Saturday, December 26, 2015

Weekly Astrology December 28th to January 3rd, 2015

Monday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon in harmony with Saturn aims for long term decisions and sensible action. Saturn relates to elders, health, and responsibilities and while in Sagittarius emphasizes education, global business, and travel plans too. Uranus in harmony with the Moon is spontaneous, quick and sometimes alarming.  Enjoy last minute plans. Respond to unplanned situations with a deep breath and moment of thought. Use your wits and let nothing get too out of hand. Today's color is gold.

Tuesday: Leo to Virgo Moon

From 12:38 to 1:56 pm ET, the Moon is void of course in Leo. Before 12:38 the Moon is in harmony with Mars and Mercury squares Mars. Matters of fairness are stirred up for discussion. Keep in mind that Mercury is practical and values order and acting on plans while in Capricorn. It's a delicate balance if you're sorting something out with another party, partner, or colleague. An extra dose of logical thinking and list of pros and cons can help move things along.  Virgo Moon arrives at 1:56 pm and has no aspects to planets today. The Sun aligns with Neptune and Virgo Moon moves across from Neptune by morning. Neptune influences romantic thinking, creativity and imagination while the Capricorn Sun and Virgo Moon ground us and have a more sensible vibe.  This is a good blend of heart and hands for making, doing and nurturing.  Artistically these aspects may help you get something from your imagination to the page, canvas or other media.  Today's color is navy blue. 

Wednesday: Venus in Sagittarius

Virgo Moon aligns with Pluto and the Sun in Capricorn and is favorable for organizing, taking care of the to-do list, and acting rationally in the face of fears, self doubt or other emotions.  Be real and clear with yourself before dealing with others or the outside world. The Moon squares Saturn and opposes Neptune.  Again, don't get lost in tales of what might be or make excuses.  Live in the moment and be rational in every way.  Venus moves to Sagittarius, for a one month stay, at 2:16 am ET. In Sagittarius, the planet of love is adventurous and flirtatious. Travel has a stronger pull.  Sagittarius is favored generally while Gemini is favored in love and Pisces for career plans and publicity.  Today's color is brown. 

Thursday: Moon conjunct Jupiter

The Moon meets Jupiter, the planet that acted with Mercury and Venus during last week's Full Moon. Vibes from agreements, relationships,  reunions and hopeful discussions ring in the air.  Positive outcomes and closure are favored.  Jupiter is planet of blessings, pleasures, learning, travels and health. Be aware of your own good fortune and abundance.  Today's color is indigo.

Friday: Happy 2016! Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury moves to Aquarius and is preparing for retrograde. The path of Mercury today is one that will be retraced quickly.  Mull things over and don't feel pressured to act. Minds will change, as will systems during the weeks just ahead.  2016 begins with the Moon moving to Libra, sign of justice and partnerships, at 1:41 am ET after a short void of course time. The Moon aligns with Mercury at 12:33 am, beginning the voc hour.  Caution during that period 12:33 to 1:41 when the world is in varying degrees of celebrating the new year. Especially in the USA, stay grounded and aware, travel carefully and keep track of your belongings.  Libra Moon favors duos, couples, best friends, and partnering up to get things done or have some fun.  Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Libra Moon

Planetary actions are similar to last Saturday, the 26th, when the Moon was in cardinal Cancer, post Full Moon.  Libra is also a cardinal sign, as is Aries and Capricorn. These signs host the major activity today.  Tests and challenges come up, whether emotional or intellectual. Our ability to remain calm, rational and non judgmental comes into play and should be helpful as we navigate uncertainty, power struggles, and unexpected situations.  Moon and Saturn are in harmony so following protocol, traditions or rules is important. Void of course from Moon 11:23 am ET on. Today's color is blue.

Sunday: Scorpio Moon, Mars in Scorpio

The Moon shifts to Scorpio at 2:36 pm ET and is void until then. Avoid shopping, sharing announcements and news (unless you want it to be skimmed over and forgotten easily), and significant decisions.  Commit after 2:36 pm for long term results.  Mars storms into Scorpio at 9:32 am, a place where Mars exerts his power.  Take into consideration that vengeance and anger are traits of Mars in Scorpio. Today the Moon and Mars meet and Moon squares Mercury in Aquarius. This looks like a stubborn day where emotional situations could be hard to deal with.  If you need to put all your focus on one thing and get a great deal accomplished, this maybe your day.  Wear dark reds, like maroon, today.

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