Sunday, December 6, 2015

Weekly Astrology December 7th to 13th, 2015

Monday: Scorpio Moon, Moon conjunct Venus

After an overnight void of course, the Moon shifts to strong willed Scorpio at 6:26 am ET and meets Venus, planet of love, at 12:25 pm. In Scorpio, Venus is consumed with the object or person of desire. An undeniable pull, like a strong tide, characterizes this conjunction. The Moon, our emotional side, is driven and perhaps preoccupied by matters of love.  Urgent need to contact, be reassured or express feelings could come with this Venus meeting.  Aside from relationship, in our other tasks and endeavors, perfectionism and the search for perfect harmony is in the forecast. There's a surge of creative energy as the Moon also aligns with Neptune, the zodiac's other romance planet.  Today's color is maroon.

Tuesday: Sun trine Uranus

The Moon forms a sextile, harmonious angle, with Pluto. There's a darkness that goes with this and it may feel melancholy, slightly anxious, or just a bit more introverted.  It's a good day to tune into feelings, intuition, and acknowledge things you struggle with. Do this in order to find more guidance, even from within. New Moon is coming Friday, and now is the time to reconsider your path.  The Sun in Sagittarius combines forces with Uranus in Aries, a powerhouse of fire energy.  Sudden bursts of activity, unexpected announcements, and other unpredictable events occur. With the Sun in Sagittarius this relates to honest revelations, reasons to travel or move, and completely unplanned changes.  Today's color is red.

Wednesday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon is void of course from 1:39 am ET to 5:25 pm. This is a long void Moon in Scorpio. Try not to get too fixed on outcomes. Do routine tasks that require little extra effort, especially mental effort. Take a few hours to yourself. Avoid spending and shopping. Save bigger decisions or meetings for another time.  This can be a very enjoyable day as Jupiter harmonizes with the Moon at 1:39 am and has the last word. Jupiter in Virgo helps with versatility, adaptability and spontaneous plans.  It looks like a good day to work around the landscape or house, decorate, build, or make things.  Get grounded in pleasurable tasks.  At 5:25 pm the Moon moves to Sagittarius for an active social or study night. Mercury changes signs, cruising into Capricorn for a few weeks, at 9:34 pm. Mercury influences problem solving, organizations and leadership for this cycle. Continue to avoid the more significant decisions and expenses tonight as Mercury settles into a new place.  Wear purple today. 

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon

With New Moon in Sag arriving tomorrow, decide, plan and be prepared to move on things swiftly late this week and next. Be realistic and avoid the influence of Neptune squaring the Moon. Feel confident and serious with decisions as the Moon and Saturn meet. Sagittarius Moon and the New Moon signal new adventures waiting. There's opposition and uncertainty as Mars opposes Uranus today. This can be confrontational, relate to accidents and arguments.  Take plenty of care with what you do and where you go, not only today but for days on either side of this opposition.  Avoid volatile, violent, overheated situations. It's not a great day to get involved in protests or crowds where unstable people could be drawn.  This is not a day to debate or confront someone. Be safe around electricity, power tools and fire.  Take the peaceful warrior stance if you must hold your ground. Today's color is light blue.

Friday: New Moon in Sagittarius, Venus trine Neptune

With luck this will be a fun, romantic day. New Moon activates movement and change and is exact at 5:29 am ET. Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are all influences. Mars brings justice to the table from Libra. Jupiter urges health and productivity from Virgo, and Uranus contributes to the speed of occurrences late this week. Perspective can switch and expand quite suddenly. Aha moments are likely. From new awarenesses spring the truth, the core, and the freedom that goes with realization. Breakthroughs characterize this New Moon. At 11:06 am ET, void of course Moon starts so do important meetings and conversations before then. Enjoy celebrations. Expect things to go at their own speed rather than any predetermined one. Latecomers and mix ups are likely today. Wear white.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon begins at 1:46 am ET. Mercury newly in Capricorn meets the Moon at 8:43 am for a very decisive day, full of news and conversation. Some announcements will be surprising, related to moving, travel, global business, system changes, and educational institutions or plans.  Today's get-it-done Capricorn Moon is balanced by Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, both bringing feelings, emotional connections, and love more into the picture. Do something constructive with your family or the one you love! There's a traditional influence playing out during this weekend's activities.  Stick with the tried and true. Today's color is green.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon

Astrological influences test and challenge more today, though some of that may have been at work from mid week on.  The Moon meets shadowy Pluto, squares Mars and Uranus, the two that opposed each other on Thursday.  Upsets occur easily on days like this. Resolve to be only peaceful, not to push emotional buttons and keep things simple and cool.  Some personal project, writing, organizing and introspection is worth your time.  The Moon aligns with Jupiter in Virgo making it a great study or project day.  Void of course Moon begins at 6:07 pm ET. Relax tonight. Wear gray.

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