Sun meets Pluto for disclosures and revelations. News and information could be especially dramatic. Avoid the gossip that follows, remembering it's better to say less while Mercury retraces his path. Venus squares Neptune bringing up questions of realism versus sentimentality.  In some cases, if you've overly romanticized a person or situation, you'll snap out of it quickly and perhaps unpleasantly. There's a lot in the works today, and it will be obvious that things have been building and moving under the surface even if you were unaware.  Instincts and discretion are traits to live by.  Today's color is purple.

Wednesday: Sagittarius Moon

At 1:56 am the Moon moves to Sagittarius and forms a sextile to Mercury retrograde in Aquarius. This facilitates connections with friends, colleagues and people abroad or across country. Moon and Venus meet on this appealing travel day.  Make some peace with your relationship status, and enjoy freedom within the structure of a relationship or the open space of single life.  Pursue an interest. Feel the pull to a book, a training, or a group that stimulates your mind and satisfies the desire for new or renewed interests. Today's color is light blue.

Thursday: Moon conjunct Saturn, Sun square Uranus

Uranus instigates revolutions, awakenings, and surprises.  Planet of originality and rebellion aligns with the Moon and squares the Sun today. Uranus is immature in Aries, often too fiery or destructive, though in Aries this planet also has the power to change things radically in what seems like the blink of an eye.  Today the Sun at odds with Uranus is a battle between traditional and alternative or radical. Power struggles are one result.  It's a tough square to reconcile since these signs are so different, Capricorn like the elder and the authority, ruled by Saturn, and Aries like the teenager or child, ruled by Mars.  Most likely it's best to chill out, stop the tug of war, and resume this discussion at another time.  The Moon and Uranus are mutually supportive, with a trine today, so we may lean toward impulsive and emotionally reactive. While Mercury is retrograde, especially, this could lead to regrets.  Saturn meets the Moon with a cautionary message, to act maturely even if you're feeling fiery.  Void of course Moon starts at 9:44 pm ET, and Jupiter begins a retrograde in Virgo at 11:40 pm ET. Jupiter is Sagittarius's planet and the retrograde time may be most relevant as it coincides with Mercury retrograde and is a time to reevaluate honesty and integrity as well as education and global pursuits.  Jupiter is retrograde half the time so you may not notice the effects specifically so much as philosophically. It's another layer of the retrograde experience of this month, generally.  Today's color is turquoise. 

Friday: Mercury retrograde in Capricorn

At 10:07 am ET, the Moon transitions to Capricorn, sign of tomorrow's New Moon. Mercury backs into Capricorn for the remainder of the month, impacting plans, transportation, systems, organization, leadership, and our ways with words (to name a few things!). You could find yourself retracing recent steps and changing your mind.  Venus and Saturn meet in Sagittarius. This is a very odd conjunction in that Venus is beauty and love, Saturn is wisdom and challenge, and Sagittarius is a sign of freedom and truths.  One anticipated effect is honest talk about relationships and about expansion and travel plans. Just keep in mind Mercury is retrograde and it's not the most reliable time to decide or even communicate well. Keep plans and schedules flexible and minimal. Find some freedom to wander, explore or reconnect with friends.  Rethink things, even if you're saving decisions for a more optimal time. Options are good. Today's color is green.

Saturday: New Moon in Capricorn

It's always interesting when New Moon falls during Mercury retrograde. A push, pull, forward, back motion is created.  If you're not sure what to do during the retrograde, do less, take care of simple things, and avoid the major announcement or decision. Let things pend, quietly process, and prepare with review and revision of goals or projects.  The Moon meets Pluto, planet related to the subconscious and innate.  Consider how to move past anxiety, fear, and any past that haunts you or a pattern you haven't broken yet.  New Moon is at 8:31 pm ET. Reorganize and clean, but make sure you remember your own system! Write ideas down and make lists.  White is today's color.

Sunday: Capricorn to Aquarius Moon

Capricorn Moon starts the day. New Moon energy is supported by Jupiter in Virgo and Mercury in Capricorn, both retrograde.  See the advantage and possibility of revisiting things for more consideration or simply for pleasure.  Interesting and expected or surprise reunions happen. You might just run into someone you haven't seen in a long time.  Take care of easy tasks and to do lists. Feel productive without pushing. Create abundance.  From 12:39 to 3:23 pm the Moon is void of course, moving to Aquarius.  The Moon squares Mars in Scorpio tonight, 10:31 pm ET. You can't force square pegs into round openings. That is the lesson and the key to conflicts tonight. Going your own way is preferable into coercing or trying too hard.  Wear silver.

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