Saturday, January 16, 2016

Weekly Astrology January 18th to 24th, 2016

Monday: Taurus Moon, Venus square Jupiter, Mars trine Neptune

Taurus Moon aligns with Mercury retrograde, Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. The earth sign energy is strong and encouraging for productivity and problem solving even with Mercury retrograde. Take another pass at something you haven't quite worked out before. An alternative method or variable could be just what's needed. Venus and Jupiter challenge philosophy around growth and freedom within relationship. Sort through what's holding you back from fully enjoying your love and partnership life. Is there something that makes you run rather than fully engage? Mars and Neptune provide creative fuel today. Transform emotion into art. Enjoy music, movement, dance, design and color today. Wear light blue.

Tuesday: Taurus to Gemini Moon

From 1:50 to 4:13 am the Moon is void of course, then transitions to Gemini. Moon and Sun are in harmony at 1:50 for ease and feelings of comfort and confidence.  Gemini Moon squares Neptune at 6:09 pm. Both are in mutable signs and have elements of duplicity and duality. Today make sure people and situations are what they appear to be before entering agreements or being trustful. Be playful with words. Work around a mental or writer's block by trying something entirely different. Do this without committing-write in pencil, so to speak.  Gemini Moon rules our relationships with brothers and sisters.  Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Sun in Aquarius, Mercury retrograde square Uranus

The Sun moves to Aquarius at 10:27 am. Hours prior, Saturn opposes the Gemini Moon and goes on to align with Uranus at 9:24 am. This is a changeable day with unpredictable aspects if you're negotiating or immersed in a situation of uncertainty.  Honesty and it's shadow side are at play.  Gemini and Sagittarius, hosting Moon and Saturn, are sometimes challenging signs for mediating and coming to honest conclusions. One has duplicity, one is bold, both can be insensitive when conflicts arise.  Mercury is retrograde, and that's another reason to go easy on each other, avoid harsh statements or criticism.  People may try to overpower each other, especially with words, today. Avoid burning a bridge you can't easily repair.  The Moon squares Jupiter and disagreements about how to pursue goals and expansion is one symptom. Consider how to adapt, compromise, and also how much truth is being revealed.  If you're not certain, hold off. Today's color is turquoise.

Thursday: Gemini to Cancer Moon

Full Moon is ahead on Saturday and the tide is coming in! From 3:01 to 8:28 am ET the Moon is void of course in Gemini. If you begin the day during these hours, know that it may be a forgetful, spacey morning.  The Moon and Venus oppose at 3:01 am and relationship disagreements could be one effect, or you might just feel out of sorts overnight into morning. Cancer Moon is the sign of emotions, so moodiness could easily prevail. The Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces for acting with empathy and sensitivity.  Artistic ventures are favored. Be careful with financial dealings.  Tune into other people's feelings, body language, and messages.  Today's color is white.

Friday: Mercury conjunct Pluto, Cancer Moon

Mercury retrograde meeting Pluto unearths information, puzzle pieces and can lead to more self awareness. Be on the lookout as subtle things emerge. There's an air of secretiveness and mystery.  Someone may divulge private feelings or news. Emotions stir for possible catharsis.  Cancer Moon opposes Mercury and Pluto, intensifying effects. There are other Moon aspects, but the oppositions have the most power on this day before Full Moon. Today's color is black.

Saturday:  Full Moon in Leo

Leo is the sign of creativity and performances, children and youthfulness. Full Moon in Leo has no direct aspects with other planets today. On Sunday, the Moon will square Mars in Scorpio. Both loyalty and stubbornness activate with that square. We'll not give up or give in easily. Today starts with Cancer Moon void of course 1:21 am to 2:21 pm ET. Health is a focus as is care and nurturing as the Moon and Jupiter align. Leo Moon, Full at 8:46 pm ET, easily leads to a party, a reason to dress up, meet friends and attend events.  Games and performances will be spirited and filled with personality. Give attention to children, express thanks for gifts and friendships, honor promises and vows.  This Full Moon can be quite delightful, glamorous and fun.  Gold is today's color.

Sunday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon forms two trines today. Saturn and Uranus, so different in nature, align with the Full Moon. Competition heats up as does Full Moon news. Full Moons lead to completions generally. Saturn in Sagittarius relates to serious life decisions, like where to attend college or send children to school for example. Uranus has a wild streak in Aries. Try not to move too impulsively during this Full Moon. Mercury will be direct Monday and conditions may be better for some announcements, scheduling and major purchases.  Today's color is purple.

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